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    George Lang

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    Kathy Wyenandt

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Why are you running?

What makes you the best candidate?

What services, if any, should Ohio government consider adding or cutting?

Do you support or oppose repealing Gov. Kasich’s expansion of Medicaid. Why?

Are Ohio’s abortion laws too restricting or too lax? Why?

Campaign Phone (513) 658-8896
Education/Degrees BS in Communications from Southeast Missouri State University
Community Involvement Organizations or Boards I have served on: • Liberty Heights Church (Adult Sunday School Teacher, Passion Play, Chairman of Personnel Committee) • Gideon • Optimists Club • Boy Scouts of America – Regional Leader • West Chester/Liberty Chamber Alliance • Special Olympics • West Chester Board of Zoning Appeals • Metro Parks of Butler County – Advisory Committee • Butler County Sheriff’s – Special Deputy • PTA Treasurer – Hopewell Elementary • West Chester / Liberty Community Foundation Key Event • West Chester Township Police Levy • West Chester Republican Club • West Chester Community Foundation – Founding Family • Co-Founder Of the LIFT Scholarship fund • Bobby Lawhorn Scholarship fund • Hero’s Fund – Acting Board member • Mercy Fairfield Hospital Advisory Board • Campus Crusades for Christ • Community Blood Bank • West Chester Freedom Fighters • West Chester Tea Party • Boys Club/Girls Club of West Chester and Liberty Townships • Butler County Republican Party • SELF Just to name a few.
Endorsements Ohio Farm Bureau, National Federation of Independent Businesses, Ohio CPA Society, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, NRA, Ohio Right to Life, Buckeye Firearms Association just to name a few.
Campaign Message Let's make Ohio the most "Business Friendly" state in the nation by focusing on four things. Workforce development Tax simplification Regulatory reform Reducing the size, cost and complexity of state government.
To take the "West Chester" model to Columbus. Under my watch, we succeeded in making West Chester the most business friendly community in Ohio, we have no earning or income tax, fewer regulations and a simpler zoning department than almost any other community in Ohio. As a result, West Chester has flourished, under my watch West Chester has:

* Become the largest township in Ohio

* Achieved the highest bond rating of any community in Ohio

* Consistently been named by Money Magazine as one of the most "Desirable communities in America"

* Become the number two job center in SW Ohio

* Had almost $4 billion of new commercial investment

* Had almost 40 million square feet of new commercial construction

All without a tax increase to the general fund. We have become the economic epicenter of the Cincinnati Dayton corridor, and we are the envy of many communities! I want to bring the same success to Ohio!!!
My experience in local government combined with my experience in business. My life experience also uniquely qualifies me - I was born George Fabian Fajardo, the grandson of Cuban immigrants who came to America seeking the "American Dream". I spent my early years in foster care. I am a firm believer, it is not where you start in that counts, it is where you finish.

My core beliefs regarding government are:

* Government should focus on it's core competencies

* Elected Officials should strive to reduce the cost, complexity and size of government

* The best regulator is free markets and free peoples

I am happily married to my high school sweetheart who happens to be my best friend, and the most beautiful woman God ever gave the opportunity to draw a breath of air. We have two wonderful and self supporting daughters, Amy and Alicia!
There is nothing Ohio should add, many things they should cut. Let's start by cutting all non-essential budgets by 10%. We must reduce our cost to make ourselves more attractive to business to locate here.

Ohio is the 7th most left state in the nation (people leaving to go to another state). The number one reason for this is better economic opportunity elsewhere. This is illustrated by the fact, in 1970 we had 24 congressmen, today we have 16 and we are going to 15 (maybe 14) when the new census data comes out in 2020. When do we become irrelevant? Let's turn this around and be the number one growth state in America.
I support it. It is unsustainable.

About 50 years ago, the cost of the state government of Ohio was about 5% of Ohio's GDP, today it is about 14%. In the last 50 years, Ohio's GDP has grown at about 1,800% while the cost of Ohio's government has grown at about 5,330%. I loosely define Ohio's GDP as our funding source, we are out growing our funding source and it is unsustainable.

The cost of Kasich's Medicaid expansion is mostly being funded by the federal government, that funding source is set to end shortly, and when it does it will be a financial disaster for the businesses and tax payers of Ohio.
As a foster child, I know there are real alternatives to abortion. When an abortion occurs, a beating heart stops. An individual with their own unique DNA loses their choice at life and all the choices that come with it. I am grateful for my chance at life.

I am opposed to abortion on demand, there are certain exceptions to me, those are rape, incest or if the life of the mother is at risk.
Campaign Phone (513) 519-3192
Age 44
City/town Liberty Township, Ohio
Education/Degrees Fairfield High School, Fairfield, OH, 1992 Miami University, Oxford OH, 1997
Community Involvement Lakota Local Schools, parent volunteer leader; Lakota Levy Committee, 2013; former Central Committee Chair, Butler County Democratic Party; former Board Member, Butler County Board of Elections; Current Member, SORTA Board of Trustees.
Endorsements IBEW 648 Moms Demand Action, Gun Sense Candidate (As of early April)
Campaign Message I believe in a government, at all levels, that is open and honest. I will put people over politics and reject divisive tactics. I believe in working together, in compromise, and in getting things done to help the people of Ohio.
I'm running for state representative because as a mom and part of a small business family, I have seen that good schools and good jobs are the backbone for a better future for Ohio's working families.

We need to prioritize solutions that support our children's health, public safety, good, strong schools, and safeguard our senior citizens. It's time we put people over politics, roll up our sleeves, and get to work.
Now more than ever, it’s important to have a strong set of principles and values, and to hold the best interest of the people over that of any political party or special interest. For far too long, the current state of politics has been one of extreme partisanship. Relationship building is a strength of mine. I’m also a firm believer in compromise. Progress takes time, but policy that is built on principles and values, best-practice data, and compromise will move us in a positive direction as compared to polarization, which leads to no progress at all. I will work with anyone from any political leaning to move Ohio forward. I will always choose people over politics.
One of the most important policies that Ohio should enact is Paid Family Leave. I would support a program where employees could pay into a fund that would be used to provide a percentage of salary during a twelve-week family leave period. Employees would also have the option of opting out. Many families struggle when they have to miss work due to caring for a newborn, a sick family member. Paid Family Leave would allow workers to take the time needed to address health concerns without risking economic security.
I oppose repealing Governor Kasich’s Medicaid expansion because it has been absolutely vital in battling the opioid crisis, among many other issues. Ohio leads the nation in opioid-related deaths, and we need all the resources available to address this public health crisis. In addition, Medicaid dollars help senior citizens, children, and the working poor. Over 700,000 more Ohioans have access to health insurance because of this expansion.
Ohio has some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country. Outright bans and the current Republican proposals in Columbus to make abortion illegal and a capital offense are the wrong way to go. If the goal is to reduce the number of abortions, I think we’re going about it the wrong way. Data continues to show that when birth control is widely available and safe abortion is legal, the number of abortions actually goes down.
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