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Do you support a proposed ban on assault-style weapons or military-style weapons?

Do you support legislation to ban all abortions?

Should Ohio legalize recreational marijuana?

What is the single most effective thing Ohio government can do to increase job growth?

What's the No. 1 thing that Ohio should be doing to combat the heroin and opioid crisis?

Would you keep Medicaid expansion?

Campaign Phone (614) 505-9334
Age 60
City/town Grove City, Ohio
Education/Degrees Grove City High School, 1977 Michigan State University, BA in Legal & Political Theory (1981) Oxford University, MA in Economics on Marshall Scholarship (1983) The University of Chicago Law School, JD (1986)
Community Involvement Director, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (appointed by President Obama in 2011 – 2017) Ohio Attorney General (elected in 2008 - 2010) Ohio Treasurer (elected in 2006 – 2008) Franklin County Treasurer (elected in 2002 and 2004 – 2006) Solicitor General (appointed 1993 – 1994) State Representative (elected 1990 – 1992)
Endorsements Ohio Federation of Teachers (OFT) Sprinkler Fitters Local Union 669 U.A. Ohio State Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Iron Workers District Council- Great Lakes and Vicinity (Boardman/Youngstown, Canton, Cleveland, Toledo, Pittsburgh, Wheeling) Iron Workers 55 IUPAT Akron Education Association International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Boilermakers Local Lodge 85 (Toledo) Boilermakers Local Lodge 105 (Chillicothe) Boilermakers Local Lodge 744 (Cleveland) Cleveland Teachers Union, Local 279 Heat & Frost Insulators Local 3 (Cleveland) International Association of Fire Fighters Local 1690 (Parma Heights) International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 38 (Cleveland) International Longshoreman’s Association International Longshoremen Association Local 1317 (Cleveland) International Longshoremen Association Local 1768 (Toledo) Iron Workers Local 17 (Cleveland) Laborers Locals 894 (Summit, Portage & Medina Counties) Lorain Professional Firefighters Local 267 SMART (Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, Transportation) Ohio State Legislative Board Tri-County Regional Labor Council (Summit, Portage & Medina Counties) Teamsters Local 436 (Valley View) UA Plumbers Local 55 (Cleveland) UA Pipefitters Local 120 (Cleveland) UA Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 219 (Akron) UA Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 162 Ohio AFL-CIO Elyria FireFighters Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union Local 19 Plumbers and Pipefitters Local Union 219 Pipe Fitters Local 120 Iron Workers 550 International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers Local 172 Boilermakers Local Lodge 900 (Barberton) OAPSE
Campaign Message This campaign will be about the people's priorities: as Governor, I’ll focus on the kitchen table issues that keep families up at night – like the cost of health care and college, how to find that better job, and how to be able to save for retirement. I’ll bring people together to achieve real change. We did it during the foreclosure crisis by rallying state and local officials, nonprofit agencies, and the private sector to save people’s homes. And we did it again at the Consumer Bureau on a national scale, by working with libraries, social workers, community banks, and many others. We must build an inclusive economy that works for us all. For the average weekly wage, Ohio is in the middle of the pack, 12% below the national average. For median household income, we are 38th of the 50 states, nearly 9% below the national average. We must build a stronger education system. We must invest in and empower our people to succeed and that means providing opportunities for Ohioans with a quality education beginning with pre-K through life-long learning. The most recent budget had almost flat funding for schools and no increase in basic state aid for colleges and universities. We have slipped from 5th to 22nd in K-12 education, as reported by Education Week. And a sorry 45th in the nation in college affordability. We must protect Medicaid’s expansion and make health care more accessible and affordable for every Ohioans. And we must stop the opioid crisis. We are now losing 14 people a day to these drugs, far worse than most states. Drug overdose fatalities rose 39% from mid-2016 to mid-2017, nearly triple the national average. As the state legislature undercuts local services, we had the 3rd largest increase in deaths. I will deliver results, and I’ll do it the Ohio way – the way I have always done things. Not by stirring conflict, sowing division, or pitting people against one another, but by bringing people together as partners who respect and listen to one another and find better ways forward through our collective thinking and experiences. We’re seeing way too much divisiveness and conflict in Washington, D.C. and in Columbus. And we’re seeing our State Legislature wage a relentless war against local government. It’s wrong, and it will not be our approach to governing.
