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Age 50
City/town Walton
Education/Degrees 1987 Graduate of Notre Dame Academy, Park Hills, KY; BA Biology, Thomas More College; BSN, University of Cincinnati; MSN, University of Cincinnati
Community Involvement PTA/PTSA WV Schools, Cookies for a Cop, Chick-fil-A Stuff the Bus, Junior Achievement, Wake Up Walton, Admin for FB Page Take Back Parenting
Campaign Message Transparency, Accountability, Fiscal Responsibility, New Ideas for Students, Teachers, and Community Always
I could say it’s because of the 3 of my 6 children who still attend WV schools. I have already had 2 graduate in 2011 and 2012. But that’s only small part of the reason. I have many more kids and young adults in our schools that are the real the reason why. I have enmeshed myself within the schools and with your kids, teachers and administration. I’ve worked at making sure I help when and wherever an opportunity has presented itself. This WV community is more than just a place where I live with my family. It has become my extended family. The people are my why. I did not grow up here and I can tell you that where I grew up doesn’t even begin to compare to this city. Walton has become my home town. This community has become a big part of my life and given me a purpose that is tied closely to the school and the students who go here. I will continue to be who I am and as involved as I am and do what I need to, so that our schools remain successful and continue our tradition of excellence.
I will say I do like to ask questions and that will not change. The reason I am asking is to gain a better understanding of aspects to each issue or non issue as well as to see what people think. I strongly believe that the best person for this type of position is the one willing to ask questions and admit when they don’t know the answer. Not knowing the answer is not a sign of weakness. The other part to the not knowing is to find the answer. I’ve had plenty of practice at this and it is an inherent part of who I am. I am a nurse. I advocate, I find answers, I identify problems, I find solutions, I collaborate, I research, I make sure to listen. Listening is a skill that propels most leaders forward within a community. Listening and answering questions directly is an even better combination. Listening, answering, and communicating is the best approach to everything. I am the type of person who will work to find the answers and communicate with all those involved.
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Campaign Phone (859) 485-9294
Age 54
Education/Degrees Associates Degree in Applied Science Registered Imaging Technologist Registered CT Technologist
Community Involvement Walton Verona Independent Board of Education
Campaign Message Making decisions in the best interest of Students, Teachers and Staff and Community
I am running for re-election to the Walton-Verona Board of Education because our district deserves member of the Board of Education that are willing and able to balance the needs and interests of the Students, Teachers and Staff in the district with the fiscal responsibility that the community want and deserve.
My background in caring for children in my profession and 17 years in management of a large department gives me the knowledge and desire to continue my role on the Board of Education. I have the experience of 4 years on the Board and will give my all to continue to provide the best for our district and community. I am confident that the decisions that I have made on behalf of the district while on the Board have all been made with the knowledge that it was best for all share holders.
I’ve been asked many times why do I want to run for WV School Board? For me it’s very personal as I’ve lived in the area my whole life and I’m an alumnus of this great district. I’ve had the privilege of having the best teachers, principals, bus drivers, lunch ladies and administrators and I want to make sure our kids have that same great experience along with getting the education they deserve that will prepare them for the next stage in their life. I'm dedicated and invested in this school and community and will continue working hard for both! My goal is to make sure we are being fiscally responsible.As a current board member I have never voted to raise taxes. We can’t ask the community for more money if we can’t show them what we have done to save the district money and show them where money is being spent. Second, transparency. I'd like to see board meetings recorded so community members can review them and be well informed about what is occurring in our district.
I’m currently on the board and I believe my track record of standing up for what’s right and taking on tough challenges over the last four years speaks for itself. Along with that I believe I’m the only candidate that has lived in this community their entire life - I’ve experienced many changes, unprecedented growth and understand the challenges ahead of with a unique perspective because of this. You’ll also find that I’m a hard worker, I’m dedicated, and I’ll ask the tough questions and I’ll stand up for what I feel is right for our district even if I’m the only one. I'm always available/open to listen to others ideas and what they have to say. I'm honest, trustworthy and have a passion to inspire. I'm also very approachable and happy to help any time - which means a lot in our community, where people don’t always feel they have a good way to connect; I will continue to be that connection. All of these qualities combined make me a great leader and what makes me the absolute best.
Age 35
City/town Walton, KY
Campaign Message #VoteStrong
I have been looking into a community related service position for some time and after attending meetings for multiple avenues, I decided school board is where I am most passionate. Personally, I have a deep rooted respect for our public education system and what it offers not only to our students but the communities that support them as well. Simply put, I feel like I can be an asset to our district by making sound decisions not only for the school district but also the taxpayers who support it.
Leadership. As someone who has worked through the ranks with my current employer of 13 years, I have had access to many training/development materials and collaborations to further my career. Most of which surrounds Servant Leadership. Being able to lead by example and hold myself accountable is something I take great pride in. I have been able to build great teams of employees over the years, which include multiple employees who have been promoted to running their own location as General Manager. Accountability is also an attribute that comes to mind. Being held accountable by more than a dozen employees every day to make sure we are able to do business properly, as well as, accountability towards our customers to do business the right way is very important. To finish, it is very important to have forward thinkers on this type of board. My favorite phrase to use when talking with employees is “I know what the “best practices” are, now let’s find the “next” best practices!”.
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