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Full coverage of the Anderson Township Trustee race• Five seek two Anderson Township seats• Was the Anderson Towne Place plan a $6 million waste of taxpayer money or could it still be a viable development?• Meet the Anderson Twp. trustee candidates• Mine, Beechmont topics at forum• More legal troubles for Anderson trustee• Fact check: Did Anderson Twp.'s bond rating improve?• Forest Hills candidates address facilities
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    Joshua S. Gerth Corporate Real Estate Consultant

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    Kevin P. O’Brien Independent Consultant & Sales Professional

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    Andrew S. Pappas Owner, Cleaner Concepts 1 & 2, One price drycleaners

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    John A. Piehowicz II Veterinarian

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Age 40
City/town Anderson Township, Ohio
Education/degress Bachelor’s degree in Marketing/Real Estate from the University of Cincinnati Lindner College of Business. Licensed Real Estate Agent in Ohio & Kentucky
Community involvement President of Board - Cin/NKY chapter of NAIOP Board Member – Memorial Hall Society Board Member – Literacy Network of Cincinnati Board Member – Lindner College of Business Alumni Board President – Anderson Township Republican Club Ward Chair & Precinct Executive – Anderson Township Park Commissioner – Anderson Township Park District Member – Anderson Township Econ. Development Com. Member – Eastern Hills Exchange Club Member – Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce Member & Stephen Minister – Anderson United Methodist NAIOP National Emerging Leaders Award Graduate - Cincinnati Chamber C-Change Leadership Class Business Courier 2012 Forty Under 40
Endorsements Anderson & Hamilton Co. Republican Party & Anderson Tea Party
Along with my wonderful parents, I believe Anderson Township played a role in raising me to become the person I am today. A person that is responsible, hard-working, and is willing to listen while they lead. I believe Anderson is a community of strong family values, solid principals, and an overall great place to call home. I believe in PRESERVING our reputation. Things like a balanced budget, planning for changes in our revenue, and maintaining our strong bond rating are things that we should NOT change. I believe in PROTECTING our residents and their property values. Supporting our strong police and fire departments with a robust presence as well as continuing those basic services that help run our township are key . Finally, I believe in PROMOTING responsible economic development and going after things that we are missing; things like a hotel, more indoor recreation space, and targeted retail. All achievable by working with our wonderful schools, parks, businesses and residents!
I have lived more than 29 of my 37 years in Anderson Township including graduating from the Forest Hills School District. I believe that my professional experience in commercial and corporate real estate, as well as my responsibilities as an Anderson Township Park District Commissioner for the last 4 years give me a great foundation in both public and private sectors to be a Trustee. Furthermore, I have a proven track of community engagement over the past 10 years since we moved back to Anderson. I also believe that my age and where I am in my life, with a young family, will bring a different perspective to the Board of Trustees. I have many examples of working with other board members and I believe this will compliment the other Trustees and represent residents of all generations in Anderson.
Fortunately, because of great oversight, budgeting and forecasting by our past Trustees and Township Administration, we have not had to suffer the loss of critical services to our Township, so my plan is continue this tradition. That said, my experience working at the Park District and other non-profits, where we are constantly looking at ways to cut expenses and raise revenue will be a road map to the way I work with my counterparts at the Township to evaluate the real need of services beyond what are priorities are. Obviously, our main priorities are police, fire and maintenance and while I can't name specific services beyond those that we would cut, reviewing all areas of Township services is an expected part of the job. One thing to mention too, we have outstanding citizen committees in Anderson that donate a lot of time and expertise at no cost to the Township in areas like parks, greenspace, and economic development which help offset overhead for these services.
Well, my quick and gut reaction is NONE! Again, the township has enjoyed a great standard of living with the lowest effective property tax rate and no new levies in over 10 years. I will do everything in my power to continue that trend. I also think this is an area where we can get creative in other ways to bring revenue to the Township. For example, one of the reasons that I want to go after a hotel is not only for the need for the amenity, but it also would bring an occupancy tax to our Township.
