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    Darrell L. Link

  • Savannah Maddox

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Campaign Phone (502) 682-5943
Age 65
City/town Williamstown, Kentucky
Education/Degrees 1994 Graduate of Northern Kentucky University, Business Administration
Community Involvement A lifelong resident of Grant County Kentucky, Darrell Link has been a leader in his community and statewide. As Judge-Executive, Darrell Link served four terms as Grant County’s top elected official, serving on statewide boards, including a term as President of the Kentucky County Judge-Executive Association. In 2015, Link was hired as the Executive Director of the statewide Council on Area Development Districts, providing leadership and assistance on infrastructure, economic development and workforce development for all of Kentucky’s 120 counties. During his time in office, Link rebuilt infrastructure, roads and waterlines without raising taxes, and created a model for the county animal shelter that is emulated statewide.
Endorsements KY State AFL-CIO, United Auto Workers, International Brotherhood of Boilermakers.
Campaign Message We can change Frankfort by sending experienced people who have a proven track record of getting things done for the people. I stand with public education, our teachers, state workers, first responders, working families, small businesses and family farmers. Government can help drive and grow our economy while being fair to everyone. I am not going to build a career, but to get things done and help straighten out the mess in our state government.
We’ve got a lot of problems in Frankfort. It is time to get serious about the pension debt, balancing the state budget and finding solutions that will not hurt Kentucky’s families. Protecting teachers and saving our public education system is at the top of my priority list. People are very worried about health care costs. I will work to increase access to health care for those without employer-provided plans and to protect medical coverage for seniors. My depth of experience at both the local and state level will help bring a strong voice for the citizens of the 61st District as well as for all Kentuckians.
My experience as judge-executive in local government, working with the Area Development Districts statewide and my ability to bring people together to accomplish goals makes me the best, most qualified candidate in this race.
Over a decade of cuts have been made to Kentucky's government. All nonessential services should be reviewed and a determination made if necessary. Furthermore, governor-appointed non-merit position should be thoroughly examined and eliminated if no value is added.
Fuel taxes and transport fees should mirror surrounding states. Cigarette tax may be increased and revenue used for filling pension debt and healthcare. Tax medical marijuana. Look closely at eliminating corporate exemptions and loopholes.
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