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US House - Dist. 6

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    Mike Coffman (R) Congressman

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    Joe Miklosi (D) Colorado State Representative, Executive at Project C.U.R.E.

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Colorado's unemployment rate has grown in recent months. What steps would you take (or do you believe should be taken) to get more Coloradans (and more Americans) working?

What sorts of tax increases, if any, would you support as part of a package to balance the budget?

What sorts of entitllement reforms, if any, would you support as a package to balance the budget?

What sorts of defense spending cuts, if any, would you support as part of a package to balance the budget?

What sorts of cuts to discretionary spending, if any, would you support as part of a package to balance the budget?

The 112th congress has been viewed as among the most partisan in US history. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Please explain your answer

Would you support a short-term an extension of the production tax credit -- worth 2.2 cents per kilowatt hour generated, which is estimated to cost $4.1 billion over 10 years -- for wind energy?

Would you vote for repeal of the ACA? If so, what would you do to reform the system instead?

Would you make changes to Affordable Care Act? If so, describe them.

Would you support an extension of the Bush tax cuts?

Do you support efforts to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act?

Do you support the DREAM Act?

Do you support efforts to repeal the Dodd-Frank Act?

Should congress reinstate the assault wepons ban?

Should congress pass a law that outlaws high-capacity magazines that allow many bullets to be fired in a short time?

Do you support the decision of Roe v. Wade?

If no, do you believe in an exception for rape/incest?

Would you support a law in which the federal government recognized state's rights in setting policy for regulating marijuana?

Do you support the legalization of marijuana?

Do you support an immigration reform policy that includes a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants?

