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U.S. Representative of Ohio - District 8

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    Warren Davidson

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    Vanessa Enoch

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What grade would you give President Trump so far?

Do you support Trump's plan to build a wall on the US-Mexican border?

Do you support Trump's plans for higher tariffs on certain imports?

Should Congress repeal the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare?

Do you support the 2018 Republican tax law?

Campaign Phone (937) 552-9863
Age 49
City/town Troy, Ohio
Education/Degrees U.S. Military Academy at West Point M.B.A, Notre Dame
Endorsements Cincinnati Right To Life Ohio Society of CPA's Ohio Medical Association National Association of Wholesale Distributors NFIB OSMA- Ohio State Medical Association Ohio Republican Party Butler County Republican Party Miami County Republican Party Preble County Republican Party Darke County Republican Party FreedomWorks NRA Ohio Right To Life Ohio Values Voters
Campaign Message I am running for another term in Congress because I love this country with a soldier’s passion and I want to help re-establish principles that built it. I’m proud of the progress we’ve made, including historic tax reform. I will continue to work hard and provide results for the families of Ohio’s 8th district.
A -

This is largely based on national security and the economy. The President is getting good results, but there is more work to be done.
I support securing our border. Border security is national security. Whether a wall or by other means, our southern border needs to be secure.
I support the overall mission of the President, but I am not in favor of uniform tariffs. I support a more targeted approach, specifically using sanctions. Having owned and operated manufacturing companies for over 15 years, I know firsthand the impact of our bad trade deals. I support free trade.
Yes. The health care economy is broken. America's healthcare costs are high because of the absence of market forces, not their presence. Price controls, subsidies, antitrust exemptions, regulatory barriers - they drive out competition & drive up costs. To solve these problems, Congress needs a focused healthcare committee.
Yes - I voted for it.
Age 49
City/town West Chester, OH
Education/Degrees Ph.D., Public Policy & Social Change MBA, Information Technology BA, Criminal Justice
Community Involvement Member, West Chester Liberty Chamber; American Political Science Association; Board President, Vision Works, Inc; Community Organizer, Coalition for a Just Hamilton County; Board Member, Joseph Dream Organization for Race Reconciliation & Healing; National Board Member, Black Greeks Speak
Campaign Message Responsible Government-Of the People, For the People, By the People
I would give the President a grade of incomplete. He has not completed his term, so it would be premature to evaluate his performance at this point. Constituents in the 8th district have expressed concern about the recent tax bill, which overwhelmingly favors the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans. They have expressed concern over the tariffs on soy beans, and how that will affect the 8th District. They are also concerned about the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and how it will affect Ohio's farmers. SNAP is the largest fiscal component of the farm bill, constituting of 80 percent of spending. Similarly, they are worried about the attack on Unions via Right to Work legislation, which will negatively impact police officers, teachers, farmers, steel workers, and numerous tradespeople in Ohio's 8th District. These are just a few of the things that will ultimately define the Presidents performance.
I believe in having strong borders. I think we need to implement the most effective and efficient solution to accomplishing the desired outcome, that is stopping the flow of drugs, criminal activity and illegal immigration. Building a wall is only one possible means to that end. I would defer to Homeland Security and others who have the expertise and who have analyzed and identified the best possible approach to the desired end. Some residents of the 8th district have expressed that they don't have an understanding of what happens at the US-Mexican border. I believe we need to make sure that tax payers understand the challenges and why such measures might need to be employed. Costs need to be justified and lawmakers must be accountable to citizens.
I believe it is important to do a cost benefit analysis to determine the impact on higher tariffs on certain imports. As we have already seen, imposing higher tariffs on steel imports coming from China will inevitably cost Ohio, as China now plans to tax American soy bean and auto exports. A high tariff on soy beans will significantly impact Ohio's 8th District. Ohio ranks 6th in soybean production among U.S. states. Ohio’s soybean industry is valued at $2.6 billion. There are 26,000 soybean farmers in Ohio, with Darke County in Ohio;s 8th district being the second highest producer in Ohio.
The Affordable Care Act should be improved, not repealed. Over 1 million Ohioans, and over 22 million Americans will lose health care if the Affordable Care Act goes away. I support Ohioans, and they have expressed the desire that health care be saved.
Some constituents in the 8th district have expressed significant concerns that only the wealthiest in America stand to gain from the 2018 Republican tax law. They have expressed frustration that Congress would pass a law that takes away so much from the majority of Americans to the benefit of the very rich. I share the frustrations of constituents in the 8th district, who are disappointed that leaders in Congress would have such a low regard for the economic viability of 95% of the American people. We need a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.
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