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What changes, if any, would you favor to the U.S. tax code? How would you build a coalition to enact those reforms?

Medicare’s finances still face serious problems, and the reckoning date is getting closer. What should Congress do to solidify the system’s funding?

Beyond Medicare, what changes would you recommend as a way to deal with the federal debt? Please be specific about the programs you would like to cut, reform or eliminate.

What approach should the U.S. take toward Afghanistan going forward?

What foreign policy challenge do you see as the next big international issue? And how would you recommend the U.S. deal with it?

Should Congress take a piecemeal or comprehensive approach to overhauling immigration laws? What is your solution to address the flood of unaccompanied Central American minors who came across the border this summer?

Should the Affordable Care Act be repealed? If so, what would you put in its place? If not, how would you improve it?

Congress has tried but never succeeded in reforming the No Child Left Behind Act. What would you like Washington to do with this bipartisan law?

What role should the federal government play in promoting alternative sources of energy?

Do you favor regulations to control carbon emissions? If so, what kind of regulations? If not, what approach would you favor?

What role should the federal government play in promoting alternative sources of energy?

City/Town Frisco, Texas
Age 60
Campaign Phone Number (972) 742-6113
Fax Number (972) 335 - 0467
forty-five years
Self employed Vice-President of Sanpadra Bookkeeping Services, Inc
Bachelor of Arts - History - Texas A & M University 1979
I do not accept any outside funding
All such leadership took place in corporate situations to accomplish corporate goals and is not a matter for public record.
Elizabeth Warren - She is a progressive representative of her constituents, with no apparent personal agenda. She was born to common circumstance and has achieved a United States Senate Seat through hard work and ability.
I am running for congress to provide a voice to those who do not have a voice in congress. I wish to provide a representative voice from my North Texas district which reflects the will of it's citizens and not its corporations.
I will represent their interests in all matters and not those of myself or any business interest.
Inadequate and overly partisan.
I would like to see the implementation of a flat tax rate based on income or a national sales tax in lieu of income tax depending on which makes better fiscal sense. This would eliminate all tax breaks or support for energy, agriculture or any other special interest group. As far as building a coalition, all a person can do is try to bring together, or join, a consortium of those of good will who wish to address and correct the problems in the system. Whether I'm leading or following is irrelevant. I have much to learn from those with much greater experience and knowledge.
It is imperative that we have a efficient and effective Medicare system. The system needs to be revamped to be more user friendly for the medical services community. I would see the administrative costs to oversee the system be streamlined and improved. As far as funding, trillions of dollars are available which currently support our bloated defense department and the National Security Agency.
I would like to see the United States withdraw from it's current position as the world's police force. I would work towards peace and negotiation as our first response in world crises situations in lieu of military solutions. I would close most bases located on foreign soil. I would reduce most activities of the National Security Agency and its use of outside contractors. I would eliminate all payments for, and to, foreign governments to prop up programs that we encourage. If we provide any funds to other peoples, it should be through specific agencies that carry out the work. I do not believe in paying for the military buildup of foreign countries.

I do not believe that it is the federal government's responsibility to be an employer. Our bureaucracy is bloated and inefficient. We waste an incredible amount of money complying with our own regulations over our federal agencies. Our agencies need technology upgrades and intense training. Many agencies are doing business as they did decades ago. The government needs to act as a guide and an assisting force, rather than as a dictatorial body.
The United States needs to quickly withdraw all military support from Afghanistan including any and all equipment which can be used militarily. Any future dealings with Afghanistan should be conducted as with any other country, through our Department of State or though our various alliances with the United Nations, NATO or any applicable agency. Any financial assistance other than humanitarian through private organizations should be discouraged.
The activities of the United States and her allies, have contributed to a huge social and political disruption in the Middle East, Southern Asia and much of the continent of Africa. We need to address each country individually from the outside as partners, not as activists. We can be available to help with loans, advice or trained personnel, but not with weapons, bribery or the threat of force. All offensive activity with armed drones needs to end immediately.
Congress should take a comprehensive approach to overhauling immigration laws.