We’re facing an epidemic of gun violence. While horrific mass shootings have captured headlines, the leading causes of death are daily homicides and suicides that often escape media attention. We cannot stand by and watch, hoping the situation will get better while rampant gun violence affects our communities, our families, and our schools. We have proposed concrete, practical solutions to reduce the gun violence and save lives, which balance the rights of responsible gun owners with the demands of public safety. We will push for background checks on all gun sales, raising the purchase age to 21, banning bump stocks and high-capacity magazine clips, improved school safety, and a coordinated approach working with local law enforcement to address gun violence throughout Ohio.
No. In our public service, Betty Sutton and I have strongly defended the reproductive freedom of every Ohio woman. We will remain consistent on this point. The legislature has passed 20 restrictions in 7 years and defending those struck down has cost Ohio taxpayers millions of dollars in legal fees. We’ll also fight for other issues important to women, such as health care, pre-natal care, post-natal care, child support enforcement, equal pay for equal work, support for child care, and reduction of infant mortality. Betty proposed a comprehensive plan to combat sexual harassment and assault in state government - including the state legislature - which I strongly endorse. It would create an independent arm to fight sexual harassment and assault by creating policies to prevent quid pro quo harassment and a hostile environment, review all job applicants for a history of sexual misconduct, and ensure companies that do business with the state establish effective sexual misconduct policies.
I support medical marijuana and it's clear that the Republicans have badly mismanaged its implementation. As governor, I'll work to ensure that medical marijuana is quickly and effectively put in place so Ohioans with legitimate medical needs can access it to ease pain and suffering. Legalizing the recreational use of marijuana was a ballot issue rejected by Ohioans in 2015. It should be put on the ballot again for the people to decide whether they support legalization at this time. If such a ballot measure passes, I make sure to implement the voters’ will. As legal recreational marijuana is fairly new to the United States, there are few long-term studies of its public health impact. I support research to examine the effects of recreational marijuana in other states.
We offer a comprehensive approach to jump-start Ohio’s economy, including workforce development, renewable energy, eliminating the opiate crisis, and building a closer state-local spirit of partnership. However, we especially need to support small businesses in every way possible. Since 2014, 6 of Ohio's 7 major economic areas have posted job growth that was below the national average, with Youngstown and Akron posting net job losses. Ohio has fewer jobs today than it had in 2001. Small businesses rooted in local communities often create quality jobs that stand the test of time. It is well known that they produce 2 out of 3 new jobs created in this country. Nurtured with appropriate resources and support, small businesses foster sustainable economic growth and innovation in communities across Ohio. In addition, Republican tax policies have been fundamentally unfair – benefiting those least in need and shifting more burden to working-class and middle-class Ohioans.
Republicans have failed to respond effectively to this epidemic that is ravaging our families and our communities; it now kills about 14 Ohioans every day and costs as much as $8.8 billion each year. I have proposed a comprehensive plan to address this crisis at As Governor, I will start to address this epidemic by taking the following steps: 1) immediately declare a “state of emergency” requiring the strategic coordination of federal, state, and local government resources and community-based efforts; 2) protect Medicaid expansion, which supports treatment, and increase local capacity for local enforcement and first responders; 3) expand access and funding for prevention and treatment; 4) provide support and resources for families and improve foster and adoptive services; and 5) lift families and communities out of hopelessness and economic despair with policies that spread out economic opportunity so that no part of Ohio is left out or left behind.
Yes, as Governor I will continue the Medicaid expansion. Betty and I have proposed a comprehensive plan to ensure accessible and affordable health care for all Ohioans. Our plan has six key elements: 1) protect the Medicaid expansion to keep our health care, which is crucial in providing coverage for families, reducing infant mortality, and battling opiate addiction; 2) improve the exchanges to provide more choice, reduce costs, and ensure access across the state—this will help limit closures of local hospitals and clinics that create community health care vacuums; 3) expand children’s health insurance coverage; 4) tackle our opiate addiction crisis, which is ravaging our communities; 5) focus resources for women and children, after the State Legislature has pursued a narrow ideological agenda that has hurt women’s health programs and undermined children’s health for many years; and 6) invest in Ohio's health care industry, which is one of our strongest areas of job growth.
