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The Senate's confirmation of presidential nominees for executive and judicial posts remains a persistent problem. What are your recommendations for improving the process?

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Medicare’s finances still face serious problems, and the reckoning date is getting closer. What should Congress do to solidify the system’s funding?

Beyond Medicare, what changes would you recommend as a way to deal with the federal debt? Please be specific about the programs you would like to cut, reform or eliminate.

What approach should the U.S. take toward Afghanistan going forward?

What foreign policy challenge do you see as the next big international issue? And how would you recommend the U.S. deal with it?

What role should the federal government play in promoting alternative sources of energy?

Should Congress take a piecemeal approach to overhauling immigration laws? Or should it deal with immigration reform as part of a comprehensive package?

Should the Affordable Care Act be repealed? If so, what would you put in its place? If not, how would you improve it?

Congress has tried but never succeeded in reforming the No Child Left Behind Act. What would you like Washington to do with this bipartisan law?

Do you favor regulations to control carbon emissions? If so, what form of regulations? If not, what approach would you favor?

City/Town Dallas, Texas
Age 62
Campaign Phone Number (469) 522-0123
Email Address
Since December 1974
finanncial trading / Investments
Doctor of Dental Surgery
President of Greater Texas LULAC council, Head of North texas Alliance of LULAC Councils, President of the “Alameel Foundation” which he created to provide community services in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, founder Alameel Family endowment funds with the Catholic Foundation, Founder Alameel Ursuline Scholarship fund at the Catholic foundation, Gives several scholarships to Christian schools, Founder of "Open Doors" Hispanic Scholarship program at Ursuline Academy.
Was Co-Chairman of the Millenium Celebration at which time he was also honored to receive the “Centennial Award” from President Bill Clinton in December of 1999, City of Dallas adjustment board and the Greater Dallas Area Asian American Chamber of Commerce, national Chairman of the American Lebanese League a non-profit community organization, President of the Board of DCET which is a Hispanic community outreach program focusing on education.
Candidate for the US Congress (District 33)
All funding will be disclosed in regular campaign finance reports as required by law.
All funding will be disclosed in regular campaign finance reports as required by law.
In the course of 25 years in business there have have been occasional business disputes that have been adjudicated.
Built a 50 Million dollar a year company from scratch--involving over 20 teams and over 20 locations in the Metroplex.
President Abraham Lincoln, He was a visionary with strong convictions who saw the future of humanity as it should be, tackled an existential crisis involving slavery and the Civil War; and acted to begin healing and uniting the country when it was over.
I am running for the Senate because I love this country and I want to preserve the American dream. I believe in economic opportunity regardless of race, gender, or economic status. I believe in a quality education for all of our children. I will defend Social Security and Medicare, because I believe people who have worked all their lives deserve the right to retire with dignity. I will fight to make big corporations pay their fair share of taxes. I want to rebuild our manufacturing sector, to create the kind of sustainable economy that pays good wages to working families. I want a national economy that puts money in the pockets of the Middle Class and favors main street businesses over big banks and Wall Street.
