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    Larry Varney

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Campaign Phone (513) 470-2298
Age 72
City/town Cold Spring, KY
Education/Degrees Bachelor's Degree in Engilsh, Associate Degree in Computer Programmng
Community Involvement Santa for Rescue Our Shelter Animals & Strays, Campbell County Conservation District (past supervisor)
Endorsements Kentucky Education Political Action Committee, AFL-CIO, Sierra Club of Northern Kentucky
Campaign Message Help me save our schools and our farms
I have seen a steady deterioration of our schools, teachers and education in general. Additionally, our farmers need help to continue doing what they love. I have been a part of both activities and want to do something to help while we still can.
I do not follow the dictates of the big-dollar PACs. I am not in the pockets of the Koch brothers, Big Pharma, and so on. I will work for our teachers, our students, our farmers - for the real people of northern Kentucky.
If the sole purpose is to boost the profits of the big corporations and/or the rich, those services will feel the change.
We will cut back on the subsidies given to already profitable companies.
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