There is no easy solution to the flood of unaccompanied minors arriving in the United States this summer. I think that mass deportations are not only inhuman, but against our national interest. I would see these children placed with families in the United States. I would see them trained and educated to become good, productive, loyal citizens. People are not destroying their families in these other countries because things are a little uncomfortable where they now live. Conditions often are life threatening and not conducive to any kind of fulfilling life. Breaking up their families, is probably the last and most extreme effort to insure that these children have any kind of a life worth living, and is probably the last resort. We have a tremendous amount of land and resources in this country. Many of the people who built this country, were fleeing economic or political hardships just as these Central Americans are facing today. We have the room, resources and moral responsibility to help them realize a happy and productive life. Why don't we? Is it better to spend our money on drones and bombs, or on human beings?
We need to have some form of universal heath care in the United States. We have the resources and the technology to take care of all or our sick and injured. What we do not have, is the collective will to redirect our resources to the betterment of our citizens, rather than our paranoia over our borders and protecting our oil interests throughout the world. A single payer system would be ideal. But, because of our existing insurance system, we have had to take both public and private companies into consideration , in designing the Affordable Care Act. The result is that we have designed a make-shift system which does not solve our problem in a satisfactory fashion. Too many needy citizens have been denied coverage through some of the loopholes which were included in this system. The concept is still very valid. Many of our citizens can afford health insurance for the first time in many years. We need to provide healthcare for everyone who requires it. It makes sense and it pays for itself. Finding a consensus on how we can bring it about, will take good will, and hard work from every party concerned. The ideal way, may be for Congress to empower a third party to design and implement such a plan. I don't think that a good, comprehensive, fair plan can be created from our current political system.
We need to decide, once and for all, if public education is to be a State or Federal undertaking. If it is to be state, then the Federal Government needs to dissolve the department of education and get out of the education business entirely. If the Federal Government is to run the public school system, then the states need to dissolve their education infrastructure. To have both is redundant, expensive, wasteful and provides for a system of failure. Perhaps we need a third party to look at all aspects of public, private and college level education. The government cannot force anyone to learn. The desire to learn has to come from within each uniquely individual person. As a government, we can help fund and structure the education system in our country, to provide equal education opportunities for all of our of our people. What we cannot do, is force someone to learn, or punish them if they do not acquire the knowledge that they need to live and contribute to their communities.
The federal government should promote and encourage all forms of benevolent research. Funds should be set aside to be used as grants to help fund encouraging research in matters of alternative sources of energy. I'm not so much for the funding of specific companies, but I am in favor of supporting the research. Oil, gas and nuclear energy have served us well over the past couple of centuries. But, we can no longer use these energy products as we have in the past without destroying man's ability to exist on the surface of this planet. Solar, wind, wave and chemical reaction sources have shown us the way to the power of our future. All we lack, is the time, will and resources to promote and refine these energy sources. We need to end the use of fossil fuels before we permanently alter our climate and atmosphere. Nuclear energy, is so volatile, that even minor accidents may have catastrophic consequences and the hazardous waste disposal creates its own long term nightmare.
I do. We need to immediately limit our carbon emissions to get back under the 350 parts per million which science has declared is acceptable. Of course, the world is one system and all countries must work together to achieve such a goal. But the United States must take a stand that says that "we will join the world community in acting now, to stem this growing threat to out planet". We cannot force compliance from any other peoples. We can control what occurs within our own borders and we should begin to do so immediately. We should participate actively in all world assemblies which come together to address this issue. We can educate, encourage and actively aid any country which wishes to address this world wide problem.
see above
Address P.O. Box 860096
City/Town Plano, Texas
Age 87
Campaign Phone Number (972) 424-9573
Fax Number 972-422-4797
Youtube Channel
Born and raised in Texas, and a Woodrow Wilson High School graduate, my family has called Plano home since 1965.
Member of Congress United States Air Force, Colonel, Retired
Southern Methodist University, BS 1951 George Washington University, MA International Affairs, 1974
Member of Congress Member of the House Ways and Means Committee; Social Security Subcommittee Chairman and Member of the Health Subcommittee Deputy Whip Joint Committee on Taxation Regent, Smithsonian Institution Member, U.S.-Russia Joint Commission on Prisoners of War and Missing in Action Paul Harris Fellow, Rotary Club Member, Namesake, Sam Johnson Korean War Veterans Chapter Co-Founder, Conservative Action Team – now called Republican Study Committee Co-Chairman, Air Force Caucus Member, Tenth Amendment Task Force (aimed at rekindling respect for the U.S. Constitution.) Founder/ Creator – Congressional Youth Advisory Council (CYAC) to inspire public service and civic engagement among Third District high school students Named National Journal’s Most Conservative Member of Congress (2011) Accepted the “Freedom of Flight” award at the Living Legends of Aviation Awards, dubbed the Oscars of aviation, from renowned air show pilot Bob Hoover in 2011. National Medal of Honor Society Patriot Award Winner (highest civilian accolade given) 2009 Most Admired Republican Member of Congress (National Journal, December 2009) as voted by my peers.
A fighter pilot with the United States Air Force for 28 years, I earned two Silver Stars, two Legions of Merit, the Distinguished Flying Cross, one Bronze Star with Valor, two Purple Hearts, four Air Medals, and three Outstanding Unit Awards. Flew 62 combat missions in Korea; completed one tour under General Westmoreland; and during the second tour of duty I flew F-4s over North Vietnam. Flew with the acclaimed precision flying team, The Thunderbirds. Former Instructor at the Air Force Fighter Weapons School, the equivalent of the navy’s Top Gun. Helped create three-dimensional flight with aviation legend John Boyd; the Air Force still studies this model. Shot down on 25th mission over Vietnam during my second tour of duty; spent nearly seven years as a Prisoner of War – more than half of that time in solitary confinement.
Texas State Representative 1984 – 1991
For my last FEC filing, I reported $545,673.56 cash on hand.
Any law-abiding American may contribute up to $2,600 each election cycle per the FEC.
First, this October will be a turning point for North Texas residents and any freedom and free-enterprise loving patriot when the Wright Amendment repeal becomes fully implemented. It brings me great joy to celebrate the complete repeal of the punitive Wright Amendment because I co-authored the bill with my friend U.S. Congressman Jeb Hensarling. This landmark law put an end to the onerous and outdated rule that restricted flights out of Dallas Love Field to a handful of states near Texas.

