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Boone County Commissioner District 3

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    Jesse Brewer

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Campaign Phone (859) 620-5061
Age 41
City/town Florence
Education/Degrees High school Diploma
Community Involvement Created a program called "Landlord Santa" where each year we take kids shopping at Christmas time for coats, hats, gloves and toys, very similar to "shop with a cop." This started 8 years ago and it is privately funded with donations from business owners and other community leaders. Last year, 2017, we were able to take 50 kids shopping. This year we hope to increase that number to 70.
Endorsements Congressman Thomas Massie - 4th District Kentucky, Kentucky State Senator John Schickel
Campaign Message "Because the Future Matters."
I decided to run because I felt there was a need for some common "business" type sense in local government and that the same people had been in office far too long. I felt there have been a lot of inequity of taxes and fees recently passed in Boone County, as well as other areas, and it is time to have someone to come in and try to make some of that right.

Another big factor for me is that the generations are stating to change and the face and needs of the county from 25 years ago are far different than they are today, and I felt that county leadership needed the perspective from the next generation to help address issues and problems that all residents of Boone county are facing on a daily basis. I look forward to being able to bring fresh ideas, new perspective and business sense to our fast growing county and help manage the growth so it does more good than harm.
I have owned and operated multiple business and I know what it's like to have to be creative, work within your means, meet a deadline, make a payroll all while being conscious of managing people, growth and cash flow. I feel it is this skill set that will allow me to look at the county revenue, sources of revenue and expenses and treat it as if it's my own. A lot of politicians historically default to raising taxes and I'm hoping to take a different approach and look at that as an absolute last resort, but instead try to find ways to be more creative, efficient and trim off excess spending and fat wherever possible. In addition to that I am invested in the community and it's future. I have young children here and look to spend the rest of my life here in this county with my children, and one day grandchildren, and I want to ensure that we are in the best possible shape and situation as a county that we can be in.
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