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    Sherrod Brown (Dem) U.S. Senator

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    Josh Mandel (Rep) State Treasurer of Ohio

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Campaign Phone (614) 221-6563
Age 63
City/town Avon, Ohio
Education/degress B.A. Yale University, 1974 M.A. The Ohio State University, 1979 M.A. The Ohio State University, 1981
Community involvement Eagle Scout
Endorsements Ohio Fraternal Order of Police, Ohio Association of Professional Firefighters. AFL-CIO, United Auto Workers
Campaign message I wake up every day thinking about how I can help grow Ohio's middle-class by supporting Ohio manufacturing and how I can protect Social Security and Medicare for Ohio's seniors.
While Ohio is better off than other parts of the country, largely in part because of the auto rescue I strongly supported to help protect nearly 850,000 Ohio jobs, there is more work to be done to create middle-class jobs. That's why I have opposed free trade agreements that don't benefit Ohio workers and why I have authored a bipartisan bill, which passed the U.S. Senate, that would place tariffs on on China when it cheats by illegally manipulating its currency. This bill had the support of several Republicans, including Sen. Rob Portman, and it was the largest jobs bill that passed the U.S. Senate in 2011.
I will never stop working as hard as I can to expand Ohio's manufacturing base and create middle-class jobs for Ohio. I have stood up for Ohio's auto industry and now, instead of padlocked plants, the auto industry is humming all over Ohio including down the supply chain. I have stood up to China's illegal currency manipulation and I have stood up to efforts to privatize Social Security and efforts to end Medicare as we know it by turning it into a voucher system.
I have supported several measures to reduce our federal deficit and streamline services including cutting subsidies for the largest and most profitable oil companies and student loan reform. I also worked across the aisle with Sen. John Thune of South Dakota and Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana on consolidating and streamlining commodity programs in the 2012 Farm Bill.
I was very proud of my recent vote to keep the Bush tax cuts for nearly all Ohioans. For the wealthiest and most fortunate among us, I support returning to the tax rates they paid during the Clinton years when over 20 million private-sector jobs were created. It is a question of priorities and I not not support continuing tax cuts for millionaires while cutting Pell grants for college students or turning Medicare into a voucher system that will force Ohio's seniors to pay thousands of dollars more per year.
Campaign Phone (614) 754-7304
Age 38
(216) 647-7575
City/town Beachwood, Ohio
Education/degress B.A., The Ohio State University, 2000; J.D., Case Western Reserve University School of Law, 2003
Community involvement National Association of State Treasurers
Endorsements Senator Rob Portman, Congressman Jim Jordan, The Club for Growth, Senate Conservatives Fund, Associated Builders and Contractors, Ohio Right to Life, Family Research Council
Campaign message Creating a business-friendly, pro-growth environment to foster job creation in Ohio and America is the highest priority of our campaign. I strongly believe that common sense tax reforms, the repeal of government-run healthcare and the elimination of over burdensome agency regulations on small businesses are crucial to the recovery of our state and national economies. I will also work to bring more bi-partisan leadership to Washington.
Ohioans from all walks of life and political affiliation tell me daily of their concerns about how the out-of-control federal spending, massive national debt and federal government's antagonism to American businesses is putting Ohio families and job-creators at a competitive disadvantage in the global marketplace. Stemming from this deep concern about the direction of our country, a number of Ohioans from across the political spectrum - Republicans, Democrats and Independents - have been asking me to run for the U.S. Senate against Sherrod Brown.

I am running to revitalize Ohio's economy through private sector job creation and to bring new energy, fresh ideas and more bi-partisan leadership to Washington.
As Ohio Treasurer, I have focused my time and energy on making our office the most efficient, fiscally responsible, well-run Treasurer’s office in the nation. The successes achieved in the Treasurer’s office combined with my strong record as a State Legislator, City Councilman and U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served two tours in Iraq, have prepared me to serve Ohioans in the United States Senate.

Our country is at a serious crossroads, and many are concerned that we may not have another six years to wait before getting it back on track. In order to carry on the American dream and ensure America's best days are still ahead, we must elect leaders with the backbone to fix the problems that hyper-partisan politicians like Sherrod Brown have created over decades in Washington. This is the call that I am stepping forward to accept.
We need massive reductions in our spending that reduce the deficit by significant margins in the next few years and allow us to actually pay down the debt shortly thereafter. We do not need budget gimmicks that promise to cut spending while actually allowing for increases in spending. There has been far too large of a gap between rhetoric on cutting spending and actual cuts in spending in Washington today. This needs to change.
The 70,000 page tax code has become cumbersome and unfair. Tax increases are not necessary, and I would oppose them. But we must fix the tax code so it is simple, fair, and easy for families and small businesses to understand and follow. This is one of the steps needed to get our economy back on track.

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