Campaign Phone (614) 395-0482
Age 72
City/town Cedarville, OH
Education/Degrees Miami University, 1969, Bachelor of Science in Education (Social Studies) and Ohio Northern University Claude W. Pettit College of Law, 1972, Juris Doctorate
Community Involvement Member, St. Paul Catholic Church, Yellow Springs, OH; Member, Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH; Member and past officer, Greene County Historical Society, Xenia, OH; Member, Glen Helen Association, Yellow Springs, OH; Member, Tecumseh Land Trust, Yellow Springs OH; Member, Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame; Member, Major League Baseball Hall of Fame; Member, Ohio State Bar Association; Honorary Member of the Greene County Bar Association; Member, National Attorneys General Association; Member, Republican Attorneys General Association.
Endorsements 48 Ohio County Sheriffs; 40 Ohio County Prosecutors; 63 County Commissioners; 61 State Legislators; 25 County Republican Parties; 51 County Republican Party Chairs; and 35 Mayors. The campaign also has received the following endorsements from statewide organizations: Ohio Republican Party; Buckeye Firearms Association; Ohio Right to Life; Ohio Value Voters; Ohio Black Republicans Association; Ohio Restaurant Association; and the Associated Builders and Contractors of Ohio
Campaign Message Faith, family, and freedom have always been my guiding principles. Throughout my career, I have done all that I can to protect Ohioans, children, and the most vulnerable in our society. I am a conservative with a 100% pro-life record of action and am strongly committed to protecting the sanctity of life. I believe in low and predictable taxes and fewer government regulations. This helps to create a business climate in the state where business can thrive and invest back into our communities. I have seen how government works at all levels, having served at the county, state, and federal levels. I’m a fighter and a problem-solver and decided early on in my career that I wanted to get things done. Public service is not a job to me -- it is a mission -- a mission to protect Ohio families. Most recently as Ohio Attorney General, I have taken on some of our state’s biggest challenges. I didn’t run from them -- I tackled our problems head-on and will continue to do that as Governor.
No. I support the 2nd Amendment, which guarantees the right to bear arms. At the same time, our kids and teachers need to be safe in our schools. I have a plan to do the following. First, we will make sure there is a mental health person in every school so that kids don’t harm themselves or others. Second, we will enhance background checks to keep guns out of the hands of the bad guys. And third, we will make sure that every school has either a school resource officer, administrator, or teacher who is properly trained who can provide protection until law enforcement arrives.
I believe that life begins at conception and that we have a moral obligation to respect life from conception until natural death. I am the only candidate running for Governor, either Republican or Democrat, who has a record of action on protecting the sanctity of human life. When I was in the U.S. Senate, I wrote the Unborn Victims of Violence Act and fought on the Senate Floor to ban the brutal partial-birth abortion procedure. And, I successfully fought repeatedly against the use of federal tax-payer dollars to fund abortions for federal employees. As Attorney General, my office investigated Planned Parenthood and discovered that they were dumping aborted fetuses into landfills. That is simply abhorrent. And now, the legislature is taking steps to change that. My wife Fran and I received the “Defenders of Life Award” from Dayton Right to Life, and Ohio Right to Life has endorsed my candidacy for Governor. I am proud of my 100% pro-life voting record and stand strongly by it.
No. We have a drug abuse epidemic in Ohio, and the solution for that is not to legalize more drugs. When Ohio was debating recreational marijuana, I went to Colorado, where marijuana is legal, and met with business, government, and law enforcement leaders there. They told me about the increasing amount of marijuana in schools, children beginning to use the drug at a younger age, and increases in fatal crashes where the driver tested positive for marijuana. I have no reason to believe that if recreational marijuana were legalized in Ohio that the results would be any different.
