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    David Alameel (D) Job Creator/Investor

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    Curt Cleaver (R) President of Five Star Hotel Management Corp

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    Ken Cope (R) Retired Military and Aerospace

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    John Cornyn (R) U.S. Senator from Texas

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    Michael "Fjet" Fjetland (D) Founder/President, Armor Glass Int'l Inc.

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    Harry Kim (D) Physician

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    Chris Mapp (R) Business Owner

  • Reid Reasor (R)

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    Kesha Rogers (D) Consultant

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    Maxey Marie Scherr (D) Attorney

  • Steve Stockman (R) U.S. Representative, Texas 36th District

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    Dwayne Stovall (R) Business Owner

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    Linda Vega (R) Attorney/Business Owner

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The Senate's confirmation of presidential nominees for executive and judicial posts remains a persistent problem. What are your recommendations for improving the process?

What changes, if any, would you favor to the U.S. tax code? How would you build a coalition to enact those reforms?

Medicare’s finances still face serious problems, and the reckoning date is getting closer. What should Congress do to solidify the system’s funding?

Beyond Medicare, what changes would you recommend as a way to deal with the federal debt? Please be specific about the programs you would like to cut, reform or eliminate.

What approach should the U.S. take toward Afghanistan going forward?

What foreign policy challenge do you see as the next big international issue? And how would you recommend the U.S. deal with it?

What role should the federal government play in promoting alternative sources of energy?

Should Congress take a piecemeal approach to overhauling immigration laws? Or should it deal with immigration reform as part of a comprehensive package?

Should the Affordable Care Act be repealed? If so, what would you put in its place? If not, how would you improve it?

Congress has tried but never succeeded in reforming the No Child Left Behind Act. What would you like Washington to do with this bipartisan law?

Do you favor regulations to control carbon emissions? If so, what form of regulations? If not, what approach would you favor?

City/Town Dallas, Texas
Age 61
Campaign Phone Number (469) 522-0123
Email Address
Since December 1974
finanncial trading / Investments
Doctor of Dental Surgery
President of Greater Texas LULAC council, Head of North texas Alliance of LULAC Councils, President of the “Alameel Foundation” which he created to provide community services in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, founder Alameel Family endowment funds with the Catholic Foundation, Founder Alameel Ursuline Scholarship fund at the Catholic foundation, Gives several scholarships to Christian schools, Founder of "Open Doors" Hispanic Scholarship program at Ursuline Academy.
Was Co-Chairman of the Millenium Celebration at which time he was also honored to receive the “Centennial Award” from President Bill Clinton in December of 1999, City of Dallas adjustment board and the Greater Dallas Area Asian American Chamber of Commerce, national Chairman of the American Lebanese League a non-profit community organization, President of the Board of DCET which is a Hispanic community outreach program focusing on education.
Candidate for the US Congress (District 33)
All funding will be disclosed in regular campaign finance reports as required by law.
All funding will be disclosed in regular campaign finance reports as required by law.
In the course of 25 years in business there have have been occasional business disputes that have been adjudicated.
Built a 50 Million dollar a year company from scratch--involving over 20 teams and over 20 locations in the Metroplex.
President Abraham Lincoln, He was a visionary with strong convictions who saw the future of humanity as it should be, tackled an existential crisis involving slavery and the Civil War; and acted to begin healing and uniting the country when it was over.
I am running for the Senate because I love this country and I want to preserve the American dream. I believe in economic opportunity regardless of race, gender, or economic status. I believe in a quality education for all of our children. I will defend Social Security and Medicare, because I believe people who have worked all their lives deserve the right to retire with dignity. I will fight to make big corporations pay their fair share of taxes. I want to rebuild our manufacturing sector, to create the kind of sustainable economy that pays good wages to working families. I want a national economy that puts money in the pockets of the Middle Class and favors main street businesses over big banks and Wall Street.
We have strong differences on the issues. I want to strengthen Social Security and Medicare. John Cornyn supports policies that would weaken them. I want to raise the minimum wage. John Cornyn opposes it. Mr. Cornyn has voted for unfair tax breaks for big corporations and special interests. I would repeal them. He has put Wall Street interests ahead of the interests of the American people. I stand with Main Street. He thinks prosperity depends on the interests of the elite. I think it depends on opportunity and fairness for the middle class. I want to put America first. He supports a corporate globalization agenda that helps China more than America. I want to end offshore tax loopholes and stop shipping our jobs overseas. He wants to continue business as usual.
Texas has more vacancies in the federal judiciary than any other state. Four of the vacancies have been deemed emergencies by the Judicial Conference of the United States and the Administrative Office of the United States Courts because of their backlogs. The biggest roadblocks to filling them are Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, whose Federal Judicial Evaluation Committee has yet to approve a single proposed nominee. In fact, Senate Republicans have refused to allow votes on dozens of highly qualified candidates for judge---a pattern of pure obstruction unprecedented in the history of the Senate...The Senate’s role is to advise and consent, not to obstruct and confuse. The government must be allowed to function, and as Senator I will work with presidents of either party so they can appoint qualified judges to the federal bench. In other words, the problem isn’t policy; it’s politics. Either Sen. Cornyn needs to change the way he does his job, or Texas needs to change who does his job.
My guiding principle on taxes is that corporations should have to pay their fare share. The federal tax code is a rigged system that favors corporations over middle-class taxpayers, in effect favoring Wall Street over Main Street. I support re-examining the tax code to close the loopholes that generations of K Street lobbyists have carved for their clients. This should include the repeal of offshore tax shelters and loopholes to force corporations to bring home the trillions of dollars they are hiding in offshore accounts. Frankly, we can only build a coalition for reform when we elect leaders willing to stand up and fight for a fair break for taxpayers. I intend to do that in the Senate.
First: Medicare and Social Security are promises made to seniors who have worked hard, followed the rules, and made our country what it is. I will never vote to cut Social Security or Medicare, and I will fight Wall Street efforts to take over and privatize them. Second: We have to rebuild a strong sustainable economy with real growth in GDP if we want to repair our national balance sheet. That would change the debate and end the false argument that we face some kind of reckoning. Cutting health care is not the road to prosperity. It’s a recipe for human disaster. It is false to assume that Medicare is a basic cause of our national budget problems. The war in Iraq, an unfair tax structure that favors Wall Street and big corporations, and tax loopholes you can drive a truck through---those are the real causes. A national economic policy that directed more income to the middle class and less to Wall Street would produce the kind of economic growth that would finance a health system second to none.

Finally, though, there’s no doubt we can reduce the cost of medical care for all Americans—in and out of Medicare-- through administrative and economic reforms. Unnecessary and costly tests, huge overcharges by hospitals, over priced and over prescribed drugs, and too little emphasis on preventive care----these are all problems we have to solve in order to bring costs down. We should allow Medicare officials to negotiate with drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs. That alone would save billions in the long run. Health care costs are not unique to Medicare. In fact the Medicare system is cost effective and efficient compared to much of the private health insurance industry.
The same argument applies here. We have to rebuild a strong sustainable economy that benefits our whole society instead of just a narrow segment. We must bring our manufacturing jobs back to our homeland; create vocational training for our labor force; and make Wall Street and big business pay their fair share. With real growth in GDP---spread broadly through our whole society---we can increase revenues, repair our balance sheet, and change the debate. Tax reform comes first. Closing corporate tax loopholes, regulating foreign tax shelters, requiring Wall St. and big corporations to pay their fair share, ending the subsidies to big banks and their over paid executives---all that will increase revenue tremendously. A more balanced, prudent foreign policy would also help us domestically. The war in Iraq was a mistake that has cost us trillions. It’s time to put America First. Europe and Japan should pay a bigger share of their defense costs. We should also pursue a pro-growth economic policy that encourages real production (paying real wages) instead of subsidizing the financial casino that Wall Street has become. Finally, there’s no doubt that cronyism and corruption have inflated the federal budget. In fact, it’s a scandal. There’s been an unholy alliance between some Washington politicians and special interests. We need agriculture and defense programs, for example, but there are too many bad deals and inflated costs caused by sweetheart relationships between private contractors and the politicians they support. We need to reform the way business is done in Washington.
I’m a veteran and strong supporter of the United States military, but after 12 years it is time for us to leave Afghanistan, bring the troops home, and use the billions we are spending there to help rebuild America and improve our economy here at home by investing in good jobs, good schools, and vital infrastructure. We can still maintain a relationship and give help to our allies in Afghanistan, but it is time to be prudent and admit there are limits to what we can do there. The current government of Afghanistan is corrupt and wasteful, and we need to follow a more realistic course. It is time to end the impossible burdens we have placed on America’s military families.
1. The rising power of the Muslim Brotherhood in many African and Middle East countries; and the spread of the Sunni-Shia conflict. 2.The Iranian nuclear issue, the potential US-Iranian deal, and how it affects Israel and other U.S. allies. 3.Chinese military expansion and economic growth. That may be the most important of all. Here is the absolutely vital point: We cannot be strong abroad without a strong society at home. Pay attention to the home front. Concentrate on growing the American economy, educating our children, and rebuilding our own infrastructure. We must never forget that we became the strongest nation in the world because we had the mightiest economy in the world. Economic strength is the fundamental basis of national security. We have to recognize two things. We can’t ignore the rest of the world, but neither can we run the whole world by ourselves. Interacting with the rest of the world presents us with many options: foreign aid, trade, economic development, military alliances, diplomacy, and America’s reputation in a dangerous world. We must seek a balance between security and freedom, stability and opportunity, and that requires both a strong military and an engaged diplomatic effort.
America is now producing more energy than we import, and by 2020, we may be the largest energy producer in the world. However, our energy independence is based largely on hydrocarbon/petro energy--- which has grown more and more expense to produce. Texas has profited from a dynamic oil and gas industry. At the same time Texas has also been a leader in wind and solar power. The challenge is to promote a safe and environmentally friendly renewable energy base for the future, while making more efficient use of oil and gas. The petrochemical economy will continue to play a role for a long time. The federal government must play a leading role in R&D to speed this transition. Other leading nations, China and Germany, for example, are ahead of us in this development. We spend hundreds of billions a year, year after year, on sources of energy that are harming our environment. Would it not be a smart investment to create alternate energy sources that ultimately will save us money and perhaps the planet itself? The federal government should invest in research and development. It can set standards of energy efficiency that encourage new, less costly, more efficient methods and equipment. It can use anti pollution standards to promote clean air and clean water. It can support prudent use of tax credits and other incentives to encourage private enterprise to invest in alternative energy sources that produce wide spread public benefits and move us into the technological future.
I support the Dream Act and comprehensive immigration reform that is both humane and respectful of our laws. We can’t let a problem become a tragedy, especially for hundreds of thousands of children born or raised in America who live in a twilight zone of uncertainty for themselves and their families. We need to create a faster track toward a program of lawful work permits. We must provide a responsible road map to citizenship for law abiding and hardworking people who have no criminal record and are only asking for a fair opportunity.
First, let me say this: It is immoral and unconscionable for Governor Rick Perry to deny working families one of the greatest benefits of the new law---the expansion of Medicaid that would bring decent health care to hundreds of thousands of Texas families, including many veterans. We need to end this kind of blind cruelty that sacrifices public health for politics. Medicare was once called “socialism.” No one says that now. Most new programs, even the best, have glitches and problems. We should fix the problems with the new Affordable Care Act, while retaining its best features----such as coverage for pre-existing conditions, no lifetime limits on care, and help for families to make insurance more affordable. Repealing the Affordable Care Act is not an achievable goal. Even assuming that a Republican President, a Republican Congress and a Republican Senate could get the votes to repeal the ACA in 2017, by then millions of Americans would be enjoying myriad benefits from the law, such as coverage for pre-existing conditions, no lifetime limits for care, Medicaid expansion, free preventive care for seniors under Medicare, and financial assistance to families to help pay for insurance. I will, however, work for improvements as Senator:

1) Signing up for policies on the federal insurance exchange must be easy, clear, and reliable. The private contractors who designed it did not do a first rate job. Right now, consumers are confused about the differences between what they can get on the exchange versus the option of simply re-upping policies with their insurance carriers. Making this a clearly understood choice is essential for it to work..

2) We need more insurance companies offering qualifying heath care policies in the exchange. More competition will make prices more competitive.

3) We will need to address the situation of families whose income is not low enough to be eligible for subsidies but who do not have adequate insurance coverage of their own or at their place of work. For some people caught in the middle, health coverage still costs more than it should.

Education is a national security issue in this age of a global economy. We must ensure quality education that is not based on how rich or how poor a neighborhood is. Countries faring well today are often those (like Finland or South Korea, for example) with national education systems that allow the best and brightest to achieve their full potential. I approve the bipartisan action of the Texas Legislature in recently reducing the number of mandatory tests for Texas students. Standardized tests, with impossible quotas and unrealistic goals, are not the ultimate solution to our education needs. Tests are helpful measurements, but they are not the final answer. I believe every child deserves the opportunity to receive a quality education. The public education system has been one of the glories of the American success story. I want to strengthen that system, not tear it apart. High expectations should be the norm, but we cannot expect great achievement unless we understand that poverty and family circumstances are the most important factors in a child’s performance in school. Improve economic opportunity and you will also improve educational opportunity. As Senator I would promote federal help for the following goals: 1) Expand access to Pre-K programs. Too many students from lower-socioeconomic status families show up for kindergarten and the first grade inadequately prepared, and they never catch up. This is why Pre-K is so vital. Education can lift people out of poverty, but they have to be able to reach the ladder in order to climb it. 2) Create enriching, engaging programs for children during the summer, which would mean less review and more advanced preparation for when they go back to school in the Fall. 3) Innovative assessments. No one will ever cure cancer by filling out a standardized check-the-bubble test. We must free states to experiment with methods of student assessment that provide accurate, realistic accountability instead of just “studying to the test.” We need to teach children critical thinking, not just rote answers to tests. 4) Finally, and most importantly, bringing economic opportunity to all working families is the best method of ensuring educational success. A healthy economy produces stronger families, and that produces children who are ready to learn. It all starts with fairness and opportunity.
As I noted previously, we are spending billions every year on energy sources that are growing more expensive and are harming our environment. We can’t achieve perfection instantly and we have to work within the system we have. But in the long run we have no choice but to transition to cleaner alternative energy sources. Global warming is not a fantasy. But regardless of what position we may take on that issue, it is in our interest to achieve healthier, more economical, less harmful energy use. Reducing emissions can take place through a combination of “cap and trade” policies and strengthened rules and incentives for industrial and power plants. I do not have the perfect formula for instant solutions, but I do not believe we can afford to ignore this issue. Doing nothing will not be a solution. We have already massively improved car mileage and emission standards, though in the beginning some said it couldn’t be done. We did do it; and we can do more in other areas of the economy.