When we first introduced the change, folks from every corner of the country told us our bill would never see the light of day. Look what happens when patience and persistence pay off. I consider introducing the Wright Amendment repeal one of my signature legislative achievements and a point of great pride. I very much look forward to flying the friendly skies out of Dallas-Love Field whenever – and wherever - I can.

Second, as Collin County boasts one of the largest veteran populations in Texas, I would add securing the much-needed Tri-Country VA Clinic in Collin County. In 2010, I started approaching as many higher-ups as I could to request better and faster medical services for veterans in the area. (I know first-hand that battling traffic and driving to the Dallas VA clinic to wait and wait can be taxing. There had to be a better way. I told anyone who would listen about my plan.)

Little by little, I kept making inroads and people started hearing me out when I shared my idea. I feel deeply grateful to promote that earlier this year the VA announced that a VA Community-Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) for North Dallas will open in Plano in the next few years.

Securing much-needed medical care right here in our community for those who earned and deserve it brings me great pride.

(The long-awaited CBOC is expected to provide primary care, mental health, telemedicine, laboratory and x-ray services. The clinic will provide services to nearly 5,000 veterans across the area each year. Additionally, it will provide 25 full-time jobs, including but not limited to five physicians, five registered nurses, five licensed vocational nurses, as well as a phlebotomist, pharmacist and social workers. The workload will be closely monitored each year to identify the need for further expansion of specialty care services.)
I choose our freedom loving 40th President, Ronald Reagan. He was a bold, courageous, innovative, respected, and decisive leader – which was not only what our country needed but what the world needed. He worked in good faith with both Democrats and Republicans to get things done; that’s how he accomplished tax reform in 1986.

Hardworking taxpayers ranked as his number one priority. He promoted democracy abroad and finally tore down the Iron Curtain. I also appreciate how he valued life and shared his faith. His legacy of liberty will live on for generations to come.
I love America and I have devoted most of my life to improving and protecting this great country – through military and public service – in the U.S. Air Force, the Texas State House and in the U.S. House of Representatives.

I want to continue fighting like mad for the time-honored values of self-reliance, grit, resilience and the entrepreneurial spirit in future generations. We must inspire people – especially our young adults on the cusp of independence -- to embrace their true calling with personal liberty, self-respect, courage, humility and perseverance to get things done for this great country.

Fighting for freedom and free enterprise will continue to be my top priority. The biggest advances of the last century didn't happen because someone waited for a hand out. The breakthrough moments and transformational inventions happened because of countless hours of hard work, human curiosity, failed attempts and finally success.

