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US House - Dist. 3

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    Gregory Gilman (Lib) Entrepreneur, Electrical Engineer, Farmer

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    Sal Pace (D) Colorado State Representative; teacher

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    Scott Tipton (R) Small Business Owner

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Colorado's unemployment rate has grown in recent months. What steps would you take (or do you believe should be taken) to get more Coloradans (and more Americans) working?

What sorts of tax increases, if any, would you support as part of a package to balance the budget?

What sorts of entitllement reforms, if any, would you support as a package to balance the budget?

What sorts of defense spending cuts, if any, would you support as part of a package to balance the budget?

What sorts of cuts to discretionary spending, if any, would you support as part of a package to balance the budget?

The 112th congress has been viewed as among the most partisan in US history. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Please explain your answer

Would you support a short-term an extension of the production tax credit -- worth 2.2 cents per kilowatt hour generated, which is estimated to cost $4.1 billion over 10 years -- for wind energy?

Would you vote for repeal of the ACA? If so, what would you do to reform the system instead?

Would you make changes to Affordable Care Act? If so, describe them.

Would you support an extension of the Bush tax cuts?

Do you support efforts to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act?

Do you support the DREAM Act?

Do you support efforts to repeal the Dodd-Frank Act?

Should congress reinstate the assault wepons ban?

Should congress pass a law that outlaws high-capacity magazines that allow many bullets to be fired in a short time?

Do you support the decision of Roe v. Wade?

If no, do you believe in an exception for rape/incest?

Would you support a law in which the federal government recognized state's rights in setting policy for regulating marijuana?

Do you support the legalization of marijuana?

Do you support an immigration reform policy that includes a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants?