Address P.O. Box 61
City/Town Keller, Texas
Age 47
Campaign Phone Number (682) 231-1872
Email Address
28 Years Residing in Texas
President of Five Star Hotel Management Corporation
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
Ran for US Senate State of Texas, Republican Party 2012
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
In the Hotel Industry we have set budget revenue goals for each property that my company manages. In the year ending 2013 we exceeded our revenue goals by 9% over last years figures. With a down turn in the economy we focused on customer service, maintaining a high quality product, and increase our direct sales and marketing efforts.
Ronald Reagan certainly is my most admired political leader. He represented outstanding leadership and strong economic and social policies. I believe our Nation should return back to a "Reaganomics" philosophy. strong supply, reduce government spending, reduce federal income tax, reduce capital gains tax, reduce government regulations and control the money supply to control inflation.
We need real change in our Nation. We have drifted from what is right and just. We are faced with many giants in our land. The current political lawmakers are removing our constitutional rights and complicating the laws for the American people. The size of Government, over taxation and the restrictions placed on businesses must be reduced to allow all business to produce, profit and create jobs. The change that we need is to focus on the moral fiber of this nation and to not allow the Federal Government to control all aspects of society. The control of this nation must be given back to the people. My approach is to return to a Reaganomics government.
I know that the challenges that we face in this nation are not just financial and political but spiritual. I am not afraid to stand up against the moral and social decline. I will fight to accomplish returning our nation back to the Laws of God and the U.S. Constitution. I am not funded or bought by any special interest groups in Washington. We can return back to a nation for the people. Free enterprise and free markets have to be open with less regulation and interference by the government. I want to return this great nation back to one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.
The appointments for the executive and judicial posts by the President would be more productive to include an opinion by a bipartisan group of advisers before making an appointment.
I am for the simplification of the tax code by presenting a more flat taxed system. I would form a group that would propose a flat tax base for individual and corporations. Currently over 40% of our nation do not pay federal income taxes.
Any funds that are appropriated for Medicare must remain in medicare and not used for the funding of any other Federal program. The age of qualification for medicare should be evaluated.
Department of Education should be returned back to the States and should be eliminated. The Affordable Care Act must be repealed and eliminated. The Internal Revenue Service could be substantially reduced with a simplified Flat Tax reform. The EPA should be reformed and reduced. Eliminate any funding of federal programs to foreign nations that are not allies to the United States and or to Israel.
We should always try to remain peaceful in Afghanistan but we have had our challenges over the last 3 decades. We have much concern with the Taliban-led insurgency and the Afghan security transition turnover that takes place this year. The United States must work towards and encourage free enterprise to establish a self reliance for petroleum in the Gulf.
Our continued issue with the negotiations with an interim agreement with Iran will give Iran the ability to charge ahead with the manufacturing of nuclear weapons. This is merely putting a wedge between us and our allies Israel. We should not deal with Iran lightly on these terms.
I think the Federal Government should stay out of promoting alternative sources of energy and allow the business sector to capitalize on new energy sources.
First we must correct the issues of protecting our borders. Using our military to enforce protection and safety on all of our borders. Immigration reform should be a comprehensive package with adhering to all immigration law. Amnesty should not be allowed. All foreigners applying for citizenship should take the appropriate means to follow the laws. No benefits should be given.
Yes The Affordable Care Act should be repealed. We should always allow free enterprise to step in and created an environment for the competition of business. The Federal Government Should step aside.
The Federal Government should eliminate the Department of Education and let education return to the states. As a result of the No Child Let Behind Act we have taught and trained a generation to be average at best with no creativity. Out of the ranking of 34 nations The United States ranked 26th in mathematics, 21st in science and 17th in reading. The US News report 2012.
I am not in favor of cap and trade regulated by the government for carbon emissions. With a slightly higher projected cost to the consumer a carbon tax would allow carbon emissions to be controlled by free enterprise.
Address P. O. Box 16
City/Town Midlothian, Texas 76065
Age 60
Campaign Phone Number (214) 980-8900
Fax Number (972) 923-9745
Email Address
Youtube Channel
I have been a resident of Texas for about 30 years. My wife and I first came to Texas in 1975. I had received a U. S. Army ROTC Scholarship and chose to attend St. Mary’s University in San Antonio. I may not be a “native” Texan, but I always figure that neither were Sam Houston, Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett.
I am a retiree from both the aerospace industry and the U. S. Army. In aerospace, I was responsible for manufacturing major aircraft structures for the world’s leading airplane manufacturing companies. In the Army, I began as a private and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Quartermaster Corp. I earned pensions with both and have invested in a 401K and mutual funds. My wife, Marie, is a full time home health physical therapist.
• Master of Business Administration, Corporate Finance, from University of Dallas, Dallas, Texas • Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting, from St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, Texas • Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas • Advanced and Basic Procurement Officer, Fort Lee, Virginia, and Rock Island, Illinois • Advanced and Basic Quartermaster Officer, Fort Lee, Virginia • Accounting Specialist, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana • Securities License, Series 6 & 63 • Texas Group One Life Insurance License
I am currently active with the Midlothian economic development council and with Mid-Way Regional Airport (Midlothian and Waxahachie) development activities. Additionally, I am a supporter of the Ellis County Tea Party and their mission to educate citizens about their government and the consequences of complacency. As a veteran, I continue to provide financial support to patriotic activities that honor our service members. My wife and I provide financial assistance, beyond our church tithing, to several charities that involve abused women, displaced children, other disadvantaged community members and veteran’s organizations.
Over nearly 40 years, my participation has spanned physical involvement (serving and delivering food to the needy) to direct and indirect financial assistance to a broad range of charitable projects. Beyond my commitment to church programs, these have included the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Band Club Boosters, and fund-raising activities. I have given blood to the MD Anderson blood drive program every quarter for almost 15 consecutive years. I also traveled to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina to helping homeowners with the overwhelming cleanup effort.
I have never sought or held a public office. This campaign is my first and I am excited to have the opportunity to bring some common sense and integrity back into politics. I want to demonstrate that men and women of principle still exist and are willing to stand up and fight for their principles.
Not enough. I started my campaign in December 2013 after seeing who the challengers were to Senator Cornyn, who is seeking his third term. Consequently, I have just started to seek help from other frustrated Texans. My funding to start this campaign is coming almost entirely from my personal retirement and financial assets. I am hopeful that my message as a New Breed of Republican of leadership, fiscal responsibility and a willingness to fight for Texas will generate additional financial support. My campaign will be entirely grassroots, compared with Senator Cornyn's $7 million campaign chest. I am hoping to accomplish as much with grassroots enthusiasm and a limited budget as he can with his huge stash of cash.
Ken Cope, Marie Cope ($2,500 Limit) and small contributions from friends and neighbors. I believe this will change significantly after my message spreads among my fellow Texans. I am currently doing radio interviews across Texas, weekly news announcements, and am active on Facebook, Twitter, and my campaign website,
In business and the military, a leader’s success is measured by results. Politicians should be judged by the same standard, but unfortunately they are not. My real world leadership achievements span a career of 40 years. From the business side: 1) Successfully led job-creating new business capture teams for major aerospace programs ranging from Boeing 747, 767, 767 Tanker, Embraer E Jet Fuselage Sections, Gulfstream 5 Wing, C5A Flaps and Spoilers, etc. 2) Successfully led international supply chain team(s) with operations in China, Korea, Japan, and Malaysia 3) Successfully performed program management responsibilities over major manufacturing operations through integrated product management teams (IPTs) From the military side: 1) As battalion commander, led the integration of active and reserve components into one seamless command structure, 2) Operations officer for joint civilian and military procurement team for a major U. S. Army weapons system, 3) Developed and executed observer controller teams in preparation and support of Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Throughout my career, I’ve gained a reputation as a troubleshooter and problem-solver – skills that are badly needed in the senate.
Ronald Reagan. He was a leader who understood that you can delegate authority, but not responsibility. He was not a quitter and this country benefited from his tenacity and conservative principles. Politically, President Reagan knew when to fight and, when he had the upper hand, how to exploit his success. His love of country and obedience to the Constitution stand out as do his personal and professional demeanor. These are principles that are lacking in our current leaders in Washington.
I am running to become Texas’ next U. S. Senator because our country is in critical condition. Leadership failures in combating Obamacare and stabilizing the economy (debt and jobs) run the risk of jeopardizing 200 years of American exceptionalism. Texans need a senator who isn’t a “seat warmer,” but one who will stand up and fight for Texas and for America. It became clear to me that Senator Cornyn is not a leader nor is he this kind of representative. Though he is still rated as a strong conservative, he has become more of an “establishment” Republican who has lost touch with his employers, the citizens of Texas. Being a “conservative” does not mean being a leader. I consider myself a New Breed of Republican who believes that our party has lost touch with its constituents, and that includes minorities, women, and the disadvantaged. We should be winning over mainstream Democrats with an inclusive message. We should be seen as problem solvers and not as cold-hearted or obstructionist. Texas should be leading in immigration reform but instead we have done very little during Senator Cornyn’s tenure. The illegal stigma hangs over more than a third of Texas' Hispanic citizens, even though the vast majority are U. S. citizens. They deserve better representation and to have this resolved with a Texas sense of urgency. My pledge is to never lose sight of who I work for.
Because Texas, and America, needs my problem solving skills which have been successfully demonstrated in international business, military operations and life. No other candidate, including Senator Cornyn, possess the unique tools and sense of urgency that I will bring to represent my constituents. I will bring practical solutions and common sense to Washington. As a New Breed of Republican, I will lead by example in developing solutions that make sense. I will not run from a fight, especially when it comes to replacing Obamacare or bringing life back to our sick economy. I will lead with the understanding that every Texan is watching and deserves nothing less than my 100 percent effort. I will not become a career politician. I will measure every decision with a yardstick of integrity. I will read every bill before voting on it. I will set a new standard for refusing campaign contributions that will make Texans proud. I will say what I mean and mean what I say and bring dignity and honor to Texas. I thoroughly explain this on my campaign website, .
The process was well designed by the framers of the Constitution. However, they didn't foresee the impact of closed-minded partisan politics. Presidents are entitled to have the team that they desire, provided their recommended candidates are properly vetted against the Constitution. Presidents are not without fault for proposing people that they should know will never pass the vetting process. Presidents play politics as much as the Senate. The process could be improved by all parties putting their partisan baggage aside, but that may not be a practical expectation since each Senator has been voted into office based upon their platforms and beliefs. Removing the 60-vote requirement for confirmation of judicial posts was not a good thing because it has trampled the ability of the minority party to influence the nomination and confirmation process. For me, I will perform my due diligence fairly for all nominees and vote according to my thorough assessment of the individual’s skills and qualifications.
I believe the current tax code is not working and should be replaced. I support either a national sales tax (excluding food and medicine) or a fair/flat tax plan where all citizens participate and have a vested interest in the federal government's efficient use of tax revenues. The disproportionate and increasing number individuals paying no taxes is a threat to good government and should be addressed quickly. The public outcry about the IRS scandal has provided additional incentive to fix the problems and inequities of the current system. I would work to develop a plan that I believe would have Republican and some Democrat support, and I would insist that this be done in plain view of the public and not behind closed doors.
Medicare is part of the Social Security Trust Fund (SSTF). One cannot address this issue without addressing the Federal Reserve. Because of the general fund's lack of funds, there isn’t sufficient cash to support the SSTF notes. While all politicians know of this problem, this administration has elected to reduce revenue by cutting the employee tax from 6.2% to 4.2% in an effort to stimulate the economy. It failed and now the problem is worse. The devastating effect of Obamacare on the economy and jobs adds pressure by reducing the number of paying workers. No one wants to cut benefits at a time when so many Baby Boomers are reaching the point where they will receive benefits. But reality has begun to set in. Either revenue goes up or benefits go down. The SSTF is now scheduled to reach its peak revenue in 2022 and run out of its sinking fund by 2033. At this point, all SSTF programs will receive a mandatory cut of 25 percent. Possible actions to stabilize the SSTF could include bringing SSTF loans to the general fund up to the same rate of return as the Federal Reserve receives (6%, representing an increase of about 1.6%); stopping of dumping new entitlement programs into the SSTF; an end to expanding the basis of entitlements; increasing the payroll tax back to the 6.2% level; allowing the Obamacare “Death Panels” (IPAB) to reduce the rolls; increasing the number of paying full-time jobs; increasing the retirement age; or reducing benefits. My first preference would be to reduce the federal reserve rate from 6.0% to 4.2% because this would reduce the national debt as well as reducing the cost of future borrowing to cover SSTF shortfalls. Next, I support a allowing young citizens to “opt out” of the social security system while reducing the gaming of the benefits system. A significant focus would be placed on criminalizing the abuse and fraud in the system with “permanent” loss of all SSTF benefits. Lastly, I would stop the government’s “junk spending” as defined in Senator Tom Coburn’s list of wasteful spending and transfer it to shore up the SSFT. We simply cannot justify sponsoring such programs as “Big Bird” while our senior citizens are being threatened with loss of benefits and younger citizens are struggling to meet their basic family needs. Our national priorities must be adjusted to reflect programs which cover our basic human needs over wasteful pet spending.
The first place to start is with Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn's list of wasteful spending. Next, reduce the Federal Reserve guaranteed 6% rate of return to federal banks to 4.2%, which is what the Social Security Trust Fund gets from the general fund for the money that it loans to the general fund. Concurrently, I would support moves to pierce the secrecy of the Federal Reserve. Since its creation in 1913, its policies have resulted in a death spiral of debt and a 97% loss in the value of the dollar. The secrecy of the Federal Reserve must be pierced and its actions made public to enable reasonable fixes. Concurrently, I believe we must consider actions to link annual budgets to a fixed percentage of the previous year’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Additionally, I would support elimination of the Department of Education and significant reductions in the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). While national defense is critical, I believe that the Department of Homeland Security has lost focus and is subject to downsizing.
For a lot of reasons, this country has lost its national will as it relates to Afghanistan. There is little interest in funding continuing operations. While I have been supportive of the Afghan military effort, we can no longer allow our soldiers to risk their lives while politicians fail to provide a necessary strategic objective Keeping our troops there and at risk requires a clear and concise strategic purpose. We must accept that we can only do so much and then it is up to that country to earn its own place in the world. Our foreign aid should only go to countries that support us and demonstrate friendship; Afghanistan’s corrupt government has made their animosity clear and we should adjust our non-military financial support accordingly.
I believe there are two major areas. One is more visible than the other. First, Iran has played our government like a fine harp. Our economic sanctions have not really worked effectively. Surprisingly, we failed to impose the maximum sanctions against that country and now they are months away from having a nuclear weapon. Sanctions require an extended amount of time to achieve the desired results and I question that we have time to allow additional sanctions to work. Confusingly, while tinkering with sanctions and a failing diplomatic mission, we have managed to alienate Israel and Saudi Arabia at the same time. We must make it clear that we are willing to use the military option if Iran goes ahead and develops, and threatens the use of nuclear weapons. They have thumbed their noses at the entire world stage and we have only given them more opportunities to thwart our foreign policy. The second area of concern is North Korea. North Korea’s adolescent behavior requires close coordination with our allies in the region, South Korea and Japan. Our presence in the region is a must. China’s influence in this situation cannot be underestimated. China has a significant influence on North Korea and is positioned to push North Korea either toward peace or conflict. Our pressure on China must be increased through diplomatic and economic tools. China cannot afford a disruption of our economic influence on their country. This is what we must be willing to utilize in bringing China’s support to resolving the Korean peninsula’s troubles.
I believe that alternative sources of energy must be a national priority. While the energy industry has done wonders in tapping previously unreachable oil and gas reserves, those sources will run out someday. We should approve the Keystone Pipeline. We should open up federal lands to more exploration and production with a strict but realistic view of environmental risks. Our newly found reserves of natural gas have not been fully integrated through distribution channels to end users. We should be incentivizing small business to retrofit existing transportation assets with a means of utilizing this abundant resource. Additionally, I believe that the government should sponsor research competitions into developing other sources of energy (hydrogen, sea, gravitational, electromagnetic, etc.). These are not ineffective Solyndra-type investments but rather results-oriented competitions open to individuals, universities, states, and governmental agencies. Our energy strategy should be a cornerstone for job development and economic expansion.
Immigration reform cannot be achieved in a piecemeal fashion. I believe that Republicans should be leading this effort in a spirit of compassion and inclusion. We have let the Democrats control the message and this must stop. We are not about deportation, because Republicans are a party of family values. Family unity should be encouraged. Many illegals are parents to American-born citizens and we must recognize the importance of the family unit staying together. We should not be about deportation except for felons or non-compliant illegal aliens. This is more than an immigration problem. It has become a national security problem that anyone in a border state with Mexico can attest to. Because of its national security aspects, I favor a four-point plan: 1) Corps of Engineers to build within one year a border fence, with barrier fields, up to a one-mile buffer zone, and high-tech surveillance, including seismic monitoring. 2) English as the official language, eliminating requirements for dual publications. This would include the ability of the immigrant to demonstrate an ability to speak and write in English. This could be waived for very old or very young based upon a case-by-case evaluation. 3) Expedited citizenship for those who join and serve honorably for two years in the armed forces, first responders (fire, police, medical), key professionals, etc. This citizenship would include their immediate family members, and 4) All others go the end of the immigration line and immediately receive a “provisional” Social Security card entitling them to pay taxes and receive benefits but no right to vote until completely processed. Lastly, I would severely limit the ability of the administration and secretary from interpreting or creating regulations and violating the intent of Congress.
Yes, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) should be repealed in its entirety. Evidence now clearly shows that Republicans were correct in opposing it at every juncture. The act is destroying our entire healthcare system, our retirement system, and the economy. The job-killing aspects have only just begun. From the 29 hours for part time classification and the 49 employee limit to avoid Obamacare requirements to the IPAB (Death Panel), the act is filled with elements that will destroy our country's economic and healthcare systems as we know them. It has already done so much damage that there doesn't appear to be a quick fix. I favor a model that allows the free market to determine policy availability and cost, based upon what the patient needs. A good model to emulate would be the open market practices of the automobile insurance system.
I believe the intentions of the No Child Left Behind Act were honorable, but the practical application has been terrible. It added a staggering amount of bureaucracy with little positive results to show for it. The addition of Common Core only makes this worse and further removes parents from having any meaningful role in their child’s educational decisions. The prospect of a single individual determining the course curriculum of a nation of children is extremely risky. I believe that the Department of Education should be eliminated and that education should be the responsibility of state and local governments with the participation of the parents. I also support home schooling programs and a parent’s right to choose how their children receive their education.
Having been an avid hunter and outdoorsman all my life, protecting the environment is critically important to me. However, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has gone well beyond its scope in its regulations and enforcement. I agree with control of carbon emissions, but not in the way the EPA has mandated. I support restrictions on the scope of the EPA and the administration’s ability to impose regulatory changes without Congressional approval. The EPA must recognize a balance between industry and society’s needs. Their approach to coal-fired power plants is a perfect example of how out of control the EPA has become. It has forced implementation and penalties even in situations where technology and science have provided no viable alternatives. The result: skyrocketing electrical rates that will put even more pressure on small businesses and individual taxpayers. Another example is the EPA's closed-mindedness on "global warming" and how it has gone forward with policies and regulation without regard of valid science or consideration for the impact on economy.
City/Town Austin, Texas
Campaign Phone Number (512) 484-8535
Email Address
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
B.A., Trinity University in San Antonio J.D., St. Mary's University School of Law in San Antonio
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
Texas Attorney General Texas Supreme Court Justice District Judge, Bexar County
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
Senator Cornyn has consistently voted to protect taxpayers, allowing Texans to keep more hard-earned money in their wallets instead of sending it to Washington. Senator Cornyn has introduced legislation to make the state and local sales tax deduction permanent, end the tax penalty on marriage, and permanently repeal the death tax on Texas families and farms. He has also been named a “Hero of the Taxpayer” by Americans for Tax Reform, “Taxpayer’s Friend” by the National Taxpayer’s Union, and a “Guardian of Small Business” by the National Federation of Independent Business.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
By introducing and gathering support for a conservative, balanced budget amendment to the Constitution supported by every Senate Republican, Senator Cornyn is fighting to bring the same fiscal responsibility to Washington that Texas families and small businesses practice every day. Senator Cornyn’s balanced budget amendment caps spending, ensuring that government does not spend more than it takes in . For Texans, this is plain commonsense.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
Under Obamacare, Texans face skyrocketing premiums, employers are laying off workers and abandoning plans to expand, and Washington bureaucrats–not patients and their Doctors–are making treatment decisions. Senator Cornyn believes that Obamacare must be repealed and replaced. Texans deserve patient-centered reforms that lower costs and increase access – without bankrupting families and small businesses.
Senator Cornyn believes Texas children are most likely to succeed when their parents and teachers are in control of their education, not Washington bureaucrats. In this spirit, Senator Cornyn has authored an education reform bill, The Academic Partnerships Lead Us to Success Act (A-PLUS). A-PLUS would grant Texas school districts more flexibility by easing federal compliance burdens and pooling federal funding into block grants. This proposal would also increase transparency by requiring regular reports to parents detailing how their taxpayer dollars are being spent.
The Obama Administration and the EPA continue to wage an unprecedented war against Texas job creators by targeting our state with job-killing rules and regulations that are seemingly endless. Burdensome, one-size-fits-all regulations from Washington threaten to hamstring Texas job creators and could lead to increased energy prices for consumers across the state. Whether it’s the Fish and Wildlife Service, the EPA, or the West Wing, Senator Cornyn continues to stand up for Texas and fight back against the kind of regulatory overreach that kills jobs and hampers economic growth.
City/Town Sugar Land
Age 64
Campaign Phone Number (281) 299-9576
Fax Number 832-864-3204
Youtube Channel
48 years (moved here in 1965 from Iowa at age 15.)
President/Founder, Armor Glass International, Inc. We sell a security window film nationally that "armors the glass" from breach by burglars, hurricanes, tornadoes and solar heat. It's a green+security, carbon negative product. The company has grown 500% since 2008, despite the worst economy in 70 years and without any government contracts.
High school, Tascosa High, Amarillo BBA, Acounting, University of Texas at Austin JD with honors, Texas Tech University, Lubbock
TV Terrorism Analyst, Fox 26 Houston (latest appearance 1/1/2014 on Russia terrorist bombings.) I first appeared on Fox 26 during Gulf War in 1991, again on 9/11 (three and four time a week until the Iraq invasion) and from time to time since then. Member, Seabrook Rotary which has a "Books for the World" program I have been active in. Member, League of Women Voters. Member, USGBC - Lobbied for green technologies in Austin. U.S. Green Building Council Teach an AIA (American Architects Institute) certified course on "Green+Security Carbon Negative Technology."