We have strong differences on the issues. I want to strengthen Social Security and Medicare. John Cornyn supports policies that would weaken them. I want to raise the minimum wage. John Cornyn opposes it. Mr. Cornyn has voted for unfair tax breaks for big corporations and special interests. I would repeal them. He has put Wall Street interests ahead of the interests of the American people. I stand with Main Street. He thinks prosperity depends on the interests of the elite. I think it depends on opportunity and fairness for the middle class. I want to put America first. He supports a corporate globalization agenda that helps China more than America. I want to end offshore tax loopholes and stop shipping our jobs overseas. He wants to continue business as usual.
Texas has more vacancies in the federal judiciary than any other state. Four of the vacancies have been deemed emergencies by the Judicial Conference of the United States and the Administrative Office of the United States Courts because of their backlogs. The biggest roadblocks to filling them are Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, whose Federal Judicial Evaluation Committee has yet to approve a single proposed nominee. In fact, Senate Republicans have refused to allow votes on dozens of highly qualified candidates for judge---a pattern of pure obstruction unprecedented in the history of the Senate...The Senate’s role is to advise and consent, not to obstruct and confuse. The government must be allowed to function, and as Senator I will work with presidents of either party so they can appoint qualified judges to the federal bench. In other words, the problem isn’t policy; it’s politics. Either Sen. Cornyn needs to change the way he does his job, or Texas needs to change who does his job.
My guiding principle on taxes is that corporations should have to pay their fare share. The federal tax code is a rigged system that favors corporations over middle-class taxpayers, in effect favoring Wall Street over Main Street. I support re-examining the tax code to close the loopholes that generations of K Street lobbyists have carved for their clients. This should include the repeal of offshore tax shelters and loopholes to force corporations to bring home the trillions of dollars they are hiding in offshore accounts. Frankly, we can only build a coalition for reform when we elect leaders willing to stand up and fight for a fair break for taxpayers. I intend to do that in the Senate.
First: Medicare and Social Security are promises made to seniors who have worked hard, followed the rules, and made our country what it is. I will never vote to cut Social Security or Medicare, and I will fight Wall Street efforts to take over and privatize them. Second: We have to rebuild a strong sustainable economy with real growth in GDP if we want to repair our national balance sheet. That would change the debate and end the false argument that we face some kind of reckoning. Cutting health care is not the road to prosperity. It’s a recipe for human disaster. It is false to assume that Medicare is a basic cause of our national budget problems. The war in Iraq, an unfair tax structure that favors Wall Street and big corporations, and tax loopholes you can drive a truck through---those are the real causes. A national economic policy that directed more income to the middle class and less to Wall Street would produce the kind of economic growth that would finance a health system second to none.

