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Campaign Phone (937) 237-0405
Age 48
City/town Born in Middletown, Ohio
Education/Degrees Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Philosophy from Miami University in 1993 JD from University of Dayton School of Law 1997
Community Involvement Volunteer Attorney for Volunteer Lawyers Project and Montgomery County Drug Court, Youth Athletics Coach for Springboro and Clearcreek Township Girls and Boys for twelve years
Campaign Message I am a non-politician who is appalled by the pay to play culture in Columbus I intend to vote the interests of my community regardless of party affiliation or the selfish wishes of campaign donors.
I believe the General Assembly has forgotten who they are supposed to be representing. The latest scandal with the Speaker of the House is emblematic of this. Our State is behind the nation in nearly everything that matters to my community. This includes job growth, wage growth, college affordability, public school funding, local funding, the war on opioid addiction, infrastructure maintenance, etc. We are among the nation's leaders in permitting predatory lending, tax payer giveaways to private charter school companies, lax oversight and number one in the country in student loan debt! The one party rule system where permanent politicians jump from one political job to another and from one level to another forever, doing the bidding of their campaign donors and their political party leadership at the expense of the voters has simply got to stop. I am running to stop it.
I am the best candidate to represent my community for several reasons. First, I will represent my community to the exclusion of everything else. I have no big money donors to obey and because I am not a permanent politician, I don't have to rely on my party leadership for my future livelihood. Secondly, as a practicing attorney I am intimately familiar with a great many areas of our law and how it functions in the real world. This is a skill set which is often lacking in the General Assembly and sadly it often shows. Thirdly and importantly, I know my community well. I was born and raised in Lemon Township, my Mom and her family are from Franklin and my kids are growing up in Springboro. My family on all sides has worked here, played here, lived here and died here for generations. It would be hard to find an issue effecting Ohio's 62nd district to which someone close to me can not personally relate.
None. We have already cut a number of vital services to our citizens which were being provided by local governments by cutting the funding to those local governments in half. When Ohio put in a sales tax in the 30s part of the deal was the creation of the “local fund”. This local fund was to provide money for our first responders, our parks and all the other things we all use and need in our home towns everyday. When our State government’s corporate tax cutting experiment predictably failed again they went hunting for money and cut the local fund in half. This resulted in the cutting of important services by local governments even causing some in the ruling party to take notice. Unfortunately, they have done nothing about it. I will.
I oppose repealing the expansion. Thousands and thousands of people in Ohio's 62nd district depend on Medicaid for their healthcare. It is absolutely wrong to now rip that healthcare away. It is also important to note that the healthcare industry is a very bright spot in the otherwise dull economic growth landscape of our state and especially in our district. Everyone in the 62nd can probably think of one or more than one health center that has sprung up in their immediate area over the last few years. Each of those buildings required construction workers, materials, salespeople and others going up and a lot of people to keep operating. Those people need to stop for gas, lunch, etc. which has spawned more development. At the heart of that development are the patients seeking treatment.
Ohio's laws are obviously too restrictive. I say that not as a moral statement or even a political one but as a simple statement of fact. Our current law is a ban at 20 weeks. Every Federal Court that has heard a Case on a 20 week ban has struck it down as unconstitutional. The Republican U.S. Senate just failed to pass a 20 week ban because it was unconstitutional. Our ban will be struck down too but only after we have wasted millions of Tax Payer dollars defending it in Court. Therefore, our abortion laws are too restricting and were passed as a nod to a political pac with a lot of money. The current bill was passed in spite of the actual facts that 99% of abortions occur before 20 weeks and the other 1% involve either a serious life threatening issue or severe fetal abnormality, in other words, a horrible scenario where the Mother and the Doctor need every option on the table. I don't believe the government should be sticking it's nose into that type of situation.
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