Volunteer Pilot, Captain, Civil Air Patrol (U.S. Air Force Auxiliary) Adviser, Center for International Business Studies, Texas A&M University at College Station for 18 years (from 1985 to 2003). Adjunct Professor, Houston Community College, teaching international marketing, law and economic geography. Member, Greater Houston Partnership I was active in a number of Democratic party elections, starting with McGovern in 1972, then on to Dukasis, Clinton, Gore and Obama (in 2008 and 2012). I helped Nick Lampson in his Congress campaign.
I have been a Democrat since 1972 - but one aberration. I ran for U.S. Congress, CD 22 (when seat was held by Tom DeLay) from 2000 to 2006--three times in the GOP primary and once as an independent (2004). When DeLay resigned I stopped running--until the Tea Party and GOP became even more extremist. I ran in three GOP primaries and once as an Independent (2004.) I ran in the GOP primaries because the district was designed so Democrats only got 1/3 of the vote, and I wanted to put the "fear of God" into DeLay -- since Republicans were too afraid to challenge him so tgat he never campaigned in his own district! I hoped to get Democrats to "crossover" and vote in the GOP primary to get rid of him, but it didn't happen. However, the GOP certainly rejected me. I thought the GOP was "out there" back then, but since the 2010 Tea Party movement it has become even more radical. They seem to hate everyone, even people from different country clubs! But I did learn that the November Republicans are much more moderate and our team will need 3-5% of them to win in November. I believe my counter-terrorism and global business experience will help attract them to help Wendy and Leticia. I grew up as a poor farm boy, am a progressive/centrist and align with the Democratic party's platform. In 2013, the Ft Bend Democrat leaders asked me to run for a Congress seat. When I check the stats I saw that they had been gerrymandered into safe GOP seats (60-40) so I decided to try for the entire state instead - because of my unique skill set.
Self-funded. Raised approximately $1,000 since filing in late November and leaving for two weeks in Europe to study austerity impacts (their unemployment rate is more than DOUBLE ours - youth unemployment approaches 65%!) However, looking back on my prior campaigns I was able to secure votes for less than 50 cents a vote. Compare that to Mr. Alameel spending nearly $5 million for 2,500 votes (which works out to be about $1,800 per vote! There isn't enough money at that rate to win in Texas).
Self, Lynn Walshak, Don & Alice May Berthelson
No bankruptcy. Was sued about 10 years ago when I was attorney for a client -- the suit was brought against both my client and me for actions taken by my client (not me) but it was later dropped. Apparently, my client failed to give a proposed partner the documentation I had prepared as his attorney.
For years I have written a "Global American" column to try to educate Americans about what is happening in the world that impacts us and vice versa. (link: The goal has been to keep America in the lead in technology and education. I still write it as well as a "Global American Values" blog at: My goal is to get America back to No. 1 after the GOP squandered our "inheritance." I wrote a detailed "Agenda for American Greatness" chapter in my book, which I made FREE at the book website:

In my business I have had to develop a team of Sales Reps and Installers who have to follow a "Code of Conduct" for Armor Glass -- and to coordinate with each other to make sure the client gets what they want and has a positive experience. I have heard many clients say to me after an installation: "Your crew was so professional." To me, there is no better compliment.
JFK - he had a vision we don't see today. He called on Americans to "do what is hard" instead of what is easy. Today's politicians seem to be all about stale "talking points" and promising everyone can eat all the sugar they want. No one tells voters what they need to hear instead of what they want to hear. I also admired Nelson Mandela - I was lucky enough to go to South Africa on business when he was President (i wrote about it in "Better Times Ahead April Fool"). Like Martin Luther King, another leader I admire, he didn't fall prey to violence in return for the cruel, unfair treatment he and others like him endured.
I have negotiated in over 50 countries and have seen countries like China go from behind us to in front of us in key technologies--I even rode the fastest train in the world in China in 2012 and documented the difference in my book). Yet few Americans realize this. Our education has fallen behind. We have over 2 million high tech jobs that Americans don't have the skills to fill -- but Chinese and Indian workers do. I believe Americans need to know the hard truth so we can get back to being No. 1 in something other than watching "reality" TV and football scores. There is no such thing as second best in the world economy. Neither Mr. Cornyn nor Mr. Cruz are offering real solutions. Austerity is killing Europe. Killing the Affordable Care Act won't create jobs or growth. I am the only candidate with a written economic plan "Agenda for American Greatness" that addresses how we get back to No. 1 again. I want to work on these issues in Washington to get us back to No. 1.
I am the best candidate to win in November over Mr. Cornyn, assuming that he wins his primary. He has been a professional politician since 1985, whereas I have been both a Fortune 500 business negotiator and, after a lay-off during the Texas Oil Bust of the 80's, a global entrepreneur. I have extensive international business experience over 30 years selling American products overseas which create jobs in the USA. I have been a TV Terrorism analyst since the 1991 Gulf War and 9/11 on the local Fox channel in Houston. I saw our infrastructure falling apart. We are not investing to stay ahead in technology. China will have a brand new space station in 2020 when ours is on its last legs and due to be retired. No one has a plan to stay in the lead. I do.
The best thing we can do is to get rid of the GOP Senate obstructionists like Mr. Cornyn and Mr. Cruz in the Senate. No President in history has had as many appointments obstructed as President Obama has. The GOP is failing to do their job. It's all about politics instead of doing the peoples' business.