This is an area I have said many times that I look forward to exploring. Not only do I think we can work with our school district and parks, I think we can look beyond public and other government entities and explore partnerships with our private sectors as well. So, the quick answer is I think I'm willing to share almost any services but in reality, we'll have to see what services actually make sense and are really mutually beneficial.
Phone (513) 659-1739
Age 59
(513) 659-1739
City/town Anderson Township, OH
Education/degress University of Cincinnati, Accounting degree and BBA in Finance.
Community involvement Anderson Township 4th of July Parade committee, Anderson Kiwanis, Eastern Hills Exchange Club, Forest Hills Schools numerous projects, Anderson Township 2005 Comprehensive Plan Committee.
Endorsements My family, neighbors and friends.
Campaign message Promises Kept, Spending Reduced 17.2%, Smaller Government and Same Great Services since 2010.
Spending has been reduced 17.2% in my first 3 years as Trustee in 2010 thru 2012. Anderson Township Government is Smaller and we have the Same Great Services. All very good things. There is more to be done. Unfinished work includes development along the Ohio Riverfront at River Downs and along Beechmont Ave. Making sure the ANCOR Area where a proposed 480 acre underground mine along Roundbottom Road, meets our community expectations for job creation, safety concerns and responsible business activities without blasting. NO BLASTING.
In a word: EXPERIENCE. Proven leadership through collaboration.
I am not willing to cut township provided services. The last 4 years have taught me there are plenty of ways for local government to spend less tax payers money if good people make an effort.
I see no need to expand government services provided by the township.
The sharing of government services needs to be studied very carefully. Other communities have shared safety departments with varying levels of success. Anderson Township has had success sharing purchasing power for major items such as vehicles.
Age 50
City/town Cincinnati, Ohio
Education/degress BA in Finance, Texas A&M University 1987
Community involvement Co leader- Anderson TEA Party, Board Cincinnati TEA Party, Board Anderson Republican Club, Freedomworks Ambassador, Anderson Chamber of Commerce, Anderson Historical Society,
Endorsements Anderson Republican Club, COAST
Campaign message Anderson has been a great place to both live and work I wish to keep it that way. Continue with what has and will work! I have not "Had Enough" of a good thing.
First, I love Anderson Township and feel it is time to give back and I am running to continue the good leadership we have had in Anderson the last several years. This fiscal conservative leadership has allowed us to go over 13 years without a township levy on the ballot. Given the economic climate that we have all found ourselves in, that is simply amazing. Our good leadership has foreseen the township cuts from the state and reactive proactively to avoid any cuts in service without new levies. That is something that should be continued in my opinion. As one of the two endorsed Republicans on the ballot, I will work to see that it is.
I am among the best candidate for this position because of my active involvement with the township government for the last several years. I have forged relationships with not only with existing township government but also township staff that will allow me to be more effective than someone without that experience. I also have a unique perspective of being a small business owner and employer with several employees here in Anderson and Hyde Park. I own both commercial as well as residential property here in Anderson and can see both sides of issues that this perspective brings. I have managed employees and know the challenges that this involves. I can bring this experience to managing township personnel and staff.
Through the good fiscal foresight exercised by previous boards, there is no need to cut services here in Anderson. I would like to thank the previous boards for not leaving future boards in a difficult position. I think that this type of leadership should be continued and I seek to do just that.
I see no need to raise taxes to keep or expand services for at least the next few years. To look further would be irresponsible. Our township is sitting on good financial footing and our future truly has never looked better. If our national economy truly begins to grow, Anderson is in great shape to benefit from such growth. I am excited about the new riverfront development and some new proposed housing developments here in the township. We have challenges that need to be addressed, but what community doesn’t? I am happy to both live and work here and look forward to giving back to the community that has given me so much.
I think that any and all options are on the table when it comes to sharing services. These are new times we find ourselves in and require new solutions to problems. We should always be looking for new ways to save our precious tax dollars. They are just that, precious and should be treated as such. If there is something we could share the costs on doing, I say do it.
