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What grade would you give President Trump so far?

Do you support Trump's plan to build a wall on the US-Mexican border?

Do you support Trump's plans for higher tariffs on certain imports?

Should Congress repeal the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare?

Do you support the 2018 Republican tax law?

Campaign Phone (513) 741-2095
Age 66
City/town Cincinnati, Ohio
Education/Degrees Xavier University, (HAB, Honors Bachelor of Arts, emphasis on Classics)
Community Involvement Founder of Watch the Vote USA, working on honest elections since 1979, worked in pro-life movement since 1972
Endorsements none that I know of
Campaign Message Hand-counted paper ballots before ballots leave public view, honest money (the Dividend), end to "legalized" abortion murder, increase citizen participation in the precinct system, make "false flag" operation like 9-11 known to the public, support Jewish leaders who oppose the "Greater Israel" project of the Netanyahu/Likud Party.
A+ in branding mainstream media outlets, such as the Cincinnati Enquirer, New York Times, ABC, CNN etc. as "fake news" and enemies of the people. It is beyond that - most of the major media are involved in subversion and treason against the USA - A+ on being the only national candidate since the computerized election age beginning in the 1970s to bring up that elections can be rigged by computers and by illegal voters at the street level. A on bringing trillions of $$ back to USA. A+ on initiating tariffs to protect vital US industries; A on exposing man-made Global Warming Hoax; A+ on re-negotiating terrible trade deals. A+ on pro-life stance and appointment of Judges. F on Syria, for pretending that Assad gassed his own people; F on supporting the continuing persecution of the Palestinians by Netanyahu's Israel, and doing nothing about Netanyahu's "endless war" "Greater Israel" project. A on wanting better relations with Russia. A on keeping us out of new wars so far.
Yes. There is a worldwide plan being engineered by the worldwide organized Jewish Shadow Government/Lobby/Crime Syndicate to flood the United States and Europe with third world peoples via legal and illegal immigration to make white people a minority in every country. The wall on the US-Mexican border is one way to stem the flow of this brazen invasion. The only step that would be better in this regard is to fly all the illegal immigrants to modern Israel and give them all a few thousand dollars on the way, subtracted from the $5 billion to $20 billion (per late Congressman Jim Traficant) that US gives to modern Israel.In conjunction with building the wall, the USA should end the fleecing of third world countries, especially in South America and Africa, by the vulture banksters at the IMF and other international money changers so that, in this age of technology, computers, and every escalating inventions, the third world people could start to participate in This Age of Plenty.
Yes. This is necessary for vital industries in the USA for our survival as a sovereign nation. See Patrick Buchanan's book, "The Great Betrayal". Also, the trade deals made by Clinton, Bush, Obama were meant to in effect destroy the old America, and bring our country down as close to possible of a third world country, Trump us trying to correct this despite open and subtle opposition by disgusting swamp things within the Republican Party like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. It goes without saying that the Democratic Party, now controlled at the national level by vicious Trotskyite Communists (same goes for a lot of the Republican Party at the national level) who will oppose anything to make American strong again. As Pat Buchanan said in his 1990s Presidential campaigns, we can have fair trade, but we can't be trade wimps. Tariffs are necessary now to protect our vital industries.
Yes, as it is the seed of socialized medicine, & life and death panels, which both Dictator Lenin & Saul Alinsky (Rules for Radicals) said was necessary for a Communist government, However, while it's imprecise to say that health care is a right, we can now provide health care to everyone as a general rule. To make this possible, money must be issued properly. How to issue money properly and scientifically in This Age of Plenty, see the one page website:, also explained in Louis Even's free online book, "In This Age of Plenty". This would mean a Dividend being issued to every adult in the USA on a monthly basis to make up the gap between goods and services available on the one hand, and money in the pockets of everyday people on the other. Ari Fleischer, W's one time press secretary, and author Charles Murray (Bell Curve), among others, have endorsed something like this monthly dividend. The national dividend is a free enterprise solution, not a socialist solution.
Yes, because it's the best Trump could do with the current Congress. But in many ways it is a band-aid -- as will be everything unless the National Dividend, or Heritage Dividends (or Heritage Payments) are implemented in the USA as explained at the website and the book by Louise Even, "In This Age of Plenty", and by the current works and lectures of Professor M. Oliver Heydorn, Ph.D. This system was originally called "Social Credit" in decades past, and was first put forth by CH Douglas circa 1917-1918. Since "Social Credit" sounds too much like socialism in the USA, we are using such terms as "National Dividend" or "Heritage Dividend". This would mean replacing the secretive Federal Reserve System with a National Monetary Office that would issue money transparently and scientifically - so as to issue money to about equal, as closely as possible, the goods and services available for purchase, - and then distribute money fairly to the citizens via the Dividend.