People from all across the world aspire to live in America because we are a beacon of hope and they want everything that the State of Liberty represents – freedom. We must get back to that. The quality of life of our children and grandchildren depend on it.
If you like Obama and his failed policies of bigger government, more spending and more debt, then don’t vote for me.

If you believe in faith, family and freedom and creating a better America and brighter future for our children and our grandchildren, then vote for me.

I think you’re taxed enough already. Too many Third District constituents are footing the bills for programs they don’t support (ObamaCare) and people taking advantage of the system, such as those making fraudulent child tax credit and disability claims. That’s just wrong.

Too many Third District parents feel disappointed that their young adult children have moved back home because the opportunities and jobs just aren’t there. For the first time ever, parents feel like their children may not have a better quality of life as adults. That’s disheartening. The America I know and love fosters competition, and in effect, creates sound opportunities for the young adults – so they may start their own life – away from home when the time is right.

Too many Third District residents want, need and deserve the government to get out of the way so they can unleash the full potential of their business and grow and thrive and make life better for our community and country. These are the hard-working, faithful, job-creating patriots I want to continue to help – and I’m on a mission to do just that.
Now more than ever, the Republican Party must work together to promote positive change and propel our country forward.
Since the last major tax overhaul in 1986, the tax code has become overly complicated, excessively burdensome and anti-competitive. Today many families and businesses pay an expensive indirect tax by having to spend precious dollars and time just to figure out what they owe the IRS. That’s just wrong. What’s also wrong is we have a tax code that not only charges the highest corporate tax rate in the world, but also penalizes American businesses that seek to bring home their overseas profits with the goal of creating new American jobs. That defies common sense.

Our economy can’t afford a tax code from the last century. American families and businesses want, need and deserve a simpler, fairer and pro-growth tax code… a tax code that allows American businesses to compete on an even playing field in today’s global economy…a tax code that rewards labor through lower tax rates…and a tax code that doesn’t require Americans to hire tax accountants just to obey the law for fear of being audited. As a long-standing member of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee, I’ve been working closely with Chairman Dave Camp to achieve such reform.

To successfully fix our broken tax code we should look to the 1986 Reform Act as a model where a President and Congress, Democrats and Republicans came together. It’s been done before and I know it can be done again.
Medicare provides health care to millions of American seniors – yet nearly every doctor and Medicare patient in the nation would agree that the program must be reformed. With Baby Boomers joining Medicare every day, the longer we wait, the harder it will be to fix and keep it in the black. We must work together now to ensure our seniors - now and in the future - have access to the best 21st century care this country has to offer. The challenge is great, but inaction is something we cannot afford. Medicare is a promise made to seniors. We must work to preserve and protect it.
For starters – Repeal ObamaCare. The more we learn about that fatally flawed law, the worse it becomes.

Second, thanks to Republican efforts to cut spending, Washington has begun to get its fiscal house in order. While more work needs to be done, Washington needs to build on this progress, and balance the federal budget once and for all. One easy area where we can do so is by tackling the billions in waste, fraud and abuse. For instance my common-sense bill (H.R. 556) to stop the fraud and abuse of the $1,000 refundable child tax credit was recently included in H.R. 4935 and passed the House. (Presently illegal immigrants claim the credit and bilk the system; my bill stops that.) This simple fix would save taxpayers $24.5 billion.

I’ve also introduced legislation, H.R. 1502, to stop people from collecting both disability and unemployment benefits. Even though disability benefits are for those who CAN NOT work and unemployment benefits are for those who CAN work, under current law someone can receive BOTH benefits at the same time. What nonsense! My common-sense legislation ends this double dipping and preserves disability benefits for only those who truly cannot work.

Also as Chairman of the Social Security Subcommittee, I’ve focused a good part of my time on protecting the disability program for those who truly need it and ensuring Social Security Administration does more to detect and prevent fraud. It’s a shame how freeloaders try to game the system at the expense of hard-working taxpayers. That’s why I recently introduced the H.R. 5260 to combat fraud in the Social Security Disability Insurance (DI) program and better protect taxpayers and beneficiaries.
I support the draw-down timeline.
First and foremost - Obama’s border crisis. Obama’s border crisis. Obama’s border crisis. He created it and he’s refusing to solve it. Instead he comes to Texas to raise money and then bolts – and then takes pricey and posh vacations to play golf in Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii. It’s shameful.

The House passed a bill to secure our border, end Obama’s unlawful Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and reunite children with the families back in their home countries. Yet the Senate failed and bailed on a solution to the border crisis.