Finally, though, there’s no doubt we can reduce the cost of medical care for all Americans—in and out of Medicare-- through administrative and economic reforms. Unnecessary and costly tests, huge overcharges by hospitals, over priced and over prescribed drugs, and too little emphasis on preventive care----these are all problems we have to solve in order to bring costs down. We should allow Medicare officials to negotiate with drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs. That alone would save billions in the long run. Health care costs are not unique to Medicare. In fact the Medicare system is cost effective and efficient compared to much of the private health insurance industry.
The same argument applies here. We have to rebuild a strong sustainable economy that benefits our whole society instead of just a narrow segment. We must bring our manufacturing jobs back to our homeland; create vocational training for our labor force; and make Wall Street and big business pay their fair share. With real growth in GDP---spread broadly through our whole society---we can increase revenues, repair our balance sheet, and change the debate. Tax reform comes first. Closing corporate tax loopholes, regulating foreign tax shelters, requiring Wall St. and big corporations to pay their fair share, ending the subsidies to big banks and their over paid executives---all that will increase revenue tremendously. A more balanced, prudent foreign policy would also help us domestically. The war in Iraq was a mistake that has cost us trillions. It’s time to put America First. Europe and Japan should pay a bigger share of their defense costs. We should also pursue a pro-growth economic policy that encourages real production (paying real wages) instead of subsidizing the financial casino that Wall Street has become. Finally, there’s no doubt that cronyism and corruption have inflated the federal budget. In fact, it’s a scandal. There’s been an unholy alliance between some Washington politicians and special interests. We need agriculture and defense programs, for example, but there are too many bad deals and inflated costs caused by sweetheart relationships between private contractors and the politicians they support. We need to reform the way business is done in Washington.
I’m a veteran and strong supporter of the United States military, but after 12 years it is time for us to leave Afghanistan, bring the troops home, and use the billions we are spending there to help rebuild America and improve our economy here at home by investing in good jobs, good schools, and vital infrastructure. We can still maintain a relationship and give help to our allies in Afghanistan, but it is time to be prudent and admit there are limits to what we can do there. The current government of Afghanistan is corrupt and wasteful, and we need to follow a more realistic course. It is time to end the impossible burdens we have placed on America’s military families.
1. The rising power of the Muslim Brotherhood in many African and Middle East countries; and the spread of the Sunni-Shia conflict. 2.The Iranian nuclear issue, the potential US-Iranian deal, and how it affects Israel and other U.S. allies. 3.Chinese military expansion and economic growth. That may be the most important of all. Here is the absolutely vital point: We cannot be strong abroad without a strong society at home. Pay attention to the home front. Concentrate on growing the American economy, educating our children, and rebuilding our own infrastructure. We must never forget that we became the strongest nation in the world because we had the mightiest economy in the world. Economic strength is the fundamental basis of national security. We have to recognize two things. We can’t ignore the rest of the world, but neither can we run the whole world by ourselves. Interacting with the rest of the world presents us with many options: foreign aid, trade, economic development, military alliances, diplomacy, and America’s reputation in a dangerous world. We must seek a balance between security and freedom, stability and opportunity, and that requires both a strong military and an engaged diplomatic effort.
America is now producing more energy than we import, and by 2020, we may be the largest energy producer in the world. However, our energy independence is based largely on hydrocarbon/petro energy--- which has grown more and more expense to produce. Texas has profited from a dynamic oil and gas industry. At the same time Texas has also been a leader in wind and solar power. The challenge is to promote a safe and environmentally friendly renewable energy base for the future, while making more efficient use of oil and gas. The petrochemical economy will continue to play a role for a long time. The federal government must play a leading role in R&D to speed this transition. Other leading nations, China and Germany, for example, are ahead of us in this development. We spend hundreds of billions a year, year after year, on sources of energy that are harming our environment. Would it not be a smart investment to create alternate energy sources that ultimately will save us money and perhaps the planet itself? The federal government should invest in research and development. It can set standards of energy efficiency that encourage new, less costly, more efficient methods and equipment. It can use anti pollution standards to promote clean air and clean water. It can support prudent use of tax credits and other incentives to encourage private enterprise to invest in alternative energy sources that produce wide spread public benefits and move us into the technological future.
I support the Dream Act and comprehensive immigration reform that is both humane and respectful of our laws. We can’t let a problem become a tragedy, especially for hundreds of thousands of children born or raised in America who live in a twilight zone of uncertainty for themselves and their families. We need to create a faster track toward a program of lawful work permits. We must provide a responsible road map to citizenship for law abiding and hardworking people who have no criminal record and are only asking for a fair opportunity.
First, let me say this: It is immoral and unconscionable for Governor Rick Perry to deny working families one of the greatest benefits of the new law---the expansion of Medicaid that would bring decent health care to hundreds of thousands of Texas families, including many veterans. We need to end this kind of blind cruelty that sacrifices public health for politics. Medicare was once called “socialism.” No one says that now. Most new programs, even the best, have glitches and problems. We should fix the problems with the new Affordable Care Act, while retaining its best features----such as coverage for pre-existing conditions, no lifetime limits on care, and help for families to make insurance more affordable. Repealing the Affordable Care Act is not an achievable goal. Even assuming that a Republican President, a Republican Congress and a Republican Senate could get the votes to repeal the ACA in 2017, by then millions of Americans would be enjoying myriad benefits from the law, such as coverage for pre-existing conditions, no lifetime limits for care, Medicaid expansion, free preventive care for seniors under Medicare, and financial assistance to families to help pay for insurance. I will, however, work for improvements as Senator:

