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    William J. Seitz

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Campaign Phone (513) 379-7285
Age 29
City/town Cincinnati, OH
Education/Degrees Elder High School (2008), University of Cincinnati (2012) Bachelors of Science in Education. Certified to teach Social Studies (7-12) and Special Education (K-12)
Community Involvement Member of: West Price Hill Community Council, West Side Democratic Club, Cincinnati Federation of Teachers, Cincinnati Neighborhood Games (Captain for West Price Hill), and Western Hills Viaduct Coalition.
Endorsements Hamilton County Democratic Party, Moms Demand Action (Gun Sense Candidate), Cincinnati Federation of Teachers,Leap Forward (
Campaign Message A fresh face for a fresh start!
I am passionate about improving Ohio's public schools and making them safer. Ohio's public education ranking has been on the decline since 2010 due to decreased funding and a charter school sector that remains corrupt and full of scandals. As a teacher, school safety is also a top concern of mine. We have entered an age where school shootings have become the norm in our country. It's time to end school shootings once and for all.

Another topic that I am passionate about include making government more accessible for all Ohioans. Many of our elected officials disappear and are not being visible in the communities they represent. Lastly, we must end pay-to-play politics that plague our government. Our elected leaders cannot continue to be bought and paid for by major corporations; they must be accountable to their constituents and their constituents alone.
West Siders are tired of constantly being ignored and neglected. If elected to the Ohio Statehouse, I pledge to put West Siders first instead of corporations and lobbyists. As the 30th District's State Representative, I will fight to find funding for the Western Hills Viaduct, increase funding for our public schools and make them safer, as well as appropriately fund our local governments. I have over five years of experience working in local public schools and have seen that our students deserve better. Additionally, I have performed extensive community service over my life. I have traveled to Haiti, Guatemala, Mexico, and Louisiana to help build homes, work in orphanages, and help those living in poverty. Lastly, I am passionate about making Cincinnati's West Side a better place to live. I will continue to be active in my community and work to make it a better place to live for all West Siders.
In 1997, Ohio's Supreme Court ruled that our state's method of funding public schools is unconstitutional. The method of using property taxes to fund our local education is failing our students and it must be changed. Additionally, we have seen a massive cut in funding to our local governments. Cities like Cincinnati and Cheviot have suffered greatly due to these cuts to our Local Government Funds from the State Legislature. These cuts have caused local governments to pass unpopular levies and take the blame for rising local taxes. It's time for our State Legislature and Governor to HELP local governments instead of hurting them.
The rising costs of Health Care in our country is extremely concerning and negatively effect many Ohio families, including my own. It is clear our current health care system is broken and financially burdens many Ohioans. I support the creation of a Medicaid buy-in option for Ohioans to help alleviate the cost and increase the quality of health care in our state. In the meantime, I would not currently support repealing Medicaid expansion in our state.
Like many West Siders, I was brought up in the Catholic Church and attended Catholic schooling from grades K-12. Moreover, I am a parent of twins who were born in December of 2016. The issue of abortion has weighed on my conscience and I have thought long and hard about this issue. Ultimately, because I am a believer in every American's fundamental right to freedom, some of Ohio's abortion laws do concern me. Specifically, the 24-Hour waiting period as well as Ohio's Minor Law which states minors must have their legal guardian give consent before any abortion can take place. These two laws seem to restrict a woman's freedom to choose defined by the Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade. Personally, I believe every American should have autonomy over their body and am hesitant of government over reach of a woman's freedom over their body.
Campaign Phone (513) 977-8303
Age 64
City/town Cincinnati
Education/Degrees University of Cincinnati, B.A., J.D.
Community Involvement Western Economic Council, Ohio State Bar Foundation, Delhi Historical Society, Cheviot-Westwood Kiwanis Club
Endorsements Ohio Education Association, Cincinnati Right to Life
Campaign Message Conservative. Pragmatic. Principled. Experienced. Just what we need for representing west-siders of the Statehouse.
As House Majority Leader, my role is to mentor younger legislators, help shape our agenda, and negotiate compromises and amendments that facilitate passage of bills. I am running to continue to play that role while of course vigorously representing the constituents in House District 30.
Three reasons: (a) my tireless advocacy on behalf of the communities I serve; (b) my 17+ years of experience in the Ohio General Assembly enables my legislation to pass and become law; (c) in a 2016 Columbus Monthly poll of my peers, the press, legislative staff, and Capital Square insiders, I was selected the smartest, savviest, funniest, most knowledgeable, and second most effective and hardest worker in the entire 132 person General Assembly.
There are important services in need of more funding, included among which are improved road transportation (three lanes on I-71 between Cincinnati and Columbus!); greater funding for opioid treatment and prevention; better funding for the nursing homes that care for our frail elderly; more equitable funding for suburban school districts; and more funding for community-based corrections (which can be funded by reduced prison system expenditures). The State’s employee workforce is some 20,000 persons smaller than it was in 2001, and our last budget made a number of difficult cuts, so I see little room to cut services.
Because the scale of the Medicaid expansion exceeds Ohio’s ability to fiscally sustain it, I favor scaling it back by freezing the currently served expansion population and allowing new participants only for cases of mental illness or addiction, which are two very underserved areas. This was the position for which the Ohio House and Senate voted prior to the Governor’s June 2017 veto.
Ohio has been in the forefront of states attempting to restrict abortion as far as is constitutionally permissible. The numerous bills we have passed proceed from a recognition that abortion is a moral wrong and that there should be no constitutional right to kill a baby except when necessary to save the mother’s life. Once the U.S. Supreme Court finally summons the courage to repeal Roe v. Wade, I will support additional restrictions to end abortion.
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