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State Board of Education, Dist. 12

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  • Geraldine "Tincy" Miller (R) Henry S. Miller Company, Chair

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    Lois Parrott (D) Full-time Professor

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    Mark Wester (L) Director of Information Commons, Senior Economics and Government teacher

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The powers of this board long have been debated, including in the 2013 Legislature. Have lawmakers struck the right balance when it comes to giving this board authority over public schools?

How should the state determine whether schools are helping their students advance?

What legislation should lawmakers consider in their 2015 session to improve Texas schools?

What is your assessment of the Texas Education Agency?

In 2015, the board is slated to adopt new standards for career and technical courses. This will be an important discussion, given the emphasis the 2013 Legislature put on expanding vocational education. What would you like to see the board require for these courses?

In 2015, the board is slated to renew the state's standards for English I reading and writing. What kind of changes, if any, would you like the board to adopt?

Do you think Texas' educational standards are sufficient to keep the state out of the national Common Core standards?

What is your view of charter schools, including out-of-state charters that want to establish schools in Texas?

The board recently created a panel to study CSCOPE, a curriculum that a number of Texas educators created. The curriculum and lesson plans are linked to the state's standards, but some Texans believe it contains unpatriotic elements. What is your view of CSCOPE? And should the board be studying it?

This board once was noted for its fiery debates over issues like evolution. How do you assess the board performance today?

City/Town Dallas, Texas 75205
Age 82
Campaign Phone Number (972) 419-4005
Fax Number (214) 522-8560
Email Address
45 years
Real Estate
Bachelor of Science, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX Master of Science in Reading; specializing in Dyslexia, Texas A&M/Commerce Trained/taught under Dr. Luke Waites, Reading Laboratory, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital
Member, State Board of Education (2013-2015) Updated the Dyslexia Handbook for parents/teachers (2014)
Chairman, State Board of Education (2003-2005; 2005-2007) • Confirmed by the Senate • Facilitated first Dyslexia Law in Texas (1985) • Implemented the first phonics based curriculum standards in Texas (1997) • Established the first Dyslexia Handbook for parents/teachers (1986) and first licensure law (2009)
State Board of Education, current; served 1984-2010 (26 years); 2013 to current
We have not begun funding thus far for my campaign.
• Chaired several charity events by raising millions for underprivileged children in Dallas County, and the Arts
Former Gov. George W. Bush. He led the effort in Reading by creating the "No Child Left Behind" Program (all children should read by third grade). Also, K-3 training reading academies for teachers.
I want to continue the job I started by making sure our public schools are the best in the U.S.A..
My experience on the SBOE puts me in a position to accomplish more, coupled with my conservative philosophy, better reflects District 12.
No, more authority should be given to SBOE, particularly charter schools, as well as governance over the TEA.
By measuring what our children have learned by the end of each grade.
We should bring back on-sight compliance visits to the schools, more opportunities for school choice, such as: Charter Schools, and help schools become more technologically advanced.
The governance structure of TEA needs checks and balances by a citizen elected board in order to run more efficiently.
Some children will choose the college path, and some will choose the vocation path, so it is important to provide both options for our students to be prepared for the real world.
We need to continue teaching scientific-research based (phonics) reading, writing and spelling.
Yes, we do not need Washington bureaucrats meddling in our education system. Common core is a "one size fits all" and a dumbing-down of our curriculum standards. Texas curriculum standards are scientific-research based and considered the best in the nation.
We should open the pathway for more to open and operate, and we should hold them under strict accountability and standards.
CSCOPE are scripted lesson plans that have not been vetted and do not match our Texas curriculum standards. The legislature asked our board to review them... we found inaccuracies and bias against America.
In May 2014, we saw the highest graduation rates in Texas history, so the Board seems to have education headed in the right direction.
City/Town Dallas, Texas 75218
Age 69
Campaign Phone Number (214) 328-6809
Fax Number 214 324 4004
Email Address
Since 1972
Former teacher with Dallas Independent School District Presently full time professor of Humanities at Richland College
Ph. D. Master's Degree Bachelor's Degree
2013-2014 Excellence in Teaching Award Richland College (Teacher of the Year) Member of the Dallas County Community College District-Wide Humanities Committee Texas Community College Teachers Association a State-Wide Executive Nominations Committee Member Lake Highlands White Rock Democratic Club Member Friends of Dallas Public Education - Founding Member