1) Signing up for policies on the federal insurance exchange must be easy, clear, and reliable. The private contractors who designed it did not do a first rate job. Right now, consumers are confused about the differences between what they can get on the exchange versus the option of simply re-upping policies with their insurance carriers. Making this a clearly understood choice is essential for it to work..

2) We need more insurance companies offering qualifying heath care policies in the exchange. More competition will make prices more competitive.

3) We will need to address the situation of families whose income is not low enough to be eligible for subsidies but who do not have adequate insurance coverage of their own or at their place of work. For some people caught in the middle, health coverage still costs more than it should.

Education is a national security issue in this age of a global economy. We must ensure quality education that is not based on how rich or how poor a neighborhood is. Countries faring well today are often those (like Finland or South Korea, for example) with national education systems that allow the best and brightest to achieve their full potential. I approve the bipartisan action of the Texas Legislature in recently reducing the number of mandatory tests for Texas students. Standardized tests, with impossible quotas and unrealistic goals, are not the ultimate solution to our education needs. Tests are helpful measurements, but they are not the final answer. I believe every child deserves the opportunity to receive a quality education. The public education system has been one of the glories of the American success story. I want to strengthen that system, not tear it apart. High expectations should be the norm, but we cannot expect great achievement unless we understand that poverty and family circumstances are the most important factors in a child’s performance in school. Improve economic opportunity and you will also improve educational opportunity. As Senator I would promote federal help for the following goals: 1) Expand access to Pre-K programs. Too many students from lower-socioeconomic status families show up for kindergarten and the first grade inadequately prepared, and they never catch up. This is why Pre-K is so vital. Education can lift people out of poverty, but they have to be able to reach the ladder in order to climb it. 2) Create enriching, engaging programs for children during the summer, which would mean less review and more advanced preparation for when they go back to school in the Fall. 3) Innovative assessments. No one will ever cure cancer by filling out a standardized check-the-bubble test. We must free states to experiment with methods of student assessment that provide accurate, realistic accountability instead of just “studying to the test.” We need to teach children critical thinking, not just rote answers to tests. 4) Finally, and most importantly, bringing economic opportunity to all working families is the best method of ensuring educational success. A healthy economy produces stronger families, and that produces children who are ready to learn. It all starts with fairness and opportunity.
As I noted previously, we are spending billions every year on energy sources that are growing more expensive and are harming our environment. We can’t achieve perfection instantly and we have to work within the system we have. But in the long run we have no choice but to transition to cleaner alternative energy sources. Global warming is not a fantasy. But regardless of what position we may take on that issue, it is in our interest to achieve healthier, more economical, less harmful energy use. Reducing emissions can take place through a combination of “cap and trade” policies and strengthened rules and incentives for industrial and power plants. I do not have the perfect formula for instant solutions, but I do not believe we can afford to ignore this issue. Doing nothing will not be a solution. We have already massively improved car mileage and emission standards, though in the beginning some said it couldn’t be done. We did do it; and we can do more in other areas of the economy.

City/Town Houston
Age 37
Campaign Phone Number (713) 830-9052
Fax Number 713-541-0475
Email Address
Youtube Channel
I was born and raised in Texas. I have lived here for 37 years.
LaRouche Policy Institute-Policy Consultant
B.A. Political Science and Speech Communication - Texas State University at San Marcos, 2001.
I have been engaged in a daily mass organizing effort of my fellow Texans and fellow Americans since 2002, to restore the rule of Constitutional law in promoting the life, liberty, and freedom to pursue a happy life, by crushing the post-9/11 dictatorship and its centralization of executive power, bailouts of Wall Street, and attacks on the middle class and the poor. In doing this, I go out to public areas all over Houston and Texas, and organize my fellow Americans, equipped with a table, literature, and real solutions. I am doing this not to merely point out the egregious abuses of both parties in their capitulation to Wall Street's genocidal austerity and looting, but to fight for the cause of human freedom and progress, to do what works to do the most good, on its own terms. A major aspect of this is the revival of Classical culture, which puts the immortal human mind at the front of our economy. I regularly sing as a mezzo with my own chorus, in the bel canto tradition, at the scientific tuning of C=256. We host free concerts and street corner performances regularly. I regularly attend performances in Houston at the various orchestras, opera companies, and musical societies, and help bring new people to the Shakespeare at Winedale festival each year. I have done extensive outreach to scientific and educational institutions, and the population, to teach people why NASA is so important, how the technologies that "spin off" from its missions help improve everyday life.
2009-present: Organizing state legislatures across the nation, and in D.C. to restore the Glass-Steagall Act, crushing Wall Street's ability to speculate with and be bailed out with the commercial deposits of the American people. Our efforts on this has caused 25 states to introduce resolutions in their state legislatures, identical legislation introduced into the Congress and Senate, and countless endorsements by city councils, unions, Tea Party, and other groups. It is currently ready to be reenacted, now.

