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Campbell County Commissioner 1st District

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    Connie Grubbs

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    Brian Painter

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Campaign Phone (859) 379-8381
Age 40
City/town Fort Thomas, KY
Education/Degrees BM from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University; MFA from College-Conservatory of Music in Theatrical Design and Production
Community Involvement PTO board and community activist
Endorsements Northern Kentucky Labor Council, Ironworkers Local 44, IBEW local 1347, Progressive Change Campaign Committee
Campaign Message Thoughtful Leadership
Engaged citizens running for office are needed in order to truly have a government of, for, and by the people. And that is me – I’m just people. While I have always been politically engaged and aware of what is happening in national and local politics, it has become very obvious to me that voting is not enough to participate in our democracy. I decided to jump into this process because I see a lot of complacency in our current county office holders. They have a rubber stamp mentality with no fresh ideas or different perspectives. I think we need people in office who will do the work of the county, not simply hold a seat. I can’t wait to get to work!
We need elected officials who represent the interests of all of its citizens and who have differing views so we can foster debate and creative thinking about how to best run our local government. If elected, I will be the only voice at that table with the political courage and will to question the status quo that, quite frankly, isn’t working for everyone. Right now, too many families are one accident, injury, or aging parent away from poverty or bankruptcy. I am also passionate about our government standing up for the rights of the people, not political party, corporations, or special interests. Accessibility and transparency are at the forefront of what our government should strive for and we can’t have transparency while most discussions of substance happen behind closed doors. I will bring fresh ideas and new perspectives to local government with thoughtful leadership.
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Campaign Phone (859) 635-5516
Age 59
City/town Alexandria
Education/Degrees Bachelor of Science - Geology Northern Kentucky University Master of Science - Hydrogeology Ohio, Uinversity
Community Involvement Alexandria Fair Board, Main Street Baptist Church Deacon Chair 2017, Vice-Chair 2018, CEC School Board, OKI regional council of Gov. Executive Committee, Northern Kentucky right to Life, Municipal Gov League of NKY
Endorsements Northern Kentucky Right to Life
Campaign Message Friendly, Courteous and Conservative. Our County has the lowest spending in the region. It is time to take our ability to mange costs and grow into a bright future.
I am running for District 1 Campbell County Commissioner to continue to strive to make our county government more efficient. Over the last seven years we have created a fantastic management team and we deliver services to our citizens more efficiently than ever before. We spend less per capita than any other full service government (Jail and Police force) in the region. I would like to return to be with this team of goal oriented, technically competent professionals, and to continue to make Campbell County taxpayers the financial winners.
I have experience and training that no other candidate offers. I have an advanced degree, and I have decades of managing large environmental projects both technically and financially. Serving my country in the superfund environmental projects in the 1980’s, I worked in over a dozen states in a private engineering firm investigating and cleaning up hazardous waste sites. When the superfund clean ups were nearing completion, I took a job in Idaho State Government protecting the largest aquifer in the region, a sole source of drinking water of 500,000 people. I managed a half million dollar project for thirteen years. In the 2000’s I returned to Kentucky and started a small business, Vineyard Hardwoods, that I successfully operated for 13 years and just closed last year. To summarize, I have been organizing and motivating groups of professionals for three decades. I have financially managed difficult projects with great success, faithfully stewarding millions of dollars. God Bless!
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