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US House - Dist. 4

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    Doug Aden (AC) Business Owner

  • Cory Gardner (R)

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    Brandon Shaffer (D) Attorney

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Colorado's unemployment rate has grown in recent months. What steps would you take (or do you believe should be taken) to get more Coloradans (and more Americans) working?

What sorts of tax increases, if any, would you support as part of a package to balance the budget?

What sorts of entitllement reforms, if any, would you support as a package to balance the budget?

What sorts of defense spending cuts, if any, would you support as part of a package to balance the budget?

What sorts of cuts to discretionary spending, if any, would you support as part of a package to balance the budget?

The 112th congress has been viewed as among the most partisan in US history. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Please explain your answer

Would you support a short-term an extension of the production tax credit -- worth 2.2 cents per kilowatt hour generated, which is estimated to cost $4.1 billion over 10 years -- for wind energy?

Would you vote for repeal of the ACA? If so, what would you do to reform the system instead?

Would you make changes to Affordable Care Act? If so, describe them.

Would you support an extension of the Bush tax cuts?

Do you support efforts to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act?

Do you support the DREAM Act?

Do you support efforts to repeal the Dodd-Frank Act?

Should congress reinstate the assault wepons ban?

Should congress pass a law that outlaws high-capacity magazines that allow many bullets to be fired in a short time?

Do you support the decision of Roe v. Wade?

If no, do you believe in an exception for rape/incest?

Would you support a law in which the federal government recognized state's rights in setting policy for regulating marijuana?

Do you support the legalization of marijuana?

Do you support an immigration reform policy that includes a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants?

Hometown Brighton CO
Current City Fort Lupton CO
Campaign Phone (303) 565-1673
Age 52
Education Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Community Service Volunteer for Disaster Relief, Participant in Bible distribution
Incumbent? no
Military Service None
One easy first step would be to limit the influx due to immigration. Whenever unemployment is above 5% we stop the issuance of green cards. We have to send a message to the large and small business though out this land that regulations and taxes will not be increasing, so they can have the comfort level that the can sustain the support of a new hire for an extended time period. Most importantly move towards a sound asset based currency.
Income tax increases generally reduce the purchasing power of the private sector, thereby encouraging a retraction of goods produced, definitely not the objective when the economy is already slow. Therefore the imperative balancing of the budget has to come from the spending side of the equation.
An America where endowed rights are cherished, will be free and prosperous forever, but and America full of entitlements will quickly drowned in bankruptcy. All entitlements must be looked at from money to States, to corporations, to individuals.
Our interventionist policies have committed us to spending money that we do not have, we should cease the spending on these offense type strategies and concentrate a portion of those funds to build a state-of-the-art defense system.
Just like most of us have had to make adjustments to our spending habits in the last few years, our national budget is no different. Discretionary is actually one of the first places we all start and it is no different on the national scene. Many of these funds go to support the bureaucracy that is strangling the nation and congress had no Constitutional authority to establish in the first place. Many of these things are better dealt with by the friends and neighbors in our communities.
From 2009 through 2011, there were 106 new major regulations added that cost Americans 46 billion dollars annually. With a little simple math that translates to about a million jobs. So if the wheels on the Washington bus have slowed a little, even due to partisanship, that is not necessarily a bad thing.
We need to allow free market solutions to achieve energy independence for the United States. The federal government should not interfere with the development of potential energy sources, so I would not support production tax credits for any form of energy.
Yes. Even though I believe in a free market approach to healthcare, we have a substantial percentage of the population that already relies on some government funding of healthcare. Therefore I am willing to give education to medical professionals in exchange for their services at community health centers where individuals in need can turn for their healthcare needs. At the same time free up private hospitals to care for the patients that have health insurance or are willing to pay for services.
Candidate response is not yet available.
Yes. This is not a time to create insecurity in the economy.
The law of our Creator defines marriage as the union between one man and one woman. The marriage covenant is the foundation of the family, and the family is fundamental in the maintenance of a stable, healthy and prosperous society. No government may legitimately authorize or define marriage or family relations contrary to what God has instituted. I am opposed to amending the U.S. Constitution for the purpose of defining marriage.
No. The two areas that always outpace inflation are healthcare and education because government provides so much funding in theses areas they no longer have to comply with the laws of supply and demand. The DREAM Act accomplishes two goals additional funding for education and a play for more votes, neither of which are definable as upholding the Constitution.
Yes. We should audit the Federal Reserve to lift the veil so the American public is fully aware of the damages done by the central banking model. Then return to free market banking without fractional reserve and with an asset based currency. When the banks survivability is based on sound business decisions, rather than knowing they can take risks because they will be bailed out, they will be forced to operate with the highest standards.
No. I take my oath as serious as it should be and "shall not be infringed." is pretty straight forward.
Article IV of the Constitution guarantees each state a republican form of government. Therefore, although a Supreme Court opinion is binding on the parties to the controversy as to the particulars of the case, it is not the political rule for the nation. Roe vs. Wade is an usurpation of authority, contrary to the law of the nation's Charter and Constitution.
Article III., Section 3 of the Constitution limits the power of Congress to punish only the doer of the crime and not his family.
Yes. I am a supporter of the tenth Amendment, therefore states and localities have the right to restrict drugs and enforce those restrictions however they see fit.
Laws and regulations for marijuana do not fall within powers delegated under the Constitution, so therefore it falls under the authority of the States or to the people. As for me and my household it will remain illegal in my home.
No. The role of government is to prevail with justice, rewarding illegal behavior is a slap across the face of lady justice. There is little difference in effective parenting and effective governing punish those that do wrong and reward those that do good and everyone benefits.
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Hometown Denver, CO
Current City Longmont, CO
Campaign Phone (970) 364-6025
Age 44
Education B.A. from Stanford University and J.D. from University of Colorado
Endorsements Alliance of Retired Americans, Fraternal Order of Police, International Association of Fire Fighters
Incumbent? No
Military Service I made two deployments to the Persian Gulf while in the US Navy from 1993-1997. I was an Anti-Submarine Warfare Officer, First Lieutenant, and Navigator on the USS Hewitt.
Too many people have been out of work for too long, waiting for the United States Congress to act. One way I think we can get Americans back to work right now is by rewarding businesses for partnering with community colleges to provide skills training. There are an estimated 3 million open jobs right now in the U.S., & this would give employers an incentive to train new workers with the skills they need & provide the trainee with greater opportunities.
I balanced CO’s budget each of the last 8 years, and I know there are smarter ways to bring America out of debt than raising taxes on our hard-working middle class. It's wrong that Congress lets the biggest tax burden fall on the middle class, while rewarding special interests.