Dallas County School Board Trustee Dallas Independent School District Board Board President Richland College Faculty Association Treasurer Richland College Faculty Association Membership Committee Member Parent Teacher Association National Network to Network Representative Parent Teacher Association Association Officer Boy Scouts of America Region Ten Nominations Committee Dallas Independent School District Public Relations Commission
Dallas County School Board Trustee - held Dallas Independent School Board Trustee - held Texas State Board of Education District 12 - sought
4,200.50 +
UA Plummers and Steamfitters NorthTexas Democratic Women Jeanette Nicholson
I have never involved in a personal or professional bankruptcy, however I was a plaintiff in a real estate and a DISD lawsuit.
While serving on the Dallas Independent School District Board of Education, I saved the District $22 million dollars of taxpayer money which in turn saved 10 schools from becoming privatized and turned over to Edison which proved to be a failure both academically and financially. Also, while serving on the board, our board convinced the voters to pass the largest bond package ever in the history of the state of Texas which included the construction of 21 schools and one "state of the art" athletic facility.

I also implemented an outside audit which led to increased fiscal responsibility and stronger checks and balances and advocated for Fine Arts programs and obtained $500.00 yearly in new money in the budget for Fine Arts. Another important achievement was that I was able to spearhead a teacher pay raised without a tax increase.
President John Fitzgerald Kennedy President John F. Kennedy developed proposals to ensure that American students became competitive around the world. President Kennedy said that he "wanted each American to receive a quality education regardless of racial, religious, economic or class background." As a child, I had the opportunity to hear him speak and he left an impact upon me. At that time, I knew I wanted to become a teacher.
I believe that each child and youth deserves a quality education. I believe that each school deserves more funding from the state and those dollars need to go to the classroom. To be successful in our global economy, our Texas students must be able to compete in the 21st century. Therefore, they must be taught an evidence-based and unbiased curriculum. I believe I can make our public schools better.
I have had practical experience as a public school teacher, a public School Board Member, and I still currently teach. I teach dual credit with high school students, college face-to-face courses, and online college courses at Richland College. Therefore, I see and interact with students on a daily basis and am aware of their relevant issues which they face each day as they strive to become successful in our competitive 21st century global economy. I know how important education is to the success of an individual and want to make our Texas public school system better.
The Legislature has continuously taken away the Board's power due to their dysfunctional behavior and extreme points of view. The reason for this is due to the "extremists on the board" who have slanted opinions (which my opponent has participated in) and this group is "biased". They have attempted to rewrite history to fit their own needs without regard to historical accuracy.
Measures should include course level completion rates, student grade level completion rates, and graduation completion rates. Testing should be used as a method for teachers to diagnose the needs of their students and to gauge how well students are learning. Schools can be measured on their climate, student attendance and parent participation. Surveys may also help to decipher ways to improve the school and its climate. The safety and the environment is an important factor on the students' well being. Measurements can also be made from the significance of parent participation, the involvement of volunteerism, and the connection with the community. Teachers, students, administrators and parents should be included in the decision making process and helping to determine the schools success rating.
The legislation needs to consider more funding for our Texas public schools.
Inability to oversee charter schools. Too much emphasis on Standardized testing.
Be taught the procedures and challenging academic proficiencies necessary to pass their certification and/or obtain the license needed to find a good career in their chosen field.
The Texas State Board of Education has watered down the requirements of students graduating in order to make their graduation rates in Texas for their Texas State Board of Education "look better". After my opponent has served for over twenty years on the board, our Texas school system ranks # 49 in the country and this is an embarrassment.
My opponent uses experts on her textbook committee who are biased and without any professional degrees in the textbook subject's field of study yet they evaluate and advise her on her votes.
Charter Schools do not operate under the same rules as public schools regarding their budget and student population. Tax payers pay their property taxes for charter schools and the students go to charter schools without paying tuition. State Charter Schools should have to comply with the same requirements regarding and accepting all types of students such as those with disabilities and or students who may not do well on standardized tests. Charter Schools can send students who do not do well on standardized tests back to their public home school and this is what they do. This then helps improve the charter school test score and graduation rate. Most charter schools that are failing are doing so due to mismanagement and the state has not been able to oversee them properly. The board members of charter schools are appointed and are not elected by the parents or the public.
CSCOPE was a customized privatized company contracted by school districts. Many teachers were compelled to use the computer system that was not compliant with their course of study.