Mr. Cruz is all about himself. He is already trying to run for President in 2016 instead of taking care of Texas and America's economy. Mr. Cornyn is his puppet -- and voted against the latest budget deal. Shutting down our government over people getting access to healthcare is insane, and cost us billions. We don't need professional politicians practicing voodoo economics as our bridges and infrastructure collapse. They are holding back job creation and allowing our technology base to erode to second-class status, while China and others advance.
As an international attorney I know the tax code well. It is riddled with special breaks for the wealthy individuals and corporations who can hide money overseas or pay a lower rate than ordinary Americans. It needs to be overhauled to get rid of these special interest tax breaks -- so corporations and the wealthy start paying their fair share. Profitable companies like GE have paid ZERO taxes. Halliburton moves a few employees to Dubai and suddenly are no longer paying taxes despite the majority of their assets being in the U.S. Ever since the Bush tax cuts that were not paid for and two unpaid for wars, the U.S. has run deficits to support our expenses, including a defense budget greater than the rest of the world combined. This is nuts. I wrote extensively in this in my book "Better Times Ahead April Fool" and the final chapter "Agenda for American Greatness" which I made free on the website at
The “Competitive Bidding Program for Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Supplies" has not been implemented. It should be. Tom DeLay wrote Plan D to forbid the government from negotiating drug prices. This is costing us BILLIONS and needs to be changed. We should consider SLOWLY raising the eligibility age for younger citizens. I also would support increasing the premiums on those with higher incomes.
President CLinton handed George W Bush a $300 Billion SURPLUS. Bush converted that into a $1.3 Trillion deficit with the unpaid for tax cuts of 2001 and 2003. Bush handed Obama over $6 Trillion in IOU's and a $1.3 Trillion DEFICIT his first day on the job. We spend more on the Pentagon than the rest of the world COMBINED. Cutting this excessive spending would be a good start. The F-35 program has been a disaster - its overpriced and under powered. We need to get back to where Clinton was in our budget. The GOP has convinced Americans that debt is our biggest problem - as our ancient bridges collapse into the waters below (as in I35 in Minneapolis). As usual, they are totally wrong.

If we raised the minimum wage and invest in our infrastructure, incomes would rise and debt would go DOWN as jobs increased. I was in Europe in December and saw the devastation to the economies from following the GOP austerity route. We need to reform the tax code to eliminate all the special tax breaks the top 1% get than ordinary Americans don't - that would also bring down the debt. As an international legal negotiator, i am familiar with the tax code and what needs to be changed - such as the laws that make it a tax deduction to ship jobs overseas. Repeal them!
Afghanistan became a terrorist hangout after we abandoned it when the Russians were kicked out (Charlie Wilson's War is a good review of what went wrong). But Bush mishandled it by not training an Afghan army that may or may not be able to keep Al Qaida from coming back. We have spent billions on their infrastructure instead of our own. We need to draw down our presence in Afghanistan after a decade of blood and treasure lost, but keep a small number of troops to provide some support. It's the most corrupt country on the planet and probably will be a mess for decades to come, with or without our support.

I thought we have been training the Afgan army.....................
CHINA. When I first went to China for a Fortune 500 company selling pollution control equipment in 1982 they had nothing. It was a bicycle economy. When I went back in 2012 I rode the fastest train in the world -- the MagLev that runs into Shanghai airport. Bullet trains passed those of us stuck in traffic on the roads in a blur. They now lead us in 7 key technologies including super computers. They will have a new space station in 2020 when ours is due to be retired and dumped into the ocean. They are a rich country and building their military. They could be a military threat as they move boundary lines. We should find ways to keep them (as LBJ once said) inside the tent peeing out instead of outside peeing in. IRAN is a concern, but the new leader seems more reasonable. War with Iran is to be avoided. The last military exercise war game with Iran was stopped by our side when over 20 ships had been lost. The Sunburn missiles from China can outrun our radar and take out an aircraft carrier. We could lose more lives in 5 minutes than in Iraq over ten years. Finally, terrorism will continue to be a threat, mostly small groups.

You need to point out how we deal with it...............
The government can encourage or discourage clean technology and they should encourage it. We subsidize profitable oil companies who don't need it and aren't doing enough to advance solar power (Texas could be a leader in solar like it is in wind energy). But much more can be done and needs to be done.

Right now Texas is experiencing an oil and gas Boom. I rode the last one in the 80's until I was laid off in 1983 when oil plunged to under $15 a barrel (before that I was flying the Concorde and first class around the world for Dresser Industries). We are not doing enough to make sure that doesn't happen again by diversifying our energy inputs. Eventually, the oil and gas WILL run out. Let's not get caught unprepared again.
NO, it should do a comprehensive change. We don't have a working system. We educate talented foreigners then boot them out of the country to start companies and create jobs overseas. That's nuts. We need to give the "dreamers" the young illegals brought here as children by parents a path to citizenship. We need to provide a way for adult illegals to obtain legal residency since they do work that most Americans refuse to do (how many of us are willing to work in fields or meatpacking plants?)
No. Every country in the world that I have been to provide medical treatment as a matter of right. Even Mexico has universal healthcare along with a private health insurance program. The debate is beyond bizarre - isn't healthcare "pro life"? We can reform the law to make it work better - fixing the website is a major step forward. Before the ACA my medical premiums were increasing and despite being an attorney I could not get into a pool. I am paying over $600 a month for just myself! A state employee can pay as little as $200 for an entire family. The ACA should help people like me get into a pool at a lower rate. Frankly, we could use "Medicare for All" as the next step.
Our education system is flawed. So is No Child Left Behind which seems to be punitive instead of helping schools upgrade. I concur with the editorial in the LA Times which said: "It's time to stop holding schools hostage to the overly rigid and often counterproductive demands of the federal No Child Left Behind Act, which was supposed to have been rewritten four years ago. More and more schools — many of them good or at least improving — are being labeled failures and are facing severe sanctions as the 2014 deadline approaches, when the law requires schools to make 100% of their students proficient in reading and math."

Let's revise it or dump NCLB - The OECD just released new data showing the top 5 countries in education are all ASIAN, starting with China. I saw a BBC News report of South Korean kids going to school over 12 hours a day in order to get a good job. We must upgrade our education or lose the global economy.
Yes. We are on a path towards destroying our only habitat - the only blue planet in our solar system. We have reached 400 parts per million in carbon emissions, enough to raise temperatures at least 4 degrees by the end of the century. We are breaking a normal cycle of heating and cooling that has gone on for at least 800,000 years. But 200 years of industrialization and billions of tons of emissions that didn't occur when humans huddled around campfires is damaging our biosphere and threatening our childrens' future. We need to encourage more renewable energy and reduce coal emissions - worldwide.
City/Town Midland
Age 55
Campaign Phone Number (432) 550-5300
Fax Number 432 366-7100
Email Address
I have lived and worked in Texas as a Family Physician since 1997
Physician-Family Doctor
B.A.-Columbia University in the City of New York M.D.-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, New Brunswick/N.J.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
Never been arrested in my life
Never been in civil lawsuit and never declared bankruptcy
I practice medicine daily with my staff to provide the very best care possible. It is by all means a team effort.
Abraham Lincoln. To have vision is greatness. To have compassion is caring. To have insight is wisdom. To be able to sacrifice is noble. To have all of these is indispensable to all who are and all who are yet to be.
First permit me to introduce myself. Hello, my fellow Texans. My name is Harry Kim. I live and work in West Texas, raised my family in Midland, and watched both my children and the state of Texas grow. I am a Family Doctor by profession. What has always inspired me about Texas is how big it is, not only it's size, but it's people, their willingness to dream and the greatness of their heart. I am running for U.S. Senate to represent this great state and it's people. Texas has come a long way. And yet, I believe it's best days are ahead. But such results do not come with idle dreams, rather by hard work. For too long, the elected officials have neglected the true needs of our people. Thus, the true potential of our people were not allowed to show. They were more concerned with helping their close friends only. That is not good government. I am running for U.S. Senate as a Democrat because I see what this state and our country can become. There is so much more to this country and it's people. And I intend to realize this dream by making the dreams of Texans and fellow Americans come true. But first, we must work to restore our government, by electing people who will put people first above all else. If elected as your Senator, my primary focus will be first and foremost the needs of our people so that you and your children can become all that you were meant to be. That is the Texas way, that is the American way. We must improve our educational system. For our greatest treasure is not gold, or land, or oil. Although I am glad this country have them. It is our CHILDREN. They are our present and our future. They are precious for what they will become and what they become will preciously depend on what we do. We must not fail. We must increase opportunity among all our people, not just the very few with connections. Regardless of one's Race, Background, Gender or Orientation, everyone deserves a fair chance. That is how we become even a greater country. We must share in the notion of Freedom, freedom for all. Freedom to choose, to determine our own destiny, to pursue our happiness. Unless all of us are totally free, none of us are truly free. We must care for each other as we care for our environment. We must promote the creation of good jobs with good pay, while maintaining good husbandry over good Earth. Furthermore, we must be true to our country and all the men and women who fought for and sacrificed themselves, so that we may enjoy this hard won freedom we value so dearly. In short, we must be true to ourselves as we are true to each other.
We live in difficult times, and the challenges we face are daunting. The decisions that are made today will have serious and lasting effects. Right decisions will see us through this storm, make wrong decisions and we shall all suffer even a greater maelstrom. The scope and subtlety of each decision will resonate in the daily lives of millions of individuals and reverberate in the lives of future generations. If elected, I will work to make the very best choices for all our people, so that we may all share in the American dream.
Antagonism and obstructionism only adds more anger and objections. We must parry this partisanship by encouraging mutual participation and bipartisan promotions. To give does not demonstrate giving in. It does not indicate an inferior predicament but rather a superior position. If elected, I plan to reach out to all good members of both houses to strive for the greater good, so that we may succeed in reclaiming the sound government we all seek.
Not only the tax code, but all aspects of peoples lives must be governed by fairness. I believe, there lies in wait an army of men and women in our government willing to do the right thing. If given the chance, I would very much like to be the catalyst in the creation of such a coalition. As for changes, I believe, all citizens should pay their fair share dependent and described by their financial situation.
We must not rescind on the solemn oath to our seniors. As a society, it is a sacrosanct obligation and a reminder of our duty. We must also recognize, it is not to be infringed upon as a financial last resort, for it should remain inviolate. The greater and perhaps more general issue is the protracted inadequate national growth that permeates into all aspects of our lives necessitating these discussions. One can debate the justification of entitlements, but it shall surely be a short one in the presence of sufficient growth.
One must approach this in a holistic fashion. We have much abuse and waste in our system. This burdens us with tremendous overhead, which in turn prevents the delivery of necessary assistance to those who are truly in need. First, we must identify and eliminate these waste at all levels, so that we may better properly reallocate and redistribute our finite resources for the greater good.
In the end, Afghanistans must determine the direction of their destiny. Having said that, by no means should we abandon them at this crucial time. We must continue to provide guidance for their future well being so that they may grow and take their place among league of nations.
There is much turmoil underneath the visage of pretended stability of our world. Much unrest remains that reminds us of how volatile many of these places are, and serves as a presage to what may transpire. We face Security concerns in the Middle East, parts of Asia, Africa, Latin America and even domestically. Coupled with the ever present economic sub-crisis in Europe and unavoidable re-balancing of China's massive economy. U.S. should and must take an active leading role in the formation and formulation of the willing and able to properly address these concerns.
We owe it to ourselves and our planet to promote renewable sources of energy. In that regard, government can play a valuable role.
Immigration is an issue that touches us all. We are a nation of immigrants. A fact that should not escape us. The issue at hand is not whether we get there piecemeal or comprehensibly, but that we get there.
I agree with ACA as a concept. We have defined the form, we must now determine the substance. As a practicing physician who is in the front line of medicine, I feel especially well qualified to provide my input as few can. The key I believe is affordability, for caring and willingness to act is there. The task is no doubt formidable but by no means insurmountable. We can reach a compromise that we can all live with.
The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 with its reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education act adheres to the program of standardized assessment of students. Although individual states may apply some level of applicability to its own state, it is in the grand scheme of things one size fits all to many. Furthermore, system of Adequate Yearly Progress introduces greater emphasis on producing numerical outcomes that may disguise inadequacies in real life experience and training and further encourages "teaching to the test". In a world that is rapidly changing and evolving. This form of teaching lacks the flexibility and critical evaluation of students' needs to properly prepare our young for the world that awaits them. I believe in comprehensive and progressive approach to education reform. We must reassess the demands of our present world in regard to what is expected of our children. In that respect, we must be more accommodating and anticipating. If elected to the Senate, I plan to introduce a fully inclusive education bill to adjust and update our education system better aimed at providing the needs of our students in our current global environment.
Attempt to control carbon emission is in everyone's interest. After all, we humans have an unfailing insistence in wanting to breathe. Question of carbon, eventually reconnects with renewable energy, the success of which depends on its economic viability.
City/Town Port O'Connor,Texas 77982
Age 53
Campaign Phone Number (361) 920-4841
Fax Number 361-983-4676
Email Address
53 years, Born and raised in Texas.
Retail Merchant.

