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    Catherine Ingram

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    Marilyn Tunnat

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Campaign Phone (513) 207-0576
Age 67
City/town Cincinnati
Education/Degrees Undergrad; HBCU Knoxville College, Knoxville, TN BS, University of Cincinnati MBA, UC College of Business
Community Involvement Mt Auburn Community council member, past VP; NEP chair; member, Uptown Consortium planning team, former United Way Committee chair, Girl scouts of Western Oh trustee, audit committee, national delegate, CPS Board of Ed member, Ohio SBA, past trustee, past presidet.; member NAACP: member MTA Chamber of Commerce; NSBA pas exec committee variois committees, National Black Caucus, trustee CUBE; member CWPC, member DST Sorority, Inc; Cincinnati Ambassador for CABR
Endorsements Ohio Education Assn; Ohio Federation of Teachers, CFT; Ohio Society of CPAs; UFCW 75; AFL-CIO Labor Council; Hamilton Co Dems; OAPSE/AFSCME Local 4; AFSCME Council 8; Fraternal Order of Police; CWPC; Planned Parenthood; NARAL; Ohio Society of CPAs; International Union of Operating Engineers; Ohio State Medical Assn PAC; Ohio Legislative Black Caucus; Ohio Teamsters D.R.I.V.E.; Cincinnati Equality PAC; Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors; Ohio Board of Realtors; Ohio SMART Ohio State Legislative Board Transportation Div.; Labor Local 265
Campaign Message This Democracy is about all of us. My purpose is to serve the people. Listen and learn. Learn and do.
I am runnung to continue to be the voice of and for the people. My diverse career attainment and community involvement, allow me to bring a unique perspective to many issues that impact us all. I take pride in the ability to think critically and beyond myself. Our democracy was established to ensure all men are able ro pursue a life of happiness and liberty. I know that that has not always been true for all. A good life for individuals and their families is a non-partisan , non- segregated issue, as we often must be reminded. We must DO.
Many years of professional and civic experience, including some controversy, have allowed me to develop the grit that we want all good leaders to have. My professional credentials and my education attainment have set in place my respect for lifelong learning and the continued acceptance of the perspective of others not like me. I have passed legislation in my first term on a bi-partisan basis and continue to work closely with others on both sides of the aisle. As an educator and a corporate exempt person I am able to use that knowledge as well as my advance education to add value to discussions regarding many issues impacting my constituents on a day to day basis. I make sure that I relay information back to the district and continue to listen to learn. My skill as a critical thinker continues to bode well for the work that needs to be done.
As I have said to Ohio business leaders and government agency leaders for some time, there needs to be a continued review of the alignment of the work of Ohio governmental agencies, departments and personnel. Instead of creating new or allowing old silos to only function for their own purpose, we must align the work and the resources to garner the outcomes as determined by the state's plan and specific goals to be achieved which best benefit all Ohioans.
Governor Kasich chose to do, despite much opposition from his own political party, what was best for the people of Ohio. Expansion of Medicaid is not just about giving something away for free. It is about supporting and strengthening the weakest links in our chain. That chain being the expected progress for all Ohioans toward a full opportunity to participate in a good life. That chain could also be seen as appropriate foundations such as wellness care. The more families, especially those who have been marginalized by poverty and race, can receive basic needs, the less the future cost of healthcare will be for our state. Though the ACA is not perfect, Ohio along with some other states, recognizes that basic physical and mental healthcare are necessary to curb the current opioid crisis and other negative consequences which continue to appear in each of our communities, rural, suburban, urban and even our homeless populations. I do hope my Republican friends do not attempt to repeal it.
Unfortunately, there are still some people in our Great State of Ohio who continue to disrespect a woman's right to choose how her body should be treated as well as how she creates her own relationship with her God. Unfortunately, some of these same people have chosen to take their beliefs in their faith to create new laws that dictate whether a woman can exercise her constitutional right. Ohio's laws are restrictive and detrimental to many low and moderate income women in that they continue to create new barriers not just to an abortion, but to basic clinic services that could lead to better health. Specific requirements that deliberately close facilities or position them to be closed; leave many women and girls without proper feminine healthcare. New "grants" and "scholarship" funding to faith based providers is also another way to disguise limitations for ways for women to exercise their rights. The attack through Title X is egregious and shameful. Hypocrites!!