Hometown Colorado Springs, Co
Current City Westcliffe, Co
Education Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Stanford University Fellow, AIM
Less government regulation, lower taxes and improved trade policies will bring more jobs to the American people.
I do not support tax increases. The best path to a balanced budget is through spending reductions.
Social security and Medicare need to be re-organized and re-structured to ensure long-term financial viability. Waste and fraud from all government programs must be eliminated.
Ending the conflicts around the world is long overdue. A "Declaration of Peace" will significantly reduce defense spending and the cost savings will have a major impact on the Federal budget.
Ending Federal subsidies and foreign aid will significantly contribute to a balanced budget.
Partisan politics are destroying this country. The two-party system has failed and a majority in Congress is dangerous. More diversity is needed in Congress so that policy is created through collaboration and cooperation.
I support renewable energy but do not support the extension of the tax credit. Capitalism works and tax credits are not needed to provide incentive for private investment in wind energy.
I would vote for a repeal of the ACA. I don't believe in Federal mandates of any kind. The path to affordable health care is through increased competition and transparency.
Aside from a repeal of the ACA I would support removal of the Federal mandate.
No. I support tax reform. Simplification of the tax code would increase revenue by eliminating tax credits and loopholes. Taxes on consumption and capital are preferable to wage and property taxes.
Yes. The government should not approve, deny or limit benefits based on race, gender or sexual orientation.
No. The Federal government should enforce current immigration laws and work with the States instead of working against them. Congress did not pass the Dream Act. An executive order was signed to bypass Congress. I support the elimination of Executive Orders.
Yes, Dodd-Frank increases the size of government at a time when we need to reduce costs and balance the budget. Banking reform is needed but Dodd-Frank is not the answer.
No. The 2nd Amendment secures the rights of Americans to bear arms. Those rights shall not be infringed upon.
No. The 2nd Amendment secures the rights of Americans to bear arms. Those rights shall not be infringed upon.
Yes, I support the rights of women to make their own healthcare decisions.
Candidate response is not yet available.
Yes, the 10th Amendment secures the rights of States and the people for all powers not enumerated to the United States in the Constitution.
Yes, I do not support prohibition.
No. I support Immigration reform but do not feel that it is appropriate to reward those who have entered the country illegally.
Hometown Essex, CT
Current City Pueblo
Campaign Phone (719) 778-1052
Age 39
Education Ft. Lewis College, B.A. in Political Science; LSU, M.A. in American Political Theory
Endorsements I've received a broad range of support from organizations such as the Fraternal Order of Police, Alliance for Retired Americans, United Steelworkers, AFL-CIO Colorado, League of Conservation Voters Action Fund, Sierra Club, and the Blue Dog Coalition. I have also received financial support from: Air Traffic Controllers; AFSCME; AFGE; Amalgamated Transit Union; American Association for Justice; American Federation of Government Employees; American Postal Workers Union; Boilermakers; Building and Construction Trades; Carpenters; Communication Workers; Brotherhood of Electrical Workers; International Association of Fire Fighters; Locomotive Engineers; Longshoremen; Machinists; Painters; Plumbing Pipe Fitting UA; SEIU; Teamsters; Sheet Metal Workers; United Food and Commercial Workers; United Mine Workers; United Steel Workers; Laborers, Local 578 & District Council; Colorado State Association of Letter Carriers, Executive Council
Community Service Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Sons of Italy, Knights of Columbus
Incumbent? No
Military Service None
America is only as strong as our middle class, which means we need policies which grow the economy from the middle class out. To do this we need to preserve middle class tax cuts, reduce our deficit, control spending, reinvest in workforce training, eliminate red tape for small businesses, and reform the tax code to remove incentives to ship jobs overseas. This will put more money in the pockets of the middle class, reduce uncertainty for small business owners, and create jobs here at home.
The middle of a recession is no time to increase taxes on our small businesses and the middle class. What we need to do is take aim at the billions of dollars in wasteful spending in the tax code. We should eliminate unnecessary tax loopholes like the ones that allow a millionaire to write off their luxury yachts or that gives companies a deduction when they shut down a factory to ship jobs overseas.
I won’t cut the Medicare and Social Security benefits that our seniors have earned after a lifetime of hard work. This is a rock solid commitment and one that generations of middle class families have relied upon. Since medical costs are spiraling out of control, in order to save these programs for future generations we must drive down the cost of providing care. We can do this by, among other reforms, improving on the fee-for-service model, which encourages unnecessary tests and procedures.
The men and women of the US military are the greatest fighting force in history. If elected, I will make sure that we continue to field the world’s best equipped, best trained, and most capable military, second to none. But the fact is that unnecessary spending does nothing to strengthen our military. When Congress buys 10 new billion dollar destroyers, though the Navy only asked for 9, it just wastes more money instead of following the advice of our military and making smart budget decisions.