Recreational Marine Sales & Service for 16 years

Real estate Rental income.
Formal Education. G.E.D. College time is less than two years. Technical training consists of Hundreds of hours. My education consist of going to work every day since I was 16 years old and then 20 plus years in my own business. There are two types of education: one is based on theory and one is based on experience. It is my belief that every American needs a skill and higher education is not for everyone but everyone should have the opportunity to go and not go broke during the process.
I have always donated to and supported many community charity and social events. I am very low key in my personal life focusing on my business and spending time with family.

This run for U.S. Senate to replace Mr. Cornyn will be my most significant level of involvement and civic accomplishment. This involvement is very hard for two reasons, 1). My allegiance to my State and my Country are very strong and I feel as if our elected leadership is failing. The hard part is facing the reality that our country is in serious peril and that it is my/our responsibility to not only to vote but to get involved, not sit on the sidelines and wait for it to fall apart and then ask why.

2). The second hard part of this involvement is to have to leave my family and work but there is not a better cause or reason than my country.

Elected to Hospital District here in Texas
Funding from contribution and my personal resources are approximately 20,000.00 Campaign contribution letters were sent out the first week of January. Our goal is to raise 200,000.00 dollars. My philosophy is that a candidate for elected office should not have to spend much more than the office pays for the primary campaign. I have vowed not to borrow any money to see this primary to victory and Will not spend more to get my message out. If Texans like what they hear then they will decide.

Here is my campaign contribution letter.

We as Americans are at a crossroads and our future depends on you. As a nation we are in serious peril and Our Government is out of control!! The United States Constitution guarantees us the opportunity to succeed or fail on our own but does not guarantee us the outcome. I need your two most sacred trusts, your vote and your financial support to elect me as your next United States Senator, keeping Texas a leader of Freedom and true conservatism. 2,600.00__, 1,500.00 __, 1000.00 __, Other __ Thank you for your patriotism and financial support. Chris Mapp

U.S. Senate Candidate, March 4th 2014 GOP primary Donate at or P.O. Box 301 Port O’Connor Texas 77982 I ask you to donate online or furnish an envelope for your contribution to keep our cost down. Every cent counts! Every vote counts! God Bless Texas and God Bless America!!
I did not start soliciting contributions until January 2, 2014. I have funded majority of campaign from my own resources. Top contributors to date are Mrs. Miller. Mr. Thompson and my personal finances.
Yes, All of the members on the hospital board were sued while serving for the hospital district and the board was found to be in full compliance. Plaintiff lost the case. I have been through business bankruptcy over 18 years ago due to failed partnership. Now my wife is my only partner.
I kept my business and did not lose one employee during the 2008 and early 2009 economy. We did this through extreme personal sacrifice and leadership.
I admire Ted Cruz He stands up for his Convictions and is willing to take the consequences good or bad. His 21 hours on the Senate floor was a true inspiration and the mark of leader. I admire and respect President Reagan as a past leader. President Reagan was a leader's leader. I have said that if we had President Reagan today in office, John Cornyn would have a leader to follow that would hold him to higher standards and I would not be compelled to seek his office. Today we have no leadership in Washington and Mr. Cornyn is not a leader on issues, direction or party unity. When the chips are down, you do not leave your wing man and in this case, John Cornyn left Ted Cruz at a time when it could have made a big difference and sent a message of solidarity around America. A house divided cannot stand.
Our country has found the current means and methods of leadership to be detached from the real world that most of us live in. We have watched as the most educated with degrees in various facets of law run our country into the ground or standby in an ineffective capacity. We have a President that is a Harvard law professor with a degree in Constitutional law using our own constitution against us by perverting or ignoring it all together. The current incumbent U.S. Senator was a Texas Supreme Court Justice that talks about being conservative and has allowed or at least stood by and watched the destruction of America by the current administration and when Ted Cruz Stood up on the Senate floor to tell Texas and all Americans watching that leadership was about to pass the worst legislation our country has ever seen, he was scolded by John Cornyn. The National debt, Immigration and entitlements are huge concerns to our country's future and because I work every day at my business, I understand and see the things that concern Texans from the same eye level as they do.
My only opponent is Mr. Cornyn and he has not supported Ted Cruz, He has told Texas the ACA is here and we should accept it. John Cornyn has been MIA in the real issues. I am here to support Ted Cruz and will fight to stop any further socialization and degradation of our country and our state. I believe my leadership will enhance the values of a red state. We are at a crossroads and Texas has to decide if we want to keep going the way we are watching our state and country decline under the lack of leadership of John Cornyn. He has been there since 2002; Do you like where we are today? We have lost two major elections and cannot risk 2014 and 2016 to the status quo.
Term limits for all Elected and appointed Federal office holders. This will open thees post on a more consistent basis. The Supreme Court has proven they are not above politics and so the appointments of these justices must be limited to preserve the ideology it was intended to protect. Non-Elected appointees should be reviewed on a three year basis with a Senate majority allowing renewal or non-renewal of the appointee position.
The first 15% of all income should be taxed. The current tax code is too cumbersome and does not favor the average tax payer. I am not sold yet on the fair/consumption tax but do favor the states collecting tax dollars. Some would say abolish the IRS however there has to be a compliance division of some sort but it could be much smaller and more focused. I believe America is ready for tax reform and the only way to build a coalition of support is for tax payers to demand this change through their representation. Prior to any talk of tax reform, we should be talking about having a BUDGET and living within our means. The budget would be my first priority.
Medicare, Medicaid and Chip are approximately 21% of the Federal budget, based on 2012 data. To solidify these for future generations we first have to decide if we want to keep them in their present format. We have to stop the fraud and waste. The millions of illegal immigrants who have coverage should be reviewed and removed from the system. These are benefits for American citizens? Health care is not an American right, Health care is an American Virtue. The only two groups to my knowledge who have a right to healthcare are the those who served in the Military and those who paid in their entire working life to receive their earned benefit. Medicaid is an entitlement. Access to healthcare is available through county hospitals here in Texas and they do a great job, The also lose millions of dollars providing this service. Even with the most efficient system. The truth is with the cost of Medical services today and life expectancy increasing, the only sustainable method to keep the system solvent is to pay more.
Repeal of the ACA and allow insurance companies to compete across state lines. Cut payments to foreign countries completely. Cut food stamp program to minimal level Cut unemployment benefits to six weeks. Cut as many direct payouts in the form of subsidies as possible. Health care and access are state issues. Cut disability payments. Have a budget and follow it by date and design or implement across the board cuts. Let Federal workers and elected officials pay for their own health care. Reduce the size of federal work force. Cut payments to the U.N. Hell let's just lose the U.N. Stop adding pork to any bill that comes through the houses, each bill must stand on its own merit.
Afghanistan is problematic due to the inhabitants have to want sovereignty. If they are not willing to die for their country, should we should be willing to lose life for them. Have we learned nothing over the last 20 years? We should not see ourselves as the world police.

Iran is the biggest issue facing us today and in the near future. Pakistan can no longer play both sides of the fence, I would demand Shakil Afridi release and then ask to prosecute those in our country who turned their back on this man. I would back Iran's younger generation to remove their current leadership and not turn our back when they do destabilize the country.. Iran with a Nuclear device would waste no time in killing what they believe are infidels. The Muslim brotherhood is largest group threat facing us in the future. Radical Islam is the largest culture threat facing America today and in the future. China is the largest foreign currency threat in the future. China is the largest military threat facing us in the future. China is the largest trade threat facing America in the future. Let's stop borrowing their money.

Our current government and the practice of printing money to purchase debt that was incurred with the previous round of printed money is our largest internal threat and when and if the dollar loses the status of stability as the world’s dominant form of security, we will all be in trouble.
Tax credits only for those searching and testing new sources.
Illegal Immigration is a very comprehensive issue. I am not an American Indian and my relatives all came from somewhere else. We are country of Immigrants and as such new immigrants must follow the rules to come here and to become American citizens. The process must become less bureaucratic and more efficient. Illegal Immigration is a sensitive issue because although illegal these are human beings as well. We have to seal the border and I mean seal the border. We have the technology and manpower to do so and though it might sound inhumane we have rules and since 09/11 we have to know who you are. We have to have a system that measures your visit, I did say visit. We have to approach those who were born or came very young and those who have been educated here as one issue. The influx or flow across our border is another issue. The one fact I am sure of is this, Amnesty is not the answer. We also have to stop the practice of; if you are born here that you have automatic citizenship. Allowing Medicaid, food stamps and other entitlements should not be curtailed. Employers have to be held to a higher standard. Our borders exist for a reason and we have to be willing to say "no" President Reagan granted amnesty in the 80's and he was my political hero. Amnesty is not the answer. Making good citizens that contribute to the fabric of America is the answer. We need guest workers; there would be less roofs, landscaping, concrete, fruits/vegetables and houses built without them. If you believe that the level of unemployment in this country would go away if you sent every illegal back and the Americans would jump at those jobs, you would be terribly mistaken. I do not have a one size fits all solution but know we are a nation of laws and we have to come up with a solution together that we can all live with.
Yes, the law should be repealed. The Affordable Health Care Act HR 3962, Why this law should have never been passed, the negative effects and why we must remove or repeal. The first and most significant red flag is when Nancy Pelosi stood up and said we have to pass it before we can read what is in it. Every lawmaker in both houses should have called for her resignation, immediately. This was the blatant first sign or indication America’s law makers were not interested in protecting your way of life. This law has many negative effects. This law is about Wealth redistribution This law goes against groups of faith and their spiritual beliefs. This law requires taxpayer subsidy to pay for additional subsidies for those who say they cannot afford insurance. (This indicates the social and mental health of our country’s leadership). The additional regulations and enforcement by the IRS will create a larger more cumbersome bureaucracy. By the addition or expansion of Medicaid by 133%, dilutes the funds of Medicare which working citizens have paid into their entire careers and gives to those who have not earned it. This law attempts to promote and protect negative behavior in our society. This law attempts to take over the most significant part of our life through politics. This law paints a picture of inequality in America that is not accurate. This law is a direct attempt to force social justice on this country. This law has been promoted with a communistic style of propaganda that lies to those who have signed up and those who do not want to sign up. This law is about rationing health care. This Country cannot afford this law. This law is unsustainable and will collapse.

The contracts paid to initiate and facilitate implementation are at best veiled money laundering schemes to funnel money back into the agenda driven administration’s crooked business partners. (The no bid contracts for development are obvious). This law is the liberal left elitist mentality telling you that you are too stupid to care for yourself and you don’t know when to die.

Now that the ACA is here and is law, what should be done to correct this course and what my plan would be? My plan for course correction – REPEAL w/no federal government implemented or managed plan. Open competition across state lines to compete for business. I see these arguments as state rights and state choices but not federal mandates. The States, if willing to participate should be the sole access point for indigent, low income and preexisting conditions or at least possible underwriting for access if not possible through the private sector and if the voters agree. The first thing we have to agree on is that health care is not an American right but is an American virtue and profit is a must for any entity to survive and flourish. Advancement in medical technology will never come through a broke system. All Americans today already have access to health care. The access may not be to the level wanted or what they feel they should be entitled to. The five civilian portals for access today are: Insurance purchased by consumer, provided by employer, provided through retirement via earned benefit of Medicare, the safety net of Medicaid and the local county hospital that accepts everyone. My bottom line is this. Access to healthcare already exist and should not be mandated by the Federal Government. This is a State issue.
The No Child Left Behind Act was well intentioned but has never succeeded. The Acts purpose: To close the achievement gap with accountability, flexibility, and choice, so that no child is left behind. Sounds good, right? The Federal Government really has no business in the education business with one possible exception. Any student should not be penalized if moving between states and there has to be a universal accepted standard for college admissions and transfers. Each state and district should be responsible for the education of the students with focus on teaching the subject matter and not teaching to take the test. If a child cannot pass then fail them until they can pass. What are the underlying reasons for failure? The #1 reason I believe is fractured families also Children are not cattle and should not be herded as such. Education is a state issue. The main reason I say this is because the federal bureaucratic mindset holds down the true potential of what education is supposed to be. We forget our schools are not merely places to drop of kids for a day but are there for the purpose of reading, writing and arithmetic. Schools are not places to attempt social justice. Corporal punishment is a must in the education process just as physical education, shop classes and the pledge of allegiance every day. A quiet prayer would not hurt as well. The first public school book was the bible. I am not suggesting that religion should be the main topic but I will say that a society without moral development will have guaranteed future decay. The reason a compass points north is because it has a magnetic basis for direction. We also need to have a direction or a moral compass if you will. Life has enough curve balls and knowing your true course is invaluable. The biggest concern I have in the education system that we have today is the infestation of liberal ideologies that go against the true teacher spirit of wanting to see a child succeed in life. We have allowed an ingrained mentality of tenure to be more important than the actual performance and the results achieved. A good foundation from pre k to eighth grade will solidify or break a student’s future. With this being said in addition to removing the “NO Child Left Behind Act" we should stop encouraging the notion that all kids have to go to college. College is not for everyone!! To bury a young person with this debt is absurd and arrogant. There are great trade schools in this country and these would bring the needed skills into the work place. Jr. High and high schools are where the trades should start and college should be the option. Every student in America should not leave high school without a trade and a second language.

Good Basics in education are the cornerstone of America's future. Higher education is a choice.
I believe we are to be good stewards of our environment and should have acceptable levels of emissions that are based on science and mixed with common sense. I would like to open the entire discussion of energy. We have proven technologies that work. Some are more efficient than others but that does not mean we take the less efficient off the table all together. Let's embrace what works and then study through the means of the private sector, what might work better. Coal, Oil, and Natural gas are great energy resources. Natural gas should be explored further as the alternative low cost energy if it can be produced and implemented in a cost efficient manner. Wind, Solar and electric have a long way to go due to cost and inefficiency. Ethanol is a disaster and not efficient to produce and has very negative effects on fuel systems. We have to start with the premise that the liberals would love to use carbons as another form of wealth redistribution; not in just a sense of within the U.S., they want to enlarge this on a global scale. Global warming is their trumped up and phony basis for wanting to use carbon foot prints as a means to implement trading carbon emissions like trading stocks. We are over regulated but moderate guidelines with the ability to measure would be my solution. I can think of one regulatory agency that needs to be revamped or removed.