We need a fair tax code that closes tax loopholes for companies that ship jobs overseas. We must do more with less by ensuring government agencies use every dollar efficiently & effectively.
I will fight to preserve Social Security & Medicare. In the Navy, I learned that you get what you inspect, not what you expect. We need that common sense approach in Congress. We must close tax loopholes that create incentives for outsourcing American jobs. We must do a top-to-bottom review of federal spending, so we can prioritize & root out waste. Rather than balancing the budget on the backs of veterans, seniors, & the middle class, the federal government must learn to do more with less.
I am a veteran of the US Navy, and I put myself through college on a Navy ROTC scholarship. I understand the important role the military plays in preserving our freedom and keeping us safe. We cannot afford to blindly slash spending. We must cut wasteful government spending that is putting America in debt, and we must enact smart solutions to ensure America’s security, both domestically and abroad.
There is no silver bullet to balance the budget. We must make smarter choices in how our tax dollars are spent. I will work to get our national fiscal house in order, just like I did in the Colorado Senate. I was able to make the tough choices needed to balance the budget without doing it on the backs of the middle class. We must know that public funds are being spent the best way possible. We need to find areas where we can & should do better, & figure out solutions to do more with less.
Partisan bickering in Congress prevents them from getting the job done & creates more economic uncertainty. First, we had the debt ceiling crisis & now they just failed to pass a new Farm Bill. Governing from one manufactured crisis to another is no way to run a business, & it’s no way to run our government. In Colorado, I've worked with both parties to responsibly balance the budget, protect education & create jobs. It’s time to take that same sense of collaboration to Washington.
Energy production & independence are issues of national security. We must develop a balanced American energy portfolio including traditional & innovative energy sources. I support traditional forms of energy as well as the Wind Energy Tax Credit because it creates jobs here in Colorado. The effectiveness of any program receiving tax credits should be reviewed after 3 to 5 years to make sure we are not wasting taxpayer money.
The Affordable Care Act is not a perfect bill, but there are key components that need to be preserved as we continue to work on the legislation moving forward. Specifically, people should not be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions, we need to close the prescription drug “donut hole” for seniors, and young adults up to age 26 should be allowed to stay on their parents’ insurance.
We need a Congress that is functional enough to address issues that may arise as the bill is implemented in the future, not one that simply wants to play political games with our health care system. Unfortunately, today’s Congress is more interested in using the Affordable Care Act to divide our population and score political points, than they are in making sure Americans have access to affordable health care.
I think increasing taxes on the middle class during today’s difficult financial times makes absolutely no sense. Congress cannot let middle class tax breaks lapse while protecting tax loopholes for billionaires and special interests. We need a fair tax code that doesn’t place an unfair burden on small businesses and the middle class.
I do not think it is the government’s place to say who makes end of life decisions for loved ones or what type of family is loving enough to give a child a home, so I do support the repeal of DOMA.
When I was in the military, I served with several guys from the Philippines who were not yet citizens. After seeing their love for this country, I absolutely believe we need to give honest, hardworking people an opportunity to earn their citizenship through military service or education.
Dodd-Frank put in place common sense measures to make sure that Wall Street isn’t gambling with our country’s future. It created a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to protect consumers & prevent unfair or deceptive financial products. ‬

However, I think the bill did unintentionally make it more difficult for small businesses to get loans to grow. I will address this issue by increasing credit union lending to small businesses.
As a veteran, I support the 2nd Amendment.
As a veteran, I support the 2nd Amendment.
I think this decision is best left to a woman, her family, her spiritual advisor, and her doctor.
Rep. Gardner supports extreme social measures, like the Personhood Amendment, which would outlaw many common forms of birth control and prevent victims of rape and incest from being able to make those very personal decisions.
Colorado will be voting on the legalization of marijuana this November. While I personally support de-criminalization as opposed to legalization, I believe the federal government should respect the outcome of this democratic election, along with similar initiatives around the country.
I support de-criminalizing marijuana, but do not support legalization. We waste a huge amount of taxpayer dollars sending Coloradans to jail for marijuana possession, but, as a father of two young children, I do worry about the effects of full legalization on our society.
My experience serving with non-citizens in the Navy convinced me that we need a process by which honest, hardworking people can earn their citizenship through service in our military, or by seeking an education in our colleges and universities.