I believe in supporting programs that help create good-paying jobs and sustain the middle class, while cutting those that don’t. With this approach we can find ways to improve our efforts to make college affordable, to ensure pregnant mothers and their children get proper nutrition, and to build an infrastructure that will support a 21st century economy. We must end wasteful subsidies, trim inefficient bureaucracies, and cut unnecessary government functions such as the regulation of crop dust.
It’s awful. This Congress has let partisan gridlock distract it from addressing our nation’s real problems: the lack of good-paying jobs, a Farm Bill that was allowed to expire, and the devastating economic consequences of hitting the “fiscal cliff.” In Colorado we know it’s only by working together and putting aside our differences that things get done. People in Washington need to stop jockeying for partisan advantage and start working together so that we can do what’s right for the country.
Yes, the extension of the Wind Energy Production Tax Credit is a top priority of mine. My opponent twice voted for the Tipton-Ryan budget, which eliminates the production tax credit, costing thousands of renewable energy jobs right here in Colorado. Instead of cutting good-paying jobs to pay for extra tax cuts for millionaires, we need to work on sensible job creation measures which grow the economy from the middle class out while laying the foundation for our energy independence.
Since no law is perfect, instead of gutting the ACA, let’s keep the parts we like while working to improve the rest. We can all agree that Americans are better off now that sick children can’t be denied care because of insurance caps and that pregnancy is no longer considered a pre-existing condition. Seniors no longer fall into the “donut hole” and young adults don’t have to worry about going without insurance. We should be building on and improving these benefits, not scrapping them altogether
Any improvement upon the ACA must directly confront the rising cost of providing health care. This requires focusing on high quality primary care and emphasizing prevention to keep people out of expensive hospital visits. We should look to Rocky Mountain Health Plans of Grand Junction, whose innovative model of health care partnerships is driving down costs and improving care. We should also allow Medicare to directly negotiate with pharmaceutical companies to get lower drug prices for seniors.
I support extending the Bush tax cuts for all annual income under $1 million.
As Minority Leader in the State House, I came to appreciate the many different beliefs and traditions found in communities across Colorado. Some of these communities have come to define marriage differently than others, but it is through respecting and understanding these differences that we strengthen our common values. While nobody should be able to tell someone else who they can love, I believe that the federal government should let states and communities decide how to best define marriage.
I support this bi-partisan legislation because it recognizes that these young children of immigrants are a part of our community and share our values. The DREAM Act gives students who were raised in our country and have followed the law a chance to give back by joining the armed forces or going to college. Of course, the only reason we even have to consider the DREAM Act is because our representatives in Congress have completely failed to address comprehensive immigration reform.
The Wall Street Reform Act isn’t perfect, but efforts to repeal it in its entirety are premature. Over the last decade, the big banks on Wall Street have tried to play by a different set of rules than other Americans which led to the financial crisis and the recession that we are still fighting our way out of. To make sure this never happens again, we need common sense reforms that hold banks accountable and protect consumers from the most egregious abuses.
Responsible firearm ownership is a cornerstone of our free society which is why I will oppose any effort to take away our guns. We need to have better mental health screening and keep weapons out of the hands of people committed to doing harm, not restrict the rights of law-abiding gun owners. We must also be serious about providing law enforcement with the tools necessary to keep our communities safe.
Regulating one or two characteristics of a firearm does nothing to keep that weapon out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them. We should focus our efforts on preventing the misuse of firearms, not in restricting the rights of sportsmen and ranchers.
These are decisions that are best left between a woman, her doctor, and her faith.
Candidate response is not yet available.
First and foremost, I support directing law enforcement to focus its attention on more dangerous drugs and the cartels that traffic them. It is these drugs and their trade that rips communities apart and destroys lives. If voters decide to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana, I would respect that decision.
With 12 million undocumented immigrants living in the US, it is clear that Congress has failed to fix our broken immigration system. We need a more efficient process in place for granting legal status to immigrants who pay taxes, follow the law, and want to be productive members of society. I also support proposals like the DREAM Act to make sure that we don’t punish children who want to give back to the only community they have ever known.
Hometown Cortez, CO
Current City Cortez, CO
Campaign Phone (970) 401-0353
Age 59
Education Bachelors Degree, Ft. Lewis College
Incumbent? yes
We need to get government out of the way and allow the private sector to once again begin creating jobs. As a small businessman for over 30 years I have firsthand experience creating jobs. Most of the time government’s high taxes and duplicative regulations hinder job growth in Colorado. We must reform our complex tax code and do away with needless regulations to jump-start private sector job growth, while developing our domestic energy resources through an all-of-the-above energy plan.
We have to get our spending under control. We cannot continue to spend more than we have, to me that is common sense. Additionally, I signed onto a letter with Colorado's two Democrat Senators and Democrat and Republican members of Colorado's Congressional delegation supporting a bipartisan deficit reduction plan to be voted on by the end of the year.