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The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
City/Town Houston
Age 37
Campaign Phone Number (713) 830-9052
Fax Number 713-541-0475
Email Address
Youtube Channel
I was born and raised in Texas. I have lived here for 37 years.
LaRouche Policy Institute-Policy Consultant
B.A. Political Science and Speech Communication - Texas State University at San Marcos, 2001.
I have been engaged in a daily mass organizing effort of my fellow Texans and fellow Americans since 2002, to restore the rule of Constitutional law in promoting the life, liberty, and freedom to pursue a happy life, by crushing the post-9/11 dictatorship and its centralization of executive power, bailouts of Wall Street, and attacks on the middle class and the poor. In doing this, I go out to public areas all over Houston and Texas, and organize my fellow Americans, equipped with a table, literature, and real solutions. I am doing this not to merely point out the egregious abuses of both parties in their capitulation to Wall Street's genocidal austerity and looting, but to fight for the cause of human freedom and progress, to do what works to do the most good, on its own terms. A major aspect of this is the revival of Classical culture, which puts the immortal human mind at the front of our economy. I regularly sing as a mezzo with my own chorus, in the bel canto tradition, at the scientific tuning of C=256. We host free concerts and street corner performances regularly. I regularly attend performances in Houston at the various orchestras, opera companies, and musical societies, and help bring new people to the Shakespeare at Winedale festival each year. I have done extensive outreach to scientific and educational institutions, and the population, to teach people why NASA is so important, how the technologies that "spin off" from its missions help improve everyday life.
2009-present: Organizing state legislatures across the nation, and in D.C. to restore the Glass-Steagall Act, crushing Wall Street's ability to speculate with and be bailed out with the commercial deposits of the American people. Our efforts on this has caused 25 states to introduce resolutions in their state legislatures, identical legislation introduced into the Congress and Senate, and countless endorsements by city councils, unions, Tea Party, and other groups. It is currently ready to be reenacted, now.

2007-2009: Organizing to protect society from the collapse of the mortgage backed securities bubble, by pushing legislation from the grassroots up to Congress for a moratorium on all foreclosures while the legitimate debts are sorted out from the worthless MBS and other financial instruments. Over 100 cities and a dozen states introduced or passed our legislation, demanding this action from Congress, which did not take it up.

2006-2008: Built Congressional and popular support for H.R. 333, to impeach Dick Cheney for his abuses of executive power, and organizing the Iraq War on fraudulent intelligence. This effort was stopped by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

2004-2007: Pushing national legislation to re-tool the auto industry, rather than shut down the factories and bail out their financial portfolios. This gained widespread support among unions, as well as non-union machinists.

2004: Exposed the fraud of George W. Bush's scheme to privatize Social Security, showing its precedent in Chile under the dictatorship of Gen. Augusto Pinochet. This effort succeeded.
2010 and 2012 Democratic Primary Nominee, U.S. House of Representatives District 22
$21,166.75 as of January 5, 2014.
All my contributors are individual people. I have not received any funds from Super PACs, the Democratic Party, or any other sources.
I led a team of supporters of my campaign successfully to victory, winning two Democratic Party nominations for the U.S. House of Representatives, under the banner of "Save NASA and Impeach Obama," defying popular opinion and going against the so-called accepted party line. I did this twice, with no organizational or financial support from the Democratic Party, even while members of the party actively campaigned against me, made lying personal attacks, segregated me from events and discussion, and passed resolutions condemning my campaigns. I did this by adhering to President Kennedy's rule in his Profiles in Courage, "Always tell the truth, regardless of whether it is popular." I took my campaign directly to the people, I told the truth, and I fought to rekindle in them a spirit for what we did as a nation when more of our leaders lived by that standard.
Growing up I was always an admirer of Texas Congresswoman Barbara Jordan. She represented the Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy tradition in the Democratic Party, with its principled opposition to economic injustice, abusive power, and she was committed to helping people lift themselves into a better standard of life. She was not afraid to take on the enemy and to tell the truth. She put her life on the line going after the corruption of the Nixon administration and joining with a team of other congressional leaders in exposing the Watergate scandals. She is a key figure in how I first became active politically.
I am running for the U.S. Senate to fill the void in leadership with a real program to create the future we need. We need political leaders who will boldly tell the truth, who will not compromise with Wall Street's willful destruction of our nation, but will crush this parasitical remnant of our former status as a colony of the British Empire. I am running for office to realize the optimistic future of scientific progress and industrial development that our greatest Presidents, such as George Washington, John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy spoke of. I will continue the fight in this tradition, waged by many great Texans before me, such as Barbara Jordan, Henry B. Gonzalez, Ralph Yarborough, Jim Wright, and Wright Patman, but which has been abandoned by the current Democratic Party leadership. That means Democrats must dump Obama and his fakery now, restore FDR's Glass-Steagall Banking Act, use the Constitution to make ample credit available for real industrial and scientific progress, specifically in water infrastructure, space exploration, the realization of fusion energy for electricity and industrial uses, creating a medical system that heals instead of kills, ending the permanent state of war that is perpetuating terrorism around the world, and reviving a Classical culture that recognizes the creative spark of reason inherent within every individual human being. We were born for that which is better, and I am called by my conscience to help make it happen.
You should vote for me because I'm the only candidate with a real policy, and I'm fighting tooth and nail to get it done. Unlike my opponents I am not controlled by the big money influences Wall Street has over what superficial issue a Democrat or Republican is allowed to campaign on. Unlike my opponents, I recognize that social issues do nothing on their own to restore the rule of law and the Constitution, to create meaningful jobs that increase the standard of living in real ways. I have been on the record for four years fighting for the full funding of all of NASA: human space exploration, the defense of Earth from asteroids and extreme space weather, new unmanned rovers and satellites, new telescopes, and industrialization of nearby space and the Moon; this would create at least five million jobs, and restore Houston as a leader in science and engineering. I have fought to bring fresh water and nuclear desalination systems to our farmers, by building Robert Kennedy's project, the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA), to rejuvenate the Rio Grande and Pecos River valley, more than doubling our fresh water and stopping the depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer; this would create over seven million jobs, and save our farming and ranching industry. I have fought against Obama's gross violations of the Constitution, continuing the dictatorship that Bush and Cheney started: extrajudicial drone killing and NDAA detainment, extending the Patriot Act's centralization of executive power, rationing of health care and tossing people off their insurance, massive global warrantless wiretapping, and engaging in aggressive regime change without consent of Congress in Libya. I have been on the record organizing to protect the savings and pensions of hard working Americans from Wall Street's bailouts and bail-ins, by fighting nationwide to get organizations, cities, and states to pass resolutions, forcing the Congress and Senate to introduce identical legislation to restore the Glass-Steagall separations of commercial and investment banking. I continue to fight every day to inspire the population by reintroducing them to Classical art and culture, the beauty of true human creativity, bel canto singing, drama, and to help people understand that we are not merely human cattle to be ruled over by our government or a "free market" like beasts, but we are made in the living image of our Creator, and we are born for creating that which is better.
The attack on the filibuster is a violation of the checks and balances of power, and represent a type of coup d'etat by the party of the majority, and must be condemned as such. In the past 14 years there have been a few nominees who were real patriots: honest, non-partisan, law abiding; they did exist, and they were nominated without much problem, and have generally done good work in the service of their nation. However, both Bush and Obama have attempted to ram through a large number of appointees who have carried out their objectives in perpetuating the concentration of unilateral power, use their authority to engage in intrigue and coverup their abuses, and further erode the confidence of the people that our form of government should even exist. This is a disgrace to our representative republic. The filibuster has been a useful roadblock in preventing such consolidation of power, and must be reinstated. The problem is not the filibuster, the problem is nominees who are allied against our U.S. Constitution.
While I prefer to deal with Wall Street speculators by implementing Glass Steagall, the other option is a very high tax on speculative investments. To encourage investments in physical production, and to encourage innovation, a JFK-style investment tax credit is necessary. And while it is not exactly a tax matter, the best way to increase revenue is to increase employment, not in dead-end, low wage and part-time work, but in production, through major investments, funded by government credit, in large infrastructure projects, like NASA, thermonuclear energy, transportation, and agriculture. Such taxes generated from a revived agro-industrial base can provide the means for paying for essential non-producer sectors of the economy, like education and health care. But fiscal taxes cannot pay to construct large infrastructure projects. These must be paid for by a separate capital budget, issued by Congress through the Treasury, rather than the fiat loans of the Federal Reserve, which isn't going into the real economy anyway. Taxes should encourage investment in the research and development of new technologies, materials, and scientific principles, and discourage usury, gambling, and waste.
Shifting to a single-payer, Medicare-for-all system would bring down medical costs, which have skyrocketed due to collusion between insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and for profit medical enterprises, such as HMOs. Further, if we had a policy for full employment, more people would be paying into Medicare, and it would be fully funded. Since 1971, our currency has been the ragdoll plaything of "white collar" crooks and liars. Under Federal Reserve Chair Volker, interest rates pushed industry out of our nation, collapsing our tax revenue and our productive standard of living. Under Alan Greenspan, the last remaining financial protections were destroyed, allowing a tidal wave of worthless money (over $700 trillion is admitted publicly, likely over $1.5 quadrillion) to replace a miniscule remnant of real money tied to production in agriculture, industry, social safety nets like Medicare, and public services like education, police and fire. Now, legislators who've largely been elected by the lords of money, are blaming the last things keeping people alive as the problem. This is the cause of our financial problems, not Medicare! Under these kinds of cutthroat conditions, of course people game the system to stay alive. The problem is the system of usury itself, not the people suffering from it.

Congress must reverse the past 45 years of de-industrialization. Wipe out the trillions of worthless debts, and protect the legitimate commercial assets. Issue new credit, in the form of Treasury bonds, to immediately employ tens of millions of people in real productive work. The effect of generating new domestic commerce, in electricity, water, food, transportation, machine design, space exploration, materials science, resource development, etc., will renew our tax base and ensure there are actual workers who pay in to our services to help those who cannot work still live a meaningful and dignified life. Do not pit the middle class against the poor and/or elderly in a fight to survive, lift the poor out of the dung heap by giving them access to meaningful work, and together we can care for the less fortunate in our nation.
As Greece knows all too well, no economy has ever cut its way to a recovery. The problem everyone is ignoring is the $700 trillion gorilla, which is the imperial fiat money system, which is dictating its own survival over all other programs, including those actually necessary for running a first class nation. Cancel this program now, and rebuild our industrial base, and we cease having a federal debt crisis.

Alexander Hamilton was very clear: the federal government's jurisdiction is over federal matters, matters which are nationwide in scope. Local and state matters are for local and state governments. Whether health care, education, finance, environmental quality, transportation, energy, defense, or many others, the principle role of our federal government is to ensure the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution is upheld nationwide. Every single agency is today reoriented so monetary profits of high finance come first, and the perfection of our union, justice, tranquility, defense, and the general welfare are thwarted. The EPA is a case in point: how dare they stop a necessary infrastructure projects to protect the reproductive habits of spiders and frogs?

So whether an agency should exist, be cut, or be expanded, is decided by this principle, in order to achieve what President Kennedy said, "The question is not big government or small government, but effective government."
Stop recruiting more terrorists with our drone wars. Bring in the regional powers, including Russia, to crush the international drug trade, which is the main source of income for Al-Qaeda. Release the 28 pages of the 9/11 Report which document the state sponsorship of Al-Qaeda, especially by Saudi Arabia. Close down the offshore money laundering centers. Restore the Glass-Steagall Act to prevent banks like HSBC from laundering terrorist and narcotics money. These actions will effectively destroy the foundation of Al-Qaeda.

Demonstrate the Christian principle of agapic love in our foreign policy, by collaborating with regional powers to include the Afghan people in an international physical development program, including food, education, sanitation, dam building, high speed transportation, and medicine. Doctors and engineers are less likely to become suicide bombers than fearful and starving children.
The trans-Atlantic economic system is hopelessly bankrupt, and the Eurasian zone from Ukraine east through Russia and China, to the Pacific Ocean, is building up a new network of industries and cooperation. While most politicians today see the ascendency of the Eurasian powers as a threat to the USA, I see it as an opportunity to return to our past methods of international cooperation on the common aims of mankind. Presidents like JFK, FDR, and Lincoln understood the natural strategic alliance that should exist between the USA, Russia, China, and India, as sovereign nations in solidarity against the colonialism of Europe.

Thus, a bigger foreign policy issue is freeing ourselves from the tangled remnants of the Anglo-Dutch financial oligarchy, and distinguishing that which is unique about the United States and Europe, from that which is rotten. We must insure that this corporatist structure is toppled from power like Ozymandias, and not allowed to return. We must redefine our relationship to Europe based on the Westphalian principle of the betterment of the other.
The government should commit to fully funding the research into controlled thermonuclear fusion, with the intent to bring it online by the end of the decade, both as an energy source, and for industrial uses. Private R&D labs that wish to participate in pushing the breakthrough in fusion energy should be given tax credits. Stop wasting tax credits on "green" energy, like biofuels, wind, and solar. They don't work, and they will never work.

Petroleum and natural gas are fine resources used in a wide range of materials. Life as we know it could not exist without them. But we cannot rely on them forever as a fuel source, because they do not provide the density of heat necessary for a 21st Century economy. The coal, oil, gas industry will continue to provide a central role in the production of plastics, resins, lubricants, coolants, steel, and other highly refined products, but we must shift our electrical generating capacity to higher densities of fuel, like uranium and deuterium.
Border security and immigration are not problems that caused themselves, but were caused by decades of bad economic policies. Most immigrants crossing our southern border are economic refugees, fleeing the effects of NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT. Global raw materials cartels have dumped cheap goods on their shores, undercutting their domestic production, and bankrupting their labor force. They fled to the USA to survive; they are economic refugees. The same thing has happened here, and our people are being forced to compete against each other over the last remaining bread crumbs, while these cartel arrangements reap enormous profits. That is why neither simply passing the Dream Act nor building a wall tomorrow will fix our problem.

