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    Christine Fisher

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Campaign Phone (513) 502-2685
Age 36
YouTube Vote Fisher
City/town Mt. Lookout
Education/Degrees Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering from Queen’s University.
Community Involvement Preschool Promise Board Cincinnati Public Schools Audit Committee Temple Shalom Finance Committee
Endorsements Emily's List Run For Something Launch Progress 314 Action Hamilton County Democratic Party Sierra Club Free Thought Equality PAC Cincinnati AAA Planned Parenthood Matriots NASW Cincinnati Women's Political Caucus Equality Cincinnati BAT Ohio AFL-CIO Ohio Educators Association Ohio Federation of Teachers Cincinnati Federation of Teachers IBEW Local 212 LiUNA Local 265 Cincinnati Building Trades AFSME OAPSE AFSME Local 8 AFSME OCSEA Ironworkers UFCW Teamsters Leap Forward Moms Demand Action
Campaign Message With over a decade experience as a finance manager and as a mother of two, Christine recognizes that It’s Time to Act to bring real solutions for the community.
In college I was elected student body president, which was an amazing introduction to politics. I represented 15,000 of students to government at all levels. I then chose to spend the first part of my career in business; building skills and a different perspective while working at Procter & Gamble for 13 years. I recently became more involved in public service again sitting on the Cincinnati Public Schools Audit Committee and Preschool Promise Board. Now, with the current state of affairs and not feeling well represented by my elected officials, I knew it was time for me to act. Looking at the fiscal irresponsibility that has taken over Columbus, listening to the folks who are talking about putting guns in my son's preschool, seeing the impact that these decisions have on the families in my district, inspired me to dive back into politics and pushed me to run for office to take my fresh perspective to the Statehouse.
The experience I gained at Procter and Gamble prepared me to think creatively to find solutions for real problems and tested my ability to apply them. One of the biggest issues local communities are facing is the shift of tax burden down to property owners. The State is trying to balance its budget by cutting spending to local government funds & schools. This has meant that local taxes- especially property taxes- have gone up significantly. I spent 13 years at P&G managing multi-billion dollar contracts and budgets. That experience has given me the knowledge and perspective necessary to bring real change to this long standing problem and lead the State to a balanced budget.
There are several areas in which the State has fallen short in the last years - Education and Opioid Crisis are two of the most critical. Ohio's education ranking has dropped significantly (from 5th to 22nd) and it's time to reinvest in public education. It's also time to make serious strides in combating the opioid epidemic. This has to include expanding existing and creating new treatment options. We need to learn about best practices across the Country and reapply locally. We need to expand mental health and addiction services and treat the crisis as a true health crisis.
I strongly support Governor Kasich's expansion of Medicaid. We have to protect Medicaid expansion that covers more than 800,000 Ohioans. We also need to protect the thousands of vulnerable Ohioans who live with pre-existing conditions and need fair access to quality healthcare.
Ohio has some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the Country. We need to stop legislating women's bodies and trust women and doctors to make healthcare decisions for themselves. If the goal is to reduce abortions in Ohio, the focus needs to be on including comprehensive sex education in our schools, providing easy and affordable access to birth control, and increasing support for families with parental leave and affordable child care.
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