2007-2009: Organizing to protect society from the collapse of the mortgage backed securities bubble, by pushing legislation from the grassroots up to Congress for a moratorium on all foreclosures while the legitimate debts are sorted out from the worthless MBS and other financial instruments. Over 100 cities and a dozen states introduced or passed our legislation, demanding this action from Congress, which did not take it up.

2006-2008: Built Congressional and popular support for H.R. 333, to impeach Dick Cheney for his abuses of executive power, and organizing the Iraq War on fraudulent intelligence. This effort was stopped by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

2004-2007: Pushing national legislation to re-tool the auto industry, rather than shut down the factories and bail out their financial portfolios. This gained widespread support among unions, as well as non-union machinists.

2004: Exposed the fraud of George W. Bush's scheme to privatize Social Security, showing its precedent in Chile under the dictatorship of Gen. Augusto Pinochet. This effort succeeded.
2010 and 2012 Democratic Primary Nominee, U.S. House of Representatives District 22
$21,166.75 as of January 5, 2014.
All my contributors are individual people. I have not received any funds from Super PACs, the Democratic Party, or any other sources.
I led a team of supporters of my campaign successfully to victory, winning two Democratic Party nominations for the U.S. House of Representatives, under the banner of "Save NASA and Impeach Obama," defying popular opinion and going against the so-called accepted party line. I did this twice, with no organizational or financial support from the Democratic Party, even while members of the party actively campaigned against me, made lying personal attacks, segregated me from events and discussion, and passed resolutions condemning my campaigns. I did this by adhering to President Kennedy's rule in his Profiles in Courage, "Always tell the truth, regardless of whether it is popular." I took my campaign directly to the people, I told the truth, and I fought to rekindle in them a spirit for what we did as a nation when more of our leaders lived by that standard.
Growing up I was always an admirer of Texas Congresswoman Barbara Jordan. She represented the Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy tradition in the Democratic Party, with its principled opposition to economic injustice, abusive power, and she was committed to helping people lift themselves into a better standard of life. She was not afraid to take on the enemy and to tell the truth. She put her life on the line going after the corruption of the Nixon administration and joining with a team of other congressional leaders in exposing the Watergate scandals. She is a key figure in how I first became active politically.
I am running for the U.S. Senate to fill the void in leadership with a real program to create the future we need. We need political leaders who will boldly tell the truth, who will not compromise with Wall Street's willful destruction of our nation, but will crush this parasitical remnant of our former status as a colony of the British Empire. I am running for office to realize the optimistic future of scientific progress and industrial development that our greatest Presidents, such as George Washington, John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy spoke of. I will continue the fight in this tradition, waged by many great Texans before me, such as Barbara Jordan, Henry B. Gonzalez, Ralph Yarborough, Jim Wright, and Wright Patman, but which has been abandoned by the current Democratic Party leadership. That means Democrats must dump Obama and his fakery now, restore FDR's Glass-Steagall Banking Act, use the Constitution to make ample credit available for real industrial and scientific progress, specifically in water infrastructure, space exploration, the realization of fusion energy for electricity and industrial uses, creating a medical system that heals instead of kills, ending the permanent state of war that is perpetuating terrorism around the world, and reviving a Classical culture that recognizes the creative spark of reason inherent within every individual human being. We were born for that which is better, and I am called by my conscience to help make it happen.
You should vote for me because I'm the only candidate with a real policy, and I'm fighting tooth and nail to get it done. Unlike my opponents I am not controlled by the big money influences Wall Street has over what superficial issue a Democrat or Republican is allowed to campaign on. Unlike my opponents, I recognize that social issues do nothing on their own to restore the rule of law and the Constitution, to create meaningful jobs that increase the standard of living in real ways. I have been on the record for four years fighting for the full funding of all of NASA: human space exploration, the defense of Earth from asteroids and extreme space weather, new unmanned rovers and satellites, new telescopes, and industrialization of nearby space and the Moon; this would create at least five million jobs, and restore Houston as a leader in