The way to fix illegal immigration is to make it more profitable for people to live and work in their own nations than in ours. My solution to problems relating to immigration, employment, and national sovereignty are specific: cancel these free trade agreements; establish a mutually protective system of tariffs. Restart collaboration among mutually sovereign nations on the physical development and management of shared natural resources, like water, and the building of global trade corridors, and the exploration of space and defense of Earth from asteroids and space weather.
Yes, repeal the ACA, and repeal its Nazi T4 rationing board, the Independent Payment Advisory Board. But, also repeal the 1973 HMO legislation, and its enormous bureaucratic waste. We need a universal "Medicare for All" type program, premised on the 1945 Hill-Burton standards: training more doctors and nurses, building more hospitals, establishing minimum safety, care, and capacity standards, and most important of all: ending the dictatorship of money as the basis of whether or not a person is "qualified" to receive care. Human life comes first, from conception to old age, not money. Rep. John Conyer's H.R. 633 is a good example of what will work, and I will vote for that.

A nation without a scientifically advanced medical system will fail to keep its population healthy, working, and living full life expectancies. But maintaining the cost of such a system cannot come from the services it provides. Rather, an advanced medical delivery system is paid for through an industrially advancing economy as a whole. Anyone who has investigated the benefits to medicine from technologies "spun off" from NASA's manned space flight program realizes this.
Outcome based education does not work. It doesn't make our students smarter, and it doesn't make our schools better. The reason is because a student must discover why something is true through his or her own powers of reason and imagination, instead of temporarily memorizing information simply to repeat it later on a test. In short, we are teaching our students which facts to think, not how to think about whether something is true or false, and we have tied the funding of schools to how effective teachers are at getting students to memorize what to think. Schools are being closed, teachers and principals are being laid off, because students are failing to be hammered like a square peg in a round hole. The entire approach is absolute nonsense, and must be scrapped.

Education begins when the student is provoked by a paradox that intrigues the mind to pursue causes. By learning how to play with an idea -like the way Bach plays with a musical line, turning it inside and out, upside down, and testing it in various circumstances- the student becomes capable of whittling away explanations of something, and gains a deeper insight into why what is being studied is the way it is, physically. This is the basis for a real Classical education, which recognizes the inherent creative imagination of the mind of the student, and nurtures that to become more adept at reasoning through conflicting arguments to distinguish truth from fiction.
The attack on human industry by environmentalism is a genocidal agenda, explicitly intended to reduce the global population to around 1 billion people. The British monarchy's Queen Elizabeth, her husband Prince Phillip, and the late Prince Bernhard, as well as its so-called "science advisors" like Sir David Attenborough, Sir Hans Schellnhuber, and American co-thinkers such as Paul Erlich and James Holdren, are explicit in this genocide. Yet, there is no scientific proof that human industrial emissions are causing global climate change. There is scientific proof that the solar and galactic radiative environment our planet is immersed in, has been the principle driver of climate for the past 550 million years. Life emerged from the oceans and adapted to this environment, but has not made itself independent from it. 99% of all species that have ever lived have gone extinct, not because of man made global warming or cooling per se, but because they could not adapt the lifestyle of their species to such changes. Human beings are not merely animals, because we possess reason and science, so we can, and we should use whatever means we can develop to modify our climate to be better than it is on its own. We should subdue the earth, and replenish it. Why live at the mercy of hurricanes and drought? Why allow meteors to crash through our skies and buildings? At the same time, we should ensure that agricultural and industrial wastes are not dumped into our food and water supply, but are safely processed with care and diligence.
City/Town El Paso
Age 33
Campaign Phone Number (915) 351-0260
Email Address
Youtube Channel
Born and raised in Texas. (4th generation Texan)
I am a trial attorney, who works on the side of people every day. I am licensed to practice law in both Texas and New Mexico. I have tried numerous jury trials obtaining successful and landmark verdicts.
I am a proud graduate of Texas Tech School of Law, where I received jurisprudence recognition for my law school performance and was awarded an academic scholarship for my work on civil and human rights issues abroad. I received a bachelor's degree in psychology magna cum laude from the University of Massachusetts in Boston in 2005.
I was appointed to sit on the El Paso County Ethics Commission and the State Bar of Texas Rules of Evidence Committee.
I have been an active supporter of Democratic candidates throughout my life ranging from Presidents Clinton and Obama to statewide candidates like Bill White and Bill Moody. I have also worked with numerous non-profit organizations like the Child Crisis Center, Meals on Wheels, Upward Bound and several other human rights organizations.
I was appointed to the El Paso County Ethics Commission, which strives to maintain public trust and confidence in the workings of El Paso's county government. I also currently serve on the State Bar of Texas Rules of Evidence Committee, writing evidentiary recommendations on Rules to be used across the state of Texas and as the Vice President of the El Paso Women's Bar Association as well as other numerous committees, such as the Texas Tech Law Women's Caucus.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
I have been fortunate enough to live a life fighting for people. For example, in my career, I lead a team of great professionals on a daily basis fighting to restore dignity back to everyday families and workers who have been hurt and/or killed. We have had great success in the endeavor to always represent PEOPLE 100% of the time and have done so with landmark victories.
I admire anyone who has had the courage and desire to do what's right, rather than what's popular and who stands up for their values in making a difference for everyday people. A strong leader who always held true to these ideals was Ann Richards. She was a trailblazer, fighting for all human beings.
I am running because its time that Texans have a real leader representing us in the United States Senate. Someone with the heart, work ethic, values and passion to fight for all Texans, regardless of gender, socioeconomic standing, race, sexual orientation or background.
Our nation and state are heading in a terrible direction. Our Senior Senator John Cornyn checks over his shoulder to see what his junior colleague Ted Cruz is going to do and follows his lead. They are the epitome of everything that is wrong with Washington. I am a single mom who worked my way through college and law school. I am ready to represent all the families and communities across Texas that Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn are recklessly leaving behind. I have championed for those who could not fight for themselves: kids whose lives were destroyed by corporate negligence, people who suffered from discrimination, everyday Texans hurt at the workplace, and people who have lost family members. In the Senate I will continue to fight for those who need it most and for the people in the "forgotten Texas" that Cruz and Cornyn are leaving behind.
Republicans in Washington like Ted Cruz and John Cornyn are playing political games instead of representing their constituents and are holding up the process by using procedural tactics in unprecedented ways. That's why this race is so important. We have the chance to elect someone who will work to get things done in Washington instead of someone who will continue the obstruction we are all frustrated with.
We need to close loopholes in our tax code that benefit corporations and the wealthy at the expense of everyday Americans.
Cornyn and many in Washington want to put medicare in the hands of big business and have begun trying to privatize it or cut it in a piecemeal way. I would be adamantly opposed to any cuts to medicare and would advocate for expanding medicare while simultaneously working to make healthcare more affordable for all.We must also keep our commitment to our nations seniors by continuously working to strengthen Social Security.
We need to balance our budget by cutting wasteful spending but simultaneously takin care of people and investing in public schools and high tech research to create good paying jobs.Cruz and Cornyn shut down the federal government instead of addressing Washington's out of control spending . That behavior leads us nowhere and distracts us from focusing on the real issues. Taxpayers agree that Washington has a spending problem. We need to stop the out of control borrowing that leaves our kids with all the debt and balance our annual budget.I will work with allies in Congress - Democrats and Republicans - to eliminate wasteful spending and operational duplication. I will protect investments for Texas' future but will go line-by-line in the federal budget to identify more efficiencies.A balanced budget is possible - Bill Clinton not only balanced the budget but left a surplus. I will work to make Texas the leader in getting our budget back in check - but not at the expense of programs that regular Texans need.
We need to continue to transition control back to the Afghan government. We must continue to withdraw our troops now that our mission has been achieved. We cannot continue to justify the expenses that military presence in Afghanistan is costing us. It is time to bring our men and woman in uniform home.
Having been born and raised in the border community of El Paso I have seen first hand the important role that Mexico plays to our state. Our relationship with Mexico accounts for approximately one billion dollars in trade each day. We need to continue to strengthen our ties with our neighbors to the south instead of compromising this relationship by militarizing our border.
The government should encourage investment into alternative sources of energy by means of tax credits and other incentives to promote use and production of these energy sources. Renewable energy production will also bring needed jobs to our state and strengthen our economy.
Immigration in Texas is second nature but in Washington it's misunderstood. The same people who are responsible for the shut down are controlling the conversations on immigration. Extremist Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz have been Texas' voice on immigration issues in the Senate. They want to militarize the border and use scare tactics to make people believe that border towns are not safe. We must work towards achieving comprehensive immigration reform, which includes creating a path towards citizenship for those currently living in the country. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that this move would increase federal revenues by $48 billion dollars.
Ensuring that every Texan has access to quality affordable healthcare is vital. I would work to have a smooth implementation of the Affordable Care Act and put pressure on the Governor of Texas and the state legislature to expand Medicaid which would give an additional one million Texans immediate access to health insurance.
I am a public school parent and have seen firsthand how many children have been left behind by "no child left behind". I have heard from educators across the state that testing is not a sufficient measure of a student's knowledge and that their students are being over tested. We cannot continue to penalize our schools based on this inaccurate barometer of student achievement. We need to take a holistic approach to our evaluation, which takes in to account other measures of student performance such as graduation rates and the amount of progress that they have made. This is especially important in Texas, which serves a high number of students who are of limited English proficiency which require teachers to invest more resources to ensure their academic success. We should not punish these educators.
Yes, in order to sufficiently address climate change we need to regulate carbon emissions especially from large sources of these emissions such as power plants.
City/Town Friendswood, Texas
Age 57
Campaign Phone Number (832) 704-6900
30+ years
United States House of Representatives, 1995-1997, 2013-Present.
B.A., Accounting. University of Houston – Clear Lake
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
The answer will be outdated by time this runs. You may see the latest totals at
Unlike John Cornyn, who is backed up by a $2 million check from an illegal alien amnesty advocate that is funding the ads you see against me, I don't rely on rich amnesty advocates for funds.

I am funded by thousands of grassroots Texans giving what they can. You can too, at You may see the latest listing of donors at
Yes. 40 years ago I was pulled over and had too many points on my license. I had to spend a weekend there before the judge could see me and let me go. It was expunged from my record as a teenager and John Cornyn's use of it violates Michigan law. Cornyn may face a criminal proceeding over this.
Yes. I had to declare bankruptcy after taking care of my Alzheimer's-stricken father until he passed away.
In 2012 I won re-election to Congress in two stunning upset elections over heavily-favored candidates, despite the fact the D.C. establishment opposed me and newspapers worked overtime to attack me.

I had the lowest dollar-per-vote expense of any winning federal candidate in the nation despite having to defeat a powerful state Senator and a self-funding candidate in two different elections, both of whom were heavily favored to defeat me.
This is the part where John Cornyn will mention Reagan, which is odd considering Cornyn's long record of support for funding Obamacare, raising taxes and increasing spending.

Congressman Steve Stockman admires any elected official who votes to uphold the original, literal meaning of the Constitution. That includes repealing and defunding Obamacare, introducing bills to repeal gun control and upholding the right to life. Ted Cruz is doing a great job representing Texas.
John Cornyn voted to fund Obamacare. Would you have voted to fund Obamacare?

John Cornyn has repeatedly voted to fund Obamacare, give illegals amnesty, raise taxes, increase debt and increase spending. Cornyn is now introducing an anti-gun bill that would expand federal gun owner databases and could strip veterans of gun rights without due process of law if they sought post-combat counseling. Cornyn also tried to defeat Ted Cruz and Rand Paul in their campaigns for Senate.

Texas needs TWO conservatives in the U.S. Senate. Congressman Stockman has a 100% pro-life, pro-gun, pro-border security voting record.
John Cornyn voted to fund Obamacare. Would you have voted to fund Obamacare?

* John Cornyn tried to defeat Ted Cruz's election. * John Cornyn tried to defeat Rand Paul's election. * John Cornyn twice voted to fund Obamacare (2013 RCV 44 & 206) * John Cornyn is introducing "The Graham-Cornyn Mental Health and Criminal Justice Reform Act" with Lindsay Graham to expand the federal government's NICS database on gunowners. The bill is almost identical to plans demanded by anti-gun New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. * John COrnyn twice voted to support Obama's amnesty plan (2013 RCV 146 & 147) * John Cornyn introduced his own bill giving amnesty and legal documents to illegals (S1348, 2005) * John Cornyn voted to give "Z visa" amnesty to illegals (2007 RCV 180) * John Cornyn voted to kill the border fence (2006 RCV 200) * John Cornyn voted twice for the TARP bailouts (2008 RCV 96 & 213) * John Cornyn voted for one of Obama's most radical leftist judges, David G. Hamilton, despite his ban on prayers mentioning Jesus and support for expanding abortion (2009 RCV 349) * John Cornyn voted for Harry Reid's resolution to end Republican filibusters (2013 SRes 15) * John Cornyn voted for Harry Reid's "fast track" plan to let Obama automatically make federal appointments without Senate approval (2001 RCV 101)
John Cornyn outraged Republicans when he joined with Democrats to kill the Republican filibuster of Obama appointee David G. Hamilton to the US Court of Appeals (2009 RCV 349.) As an Indiana judge Hamilton banned state legislators from offering prayers that mention Jesus, but specifically allowed them to offer prayers to Allah. Hamilton also sought clemency for a man convicted of producing child pornography.

Groups like Americans United for Life opposed Cornyn's vote, citing Hamilton's plans to expand abortion and his activism as a fundraiser for the Obama voter fraud group ACORN. Cornyn voted to advance his nomination despite conservative opposition.

John Cornyn voted for Harry Reid's "fast track" plan to let Obama automatically make federal appointments without Senate approval (2001 RCV 101) Cornyn's vote allows Obama to do whatever he pleases with federal regulations, without Senate permission.

