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Age 38
City/town Florence
Endorsements Northern Kentucky Right to Life Take Back Kentucky 22 Strong COAST
Campaign Message Offering a TRUE conservative voice to advocate for our community and to hold our government accountable to the People.
I am running for State Representative to reduce the tax burden, defend the Second Amendment, protect the unborn, improve education by fighting for students and teachers, and in general to be a passionate advocate for children, parents and hard-working Kentucky families.
Despite having never held public office, I am a passionate advocate for students and teachers, and have worked hard to hold our government accountable to the People. I have been a resource in the community to fight for parental rights and navigate government bureaucracy. I am a parent, former business owner, and have lived in Boone County for over 30 years. I fully understand the burdens of my constituents and the daily challenges they face.
I do not believe that services must be cut in order to reduce the tax burden on hard-working Kentucky families. Governor Bevin has proven that the cost to administer state government can be drastically reduced through the attrition of excess employees, by demanding efficiency and continuous improvement for all government services, and through the elimination of red tape that stifles economic development and business growth. Further, as the economy continues to expand under the conservative policies of President Trump and Governor Bevin, more capital investment and jobs have been created in Kentucky than ever before, thus leading to a larger tax base and more overall revenue for the Commonwealth. Consequently, we must continue to support these common sense policies in order to sustain the current rate of economic expansion and avoid a reduction in services to the taxpayers.
None!!! We are taxed enough already (TEA). In fact, I am in favor or rolling back many taxes and fees, including the new sales taxes foisted upon the Commonwealth this summer by the General Assembly.
Campaign Phone (859) 334-0494
Age 51
City/town Florence
Education/Degrees MA Teaching - Northern Kentucky University; BA - Georgetown College
Community Involvement Indivisible Northern Kentucky District 4; Interfaith Hospitality Network
Endorsements AFL-CIO; Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers, and Helpers; Bold Progressives Champions List; C-FAIR Campaign for Fairness and Individual Rights; Communications Workers of America; Freethought Equality Fund; Indivisible Northern Kentucky District 4; Ironworkers Local 44; Kentucky State Building and Construction Trades Council; Kentucky United Auto Workers; KY 120 Strong Teachers; Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate; National Organization for Women; New Power PAC - Kentuckians for the Commonwealth; Northern Kentucky Labor Council; Planned Parenthood Action Kentucky; Progressive Change Campaign Committee; Sierra Club; The Kentucky Initiative; The Political Revolution; United Mine Workers of America
Campaign Message Listening to the people and bringing honesty, transparency, and strong leadership back to Frankfort.
Our great commonwealth has been heading in the wrong direction. We need a legislature that is focused on making things better for the average Kentuckian. I want to bring transparency back to the state legislature and get away from back room, closed door deals. Everyone deserves a seat at the table.
Our representatives are there to serve the people of Kentucky. I have a long history of volunteering and helping the community, from working as a 'Candy Striper' in middle school, to serving as a member of the Red Cross Disaster Services team. Recently I have had the honor to help homeless families as a volunteer with the Interfaith Hospitality Network. I am looking forward to serving the people of Kentucky as State Representative. Kentucky has a citizen legislature and those in the legislature should reflect the variety of backgrounds in our state. I have been a certified public high school teacher as well as working in Information Technology in small local businesses up to large international companies. I have a wide variety of business experiences that allow me to better understand the needs of many different types of companies. I also understand the everyday struggles faced by many Kentuckians. My mom was a single parent and public school teacher.
Tax incentives to businesses and organizations should be reviewed regularly and subject to reauthorization. They should also do more to support small business and farms. This money is an investment to help the people of Kentucky and the legislature should make sure that Kentuckians are benefitting appropriately from that investment.
Kentucky needs meaningful tax reform. The tax base needs to be broadened to include high end services like interior decorating and financial services consulting. The sales tax exemption on items like boats and horses should also be removed.
Campaign Phone (859) 743-0318
Age 51
Education/Degrees Lloyd High School Eastern Kentucky University BS Police Administration Minor in Business Chase College of Law JD
Community Involvement Boone County Board of Education 22 years National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Board of Directors New York Says Thank You Foundation Board of Directors ITLN Advisory Board Operation Honor Board of Directors Freedom Writer Teacher Past President Kentucky School Boards Assn. Past President National School Boards Assn. Past Board Member National PTA Florence Rotary Boone County Business Assn. Volunteer Kentucky Veterans Hall of Fame
Endorsements Kentucky Education Association Political Action Committee Boone County Education Association Boone County Republican Party Judge Executive Gary Moore Boone County Sheriff Michael Helmig Boone County Attorney Bob Neace Missy Jenkins Smith - Paducah School Shooting Survivor
Campaign Message Three Goals Honor my God Honor my Family Honor my Community WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER
I ran for this seat in 2004 and lost by approximately 800 votes to Addia Wuchner. Representative Wuchner elected not to run this term. She contacted several persons who had expressed interest in the past or who she knew might be interested. I was the only one who stepped forward. I did know for certain Mrs. Wuchner was not running until the Sunday before the Tuesday filing deadline. I did not decide to run until the Monday evening preceding the filing deadline

I am running because I believe it is a natural transition for my public service from the Boone County School Board I have served for 22 years. During that time I became the President of the Kentucky School Boards Association and the National School Boards Association. I also served as a Board member on the National PTA. I have visited 43 states and 8 countries on behalf of public education. I believe Education is a civil right and that all children are entitled to a free and appropriate public education.
I have experience in governing. I have participated and chaired meetings on the state and national level. I have lobbied elected officials on the state and national level. I own a business and I have practiced law for over 25 years. I have had the privilege of representing Boone County and the Commonwealth of Kentucky around the nation and parts of the world. I am informed on many issues including but not limited to Education, Veterans Affairs, Budgeting, School Construction, Litigation, etc. Of the Candidates running I am the only one who to my knowledge had held public office.
Before cutting I believe there needs to be an extensive evaluation of needs versus wants. I am not willing to cut Education funds. I also believe we must preserve funding for police, firefighters and our court system. I do not believe we should be investing in charger schools. Before cutting services I would need to get a grasp on any wasted. I do believe there are some administrative processes that costs our state hundreds of thousands of dollars that could be altered. If the citizens of Kentucky want quality services, we must find additional sources of revenue to pay for those services or cuts will have to occur based on a list of priorities with those on the bottom of the list to be cut first.
I am not a proponent of the service tax that was passed in the last session. I believe we should consider raising Kentucky's sales tax as it is based on consumption rather than being implemented upon citizens without choice. We cannot cut our way to prosperity. Quality services require funding. We must fulfill our pension promise and fund it fully. As a consequence we need to re-examine how the pensions are funded. We also need to proceed with tax reform and re-evaluate all services provided and taxes related thereto.
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