science and engineering. I have fought to bring fresh water and nuclear desalination systems to our farmers, by building Robert Kennedy's project, the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA), to rejuvenate the Rio Grande and Pecos River valley, more than doubling our fresh water and stopping the depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer; this would create over seven million jobs, and save our farming and ranching industry. I have fought against Obama's gross violations of the Constitution, continuing the dictatorship that Bush and Cheney started: extrajudicial drone killing and NDAA detainment, extending the Patriot Act's centralization of executive power, rationing of health care and tossing people off their insurance, massive global warrantless wiretapping, and engaging in aggressive regime change without consent of Congress in Libya. I have been on the record organizing to protect the savings and pensions of hard working Americans from Wall Street's bailouts and bail-ins, by fighting nationwide to get organizations, cities, and states to pass resolutions, forcing the Congress and Senate to introduce identical legislation to restore the Glass-Steagall separations of commercial and investment banking. I continue to fight every day to inspire the population by reintroducing them to Classical art and culture, the beauty of true human creativity, bel canto singing, drama, and to help people understand that we are not merely human cattle to be ruled over by our government or a "free market" like beasts, but we are made in the living image of our Creator, and we are born for creating that which is better.
The attack on the filibuster is a violation of the checks and balances of power, and represent a type of coup d'etat by the party of the majority, and must be condemned as such. In the past 14 years there have been a few nominees who were real patriots: honest, non-partisan, law abiding; they did exist, and they were nominated without much problem, and have generally done good work in the service of their nation. However, both Bush and Obama have attempted to ram through a large number of appointees who have carried out their objectives in perpetuating the concentration of unilateral power, use their authority to engage in intrigue and coverup their abuses, and further erode the confidence of the people that our form of government should even exist. This is a disgrace to our representative republic. The filibuster has been a useful roadblock in preventing such consolidation of power, and must be reinstated. The problem is not the filibuster, the problem is nominees who are allied against our U.S. Constitution.
While I prefer to deal with Wall Street speculators by implementing Glass Steagall, the other option is a very high tax on speculative investments. To encourage investments in physical production, and to encourage innovation, a JFK-style investment tax credit is necessary. And while it is not exactly a tax matter, the best way to increase revenue is to increase employment, not in dead-end, low wage and part-time work, but in production, through major investments, funded by government credit, in large infrastructure projects, like NASA, thermonuclear energy, transportation, and agriculture. Such taxes generated from a revived agro-industrial base can provide the means for paying for essential non-producer sectors of the economy, like education and health care. But fiscal taxes cannot pay to construct large infrastructure projects. These must be paid for by a separate capital budget, issued by Congress through the Treasury, rather than the fiat loans of the Federal Reserve, which isn't going into the real economy anyway. Taxes should encourage investment in the research and development of new technologies, materials, and scientific principles, and discourage usury, gambling, and waste.
Shifting to a single-payer, Medicare-for-all system would bring down medical costs, which have skyrocketed due to collusion between insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and for profit medical enterprises, such as HMOs. Further, if we had a policy for full employment, more people would be paying into Medicare, and it would be fully funded. Since 1971, our currency has been the ragdoll plaything of "white collar" crooks and liars. Under Federal Reserve Chair Volker, interest rates pushed industry out of our nation, collapsing our tax revenue and our productive standard of living. Under Alan Greenspan, the last remaining financial protections were destroyed, allowing a tidal wave of worthless money (over $700 trillion is admitted publicly, likely over $1.5 quadrillion) to replace a miniscule remnant of real money tied to production in agriculture, industry, social safety nets like Medicare, and public services like education, police and fire. Now, legislators who've largely been elected by the lords of money, are blaming the last things keeping people alive as the problem. This is the cause of our financial problems, not Medicare! Under these kinds of cutthroat conditions, of course people game the system to stay alive. The problem is the system of usury itself, not the people suffering from it.