Hometown Aurora, Colorado
Current City Aurora, Colorado
Campaign Phone (303) 791-6453
Age 60
Education Dropped out of Aurora Central High School to earn a high school diploma through an Army program. BA, University of Colorado at Boulder 1979
Endorsements U.S. Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Businesses, Every city mayor in the 6th Congressional District
Community Service Attend Faith Church in Aurora
Incumbent? Yes
Military Service 21 years of combined service bwtween the Army, Army Reserve, Marines and Marine Reserve. Served in both the Persian Gulf War and the Iraq War
As a former small business owner, I understand what it takes to create jobs. I have brought my small business background to Congress where I now sit as a subcommittee chairman on the House Small Business Committee. We must provide certainty for our job creators. We can do this by making our tax code flatter, fairer and simpler. We also must remove the many unnecessary and costly regulations that are strangling small businesses and stifling job growth.
I do not support raising taxes on families and job creators. However, Democrats in Congress have refused to discuss entitlement reform unless tax increases are on the table. The Bush Tax Cuts are set to expire, and I would work in good faith with Democrats to protect as many of the Bush Tax Cuts as possible in exchange for a plan to protect and preserve Social Security and Medicare.
Medicare Part B is forecasted to become insolvent by 2024 unless we act now. That’s why I have fought against any changes to Medicare for seniors 55 and older, like my mom, and for reforms for those under 55 so Medicare and be preserved for future generations. Unlike my opponent, I do not support cutting Medicare by $716 billion in order to finance a new entitlement.
We can cut make substantial cuts without compromising national security by reducing the top heavy bureaucracy within the Department of Defense, closing overseas military bases that are no longer necessary, and by ensuring that our country never goes down the reckless path of nation building operations ever again.
Half of all discretionary spending is defense spending, and I’ve laid out specific cuts in a previous question. All other programs within the discretionary spending category need to revert back to 2008 levels and one way to achieve that would be by reducing the number of federal civilian employee that has dramatically grown over the last three years. This could be done through normal attrition by eliminating a percentage of positions as they become vacant.
Whenever one side puts the good of their party over the good of the country, it’s a bad thing. That’s why I have worked across the aisle to find solutions to the challenges facing our country. The fact is that Congress needs to be reformed. I have introduced legislation to repeal automatic pay raises for Congress, abolish Congressional pensions and supports mandatory term limits for every member of Congress. These measures will help change the partisan cult that has been plaguing Washington.
I do support an extension of the production tax credit. The Wind Energy Tax Credit should eventually come to an end, but I believe that it should be phased out over time and not abruptly terminated.
Yes. The focus needs to be more on access to health care instead of health insurance. My version of health care reform strengthens the safety net for the uninsured and underinsured, focuses on providing tax incentives for individuals to purchase their own health insurance, allows small businesses to band together to purchase health insurance, controls cost through through choice and competition, protects and helps individuals with preexisting conditions, and stands up to the trial lawyers.
Under ACA, projected savings from reductions in reimbursement rates to doctors and hospitals and the phasing out of Medicare Advantage are to be stripped out of Medicare to help pay for the new program. I will support a reform that requires any savings from Medicare to remain in Medicare to help preserve and protect the program for our seniors who have earned this benefit.
No, I don’t think we should be selectively enforcing our immigration laws. We need to have comprehensive immigration reform instead of trying to fix it piecemeal. We will never have that debate on comprehensive immigration reform until we start enforcing the laws that are currently on our books and secure our borders.
I believe in traditional marriage. Marriage has historically been a state issue, and I think it has to be decided by the states. The Defense of Marriage Act says that no state is required to recognize a same-sex marriage from another state.
No, I don’t think we should be selectively enforcing our immigration laws. We need to have comprehensive immigration reform instead of trying to fix it piecemeal. We will never have that debate on comprehensive immigration reform until we start enforcing the laws that are currently on our books and secure our borders.
Yes. Dodd-Frank ignored the fundamental problem of a government policy that encouraged subprime mortgage lending-the catalyst to the financial crisis-because Rep. Frank and Sen. Dodd pushed subprime lending. Dodd-Frank says that if a financial institution is so large that it presents a “systemic risk” to our financial institution then it requires the backing from taxpayers. I believe if a financial institution is so large that it presents such a risk, then it shouldn’t exist in the first place.
No. I support the 2nd Amendment and consistent with that is a responsibility to do all that is reasonably necessary to keep firearms out of the hands of those who have forfeited the right to possess them either by having violated our criminal laws or by not having the mental capacity to be a responsible gun owner and I would support legislation that would accomplish that.
No. We need to ensure that firearms are kept out of the hands of those who have violated criminal laws or who have the mental capacity to be responsible gun owner.
No, I am prolife but Roe v. Wade is constitutional case law that was decided in 1973. It is now the law of the land and cannot be altered by the U.S. House of Representatives. Only the U.S. Senate votes to confirm the justices of the Supreme Court and the composition of the court could influence a new opinion should the matter come before the court again.
I am prolife, with the exception to save the life of the mother.
I am willing to look at making some conforming changes to federal laws based on whatever direction the voters in the respective states decide.
No. Our immigration system is broken and needs comprehensive reform. We first need to start by enforcing the current laws that are on the books and securing our borders. I don’t think that anyone who has violated our immigration laws should be a candidate for U.S. citizenship.
Hometown New Boston, MI
Current City Aurora, CO
Campaign Phone (303) 745-4850
Age 45
Education Hope College, B.A. 1992, University of Colorado at Denver Graduate School of Public Affairs, M.P.A. 2004
Community Service Rotary Club, Founder of Veterans Appreciation Breakfast
There are common sense proposals that we can implement, like Buy American legislation that would give American companies the first crack at federal contracts and create good paying jobs here at home. I want to make Colorado the renewable energy capital of the country. We already have nearly 72,000 private sector jobs in the clean energy industry and I want to help double that number of jobs over the next 10 years.
We need to grow the economy and find savings and efficiencies first. For example, I cut my take-home pay two percent, found over $70 million dollars in savings as a member of the Audit committee, and cut over $5 billion dollars from the state budget during the last four fiscal years.However, I support allowing the Bush Tax cuts to expire for those who earn over $250,000 or $500,000 per year. The Ryan/Coffman budget is irresponsible because it increases the national debt and destroys Medicare.
I support a balanced budget amendment that preserves Social Security. We need to honor the commitment we made to our seniors and preserve Social Security and Medicare for decades. Imagine where we would be today if we would have followed President Bush and Mike Coffman’s lead to privatize Social Security? I oppose cuts to Social Security and Medicare benefits. We can work together to find cost savings in the programs and make them operate more efficiently.
We need to involve the Joint Chiefs of Staff to get their input on strategic cuts that reflect the modern world and threats in the modern world. We need a strategy that creates stable relations abroad without bankrupting us here at home. We should invest in development and diplomacy, align defense spending to match threats, recognize that new threats don’t always align with traditional defense spending, and cut outdated defense programs without compromising our security.
Responsibility needs to start with Congress. In the Colorado legislature we reduced our take-home pay by two percent, and I will vote to cut my pay in Congress by 10 percent. Moreover, I will introduce legislation to prohibit members of Congress from being paid until they pass a responsible budget. As a member of the Audit Committee, I helped identify more than $70 million in wasteful spending to balance our state budget, and I’d take that same reasoned approach to Congress.
It is a bad thing. The Tea Party and Mike Coffman’s “my way or the highway” stance has stifled real conversations and led to stand-offs and show-downs that have produced harmful effects, like the downgrade of America’s credit rating and the across the board, reckless cuts of sequestration. I am proud that I have worked with Republican and Democratic friends in the state legislature to find bipartisan solutions and I will bring that approach to Congress.
Yes, but I would much rather see a long-term extension because it will create both business continuity and create and maintain jobs here in Colorado. I want Colorado to be the renewable energy capital of the country. We are the second sunniest and 11th windiest state in the country with 72,000 private sector jobs in the clean energy sector. We can double the number of clean energy jobs over the next decade with the right leadership.
No, the ACA is not going to resolve all of our health care challenges, but it does some important things by eliminating discrimination against pre-existing conditions, allowing young people to stay on their parents’ health plan until age 26, filling the “donut hole” for seniors, and protecting women’s health freedoms. However, we need to give more incentives to small business owners so they can afford to provide their employees with health care.
Yes, I want to do more to help find incentives for small business owners to ensure that their employees can access health care at an affordable price. I would also work to implement Colorado-style health care exchanges so that small businesses and employers of one can pool together to increase their negotiation power with insurance and drug companies and be able to afford health care for their employees. Additionally, we need to eliminate fee-for-service and focus more on patient outcomes.
No, I would eliminate the Bush tax cuts for those who earn over $250,000 or $500,000 per year.
We need to amend it, but not repeal it because we need to protect consumers from Wall Street greed. We need to amend it so that banks can make more loans to qualified entrepreneurs. In the Colorado state legislature, I supported an idea to loan $50 million dollars to qualified small business owners when the banks would not make those loans.
Yes, while I support the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding citizens (my mom owns a hand gun), restricting access to assault weapons and 100 round ammunition clips can prevent future violence.
Yes, restricting 100 round clips can prevent future tragedies.
Yes. My opponent, Tea Party Representative Mike Coffman, supports the Personhood amendment that outlaws some forms of birth control and even outlaws abortion for victims of rape and incest.
Yes, there should be legislation to ensure federal and state laws are in agreement.
No, I support strong guidelines for dispensing medical marijuana to patients who need it, like veterans and those who are extremely ill. We must work in Congress to ensure that federal and state laws are consistent.
Yes, we need comprehensive immigration reform. The Bush-McCain-Kennedy plan from 2006 provides a reasonable framework. Immigration reform should be based on the American principles of border security, responsibility, opportunity and family unity.