Campaign Phone (513) 324-5278
Age 42
City/town Philadelphia, PA Washigton, DC Cincinnati, OH
Education/Degrees BA from Ursinus College JD from Temple University
Community Involvement Cincinnatus Association Advisory Board Member of the Duke Energy Center Children's Museum
Endorsements Hamilton County Democratic Party; Richard Crosby, Attorney, Former Candidate for OH-2; John Curp, Attorney, Former Cincinnati City Solicitor; Sedrick Denson, Candidate for Ohio State House District 33; Denise Driehaus, Hamilton County Commissioner; Bonnie Dunkelman, Executive Co-Chair, Hamilton County Democratic Party; Mickey Edwards, Ph.D Candidate, Former Candidate for OH-2; Luke Feeney, Mayor, City of Chillicothe; Christine Fisher, Candidate for Ohio State House District 27; Paul Hackett, Attorney, Former Candidate for OH-2; Timothy Hogan, Candidate for State Central Committee, Former Clermont County Commissioner; Representative Brigid Kelly, Ohio House District 31; Greg Landsman, Council Member, City of Cincinnati; Patricia Lawrence, Candidate for Ohio State House District 65; Brandon Leeth, Council Member, City of Hillsboro; Jessica Miranda, Candidate for Ohio State House District 28; Mike Moroski, Member, Cincinnati School Board; Barbara Myers, Chair, Cincinnati Women’s Political Caucus; Steve Newsome, Treasurer, Hamilton County Democratic Party; Connie Pillich, Former Representative, Ohio State House District 28, Former Candidate, Governor of Ohio; Chris Seelbach, Council Member, City of Cincinnati; Anne Sesler, Co-Chair, Cincinnati Democratic Committee; Yvette Simpson, Attorney, Former Council Member, City of Cincinnati, Former Candidate for Mayor, City of Cincinnati; P.G. Sittenfeld, Council Member, City of Cincinnati; Margy Waller, Consultant, Arts and Community Development, Former Senior White House Advisor; James Wolf, Mayor, City of Mt. Healthy, Candidate, Hamilton County Commissioner; Paul Worley, Former Adams County Commissioner; Wendell Young, Council Member, City of Cincinnati
Campaign Message -Expand access to health care and protect Social Security and Medicare and fight the opioid crisis with funding and comprehensive solutions -Create good-paying jobs that help our community thrive -Fund public schools, advanced skills training and make college affordable
The President was elected because too many Americans felt like they were being left behind. But so far, the President has forgotten the people who got him elected. He has not put forth a plan for the issues he ran on: affordable health care and sustainable jobs. This isn’t about giving someone a grade. It’s about trying to provide the opportunities people need to take care of their families.
The wall is code for an idea that people from other countries are sneaking into our country and taking our jobs. But that’s not happening. Illegal immigration is at one of its lowest points in years. We need an integrated plan to protect our boarders. We need to need to simplify and demystify our regulations and treat the immigrants who are here fairly. We need to create a path to citizenship for DACA recipients who were brought here as children, and already contribute to our society. And we need to create opportunities for good, sustaining jobs for every American who wants one.
I support negotiating good trade agreements, not triggering trade wars. Americans pay the price when we go one-on-one with other countries or make decisions on a whim. The best way to help our manufacturers and service businesses compete in a global economy is to join with our allies and create collations that attack unfair trade practices.
No. When the ACA was passed it included flaws, which need to be fixed. But its goal remains the same: give everyone quality, affordable health care. By gutting the funding behind the ACA, Republicans have risked the security of millions of Americans who are covered right now, but may not be when the changes kick in next year. I will work hard to make sure we fix the flaws and bring lower costs to everyone in the system.
Tax cuts should go to people who most need them most: hard working American. The additional $60 per month going to most Americans is significant, but it’s already set to expire. And it won’t make a dent in their increased health care costs. At the end of the day tax policy is a reflection of values. The 2018 law shows that Republicans value those who they gave huge, permanent tax cuts: the ultra rich and big corporations.
Campaign Phone (513) 279-2723
City/town Mt. Lookout
Education/Degrees St. Xavier High School, University of Cincinnati (BA), Rosalind Franklin University (BS, DPM), Colonel, U.S. Army Reserve