Congress must reverse the past 45 years of de-industrialization. Wipe out the trillions of worthless debts, and protect the legitimate commercial assets. Issue new credit, in the form of Treasury bonds, to immediately employ tens of millions of people in real productive work. The effect of generating new domestic commerce, in electricity, water, food, transportation, machine design, space exploration, materials science, resource development, etc., will renew our tax base and ensure there are actual workers who pay in to our services to help those who cannot work still live a meaningful and dignified life. Do not pit the middle class against the poor and/or elderly in a fight to survive, lift the poor out of the dung heap by giving them access to meaningful work, and together we can care for the less fortunate in our nation.
As Greece knows all too well, no economy has ever cut its way to a recovery. The problem everyone is ignoring is the $700 trillion gorilla, which is the imperial fiat money system, which is dictating its own survival over all other programs, including those actually necessary for running a first class nation. Cancel this program now, and rebuild our industrial base, and we cease having a federal debt crisis.

Alexander Hamilton was very clear: the federal government's jurisdiction is over federal matters, matters which are nationwide in scope. Local and state matters are for local and state governments. Whether health care, education, finance, environmental quality, transportation, energy, defense, or many others, the principle role of our federal government is to ensure the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution is upheld nationwide. Every single agency is today reoriented so monetary profits of high finance come first, and the perfection of our union, justice, tranquility, defense, and the general welfare are thwarted. The EPA is a case in point: how dare they stop a necessary infrastructure projects to protect the reproductive habits of spiders and frogs?

So whether an agency should exist, be cut, or be expanded, is decided by this principle, in order to achieve what President Kennedy said, "The question is not big government or small government, but effective government."
Stop recruiting more terrorists with our drone wars. Bring in the regional powers, including Russia, to crush the international drug trade, which is the main source of income for Al-Qaeda. Release the 28 pages of the 9/11 Report which document the state sponsorship of Al-Qaeda, especially by Saudi Arabia. Close down the offshore money laundering centers. Restore the Glass-Steagall Act to prevent banks like HSBC from laundering terrorist and narcotics money. These actions will effectively destroy the foundation of Al-Qaeda.

Demonstrate the Christian principle of agapic love in our foreign policy, by collaborating with regional powers to include the Afghan people in an international physical development program, including food, education, sanitation, dam building, high speed transportation, and medicine. Doctors and engineers are less likely to become suicide bombers than fearful and starving children.
The trans-Atlantic economic system is hopelessly bankrupt, and the Eurasian zone from Ukraine east through Russia and China, to the Pacific Ocean, is building up a new network of industries and cooperation. While most politicians today see the ascendency of the Eurasian powers as a threat to the USA, I see it as an opportunity to return to our past methods of international cooperation on the common aims of mankind. Presidents like JFK, FDR, and Lincoln understood the natural strategic alliance that should exist between the USA, Russia, China, and India, as sovereign nations in solidarity against the colonialism of Europe.

Thus, a bigger foreign policy issue is freeing ourselves from the tangled remnants of the Anglo-Dutch financial oligarchy, and distinguishing that which is unique about the United States and Europe, from that which is rotten. We must insure that this corporatist structure is toppled from power like Ozymandias, and not allowed to return. We must redefine our relationship to Europe based on the Westphalian principle of the betterment of the other.
The government should commit to fully funding the research into controlled thermonuclear fusion, with the intent to bring it online by the end of the decade, both as an energy source, and for industrial uses. Private R&D labs that wish to participate in pushing the breakthrough in fusion energy should be given tax credits. Stop wasting tax credits on "green" energy, like biofuels, wind, and solar. They don't work, and they will never work.

