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    Sherrod Brown

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    Jim Renacci

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What grade would you give President Trump so far?

Do you support Trump's plan to build a wall on the US-Mexican border?

Do you support Trump's plans for higher tariffs on certain imports?

Should Congress repeal the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare?

Do you support the 2018 Republican tax law?

Campaign Phone (614) 221-6563
Age 66
YouTube n/a
City/town Cleveland, Ohio
Education/Degrees Masters from The Ohio State University, BA from Yale
Community Involvement “In this job, I do my best to hold roundtables with community leaders and community groups across the state -- whether its to discuss local efforts to curb addiction, develop ideas for new investment in the area, or talk about how we can improve the lives of working families in Ohio."
Endorsements Ohio Ohio Education Association, Ohio AFL-CIO, Summit County Progressive Democrats, Franklin County Democratic Party, Cleveland Stonewall Democrats, Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus, Ohio Federation of Teachers, Ohio IUE Retirees, UAW Region 2B Retirees, Ohio Alliance for Retired Americans National End Citizens United, United Auto Workers, Human Rights Campaign, Believe in Service, League of Conservation Voters, Natural Resources Defense Council, AFSCME Retirees, CWA Retirees, USW SOAR, AFL-CIO National Alliance for Retired Americans, United Mine Workers of America, SEIU District 1199, Political Revolution
Campaign Message “I’m fighting to make sure every single Ohioan has the opportunity to succeed -- from the nurse in Cincinnati or the barber in Cleveland, to the waitress in New Philadelphia or the business owner in Sandusky. My campaign is about the work we are doing across our state to improve the lives of working families.”
“From day one of this Administration, I've been clear -- I will work with President Trump when it's right for Ohio, and I'll fight like hell when he's wrong. So far, I've worked with President Trump and his team to usher in a better trade policy for Ohio workers. Working with trade ambassador, Ohioan Bob Lighthizer, I've pushed the Administration to renegotiate NAFTA to put workers first, and to hold China accountable for its pattern of cheating that has hollowed out our steel industry. I’ve offered to work with the President to put Americans to work rebuilding our infrastructure, like the Brent Spence Bridge. At the same time, I've spoken out when the Administration has taken steps that would hurt Ohioans. I joined my colleague Senator Portman to stop attempts to gut the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which would have jeopardized jobs and Ohioans' water. I spoke out when the Administration proposed eliminating the Appalachian Regional Commission, a vital resource for Ohio.”
"I support efforts to secure our border to keep Americans safe -- but we've learned that you do that with technology and other resources, not by building a wall. Securing the border is important to our ongoing efforts to stem the tide of addiction in Ohio, which is why I'm glad President Trump signed my bill, the INTERDICT Act, into law to help our customs agents intercept drugs at the border before they can enter the country."

"Communities across our state have seen the devastation decades of bad trade deals and lax enforcement of our trade laws have caused. These tariffs are about finally telling China we won't stand for its continued cheating that's hurt Ohio, particularly our steel industry. But tariffs are just one good tool to enforce trade laws. Now, we need to work toward resetting our trade relationship with China so American workers can compete on a level playing field.”
"Instead of repealing the Affordable Care Act, we should be working to improve and expand it so that every Ohioan has access to quality, affordable healthcare. Under the ACA, we have eliminated lifetime caps and pre-existing conditions, and made it possible for nearly one million previously uninsured Ohioans to get covered, including thousands receiving care under the Medicaid expansion. There is still more work to do, which is why I have introduced legislation to make improvements to the bill. I also have a package of proposals to bring down the cost of prescription drugs so no family has to pick between getting needed medications and putting food on the table or making rent.”
"Rather than investing in workers and companies who do right by their workers, Republicans blew a hole in the deficit to give massive corporations who ship jobs overseas and the wealthiest Americans a nearly $1.5 trillion tax cut. Companies benefiting from this bill are going on a buyback spree and handing out bonuses to executives and shareholders -- all while continuing to offshore profits and send American jobs overseas. That’s just wrong. Tax reform should have been an opportunity to give a tax cut directly to workers and invest in American companies who hire American workers, but instead, this bill rewards the wealthy while further stacking the deck against working Ohioans."
Campaign Phone (330) 336-3001
Age 60
City/town Wadsworth, Ohio
Education/Degrees Indiana University of Pennsylvania Certified Public Accountant
Community Involvement I donate both time and resources to the Catholic Church and have served as an usher for several decades. Additionally, I am proud to say that this April, the Renacci Center at Walsh University will open to help young scholars pursue civic engagement. Finally I am a founding member of the Empowering Cleveland Youth program which helps provide mentoring and education for underserved Cleveland youth.
Endorsements -Ohio Right to Life -Ohio Value Voters -NRA -NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business) -OH CPAs
I agree that the Tax Cuts and the Jobs Act is working to help Ohio's families. I'm proud to say that I was a chief architect of the bill, and will continuing working with my colleagues and the President to ensure that the relief that Americans are feeling become permanent.
Our immigration system is in desperate need of reforms. I will support a merit-based immigration system so we bring in the best and brightest from around the world that have the skills we need to strengthen our country in a 21st Century economy. It’s vital that we uphold our responsibility to our citizens to protect our borders and hold sanctuary cities accountable for failing to cooperate with federal law enforcement officials. We are a nation of laws and it is imperative that they are faithfully and effectively enforced. I support building a US-Mexican border wall.
I support trade that is fair and reciprocal and that protects Ohio workers. We need to make it easier for Ohio businesses to sell products and services overseas. But trade agreements need to be fair and we need to make sure they’re in our best interest. Each trade deal is different and should be evaluated on their merits. And trade deals should never stand indefinitely – they should be reevaluated to make sure they are being followed and that they remain beneficial to American workers and American consumers. I would support re-evaluating South Korea, Panama and Colombia free trade agreements. I also strongly support Trade Adjustment Assistance which provides training and other benefits to any workers who are who might be affected badly by trade.
I support the full repeal and replace of Obamacare. Under Obamacare, Ohioans have seen their premiums increase and their choices for coverage decrease. We must replace Obamacare with common sense policies that take the federal government out of our health care decisions and increase competition within the marketplace.
Yes. I was an architect of the tax cut law.
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