Yes The Texas State Board should be studying this situation. Teachers should be asked by the The Texas State Board of Education what works best for them.The teachers were not asked for their input in the decision making process.
If the Texas State Board or my opponent had changed, I would not need to run.
Age 38
I have lived within this district for roughly 25 years (since I was about 5) excluding college and military service.
I am the Director of Information Commons at a College Preparatory school in Dallas. I also teach Economics and Government and am a mentor for our schools First Robotics team.
I have a Bachelors of Arts from Austin College I also have a Masters of Arts in Teaching from Austin College
I am the Treasurer of the Collin County Libertarian Party. This year I was also a Precinct, County, District and State delegate to the Libertarian party convention for the general election.
I am an Eagle Scout, a United States Marine and participate in community service and outreach.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
None, my campaign is run on the strength of an Idea.
I am a former United States Marine with a combat deployment. Leading a team to achieve goals and complete objectives was part of my rank as a Sgt and intrinsic to my term of service. In the Educational world I was the lead in redesigning how the traditional library operates in the current digital environment, moving out a collection of 35,000 books and expanding our services to over 3 million digital books. These are accessible at all times on or off campus to multiple students at the same time. I also increased and added numerous professional journals and periodical subscriptions to the student body to include over 250 global newspapers accessible daily in digital format. I was also a mentor to a First Robotics team that won the WORLD championship this year.
Murray N. Rothbard for his work "Education: Free and Compulsory." It can be read free online as a pdf at This author presents a ringing history of education in the united states and points out some growing concerns with the state of education in our country that are just as relevant now as they were 35 years ago when it came to print. If you are actually reading the candidate blurbs for the State Board of Education, then you would be interested in this book. This work and Hayek's book "The Road to Serfdom" have been two literary works that have shaped my personal philosophy.
I was tired of having to settle for voting for the lesser of two evils and I was qualified to hold this position and to run as the Libertarian candidate. I would not vote for either other candidate for this position, so instead of leaving the ballot box blank or voting for none of the above, I decided to run against them to provide an alternate to the status quo of two party politics.
I stand for more liberty, fewer taxes, and less government. I have taught in both public and private schools for over a decade, I have been certified to each both young children with an Early Childhood-4th certification as well as high school. I have a Masters in Education and actually teach courses on both government (to include TX state government and local government) as well as Economics.
I feel that the board is suffering from the same mission creep (or ratchet effect) that is present in most of the federal government today. Just because you have the ability to facilitate a change does not mean that a change should occur. This is a paradoxical issue where my stance is best represented by "If you Were King" Larkin Rose.
I do not necessarily believe that the state should make that determination. Why should the state determine this, and not the district or the school itself? How do we quantify what advancement looks like? There are no two identical types of learners - why does the state measure them with the same standards?
I am not aware of any laws that have improved education to date, I would counter that legislation and political involvement has hamstrung teachers and learners alike.
Well, ask any teacher or student how they feel about the TEKS, TAKS, STAR or the next acronym that is used to standardize education and make it as bland and lockstep as possible. I tend to see the agency as restricting education more than expanding the learning potential of students and the educational abilities of teachers.
If the board wants to move into regulation of career and technical/vocational education then it needs to focus on the the types of jobs that actually exist in the state and provide instruction that is instrumental to the understanding of that vocation. As someone who has taken some of the vocational classes (welding; mig/tig through DCCC, a great program) that fall outside of my current employment I have more insight than the other candidates into this.
I will not advocate the adoption of any standards, but will attest to the need for an increased understanding of the proper use of grammar and language that needs to be supplemented with proper instruction on writing.
Educational standards should not be mandated by the Federal Government, either with No Child Left behind (Republican) or Common Core (Democrat).
Parents should have the explicit right to send their children where they choose and their tax dollars should go to support the educational institution of choice if the institution desires. It should be a free market choice.
The board should study it, but CSCOPE is yet another step in the wrong direction for students. Mashing all lessons lockstep in a time table negates the classroom reality that teachers are different, and that there are many different kinds of learners and ways to teach students. Patriotism is a slippery slope and should not be the fulcrum used to change classroom learning, I would love to discuss placing patriotism in the classroom over unbiased facts, I think there were a few different governments in the past who have tried the same thing with lack luster results.
I believe the board maintains the status quo for increasing government overreach to the individual level.