Congressman Steve Stockman is the only candidate who will vote 100% against any judge that does not uphold the Constitution, including the literal meaning of the Second Amendment and the right to life.
The federal income tax should be repealed.
Congressman Steve Stockman has a 100% record of voting against federal intrusion into medicine.

John Cornyn disagrees.

Cornyn twice voted for the biggest Medicare expansion in the program's history (2003 RCV 457 & 459,) which puts America on a path to bankruptcy.

Cornyn also twice voted to fund Obamacare (2013 RCV 44 & 206.)

Cornyn also publicly stripped his name from a letter written by Republican senators such as Mike Lee and Ted Cruz promising to oppose Obamacare funding.

Cornyn told Texas Monthly in their January 2014 issue Cruz was too "confrontational" with Obama Cornyn agreed that he hoped Cruz "had learned his lesson."

Cornyn also voted for the TARP bailouts (2008 RCVs 96 & 213) along with Obamacare funding, a troubling voting record considering the upcoming Obamacare bailout bill.
The first step to dealing with the debt is to get John Cornyn out of the Senate. Cornyn has been there every step of the way voting to increase federal debt.

As the Senate Conservative Fund notes, “Texas deserves two conservative fighters in the Senate, not just one. John Cornyn has voted to increase the debt, raise taxes, bail out Wall Street banks, and fund Obamacare. He’s part of the problem in Washington and voters deserve an alternative.”
The United States should take further steps to get out of Afghanistan. Congressman Stockman has also introduced legislation increasing federal oversight of military contractors to end the billions of dollars of waste that hurts national security and robs taxpayers.
The rise of China and the re-emergence of Russia, and their growing alliance, are the top issue the United States face. We cannot allow to have a US Senator who will treat them with kid gloves. As a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee I have been firmly but tactfully pressing American interests against Russian and Chinese opposition.
Stockman opposes funding for "green" programs like Solyndra and opposes government interference in Texas oil and gas industry. John Cornyn disagrees.

Cornyn has repeatedly voted to fully fund the Energy Department's "green" welfare programs for boondoggle like Solyndra.

Cornyn voted with Democrats to kill the Republican filibuster and allow a passing vote on Cap and Trade (2008 RCV 141)

Cornyn voted to for massive new burdens on the energy industry of the United States while rejecting measures to increase domestic supplies of oil and gas.(2007 RCV 430)

Cornyn voted to allow the Federal Trade Commission to interfere in Texas energy markets during emergencies (2005 RCV 334)
Congressman Steve Stockman was the original author of the bill to stop illegals from using "anchor babies" to stay in the US and has a 100% pro-border enforcement record.

Cornyn introduced his own amnesty bill, S.1348 "The Comprehensive Enforcement and Immigration Reform Act of 2005," which would have enacted a “deferred mandatory departure” program, giving illegal aliens all the legal documents they need to live, work and travel in the U.S. Cornyn’s bill would have given millions of illegal aliens five years of legal status for the applicants, their spouses and children, as well as a border crossing card, an employment authorization card and a Social Security Number.

Cornyn also voted to kill the border fence (2006 RCV 200,) allow Mexican truckers on Texas roads (2007 RCV 331,) give amnesty visas to illegal aliens (Vitter Amdt. No. 1157 to S1348) and voted twice with Democrats to advance Obama's amnesty plan (2013 RCVs 146 & 147.
John Cornyn voted to fund Obamacare. Would you have voted to fund Obamacare?

Obamacare should never have been passed, or funded. Congressman Steve Stockman voted against funding Obamacare and for its repeal.

John Cornyn voted twice to fully fund Obamacare, including a vote to kill Ted Cruz's filibuster (20113 RCVs 44 & 206.)

Cornyn also publicly stripped his name from a letter written by Republican senators such as Mike Lee and Ted Cruz promising to oppose Obamacare funding.

Cornyn told Texas Monthly in their January 2014 issue Cruz was too "confrontational" with Obama and agreed with them that he hoped Cruz "had learned his lesson."

Cornyn also voted for the TARP bailouts (2008 RCVs 96 & 213) along with Obamacare funding, a troubling voting record considering the upcoming Obamacare bailout bill.
There is no role for the federal government in education. Congressman Steve Stockman voted against reauthorizing NCLB and would like to see it repealed. John Cornyn has repeatedly voted to fully fund the federal Department of Education.
John Cornyn voted to send Obama's Cap and Trade plan to the Senate floor for passage (2008 RCV 141.) John Cornyn voted for Harry Reid's "fast track" plan to let Obama automatically make federal appointments without Senate approval (2001 RCV 101) Cornyn's vote allows Obama to do whatever he pleases with federal regulations, without Senate permission.

Congressman Stockman is the only candidate who voted 100% against expanded EPA powers.
Address 113 CR 2213
City/Town Cleveland
Age 48
Campaign Phone Number (515) 988-8226
46 Years
Owner: Diamond K Equipment Inc. and Liberty Testing LLC.
West Rusk High School (Degree), Kilgore Junior College, Southwest Texas State University - Texas State (Left in my junior year).
Trustee at Tarkington Independent School District, Vice President - Liberty County Toll Road Authority. Vice President of the Founding Father Society - Houston
Almost 2 decades of support and involvement in community youth sports. Past president and VP of Tarkington Community Baseball Association.
Entered the 2012 primary for State Representative, against a long-time incumbent. In 12 weeks, I garnered over 40% of the vote in the two counties for which I campaigned.
Between 25k and 30k as of 12/31/14.
How can I differentiate between individuals.
I have been in business for 17 years.
Thomas Jefferson, because of his vision of federalism and limited government.
I am compelled to run for United States Senate because it is the single most abused and misused position in the federal legislature. This position has been instrumental in the destruction of State sovereignty and States' rights. When it comes down to it; I just want to be free, my children to be free, and future generations of Texans to be free.
As I said, I am compelled to do this. I want for no power. I came to this decision almost a year ago after much personal deliberation. I just want to perform the duties of a United States Senator from Texas as designed. I want to protect the best long term interests of Texas.
It isn't the process; it is the people. Elect principled people that will have fidelity to the Constitution and the rest will take care of itself.
Any changes to the tax code are required to originate in the House of Representatives. I would advocate that House members be open to any suggestions to level and simplify the current tax system, and be serious about taking action.
It would be wise for everyone to take a serious look at how Medicare could be phased out federally, and moved back to the States. Sooner or later, the Federal Government must get out of healthcare all together, because as you say, the reckoning date is getting closer, and it appears the federal system is destined for failure.
Stop raising the debt ceiling, and devaluing the dollar, for starters. I would like to see the elimination of every unconstitutional program in the Federal Government. Moving away from Nationalism and back to Federalism is imperative to our success.
I would advise that we find the clearest pathway available to leave Afghanistan completely.
US debt and the devaluation of the US Dollar is a global issue, and is having a negative impact on economies around the world. At some point the Federal Government will be forced to take a proactive role in stopping the expansion of debt or possibly risk of losing reserve status. Our economy is running headlong into a correction and it is wiser to try and manage it, rather than just let it crash.
Neither. Congress should secure the borders before discussion immigration.
The ACA is unconstitutional and should be repealed. It should NOT be replaced. Beyond keeping commerce "regular" between the States, the Constitution gives no authority whatsoever to the Federal Government to involve itself in the delivery of healthcare inside the States. The States should manage healthcare in their respective States.
Repeal it and eliminate the Department of Education. The U.S. Constitution gives no authority whatsoever to the Federal Government to involve itself in education.
No, and the EPA should be eliminated. We Texans are quite capable of managing our own environmental concerns without a National Overlord, and although the Federal Government claims the authority to create environmental regulations, the U.S. Constitution does not provide it.
City/Town Houston, Texas
Age 47
Campaign Phone Number (832) 786-2862
Fax Number 713 784-5858
Email Address
36 years.
Attorney, my own law firm
George Washington Law School in D.C. J.D. 1990 University of Texas at Austin B.A. 1987 Mercedes High School in Mercedes, Texas 1983
I volunteer in Houston, Texas at events hosted by National Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO), the Mayor’s Office for Immigration Agency, as well as Neighborhood Centers, Inc. I was appointed by Gov. Rick Perry to the Family Practice Residency Advisory Committee in 2012. I am on the board of North American University, and Bonding Against Adversity. I am the founding member of Latinos Ready To Vote, a conservative organization geared at engaging Latinos in the civic engagement including voting.
In 2005, I began encouraging Legal Permanent Residents to apply for U.S. Citizenship. Since that time, many U.S. Citizens have become involved in voting and are now participating in the political process in Texas. I offer pro-bono services to the elderly who seek to become U.S. Citizens.
I have never held public office.
Individuals and business acquaintances.
In 2005, we noticed that Legal Permanent Residents were not actively applying for U.S. Citizenship eventhough they were eligible. A group of us decided to see if we could engage this group to apply for U.S. Citizenship that would eventually lead them to vote. Initially we started with only 5 participants showing up in the first month; however, the following year, there were over 500 participants who began to line up for the program before the doors opened. We knew we had a successful program.

This prompted me to found, Latinos Ready To Vote to help engage the community into the political process with conservative principles that could also assist them in voting and picking candidates.
President Reagan because he was able to work with work both parties and because he restored the credibly to the Presidency and revived The American Spirit in Americans of all levels of society despite the differences in political affiliations.
Americans are frustrated with gridlock In the Congress and tired of Politicians who hide behind political labels to avoid taking on the difficult issues important to Texans such as, the National Debt, entitlements, Immigration, or even free trade.

I want to make the difference in Washington. I want to represent the people in Texas who feel that Washington is out of touch with them.
Sen. Cornyn has been playing both side of argument for the last 11 years by arguing that he is for fixing issues such as immigration, entitlements--and the most recent The NSA provision within the FISA Bill. Yet he has never worked with other Republicans to build a Republican coalition that will solve these difficult issues. He introduces amendments for which he knows will not gain the support from other Senators to justify voting against it. Sen. Cornyn files bills for which he know has no intention of supporting and that will not be supported by other Republicans. He has voted eight times to raise the Debt Ceiling and continues to vote for borrowing money that Americans do not have to pay for entitlements. He has further failed to introduce or worked with other Republicans, to fix entitlements like Medicare and Social Security and Medicaid.

I want to work on fixing these issues, and work with other Republicans who have similar objectives. I want to introduce legislation to help America. I want to take the ideas of Texas' prosperity and apply it nationwide.
Senators need to focus more on what is good for the nation instead of Party ideology. I will work with Republican and conservative Democrat senators to build a coalition to expedite the process. One of the main problems in the confirmation process is the political partisan bickering. A coalition of senators from both parties is needed as they will look to the merits and qualifications of the nominee. Additionally, this will ensure that constitutional ideals are preserved in the process.
We need a lower corporate tax code to about 25% to rebuild our economy. A high corporate tax hinders the ability of country to rebuild our economy and discourages small business and corporations from expanding. We need to lower our federal corporate tax code from 39%, to encourage business creation and the creation of more jobs. I will work with Republican and Democrats from conservative states where a lower tax code can lure businesses.
Congress should solidify Medicare by raising the age qualifications to 68 from 65. Thus, Congress should set real goals for future enrollment especially for those Americans younger than 55. Many studies show that on average, most Americans pay only about 40 percent for services they use through Medicare. As a result, Medicare should be based on “means-tested” for high-income Americans who may not need public funding to pay for their insurance.
I would like to cut programs that grow the government and hinder small businesses. Examples are the IRS and their growing intrusion into small business; the Department of Labor and their agencies that penalize businesses rather than helping them comply with regulations, the EPA that prohibits job creation.
The US must stay engaged in Afghanistan until terrorist networks like Al ‘Qaeda are eradicated and extreme groups like the Taliban cannot seize power. In addition, the US, in coordination with the US and Afghan military, should stay until a functional civil government is in power.
Russia and China continue to enlarge their military presence to exerted more power in their respective region. Unlike the EU nations that are democratically elected, China and Russian are nations that still are controlled by an oligarchy government, which poses a greater threat to the West. Additionally, the expansion of terrorist groups into rogue African nations present a larger threat since these nations do have civil democratic governments and could easily escalate into states that are hostile to the U.S. and her allies. The US needs to stay engaged in these regions through free trade deals since free trade often leads to more open and more democratic countries. Additionally, the US must enhance its free trade agreement with Canada and Mexico so as to build a greater partnership with these two nations based on natural resources like natural gas and oil, as this will benefit Texas greatly.
Because the geography of our nation, the “one size fits all” model is unworkable. Each state should have the autonomy to look for alternative sources of energy, and the federal government should only use oversight to ensure that environmental laws are not violated. It is not the role of the federal government to create or promote, alternative sources of energy.
It will be reasonable to expect that the House could pass a series of separate bills to improve what was passed under S. 744. That is a reasonable goal. So a piecemeal approach in the House that revamps our broken immigration system --border security and Undocumented labor--is a good package. A piecemeal that only deals with revamping border security, but does not create a legal framework to provide a “legal” labor pool for businesses, or fixes the broken quota system, will only continue the black labor market we currently have and it will continue to penalize businesses. Additionally, it will invite another deluge of undocumented immigrants.
ACA should be repealed, but it should be replaced with legislation that does not penalizes individuals, families, or businesses who want to opt out. Since 16% of the GDP, which is growing, goes to healthcare, we need a system to control the increase of cost because most of the cost will go to cover the aging baby-boomers. But any reform should not have compulsory clauses for those who want to opt out, that is un-American.
NCLB is another example that one-size fits all approach do not work. The law also must be repealed. While education is essential to establish an educated labor force, we must allow states and the market to take part in this decision making process. NCLB has too much intrusion by the federal government to determine funding based on testing that produces false results that are not real and helpful to educating children.
No I do not favor these types of regulations. Much of the legislation that seeks to control carbon emissions, curtails innovative ideas for producing good solutions for our economy. This type of beaurocracy does not create jobs, nor does protect the environment in a way that is favorable for the U.S.