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Golf Manor amended charter

A majority affirmative vote is necessary for passage.The proposed Amended Charter is a comprehensive update to the Charter of the Village of Golf Manor, Ohio. Throughout the proposed Amended Charter the text was updated to include gender inclusive language such as him/her or Council Member.Additional changes include:A) Transitioning from an elected Clerk/Treasurer to a Village Fiscal Officer model of governance as permitted by R.C. §733.262. The Village Fiscal Officer would be appointed by the Mayor with a consent of Council. With the transition, Council may also appoint a Clerk of Council to administer the record of proceedings;B) Recognizing the position of Village Administrator which position also is to be appointed by the Mayor with consent of Council;C) Updating the procedure to remove a Council Member by requiring more advance notice unless it is an emergency. Similarly, Article XI is updated to recognize the procedure for a Recall Petition;D) Requiring that, if possible, when a Council Member appoints another Council Member to designate his or her successor in the event of a vacancy, the designee should be an elected Council Member. A similar provision applies to the appointment of the Vice Mayor by Council;E) Requiring a minimum of one Council meeting per month with a calendar of meetings set the first meeting in January of each year;F) Merging the responsibilities of the Board of Zoning Appeals with the Planning Commission and clarifying the terms and appointment process for Planning Commission Members;G) Clarifying that it is not a conflict for a Council Member or the Mayor to serve on a County or State Central Committee;H) Recognizing the Solicitor must be licensed to practice law in Ohio, but not necessarily a resident of Hamilton County;I) Removing updated sections of the Charter such as the requirement to appoint a Plumbing Inspector, Building Inspector or Engineer as these services typically are provided by professionals under contract to the Village;J) Aligning the deadlines and legal requirements for Council candidate petitions, budgeting and tax levies with State law; andK) Clarifying the petition requirements for the Initiative Referendum or Recall.If the Amended Charter is approved by a majority of those electors voting at the general election, Tuesday, November 6, 2018, the Amended Charter will take effect January 1, 2019.

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