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Campaign Phone (859) 912-0249
Age 70
Education/Degrees B.A. History/Government, Eastern Ky Univ. M.ED Educational Admin. N.K.U Rank 1 Education Xavier Univ.
Community Involvement Newport Elks, Newport Optimist, American Legion , Ky Veterans Hall of Fame. N.K. Sports Hall of Fame. N.K. athletic Directors Hall of Fame.
Endorsements Northern Kentucky Right to Life
Campaign Message Return Government to the people of Campbell County.
Party politics, special interest groups, and the friends of a few have created a disconnect with the hard working families of our County. As Commissioner I have experienced first hand how these groups control and are given special treatment on what goes on in Campbell County. Most citizens don't know that our present Judge Executive appointed Kenton County residents to represent Campbell County on the SD 1 and Health Boards. Politics has trumped our Senior Citizens when the Lakeside Apartments were sold to NKU, displacing our Seniors. Property taxes have increased 14 consecutive years even though the County finished each of those fiscal years with a surplus. The 911 tax was increased by 56% this year alone ($45-$70) generating an additional million dollars per year. This was levied to pay off a 4.8 million loan over a 10 year period . Where is the additional 5 million going? Campbell County lacks infrastructure in the south end. Without Sanitary Sewers we cannot attract industry.
Serving as County Commissioner since 2015, I have a consistent voting record based on PRINCIPLES never POLITICS. I canvas and listen to taxpayers and vote their wishes and values. I have rejected the "Nanny State" attitude of the present County leadership that feels they know what is best for the County. I am a delegate of the people's will, not the elite, special interest group or bureaucrats. I have kept my word since being elected Commissioner to be fiscally responsible, never voting for a property tax increase. I have stood firm protecting the property rights of families who devote their hard earned savings and salaries to their homes. The property owners rights should be protected against government forced programs that will negatively affect their property value. I stood firm against the Needle Distribution Program enabling the addicted to continue this unfortunate crisis. It is not an exchange, Government has not been honest. I will continue to be the voice of the taxpayers
Age 65
Education/Degrees BA Economics, Denison University JD (Law) Ohio State
Our community competes best by cooperating. With three dozen cities and three counties in Northern Kentucky, to reach our potential, most of us recognize we need work together - developing consensus, marshaling our resources and then executing a plan we all support. That approach has been the secret to the extraordinary successes of our region over the last generation - a time that has seen Northern Kentucky widely recognized as the best economic engine in the state. And yet, the understanding that led to our success is in danger of unraveling. Community building is a long game. It takes the work of years to develop the infrastructure, the incentives and the business climate to create more jobs than any other area of the state, for instance. Further, in the current financial circumstances, with enormous pension costs to cover, we need all the experience and clout we can muster if we expect to out perform our competition. Since quality of life is the prize here, we really must win.
Think of county government as a fairly large company, with over two hundred employees, a $40 million budget and a responsibility to provide a host of essential services that effect our county family's quality of life. Each citizen of Campbell County is both a shareholder of this company, and a beneficiary of its work. Each of us has an important stake in the leadership of an organization like that, and ought to care about the credentials, the track record and the vision of the people chosen to run the business. Who should we hire?

From a very young age, I have been heavily involved in our community and not just in its politics. It has been my honor and a pleasure to serve, to work with others to move our community forward. I think that dedication and my experience are good things. I am very proud of what we have been able to accomplish together. Your support has given me the strength to do what is right even when the task seemed difficult. I ask for your support once again.
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