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Campaign Phone (513) 313-9581
Age 57
City/town Cincinnati
Education/Degrees BSBA The Ohio State University
Community Involvement Tocqueville-United Way; Hamilton County Commission on Women & Girls; Stones, Junior League of Cincinnati/JLC Choral Group; Horizon Community Church;
Endorsements Lodge 69 FOP; Hamilton County GOP; Senator Rob Portman; Congressman Steve Chabot; Congressman Brad Wenstrup; Commissioner Steve Monzel; State Reps Jonathon Dever, Tom Brinkman, State Senator Lou Terhar;
Campaign Message Innovation, Transparency, Update the Auditor's Office after almost 30 years to provide efficiencies, cost savings & transparency; Fix the broken appraisal process in order to reduce extreme number of appeals that currenty occur; Bring private sector business experience to the county and auditor's office.
I have been very concerned about the fiscal health of Hamilton County. As Auditor, i will serve as the CFO for the county and will, as stated in the ORC, be involved in all aspects of the budgeting process. Our residential growth in Hamilton County has been stagnant in one of the strongest economies we have seen in decades. Influencing this issue are property taxes, levies, abatements and lack of fluid processes between our county offices. It is hard to do business with Hamilton County as a resident and as a business. Economic development through collaboration and updated practices is a large part of the solution to our unacceptable county budget practices which have resulted in a $30,000,000 and growing deficit. Non tax based revenue streams for our county must be identified and put into practice.
I have an extensive background in the private sector including corporate exposure, entrepreneurship, and not for profit leadership. I am not a career politician. I can bring my private sector experience to the government to increase efficiencies, transparency and strategic planning that are currently lacking in a county government where there are too many people who have been career politicians for decades.
It is not necessarily about cutting services but being more efficient in our spending. I will audit the auditor's office from top to bottom to determine how we can do more with less funding. I expect to take a scalpel to the budget versus using an ax and cutting whole programs where the need is there but the process is inefficient.
I am opposed to any tax or fee increase unless as an absolute last resort. I intend to help find non-tax based revenue streams for the county. Using availalble and approved technology I will cut costs in the auditor's office and make interacting with the office more efficient. Currently, the county's first course of action in a budget crisis is to raise taxes for our residents, businesses and visitors. I believe taxation should be a last resort and should always include a vote of the people.
Campaign Phone (513) 922-9172
Age 79
City/town Cincinnati
Education/Degrees Syracuse University, B.S. School of Speech 1961
Community Involvement Western Hills Community Service Club Cheviot-Westwood Kiwanis Cincinnatus Association
Endorsements Hamilton County Democratic Party, Cincinnati Board of Realtors, Cincinnati AFL-CIO Labor Council, Cincinnati Right to Life
Campaign Message To perform professionally the statutory duties of County Auditor with integrity, independence, and a spirit of technological innovation while emphasizing outstanding customer service, excellent public information, and efficient use of taxpayer resources with a streamlined, well-trained and appropriately compensated staff.
I am running on my record and to continue making ours one of the finest County Auditor offices in Ohio. Our history of innovation includes one of the first property websites, over a decade of online reporting of expenditures and beginning pre-notification of tentative new reappraisal values to property owners. We have received in-person recognition of the Auditor of State and Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting awards from the Government Finance Officers of America (GFOA). We have never lost a penny of taxpayer money and never received a “finding for recovery” of lost or misspent funds from our annual audits. I look forward to continuing to update our reappraisal projects consistent with state law, completing a major mapping project which will improve public access to our information, and working with our state legislators to close the LLC property transfer loophole and gain the authority to test fuel quality as well as quantity.

As County Auditor I have cut staff by over 50% through attrition and cross training, established and continue to improve one of the first property websites in the nation and opened the property reappraisal process to public participation through notices of tentative new values in the summer before the reappraisal is approved. I was the first County Auditor in Hamilton County history to return unspent Real Estate Assessment funds to local taxing entities following reappraisals. This year, I returned $14 million. Since 1994, I have returned $49.7 million to local governments, school districts and taxing entities. I respect public money.. But, most important are the people I have hired to staff the office. Their skill, expertise and commitment are the real story of our success. We have built a culture of service to citizens and other county offices, local governments and school districts who depend on our office for financial distributions and reporting. .
Not specifically applicable to the County Auditor's office. Our required duties are set by state law and are funded by the County Commissioners and from the Real Estate Assessment Fund. However, I have led the way in efficiency and cost savings by cutting our staff over 50% from the time I was first elected. By planning ahead we were able to avoid cutbacks and layoffs that other County departments suffered when the economy and County resources tanked in 2008. I also established the Auditor’s Computer Center, saving over $1 million a year in fees to the old Regional Computer Center right from the start. I will continue to speak out on what I see as misplaced priorities for county spending. The County, contrary to the belief of some, is the not the economic development engine for Hamilton County. The private sector is – when government gets out of the way.
The County Auditor's office has no legal authority to raise fees or taxes or to keep or expand government services. The County Commissioners are the appropriating authority for the County. They are the ones who spend the money. .It is the State of Ohio and previous County Commissions that are responsible for the county’s financial position today.
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