Community Involvement Boys Hope/Girls Hope, Greater Cincinnati Right to Life, Pregnancy Center East, Healthy Beginnings, Boys Town/Girls Town, NRA, Archbishop’s Relief Fund, St. Xavier High School, University of Cincinnati, Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine Alumni, Maryknoll Missionaries, CDKL 5 Research, Freestore Foodbank, Caracole, MLK Jr. Memorial, The Thank You Foundation, Disabled American Veterans, Operation International Children, Whole in my Heart, Yellow Ribbon Support Center, NAACP, USO, Catholic Inner City Schools Education Fund, Paul Lammermeier Foundation, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation, Arthritis Foundation, Melanoma Know More, Bethany House, Mt. Aloysius Home for Special and Mentally Handicapped Men, Fisher House, Joseph House, Queen City Foundation, Nick Erdy Foundation, Rosalind Franklin University, Matthew 25 Ministries, Lindner Center of Hope, Habitat for Humanity, Wounded Warrior Project, Veteran Discretionary Fund, Ann’s Choice benevolent Fund, Pregnancy Care Center of Cincinnati, Fallen Heroes of Clermont County, UCATS, Bayley Place, Friar’s Club, March of Dimes, Leukemia/Lymphoma Society, Achdiocese of Cincinnati, St. Mary Church-Cincinnati, Friends of Columbia Tusculum, Ruah Woods, St. Benignus Church-Greenfield, St. Mary Church-Hillsboro, Catholic Campus Ministry, Catholic Charities, Easter Seals Advocacy Awards, Life Forward, Ruah Woods, and Pregnancy Center West, A Caring Place, Warbird Museum, Our Lady of the Woods, Cross Catholic Outreach, St. Vincent DePaul Society, National Association of Uniformed Services, American Legion, MS Society, World Orphans, Royalmount Academy, Sacred Heart Radio, Sons of Italy Scholarship, OAK University, Morning Star Baptist Church Christmas Gifts, Christ the King Church-Cincinnati, Jesuit Spiritual Center, Omicron Delta Kappa, Birth Choice, Goodwill, Anthony Munoz Foundation, St. Rose Church-Cincinnati
Endorsements Adams County Republican Party, Brown County Republican Party, Clermont County Republican Party, Highland County Republican Party, Pike County Republican Party, Scioto County Republican Party, Cincinnati Right to Life Political Action Committee, Ohio State Medical Association Political Action Committee, Fraternal Order of Police – Queen City Lodge 69, Cincinnati Firefighters Local 48, Ohio Right to Life PAC, “Friend of Agriculture” by the Ohio Farm Bureau, NAW – National Association of Wholesaler Distributors, Campaign for Working Families
Campaign Message God, Family, Country
A-. Without a doubt, President Trump has his own unique style; his policies overall have had many positive results for the average hard-working Americans in our district: smaller government, reigning in government regulations, creating an atmosphere for job creation and economic growth, and ensuring our national security through a strong military that can defend our interests both here and abroad.
Whether we have a physical wall or technologically enhanced border security, we need to know who and what enters our country. Not just on our southern border, but at all our ports of entry as well. Without it, we cannot achieve a legal immigration system that works, counter the flow of illegal drugs, provide for national security, and manage global health epidemics. We have passed into law legislation which includes the largest increase for border security technologies and infrastructure improvement in more than a decade. It also ensures our borders are protected by providing the resources our Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents need to enforce our laws.
Tariffs are taxes. The increased cost gets passed on to American companies and consumers. Unfortunately, certain countries are taking advantage of the free market economy the United States has championed over the last century. These countries are stealing American intellectual property, prohibiting fair competition for American companies, and manipulating their rules of law to the benefit of their domestic companies. Targeted, short-term actions to force these countries to abide by the norms of the free market can be effective in protecting our economic interests in the long run, to allow American companies a fairer global playing field.
Our goal must be to provide Americans the health care quality they want, availability they deserve, and affordability they need. There is more work to do as we focus on patient centered solutions and the health of our citizens. I voted for a bill to jumpstart the process but the Senate failed to concur. Our tax relief plan finally repealed the individual mandate or health insurance tax. President Trump signed an executive order intended to increase healthcare choices for millions of Americans and allow some employers to join together across state lines to offer coverage. These include mandatory coverage for 10 essential health benefits such as maternity and newborn care, prescription drugs and mental health treatment. Especially here in Ohio, where many counties have limited options on the ACA exchange, we are working toward real, comprehensive and patient-centered reform while also protecting those with pre-existing conditions.
Yes. One of our greatest achievements in 2017 was finally enacting historic tax relief for America. This was a huge step toward reducing the tax burden on American families and businesses, boosting our already strong economy, creating more and better jobs, and increasing Americans’ take-home pay. The job opportunities are lifting many Americans out of poverty. Revenues to the government are up, enhancing the resources to our government including to Social Security and Medicare.The tax code hadn’t been reformed since 1986 and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provides pro-growth, 21st century tax reform for the country and relief of American families and jobs creators. Our legislation doubles the standard deduction, increases the child tax credit, and delivers the lowest tax rates in modern history for American employers of all sizes so they can invest more money in doing what they do best: creating jobs; and makes our domestic businesses more competitive in the global economy.
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