In the DeWine-Husted Administration, we will work to establish Ohio as the best place in the nation to obtain 21st Century job skills and ensure that every high school graduate is either college- or career ready. We will also support a jobs-friendly regulatory environment and maintain a low and predictable tax structure that gets government out of the way of economic growth. We will have many opportunities in the years to come to establish Ohio as the best place, not only to live and raise a family, but also to start a business. In my administration, we will make strategic investments that make Ohio an even better place for technology and for entrepreneurs so we attract new types of businesses to the state. We will also lay the groundwork to ensure that our education system is able to prepare students for in-demand jobs here at home so that our young people see opportunity right around the corner from their high school diplomas.
I have a 12-point action plan that includes K-12 prevention education in every school, more drug courts, more resources for law enforcement, and incentives to get the business community involved to help people in recovery get back to work and on with their lives. Additionally, I am very proud of what we have already done in the Attorney General’s office. We have shut down pill mills, putting crooked doctors in jail and taking away licenses from over 100 doctors and pharmacists. We sued the drug companies who played a huge role in creating this epidemic. We started a heroin unit with dedicated and compassionate people who have worked with every county in Ohio to activate local government, the faith-based community, and businesses to fight back against this epidemic. And, we have cracked down on the Mexican drug cartels by seizing $155 million worth of drugs, 1,200 illegal guns, $30 million in cash, and enough fentanyl and heroin to kill every man, woman, and child in Ohio 3.5 times!
The two major challenges facing our healthcare system in Ohio are the opioid crisis and the need to reduce costs, while assuring healthcare access to those most in need. As we re-assess our healthcare system, we need Ohio solutions for Ohio problems. We need to take a new look at the expanded Medicaid program to assure it is affordable and available for those who need it most, including poor children and seniors. Medicaid expansion, as structured today, is not sustainable, and we need to come up with a solution that works specifically for Ohio. The Trump Administration is giving waivers to re-do it, and as Governor, I plan to seek one to design our own program. In that re-design, there will be a work requirement, and we will put a focus on wellness and prevention and getting those addicted to drugs into treatment.
Campaign Phone (614) 307-9783
Age 39
City/town Columbus
Education/Degrees Bachlor of Arts from Ohio State University in Philosophy and Womans Studies, and a JD from the Pennsylvania State University Dickinson School of Law
Community Involvement Board member of the Columbus Free Press, Board member of The Clintonville Community Market, court appointed attorney representing low income defendents, activist who also represents activist defendants in court proceedings, avid cycler
Endorsements ISO Columbus, + rating from Mom's Demand Action, The Ohio Green Party
Campaign Message Constance and the Green Party offer the voters of Ohio an independent, unbought voice of the people! The Green Party is the last remaining minor political party in the state of Ohio, and we only need one third of the vote to come out victorious in November! Come join the Green Revolution!
We are in favor of assault weapons bans, a ban on high capacity magazines, and bump stocks. We are opposed to arming teachers. We are in favor of universal background checks and want to ensure an effective background check system. We are opposed to the militarization of the police and we stand against the prison industrial complex. We support gun buy back programs to get guns off the street and neighborhood safety programs run by community members.
We are in favor of access to reproductive health care services for all people, including abortion access and transgender reproductive health care services, contraceptive, and sexual health care screenings. We support funding efforts to reduce infant mortality and new mother mortality. We want comprehensive reproductive health care including contraception, pre-natal care and child birth, to be funded through a universal health care system. We are opposed to forced sterilization and eugenics and are sensitive to the fact that the disabled and minorites have historically been subject to eugenics practices. We believe in the self determination of women, minorities and the disabled as well as reproductive health care for all.
We support the full legalization and decriminalization of marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes as well as full legalization of industrial hemp production in Ohio. We also support the release from prison and the expungement of all criminal records for non-violent drug offenders.
We would support investing state funds in the local economy by investing in small local green businesses including green co-ops and manufacturing. The state legislature has diverted significant funds away from local governments and into the state coffers in order to balance the state budget, with disasterous effects on local governments ability to plan economic development projects within their communities.
We would support treating opioid and all other forms of adddiction as a public health issue as opposed to a criminal justice issue, and we would support enacting universal health care in order to provide medical treatment for all addicts to recover from their illnesses.
