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    Kevin Lundberg (R) state senator and media producer

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    Jared Polis (D) Congressman and Entrepreneur

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Colorado's unemployment rate has grown in recent months. What steps would you take (or do you believe should be taken) to get more Coloradans (and more Americans) working?

What sorts of tax increases, if any, would you support as part of a package to balance the budget?

What sorts of entitllement reforms, if any, would you support as a package to balance the budget?

What sorts of defense spending cuts, if any, would you support as part of a package to balance the budget?

What sorts of cuts to discretionary spending, if any, would you support as part of a package to balance the budget?

The 112th congress has been viewed as among the most partisan in US history. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Please explain your answer

Would you support a short-term an extension of the production tax credit -- worth 2.2 cents per kilowatt hour generated, which is estimated to cost $4.1 billion over 10 years -- for wind energy?

Would you vote for repeal of the ACA? If so, what would you do to reform the system instead?

Would you make changes to Affordable Care Act? If so, describe them.

Would you support an extension of the Bush tax cuts?

Do you support efforts to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act?

Do you support the DREAM Act?

Do you support efforts to repeal the Dodd-Frank Act?

Should congress reinstate the assault wepons ban?

Should congress pass a law that outlaws high-capacity magazines that allow many bullets to be fired in a short time?

Do you support the decision of Roe v. Wade?

If no, do you believe in an exception for rape/incest?

Would you support a law in which the federal government recognized state's rights in setting policy for regulating marijuana?

Do you support the legalization of marijuana?

Do you support an immigration reform policy that includes a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants?