Petroleum and natural gas are fine resources used in a wide range of materials. Life as we know it could not exist without them. But we cannot rely on them forever as a fuel source, because they do not provide the density of heat necessary for a 21st Century economy. The coal, oil, gas industry will continue to provide a central role in the production of plastics, resins, lubricants, coolants, steel, and other highly refined products, but we must shift our electrical generating capacity to higher densities of fuel, like uranium and deuterium.
Border security and immigration are not problems that caused themselves, but were caused by decades of bad economic policies. Most immigrants crossing our southern border are economic refugees, fleeing the effects of NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT. Global raw materials cartels have dumped cheap goods on their shores, undercutting their domestic production, and bankrupting their labor force. They fled to the USA to survive; they are economic refugees. The same thing has happened here, and our people are being forced to compete against each other over the last remaining bread crumbs, while these cartel arrangements reap enormous profits. That is why neither simply passing the Dream Act nor building a wall tomorrow will fix our problem.

The way to fix illegal immigration is to make it more profitable for people to live and work in their own nations than in ours. My solution to problems relating to immigration, employment, and national sovereignty are specific: cancel these free trade agreements; establish a mutually protective system of tariffs. Restart collaboration among mutually sovereign nations on the physical development and management of shared natural resources, like water, and the building of global trade corridors, and the exploration of space and defense of Earth from asteroids and space weather.
Yes, repeal the ACA, and repeal its Nazi T4 rationing board, the Independent Payment Advisory Board. But, also repeal the 1973 HMO legislation, and its enormous bureaucratic waste. We need a universal "Medicare for All" type program, premised on the 1945 Hill-Burton standards: training more doctors and nurses, building more hospitals, establishing minimum safety, care, and capacity standards, and most important of all: ending the dictatorship of money as the basis of whether or not a person is "qualified" to receive care. Human life comes first, from conception to old age, not money. Rep. John Conyer's H.R. 633 is a good example of what will work, and I will vote for that.

A nation without a scientifically advanced medical system will fail to keep its population healthy, working, and living full life expectancies. But maintaining the cost of such a system cannot come from the services it provides. Rather, an advanced medical delivery system is paid for through an industrially advancing economy as a whole. Anyone who has investigated the benefits to medicine from technologies "spun off" from NASA's manned space flight program realizes this.
Outcome based education does not work. It doesn't make our students smarter, and it doesn't make our schools better. The reason is because a student must discover why something is true through his or her own powers of reason and imagination, instead of temporarily memorizing information simply to repeat it later on a test. In short, we are teaching our students which facts to think, not how to think about whether something is true or false, and we have tied the funding of schools to how effective teachers are at getting students to memorize what to think. Schools are being closed, teachers and principals are being laid off, because students are failing to be hammered like a square peg in a round hole. The entire approach is absolute nonsense, and must be scrapped.

Education begins when the student is provoked by a paradox that intrigues the mind to pursue causes. By learning how to play with an idea -like the way Bach plays with a musical line, turning it inside and out, upside down, and testing it in various circumstances- the student becomes capable of whittling away explanations of something, and gains a deeper insight into why what is being studied is the way it is, physically. This is the basis for a real Classical education, which recognizes the inherent creative imagination of the mind of the student, and nurtures that to become more adept at reasoning through conflicting arguments to distinguish truth from fiction.
The attack on human industry by environmentalism is a genocidal agenda, explicitly intended to reduce the global population to around 1 billion people. The British monarchy's Queen Elizabeth, her husband Prince Phillip, and the late Prince Bernhard, as well as its so-called "science advisors" like Sir David Attenborough, Sir Hans Schellnhuber, and American co-thinkers such as Paul Erlich and James Holdren, are explicit in this genocide. Yet, there is no scientific proof that human industrial emissions are causing global climate change. There is scientific proof that the solar and galactic radiative environment our planet is immersed in, has been the principle driver of climate for the past 550 million years. Life emerged from the oceans and adapted to this environment, but has not made itself independent from it. 99% of all species that have ever lived have gone extinct, not because of man made global warming or cooling per se, but because they could not adapt the lifestyle of their species to such changes. Human beings are not merely animals, because we possess reason and science, so we can, and we should use whatever means we can develop to modify our climate to be better than it is on its own. We should subdue the earth, and replenish it. Why live at the mercy of hurricanes and drought? Why allow meteors to crash through our skies and buildings? At the same time, we should ensure that agricultural and industrial wastes are not dumped into our food and water supply, but are safely processed with care and diligence.