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    Jonathan Dever

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    Jessica E. Miranda

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What services, if any, should Ohio government consider adding or cutting?

Do you support or oppose repealing Gov. Kasich’s expansion of Medicaid. Why?

Are Ohio’s abortion laws too restricting or too lax? Why?

Campaign Phone (513) 342-5872
Age 46
City/town Madeira, OH
Education/Degrees Bachelor of Arts in Political Science - University of Cincinnati; Masters Degree in Industrial Labor Relations - Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Juris Doctorate - Capital University
Community Involvement Former Board Member - Council on Aging of Southwest Ohio
Campaign Message Jonathan Dever has a history of working across the political aisle to deliver meaningful results for our community and will continue to do so.
I am running for a third term as state representative to build upon the positive progress we've made as a state over the past several years. Ohio is on a great path forward. I have a history of delivering results for our district and southwest Ohio, but there is still work to be done.
As a small business owner and attorney, I have a deep understanding of how the law wrks and the impact laws have on our communities, families, and small businesses. During my time as state representative, I have focused my legislative efforts on ensuring our public schools receive needed resources, combating the opioid epidemic, and bringing accountability and transparency to state government. I have a proven history of working across the aisle to deliver meaningful results.
A top priority must be maintaining a balanced and fiscally sound budget for our state. In order to do this there are often difficult decisions that need to be made. However, before services should be added or cut, we must eliminate unnecessary waste, find efficiencies, and modernize functions within government.
An overnight repeal of Medicaid expansion is unrealistic. However, taking action to battle fraud, waste, and abuse has remained a priority to help make programs like Medicaid more efficient and save taxpayer dollars.
I believe in the preservation of innocent life.
Campaign Phone (513) 266-3937
Age 32
YouTube NA
City/town Forest Park, OH
Education/Degrees Talawanda High School
Community Involvement I currently serve as the President of the Board of Education for the Winton Woods City School District. This is an elected position in which I have served since 2014. I am a Board Member for the Forest Park Chamber of Commerce. As well as a Commissioner for the Forest Park Economic Development Commission. Additionally I am a board member of the Latino Coalition of Southwest Ohio.
Endorsements The Hamilton County Democratic Party has endorsed my candidacy. I am the only endorsed Democrat in this race. I have been endorsed by Emily’s List. I have been endorsed by the Matriots Pac. I have been endorsed by The LaunchProgress PAC for a full list of endorsements please visit my website.
Campaign Message Building wealth for our families.
I am running because our current representative is out of touch with our district. The residents of the 28th district deserve a fighter for working families, and someone who knows that education is the key to building wealth for our communities. I have fought for quality education as the President of the Winton Woods School District, and I will strive every day to make sure that our public schools throughout Ohio are fully funded.

Additionally I am running to protect access to healthcare for all. I know firsthand that women must be trusted to make their own healthcare decisions. I will also fight for strengthening our environmental protections. Finally I will lift up and cherish our LGTB brothers and sisters and demand that they receive equal legal protection.
My firsthand experience with education puts me at a unique advantage in this race. I can speak authoritatively on how budget cuts from the Statehouse have hurt our children throughout the district. I will be a leading player in examining the corrupt deals made with the Republican legislature and the for-profit “ECOT” charter schools. I bring a unique voice that has both governmental and small business experience.

I have experience balancing a budget while at the same time investing in what is most important for my family and community. I will take this approach with me to the Statehouse.
I support reviewing and changing the numerous corporate tax giveaways that have been formulated by the State. Studies have shown that these programs do not spur sustainable growth, but rather enrich already wealthy interests. In particular the sweetheart deals between the republican legislature and for-profit charter schools is something that I will be taking a close look at once elected.
I oppose the repeal of the Medicaid expansion. Medicaid is a crucial program that benefits the neediest among us. It helps prevent situations where families must choose between lifesaving medicine and putting food on the table. I reject any efforts to cut down Ohio’s social safety net.
Currently in Ohio there are many unnecessary and unfair restrictions on a women’s right to choose. Extreme elements in the legislature are attempting to pass unconstitutional bans on abortion. As a legislator I will do everything in my power to push against efforts.
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