Phone (513) 582-3057
Age 49
(513) 582-3057
City/town Cincinnati, OH
Education/degress Doctor of Veterinary Medicine -The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine
Community involvement Guardian Angels Parish, Cincinnati Swords Ice Hockey ('03-'04 age) Assistant Coach, Vice- President Ohio Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association (River Downs Chapter), Ohio veterinary Medical Association, American Veterinary Medical Association
Endorsements AFL-CIO
Campaign message Restore transparency and integrity to Anderson Township, Responsiveness to, and representation of, ALL citizens, Elimination of the entrenched political machine,
I am running because I moved my family and started my business in Anderson because it is a great place to live and is full of residents who are proud of their community. Recently -due to the actions, choices and lack of personal responsibility of the current Trustees -Anderson Township has lost that dignity and attractiveness. I plan to restore the Township to a place where people can be proud to live and work. In addition, I believe that the current Trustees have become isolated and "out of touch" with the average resident and business proprietor. The Trustees have become less responsive to the needs and concerns of the residents in the community. During the current tough economic times for the family and worker in Anderson, the Trustees have allocated resources foolishly and wastefully on spending projects that reflect their wishes, not on projects that reflect the needs of the citizens that live in Anderson. I believe that a change to placing needs first, above wishes, is in order.
I am the best candidate because I will bring both a business perspective and the perspective of someone raising a family in Anderson. While I may not have been on any committees or boards that are Township organized, I have been active in the community by being involved with youth sports, the church and other organizations. Plus I feel that the lack of prior "official involvement" is a benefit in that I will be able to see things with a fresh view that is not encumbered by prior allegiences or opinions. I can see things from the point of view of the resident who is working and raising a family in Anderson. I also bring the benefit that I have not been active in politics before, nor have I been part of any political machine, so I do not owe any political favors that must be repaid to the detriment of the Township. I can -and I will - represent all of the citizens of Anderson with transparency, integrity, and be accountable to only the residents of Anderson.
With proper financial responsibilty I do not believe that we will need to cut any specific services. Through my experience as a business owner I believe that we always need to examine expenses and see where we can reduce those expenses without compromising the level of service. The $210 million investment at River Downs should be a benefit to the whole Township as long as we do not limit the property taxes gained from that increased valuation to just the Riverfront Development District -as currently suggested by the current Trustees. If revenue from that area is limited to that specific area then the rest of the residents and property owners in Anderson will not see any benefits from the development. In essence, it benefits only a few property owners while the rest of us are left out. If that increase in valuation is available to be used in the whole Township it may alleviate any need to cut services in response to any future declining revenue.
I do not believe that we will need to raise any fees or taxes. Nor, do I believe that we need to expand government services at this time. Again, the development of certain areas of Anderson Township will provide the needed revenue to keep our existing level of service. One thing that I will promise is that due diligence on all projects will be performed. It is simply unacceptable that $5 million of your money was spent on a failed parking garage without even an apology for not performing proper due diligence. In addition, it is unexcusable that we have a "Taj Mahal" of government office building (at a cost of over $20 million) and we do not have a good community center or indoor youth center. I will stop the foolish spending (like the $3.1 million Beechmont -Five Mile Interchange project) so we do not have to raise taxes and fees.
I believe that we need to explore the sharing of services with neighboring communities. Currently, Anderson does not have a good working relationship with many of the surrounding communities and we must first work to improve those relationships. As to any specific service which can be shared, I do not currently know. As a veterinarian one of the worst mistakes that I can make is to start with a diagnoses and work backwards from that diagnoses and convince myself that the exam findings and lab tests results fit with that particular disease. You must first evaluate the patient- subjectively and objectively- in order to diagnose the problem and then come up with a treatment plan that benefits the animal. The same is true of sharing services. We must first evaluate the services that we provide, and those that are provided by other governments, examine the possibilties of the shared services, and then come up with a plan that benefits Anderson Township.
If you need any help as a candidate, please email Lance Lambert at