Hometown Denver
Current City Berthoud
Age 63
Education BA - Rockmont College, 1974
Community Service Board of Trustees for Colorado Christian University, 18 years, helped start Christian Home Educators of Colorado in 1990. Colorado Commission on Family Medicine, 2000-2002. Colorado House, 2003-2009. Colorado Senate 2009-2012.
Our economy needs less federal debt, fewer regulations, and a stable tax structure that allows businesses to make long range decisions. We need policies that encourages stable, long-term, private sector jobs. Mandates and subsidies have to give way to consistent and predictable federal policies that enable the private sector to get back to the job of building America.
I do not support increasing taxes.
Social Security must be protected from outside raids and be structured in a way that it can continue to operate within in its own income sources. Medicaid should be block granted back to the states, with no additional growth in Federal revenues. I support Paul Ryan's second Medicare reform package.
Cuts in Defense are appropriate, but Defense cannot take the biggest hit. We must maintain our ability to defend our interests in this very dangerous world.
Across the board, with much deeper cuts to programs not enumerated as a power of Congress.
It would be better if the Senate could pass a budget, but as one party continues to nationalize industries, raise taxes, restrict energy production and further limit citizen's freedoms, it is better to stand up against these radical changes than give into to them.
Yes, I will vote to repeal Obamacare. We need free-market solutions, such as inter-state purchasing of medical insurance, tort reform, more flexibility with HSA accounts, medical cost sharing programs, more access to alternative modalities, etc..
I would not change it, Obamacare needs to be repealed.
Yes, including the $1000 child tax credit, the 10% income tax rate for the lowest tax rate, and keeping the estate tax rate as low as possible.
Hometown Boulder, CO
Current City Boulder, CO
Campaign Phone (303) 381-0121
Age 40
Education BA, Political Science, Princeton University
Community Service Founded New American Charter School Co-Founded Academy of Urban Learning
With American families and businesses still struggling to recover from the Great Recession, Congress must have a singular focus on job creation and expanding opportunity. A sustainable and successful economic recovery rests on supporting new and small businesses, reforming our bloated tax code, expanding markets for U.S. goods and services, providing every American with a high-quality education, and balancing the federal budget. These steps will get our economy growing and creating jobs again.
Rather than tinkering with the tax code we should wholly reform it, cut out loopholes, lower rates, and provide sufficient revenue to support key job-creating investments in education, job training, and renewable energy. Barring that, we should repeal he Bush tax cuts for those making over $250,000 a year. But I would much prefer comprehensive tax reform to get our economy moving again.
I was proudly one of only 39 Republicans and Democrats who voted for a budget based on the Simpson-Bowles’ commission, not because I agree with every aspect, but because it represented a reasonable compromise that reforms and protects Social Security and Medicare without burdening seniors who can’t afford to pay more or to see their benefits reduced. We should not privatize Social Security or turn Medicare into nothing more than a voucher that make seniors pay more.
Our nation spends more on defense than the next 15 counties combined, including China and Russia. U.S. defense spending also consumes more than half of the total annual budget, excluding Social Security and Medicare. I’ve repeatedly worked to cut Pentagon bloat responsibly, including passing a bipartisan amendment this year that would save millions of dollars by finally bringing out troops home from Europe. The Pentagon overall is an enormous source of government waste.
While the annual spending controlled by the appropriations process is not at the heart of America’s budget crisis, we must not waste a single dollar on any program that’s no longer needed or doesn’t work. I’ve voted repeatedly to make sensible but serious cuts to defense spending and to cut the federal bureaucracy.
Washington, D.C. is far too poisoned with partisanship. Politicians need to stop fighting over what divides them and start working on issues where we can find common ground. A prime example is the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, where I worked with the most conservative Republicans in Congress to protect free speech and job creation on the Internet. If the current House leadership had approached passing a real jobs bill that way we would have had a much more productive session.
Extending the wind energy tax credit is essential to leveling the playing field for a clean renewable alternative against the oil and gas industry’s $40 billion of annual government subsides. This tax credit is critical for jobs, economic growth, and the success of the wind industry—an industry that supports 5,000 jobs in Colorado and 75,000 jobs nationwide. We cannot afford to lose these good quality jobs that support Colorado families and communities.
The Affordable Care Act has needed changes, and I’ve voted for them when needed, but helping millions of Americans and small businesses afford private insurance, preventing insurance company discrimination against people with preexisting conditions, and ending arbitrary annual and lifetime caps on care was right when I voted for it and it’s right now. It also reduces the deficit by $210 billion over next 10 years and by more than $1 trillion over next 20 years.
Congress passed and President Obama already signed a law that would repealing a provision requiring businesses to send 1099 forms for all purchases of goods and services over $600 annually. It was an unfair burden on small business. I also think we should be doing even more to control health care costs.
My first preference would be comprehensive tax reform that simplifies the code and eliminates special interest loopholes so that we can lower rates and create jobs. Barring that, I would favor extending all of the Bush tax cuts except those that benefit the wealthiest Americans. President Clinton proved that we can balance the budget and grow millions of news jobs even while asking the wealthiest among to pay their fair share.
Yes. The idea that any American can be discriminated against based solely upon whom they love is out of step with America’s values and our Founding principles. No one is forcing any religious faith to perform a marriage of which they do not approve but no state should be able to deny the right of two Americans to fulfill their commitment through marriage.
Yes. Short of passing comprehensive immigration reform, I believe we should pass the DREAM Act so that high school graduates who attend college or serve in the military can normalize and be eligible for temporary legal immigration status. I’m pleased that President Obama has taken the step of offering relief from deportation to young people who were brought to this country as children. They deserve to live free of the fear of being deported to countries of which they have no memory.
No. We desperately needed to reign in the worst excesses of Wall Street in order to protect the investments of average Americans and to prevent another series of meltdowns that nearly destroyed our economy and led to the Great Recession. If there are areas of the law that financial institutions find too burdensome I am more than willing to listen but the overall framework of the Wall Street reform laws was necessary.
The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution grants all Americans the right to “keep and bear arms.” We need to balance the right to bear arms with public safety measures that do not infringe on this right, such as closing the “gun show loop-hole” nationally, as we have done in Colorado. For such a measure to gain my support I would need to be convinced it does not infringe on the rights guaranteed in the 2nd Amendment.
I would need to see more information and details of any proposed legislation. For such a measure to gain my support I would need to be convinced it does not infringe on the rights guaranteed in the 2nd Amendment.
I do not believe that it’s the proper role of government to be making health care decisions for woman or anybody else. Therefore I support Roe v. Wade, as it preserves an individual’s right to make their own health care decisions.
Candidate response is not yet available.
Yes. Today we still arrest more individuals for marijuana-related offenses each year than for all violent crimes put together. Of those arrested for marijuana, 89 percent are arrested for possession, not for selling, manufacturing, or trafficking. Enforcing these laws and incarcerating non-violent, casual users is a waste of money. I strongly support Colorado’s state-legal and well-regulated medical marijuana industry as it is a job creator and supports the local tax base.
I support allowing states and their voters to decide whether or not they wish to decriminalize marijuana use and to set up an effective system of regulation. Federal prohibition has been a three decade long failure.
Congress should be working on a bipartisan basis to fix our broken immigration system, secure our border, and require undocumented immigrants to register, pay a fine and get right with the law. So that someday they can earn a green card or apply for citizenship. I have been working to with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to accomplish this. I strongly support the President's decision to offer deferred action to young people who want to go to college or serve our military as a first step