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    Nikki Foster

  • Paul Zeltwanger

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What services, if any, should Ohio government consider adding or cutting?

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Are Ohio’s abortion laws too restricting or too lax? Why?

Campaign Phone (513) 486-5443
Age 37
City/town Mason, OH
Education/Degrees United States Air Force Academy: Bachelor of Science, Political Science; Norwich University: Masters of Arts, Diplomacy
Community Involvement US Air Force Reservist; US Air Force Academy Liaision Officer Kentucky Deputy Director (2016-Present); Hire Heroes USA Career Transition Volunteer Coach (2015-Present); St. Susanna Mason, OH Christian Faith Program 1st & 2nd grade teacher (2016-2018); GE Aviation Veterans Network Hire Pillar Recruiting Leader (2016-Present)
Endorsements Ohio Education Association; Ohio AFL-CIO; Greater Cincinnnati Building and Construction Trades Council; The Matriots; Tri-State Asian American Action Fund; Moms Demand Action; Ohio Teamsters; Ohio BATs; Ohio Federation of Teachers; LEAP Forward; Vote Vets; Run For Something
Campaign Message Nikki Foster built her career on servant leadership and integrity. She fought for our country and now she fights for your family.
I am running because I have proven leadership experience in tough situations. I believe the Ohio Legislature needs to return to public service oriented leadership. For too long, partisanship has ruled in the Ohio legislature and its members have drifted away from serving their constituents with integrity. I have built my US Air Force and GE Aviation careers on servant leadership with integrity. As a military pilot, I flew 217 combat missions over the deserts of Iraq and mountains of Afghanistan. I have worked with people from all backgrounds in order to complete missions safely. The Ohio legislature should work the same way. If elected, I will serve all of my constituents. I will listen to their concerns and represent them when creating and voting on legislation. It is imperative that we put partisanship aside and work to better the lives of all Ohioans.
My leadership skills and my commitment to public service. I served 12 years in the United States Air Force as an active duty pilot and three more years as a reservist Air Force Academy liaison officer. I deployed five times to fly combat missions over Iraq and Afghanistan and instructed many student pilots. I have a degree in Political Science from the US Air Force Academy and a Masters in Diplomacy from Norwich University. I currently work at GE as a businesswoman responsible for multi-million dollar contracts with airline giants like Delta, United, and LATAM airlines. I am also intimately familiar with our GE Veterans Network and have personally helped fellow veterans get hired at GE where I understand the talent pool and labor markets to help match our needs with military skills. I have dedicated my career to serving my country and my community. My resume demonstrates a track record of integrity, accountability and hard work.
I believe adding, or at the least, expanding mental health and addiction services which are essential to helping and healing communities throughout the state of Ohio. Currently, 4.7% of Ohio adults live with a serious mental health condition. According to Ohio MHAS (Mental Health and Addiction Services), only 47% of adults with mental health issues receive treatment from either a public or private provider. Ohio is currently ranked 26th nation-wide for access to mental health services. I believe we can improve the quality of life for all Ohioans by ensuring those with mental health and addiction issues are treated appropriately and in a timely manner. From PTSD in veterans to the opioid crisis, I believe an expansion of mental health services and addiction drug treatment will bring about better outcomes state-wide.
I would oppose repealing the expansion of Medicaid. Expansion has allowed for more individuals to be covered, particularly those with disabilities who otherwise would not have qualified for coverage. Expansion offers a level of financial protection to lower income families who can now concentrate on paying for their daily needs like food, shelter and transportation. When families can rely on health coverage, it allows them to spend more of their resources in the state economy. The uninsured rate has dropped because of Medicaid expansion which helps lower costs for everyone state-wide.
Since federal law supersedes state law, a woman’s right to an abortion before viability is the law of the land. In cases brought before the Supreme Court after Roe v. Wade in 1973, the court has upheld this right. In the last few years, legislators in Ohio have passed a heartbeat bill and a Down Syndrome bill knowing they will be deemed unconstitutional. Whether you agree or disagree with abortion, it is decided law. Passing bills to put before the governor, which will undoubtedly be challenged in court, is financially wasteful. They will require manpower and financial resources as they are debated in federal court. Ohio already has some restrictive measures in place: parental notification for minors, limitations on public funding, mandated counseling, mandated waiting periods and regulations on abortion facilities. These other measures defying decided case law are meant as symbolic gestures to conservative voters but carry with them a cost to the state we should not ignore.
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