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Campaign Phone (502) 836-8340
City/town LaGrange
Education/Degrees U OF L LAW SCHOOL Louis D. Brandeis School of Law B.A.A | 1985 | U OF K Major: Business Minor: Economics and Political Science DIPLOMA | 1980 | HENRY COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL Band Field Commander FBLA Chapter President worked with my classmates to create an environment of inclusion and pride for the school
Community Involvement COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Member of Immaculate Conception Parish and member of Parish Council St. Bernadette/Saint Mary Academy School Board and Finance Council Cedar Valley United Way, Waterloo, Iowa Organized Halloween Costume Drive for benefiting The Home of the Innocents
Recently, I have been disturbed by a sense that our elected politicians, especially Thomas Massie, are not working for the people of Kentucky's 4th Congressional District. They are working more for themselves and their billionaire friends trying to reshape America into a nation of divided groups so they can take from hard-working Americans their pensions, wages, National Treasures, Medicare, Social Security and ultimately our faith in this great nation.

It is time for good people stand up and say, "No more division." We will unite as a nation to embrace our diversity, embrace our National Parks, embrace our clean water and air. We can and will take care of those in need. We will make America great again by investing in our children's public schools, teachers, and higher education. Our seniors should be allowed to retire with honor and respect and not be forced to work in their final years.
I was born into a hard-working farm family that had worked the land in Henry and Shelby counties for generations. My father worked full-time at the Indiana Ammunition plant and as a farmer. My mother worked at the local bank in Pleasureville. My grandfather, grandmother, and uncle worked at GE and were proud members of the union. I was raised with an appreciation for hard work, community, and a sense of pride that anyone can make it in America.

We have serious issues facing our nation today, and we need serious people elected to office to tackle those issues. My background has brought me to this point with a sense of urgency, a feeling that I can no longer sit on the sidelines. I have a calling to serve this great nation so it remains a beacon of light for the world and its citizens.

I respectfully ask for your vote on November 6 to help me do just that.
There are no services that I am willing to cut.
Shift the tax burden from the working class to the wealthy by creating equitable corporate and personal taxes and fees Eliminate the taxes on Social Security Income Include in all Federal Contracts provisions to give preferred status to contactors with Union labor
Age 48
City/town Garrison, Kentucky
Education/Degrees K-12 Lewis County Public Schools BS Electrical Engineering, MIT MS Mechanical Engineering, MIT
Endorsements FreedomWorks, Club for Growth, Young Americans for Liberty, National Association for Gun Rights.
Campaign Message Personal liberty, fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government.
To be an independent voice for the people of Kentucky while advocating for personal liberty, fiscal responsibility, and constitutionally limited government in Washington, DC.
I was blessed to grow up in rural Kentucky in a middle class family and attended public schools from K though 12. I married my high-school sweet heart, Rhonda, while we were both attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was there that I invented technology that became the basis for a company that we started while in college. Later, we moved back home to Kentucky to raise our four children who are now 22, 20, 18, and 14 years old.

My engineering background has equipped me to serve on both the Transportation Committee and the Science, Space, and Technology Committee in Congress. Given the strengths and needs of our region, I feel that my service on both of these committees has been, and will continue to be, helpful to the growth and well being of Kentucky's 4h Congressional District.

My knowledge of guns and gun laws enabled me to found and chair the 2nd Amendment Caucus in Congress where I play a leading role in protecting Americans' rights to keep and bear arms.
All of them. For instance, I've advocated for the "Penny Plan" which would cut spending across the board by 1% per year. Within 6 years, the budget would be balanced.

A more targeted approach for balancing the budget that I've proposed would have the US government withdraw from Afghanistan, end foreign aid, require departments funded by user fees to be self-funded (e.g. social security, the highway trust fund, the patent office, the post office), and freeze all other spending at current levels until the budget balances from increased revenues due to GDP growth.

I am the author of a bill to eliminate the Federal Department of Education. Eliminating this department would give Kentucky schools, teachers, and parents more flexibility to determine what and how our children learn. The bill would also keep half a billion of our education dollars from being wasted on the federal bureaucracy in Washington.
I'm for tax cuts, not tax increases, and I support commensurate spending cuts. However, I am the author of a bill that would remove the federal cap on passenger facility charges (PFCs) at airports such as CVG. This bill would give airports the flexibility to raise their own revenues through increased user fees, and allow them to be less dependent on federal grants which are currently limited. My bill has been cosponsored by the highest ranking Democrat on the transportation committee, and enjoys the support of our local airport and several national conservative organizations. Putting together bipartisan coalitions like this to support innovative legislation will be necessary to fund our nation's infrastructure needs.
I envision the role of a US Member of Congress from Kentucky as being the one that puts community before party, being the voice of the people and standing up for what is right. Twenty-Five percent of the people in Kentucky are living in poverty with over 500,000 signed up for the Affordable Care Act. In addition, the opioid epidemic is out of control with no end in sight. I would work both sides of the aisle to correct the wrongs imposed by our representatives who are Professional Politicians backed by large interest groups, banks and wall street.
I would fight for Kentucky to bring affordable health care, lower prescription drug cost, raise the minimum wage, secure social security, support clean air water, and renewable energy. I would support teacher’s education and the Fair Check and House Bill HR6080. By electing me, the Commonwealth will finally have an independent voice in Washington that will put Kentuckians before party politics.
• Cut tax breaks and subsidies for big oil & gas companies • Cut unnecessary and wasteful spending at the Pentagon • Stop making the U.S. Penny and remove from circulation • Require Medicare to negotiate for lower drug prices • End the war in Afghanistan and pull out all troops
Education is the key to lifting people out of poverty. Supporting a cradle-to-career pathway all families will have access to free pre-kindergarten, college, and vocational training. Increase the minimum wage to a living wage, eliminate the cap and tax on social security benefits. Invest in infrastructure clean air, water, and energy. Reform the tax law so that small businesses and low-income individuals get the real break they deserve instead of the large corporations and top 1%. Of course, I would fight to keep and improve the affordable care act while moving toward a single-payer plan along with driving down the cost of prescription drugs.
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