To quote Obama’s own Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, “the world is exploding all over.” I’m pretty sure this refers to how Obama has turned his back on Israel. It’s infuriating.
Americans have zero appetite for another multi-thousand page bill that reminds them of the monstrosity known as ObamaCare. That's why reforming our broken immigration system in a more targeted and focused manner will provide much-needed transparency to fix the problem once and for all. Sadly, this important and complex issue has been politicized by the President time and time again making it nearly impossible to provide a long-term solution.

Americans, particularly Texans, want our borders secured first. In recent months, we’ve seen the consequences of a porous border and lax immigration laws. Tens of thousands of children and families from Central America have illegally crossed into the U.S. It's a mess and a tragedy that I've witnessed first-hand after visiting Texas' southern border in the Rio Grande Valley sector. We must reunite the children with their families back in their home countries. We are a nation of laws. We can’t reward lawbreakers. We must send a message that if you come here illegally, you will be sent home. Preventing others from making the dangerous and life threatening trek from Central America to our southwest border is the right and humane thing to do.

Once we secure our border, enforce current immigration laws and responsibly repatriate the recent influx of migrants -- then we can talk. There is no chance that the House will pass the Senate amnesty bill as is – not on my watch anyway.

I’d also like to add that I highly recommend attending a Citizenship Ceremony, sometimes called a Naturalization Ceremony. (Contact the local USCIS office to learn more.) You will feel immense pride in the glorious melting pot that is America and utmost respect for those who waited their turn, played by the rules, and earned the right to raise their hand and say the oath for the land of the free and the home of the brave. It’s a profoundly meaningful experience and I’d say take your kids and grandkids to discuss how freedom is not free.
YES! Repeal that grotesque law that eliminates choice and puts the IRS (the agency that wrongly targeted Americans based on their beliefs) in control of health care decisions.

Americans want a common sense, patient-centered approach to health care reform that focuses on lowering health insurance premiums for families and small businesses, increasing access to affordable care regardless of pre-existing health conditions, and promoting healthier lifestyles – without increasing taxes or cutting Medicare. Americans want, need, and deserve real, patient centered reforms NOT this government-knows-best, one-size-fits-all health care law. My goal is to protect the American people from the harmful effects of ObamaCare by ultimately repealing and replacing the law with patient-focused reforms that expand access, ensure quality care, and help control costs.
The greatest gifts we can give to our children are loving families and a good education. Education is not a fundamental responsibility of the federal government. Constitutionally, the states and local school districts have that duty. But the federal government provides a small portion of the funding for programs and initiatives that help our local schools.

Area school districts rank among the best in Texas and the country. But many schools, and many children, around America are struggling. Vouchers, charter schools, merit-based promotion, accountability and competition between schools are some of the things I believe we need to help every American child have a chance to succeed.
America is blessed with vast resources, it’s time we tap into America’s resources that will create American jobs and American energy.

It is important that the U.S. maintain an “all of the above” energy policy with the ultimate goal of energy independence. Our energy policy should support increased energy production right here at home, on U.S. soil, from a variety of sources without creating new barriers.

An “all of the above” energy policy that encourages the development of all of the American resources we have available – coal, natural gas, nuclear, renewables, wind, solar and fossil fuels - will help ensure that energy costs remain affordable. As a strong supporter of the Keystone Pipeline, I believe we should not stifle the range and scope of our energy exploration or innovation.
As a member of the International Conservation Caucus and a clean energy advocate, I strongly believe we should be good stewards of this Earth and our resources. God tells us so in the Bible. However, I do not support adding new heavy-handed regulations to the books that would raise energy prices for American consumers or that would cause businesses to eliminate American jobs or move them overseas. I do, however, continue to support increased efficiency through cutting edge technologies that can help unleash America’s full energy potential.
America is blessed with vast resources, it’s time we tap into America’s resources that will create American jobs and American energy.

It is important that the U.S. maintain an “all of the above” energy policy with the ultimate goal of energy independence. Our energy policy should support increased energy production right here at home, on U.S. soil, from a variety of sources without creating new barriers.

An “all of the above” energy policy that encourages the development of all of the American resources we have available – coal, natural gas, nuclear, renewables, wind, solar and fossil fuels - will help ensure that energy costs remain affordable. As a strong supporter of the Keystone Pipeline, I believe we should not stifle the range and scope of our energy exploration or innovation.