According to the Medicare Trustees, Medicare will be bankrupt in 12 years if we fail to act and put it on a sustainable course. I believe that it is critical that we work to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse in Medicare and in all entitlement programs. We must put these critical programs on a sustainable course to protect our seniors, while strengthening these programs for future generations.
First, it's critical that we ensure our troops have all the resources they need to safely do their job and protect our nation. During this budget crisis all federal agencies should be scrutinized for waste, and that includes defense. Two such examples are when I voted to cut $450 million for the alternative J-35 engine which the President didn't want and the Pentagon says it didn't need, as well as voting to trim a billion dollars in spending for a 10th Naval destroyer when they only needed 9.
We must ensure that all tax payer dollars are being used as efficiently and effectively as possible. From projects that strengthen our nation's infrastructure to funding education, we must ensure that we are getting the maximum benefit from our taxpayer funded investments. I believe that we must limit bureaucracy and overhead costs, and eliminate waste in all federal programs to ensure that we are meeting our goals and needs as a nation, while reducing spending and paying down the national debt.
I’m proud to say that Colorado’s delegation has found multiple opportunities to move past politics and work together to get things done. From my efforts to establish a Chimney Rock National Monument with Senators Bennet and Udall and the President, to working with the majority of Colorado’s delegation to extend the wind production tax credit and protect Colorado jobs, and passing a law with Senator Bennet to expand the membership of one of our nation’s important veterans service organizations.
Wind energy is an important part of our "all of the above" energy plan and a short term extension of the credits makes sense to allow the wind energy sector to become self-sustaining, which is the purpose of production tax credits. Given our nation's budget crisis, this must be done with a pay-for, and not through a new spending increase. I continue to work with my colleagues in the CO delegation to push for this extension and protect CO jobs.
We must repeal the government takeover of our healthcare system because it fails to increase access to quality and affordable health care, allows government to infringe on doctor-patient relationships, and creates uncertainty. We must put a plan into place that keeps healthcare decisions between doctors and patients, increases competition to drive down costs and increase quality, covers preexisting conditions, and gives patients multiple insurance options.
Health care shouldn’t be a partisan issue that divides our country, but a unifying effort to ensure that every American has access to affordable high quality health care. I support a plan that puts Medicare on a sustainable course--rather than allow it to go bankrupt--and continues to provide benefits for current seniors and those nearing retirement, while strengthening it for future generations. Our nation’s health care future is strongest when built on market-driven solutions.
Yes. We cannot and should not raise taxes on businesses and families in the middle of this recession. Failure to extend these tax cuts would further stunt economic growth, kill jobs, and amount to the largest tax increase on hardworking American families in history. This is wrong. We have to incentivize investment to encourage private sector economic growth, while providing certainty so that small businesses can plan and hire new employees, and so families can achieve the American Dream.
No, I believe that marriage is between one man and one woman.
We need to be sensitive to young people whose parents may have come here illegally, these are human beings who, like all of us, are searching for a better future. Our immigration system is broken in this country. When discussing reform we must be compassionate but also practical.
Yes. We have seen the negative impacts the Dodd-Frank Act has had on local community banks and access to capital for small businesses. There is a place for financial regulations but when these regulations are done in a top-down, one-size-fits-all manner they hurt businesses and strangle our economy.
I will continue to support our 2nd amendment rights.
We cannot legislate away tragic acts done by disturbed individuals. I will continue to support the 2nd Amendment.
No, however it is decided law according to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Yes. As the father of two girls I am dedicated to protecting women from violent crimes. In the Colorado Legislature I introduced and passed Katie's Law and became one of the of original co-sponsors of this law in Congress. Katie’s Law allows the collection of DNA by law enforcement in order to stop repeat criminals from offending. Since 1974, more than 90 percent of all state prisoners have been repeat offenders. For more facts about Katie's Law visit
Colorado's citizens passed a ballot initiative for the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes with a prescription, however, there has been a history of abuse with the application of this law. If marijuana is going to continue to be prescribed for medicinal use, then it should be regulated like any other drug and distributed in strict accordance with the law.
Like Governor John Hickenlooper I have serious concerns over the message that this would send to our children, and on the damaging effects this could have in increasing childhood drug use and hurting overall health.
We need to be sensitive to young people whose parents may have come here illegally, these are human beings who, like all of us, are searching for a better future. Our immigration system is broken in this country. When discussing reform we must be compassionate but also practical.