Campaign Phone (513) 477-6497
Age 64
City/town Cincinnati
Education/Degrees Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, 1976, Miami University; Master of Education, 1990, Miami University
Community Involvement Volunteer East Elem., Eaton, OH; Cub Scout Den Mother, Queen of Peace; Boy Scout Leader, Queen of Peace; Sunday School Teacher and Superintendent Lindenwald United Methodist Church; Board of Trustees Lindenwald United Methodist Church; State Bd and Member Ohio EKNE; Member OEA, LEA, MEA, FCTA; Membership & Building Rep MEA; Membership & Professional Development LEA; Member IRA, NCTM, NAEYC, ACEI, ASCD; Member NWTF, NRA, BFA; NCH Block Watch
Endorsements Lt. Governor Mary Taylor; State Senator Lou Terhar; State Representative Bill Seitz; State Representative Candice Keller; Past President Ohio Bd. Of Education Debe Terhar; Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones; West Chester Fiscal Officer Bruce Jones; Greater Cincinnati Right to Life; Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio; Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom
Campaign Message Tunnat Stands: for Strong Families, Strong Communities and Strong Schools. Tunnat Stands Strong for YOU in Ohio!
I believe people have more in common, than not. I have seen many changes, but the enduring needs of families remain: strong, safe, communities providing work and related services; strong, safe, schools to educate and protect children; and a strong infrastructure to support lifestyle needs. Families are under assault: from the over prescription of narcotics and psychotropic drugs, the abandonment of self determination, crime, and the idea we’re victims not responsible for choices we make. We have abdicated control to others. We know people dying from addiction. Good paying jobs are unfilled, as some people aren’t able to work, not trained for the position, or not able to pass a drug test. People are suffering from mental illness, finding help elusive from overloaded systems. Communities victimized by crime and flight are reinventing themselves. State government can bring rapid change, or ineffectively stall plans. I will bring meaningful change and be a strong representational voice.
I am uniquely qualified to be the best candidate. Being a teacher and adjunct professor for over thirty years, I have served on school committees in various capacities, worked with local professional teachers’ groups and state board of an OEA outreach group, worked as a building representative, membership chair, and professional development liaison. I served on a university committee to redesign class structure, when Ohio switched from Certification to Licensure, conducted research in my classroom, producing outcome data which supported curriculum change. I have served as a Sunday school teacher and Trustee of my church Board, worked as a sales representative with purchasing agents of industrial plants, superintendents of schools, infection control specialists, and agents of major national corporations. I understand the dynamics of committees. I am not an absent bureaucrat, but a leader who finds solutions by listening, asking questions, and researching.
We have great services in Ohio. Government, however, has become too involved in school curriculum design. I will work to unravel Common Core initiatives which have produced a reduction in student learning and parental choice. Teachers have been educated and trained for this complex job, understand how to work within a state framework, and create a better curricular product for communities. Strong schools embracing local control, guided by a robust and locally appropriate curriculum to meet the needs of ALL learners, is essential for students to become productive, well-functioning adults. I stand against HB512. Families want to make informed choices regarding programs and exit strategies for their children. Just as throwing money at children doesn’t replace good parenting, neither does throwing more money at school systems, create better schools. Poor funding, inappropriate curricular methods and the over- testing of children for dubious data, does not net good returns.
Medicaid is a complicated issue. Strong families need great jobs, affordable housing, medical care for a fair price, and readily available services. Medicaid was intended to help the underemployed, unemployed, or unemployable. Hopefully that help would be temporary and not permanent, except in the case of the disabled. It was never intended to serve able-bodied adults. Today we find people not able to afford health insurance, and relying on Medicaid. Governor Kasich expanded Medicaid when many advised against it. Medicaid is fiscally unsound and not sustainable, with doctors not accepting Medicaid providers. I support a repeal of the expansion, with a full review of what is best for people with true need. A thorough and in depth feasibility study and analysis is required to make Medicaid what it was intended to be: an assist to some.
The Supreme Court ruled on Roe v. Wade when science was not exact. We didn’t know how a baby grew, had misconceptions and incomplete facts, as a narrative hid the science of when and how life begins. Women routinely have sonograms at five weeks, establishing heart-beats. We know the exact moment an egg and sperm join, forming a zygote, with 23 chromosomes and either xx or xy gender codes. We prevent pregnancy and encourage pregnancy. Science is specific and precise. We protect tiny smelts in water supplies, yet deny the rights of growing infants in- uteri. Innocent, human life is precious and worthy of protection. Ohio is not alone grappling with this problem. Ohio has created safe guards for more complete, informed, decisions on the part of the mother, the parents of an underage child, and asks a brief delay before the irreversible decision is made. We protect the children with an extra chromosome. Ohio is in the forefront of protecting innocent life. We deserve strong families
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