We would keep medicaid expansion but we support and would work towards universal healthcare for all, either at the state or federal level. We are of the position that healthcare is a human right and that our laws should reflect this reality.
Campaign Phone (859) 393-7709
Age 35
City/town Bexley, Ohio
Education/Degrees Bexley H.S. (Valedictorian) '02, Ohio University (B.S.) '06, Columbia University (M.S.) '12
Community Involvement Candidate for Mayor of Bexley 2007, Candidate for 12th Congressional District 2010
Endorsements Charlie Earl (former State Representative)
Campaign Message Tax and Regulatory Reform, Criminal Justice Reform, Legalize Marijuana
No. Millions of law-abiding citizens own various types of firearms, including so-called "assault-style" weapons. If a few people abuse the right to possess a firearm, this is still no excuse to revoke that right. We didn't ban planes after 9/11, we didn't ban moving trucks after Oklahoma City and we shouldn't ban firearms. I'm no fan of the NRA and their corrupt lobbying efforts, but at the end of the day they are correct -- only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun. Unlike Mike DeWine or Rich Cordray, I will work with Republicans in the state legislature to protect the second amendment and nullify any unconstitutional gun laws implemented by John Kasich.
No. There are medical conditions that can require abortion to save the life of a woman, such as an ectopic pregnancy, and this should not be infringed. Furthermore, SCOTUS and the federal government have created rigid legal lines in the sand on this issue and attempts to go outside of these lines will only lead to costly federal lawsuits and the action eventually being overturned. Ohioans should focus on what can be done to reduce unwanted/unexpected pregnancies by allowing for more age-appropriate sex education and removing artificial barriers to birth control.
Yes, for multiple reasons. First of all, it is the best way to reduce the opioid crisis, a key problem facing Ohio. Several studies show that legalized marijuana can help reduce opioid usage by addicts and the opioid deaths in states that allow for legal marijuana are reduced by 25 percent. Secondly, a 2015 Quinnipiac Poll shows support from 52 percent of Ohioans on this issue, so clearly this policy's time has come. Furthermore, the legislature and bureaucracy of the state have shown they are incapable of managing a medical-only program, as roll-out has been delayed while people suffer. And the recent declaration of CBD (a non-intoxicating portion which helps some seizure patients) to be illegal in Ohio is completely ridiculous. Legalizing marijuana will significantly reduce costs to policing, courts and incarceration, leaving resources available to deal with actual criminals who do real harm to other people, not non-violent drug offenders.
We need to cut unnecessary and over-burdensome regulations and taxes on small businesses, eliminate policies which favor big businesses over small businesses and reduce occupational licensing. Taxes can be lowered for all Ohioans by reducing the size of our state government. If we want small businesses to flourish in Ohio, our citizens must have the ability to spend that money on businesses in Ohio. We also must make JobsOhio transparent so we can see which "winners and losers" Kasich's cronies have been picking to run our economy -- if it is found to be ineffective and inefficient, we must eliminate it entirely.
Once again, it is imperative to fast track our medical marijuana program and eventually fully legalize marijuana. It is the one single action that would have the greatest impact to save money and lives, which several studies back up. As a millennial who knows people who have died from this crisis, I know that we cannot just spend more taxpayer dollars on enforcement and incarceration -- we must unleash the medicinal power of marijuana and use the tax revenues to invest in treatment and rehabilitation because this is a health problem, not a criminal problem.
I would work with Republicans in the state legislature to roll back Kasich's costly and corrupt Medicaid expansion program, because Ohioans can simply not afford it. PBMs are taking millions of taxpayer dollars as middlemen and CVS lobbyists have made it so they get exclusive contracts and charge five to six times more than the market-value for prescriptions. But we also cannot simply cut-off the program or else some people will be hurt. I will only sign legislation that will reduce "minimum coverage" requirements in state law, opening the market to additional insurers, and making it possible to have a la carte programs, catastrophic-only and other custom-made plans across state lines. We can also permit cross-boundary purchases of prescription drugs to increase competition. These two items will help drive down the costs of healthcare, because as the markets increase, the costs will decrease.
If you need any help as a candidate, please email Carl Weiser at