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Campaign Phone (330) 572-9762
Age 40
City/town Kent, Ohio
Education/Degrees BA from Wesleyan University JD from The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law
Community Involvement Currently serving fourth term in the Ohio House of Representatives. Served as an election official with the Franklin County Board of Elections. Served as a law clerk for the Ohio Secretary of State and the Ohio Senate.
Endorsements Equality Cincinnati Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio Sierra Club Ohio Chapter Cincinnati Building & Construction Trades United Food & Commercial Workers Local 75 Ohio AFL-CIO Ohio Education Association Ohio Federation of Teachers AFSCME/Ohio Civil Service Employees Association (Council 8) AFSCME/Ohio Association of Public School Employees (OAPSE) AFSCME/Ohio Civil Service Employees Association (OCSEA) Service Employees International Union Local 1199
Campaign Message Because no matter who you are or where you live, I will put the people of Ohio first by bringing real accountability and transparency to my office and securing and modernizing our elections so that every Ohioan’s vote counts and every Ohioan’s voice is heard.
Right now, the levers of accountability in Columbus are broken. From secret special interest money to the FBI investigating corruption in our Statehouse, everyday Ohioans feel as though partisan politicians have rigged the system against them. This isn't right, and voters are ready for a new kind of leadership that puts people first.

I am running because I am deeply committed to improving the lives of everyday Ohioans, and I believe that's by improving our elections, returning political accountability and bringing needed transparency and non-partisanship to the Secretary of State’s office.

I’m uniquely qualified for this position, having studied at the nation’s preeminent election law center at the Ohio State University, working in the Secretary of State’s office, serving as an election official and working the last eight years in the statehouse on legislation to improve our elections and fight back against partisan restrictions on our fundamental right to vote.

I have a proven track-record of working across the aisle to get things done, working with Governor Kasich to expand Medicaid and with my Republican counterpart in the Senate to help small businesses in my district. I’ve been a tireless advocate for women, voters and working people throughout my time in public service, standing with working families during Senate Bill 5 and fighting for Ohio voters through more than a dozen attacks on our fundamental right to vote.

I’m the only candidate with comprehensive plans to make our redistricting process fair and transparent, boost our elections cybersecurity, ban secret money from special interests in our elections and end our outdated, discriminatory purge of infrequent voters.

I’m the only candidate that voted against partisan gerrymandering and more than a dozen voting restrictions in recent years. Ohioans want new leadership, someone who will modernize the office and work together to bring commonsense, non-partisan, people first ideas
One instance of fraud is too many, but I agree with our current secretary of state who said that fraud is extremely rare in Ohio. The president’s now-defunct voter fraud commission started on unfounded, extremist conspiracy theories that secretaries of state across the country, both Republicans and Democrats, debunked. While my opponent praised the creation of the committee, I was opposed to it from day one, saying that we should not be sending sensitive, personal data of Ohio voters to a national database. As the chief elections official, it’s our job to protect not only the integrity of our elections, but the interests and information of our voters. Sharing their information would have been a breach of that trust.
Campaign Phone (330) 349-2764
Age 40
City/town Hudson, Ohio
Education/Degrees Graduated from Copley High School in Summit County and earned a bachelors degree in consumer affairs and a minor in business administration from The Ohio State University.
Community Involvement Currently on the board of directors for the Ohio History Connection (formerly known as the Ohio Historical Society), Jr. Vice Commander of the Fairlawn VFW, and Executive board for the Great Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America.
Endorsements Ohio Republican Party
As a soldier, I fought to ensure free elections and secure voting locations in some of the world’s most dangerous places, some that had never had free democratic elections before. When I took the oath to defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, I considered that to be a lifetime commitment. After serving in the Army, I continued my public service in the Ohio Senate and have focused much of my legislative efforts on pro-business and pro-voter issues. The office of Ohio Secretary of State serves a vital role in preserving our democracy by presiding over safe, secure and fair elections in our state. I am running to ensure we keep this process fair and accessible to all voters. Additionally, the office of Secretary of State is the front door to all new Ohio businesses. It’s of the utmost importance that we have a battle-tested leader who will encourage entrepreneurship in our state and make sure our job creators are not bogged down by government red tape.
I will bring a unique level of experience and a demonstrated commitment to public service as Ohio Secretary of State. I understand the challenges military and overseas voters face in our elections. I have championed legislation to modernize our elections and help make them more accessible, and more secure for voters. Legislation I authored now gives Ohioans the option to fill out their voter registration on the Secretary of State’s secure website. Also, I introduced a bill last year that will secure $114.5 million in funding for county BOEs to purchase new voting machines. Along with my legislative record and understanding of the issues the Secretary of State’s office manages, I’ve endeavored to conduct my public business in a civil and statesmanlike way. Ohioans don’t want an activist in the office of Secretary of State, they want a sensible public servant who will faithfully administer the various responsibilities of the office and conduct fair, accessible elections for all Ohioans.
One instance of voter fraud is one too many. But overstating the existence of fraud undermines the faith Ohioans have in our elections and corrodes the trust we have in our elections officials and poll workers who strive to assure that our elections are safe, fair and accurate. We must ensure the integrity of our elections is not breached by taking every precaution we can, including strengthening our cyber security, maintaining accurate voter rolls and supporting BOEs with modern equipment and training. Studying elections at the national level and offering suggestions for states to implement can be helpful. Past administrations have done this yielding good results, but conducting elections is a state responsibility. Ohio has some publicly available voter information on the Secretary of State’s website. These are public records which have and will remain available. I would not support the release of Ohioans’ personal sensitive data to the federal government under this scenario though.
Campaign Phone (740) 816-9805
Age 24
YouTube N/A
City/town Delaware
Education/Degrees Graduate of Rutherford B. Hayes High School
Community Involvement Delaware Steering Committee
I'm running to bring a balanced and independent voice to the office of Secretary of State. Ohio has had Secretaries of State who have played partisan politics with the office for far too long.
I am the best candidate because I bring a truly independent voice to the table. I am beholden to no Party bosses and no special interests. My special interests are the interests of Ohio voters. Since the Secretary of State sits on the Redistricting Committee, I would also put an end to partisan gerrymandering by helping draw truly fair districts. As someone who has petitioned extensively and studied Ohio Revised Code inside and out I believe I bring a unique perspective into this race. One of the common citizen.
No I do not avree the voter fraud is rampant and widespread, however this does not mean we should not be conducting regular audits after votes. We should constantly be looking for ways to make voting easier and more secure.
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