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    Jordan Huizenga

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    Alyssa Dara McDowell

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    Buddy Wheatley

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Campaign Phone (859) 878-2774
Age 33
City/town Covington
Education/Degrees BA in MKT/CMM from the University of Dayton MBA from Northern Kentucky University
Community Involvement Westside Action Coalition The Linden Gateway Small Area Study Committee Gateway Community College Foundation Board Northern Kentucky University College of Education Dean's Development Council Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky Board OneSource Nonprofit Center Board Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky Accelerator co-chair The Northern Kentucky Forum Board myNKY Leadership Team Legacy Leadership of Northern Kentucky President Northern Kentucky Chamber Board Old Seminary Square Neighborhood Association Mentor with Covington Partners
Endorsements Sherriff Chuck Korzenborn Judge Executive Kris Knochelmann Kentucky Chamber
Campaign Message I believe in a government that works for the people. That creates an environment where individuals can accomplish their goals and gets out of the way. I'm tired of partisan politics that only serves to create greater division and more power for a party. We must do better. And we can. Vote for Jordan Huizenga on November 6th in Ludlow, Bromley, Covington, Park Hills, Taylor Mill and Kenton Vale. Together we can create a brighter future for our community.
I’m running for State Representative in the 65th District for one simple reason: to make life better for our families and kids. I want to create a community where all kids can be successful and where families can thrive. I know that government plays a role in our lives whether we like it or not and unfortunately government programs are too often failing those who need them most.
I’m the best candidate for the 65th District for two reasons: my experience and my priorities. I’ve spent my career creating access to quality education for students while supporting families so their kids can thrive. I've worked with schools and teachers to build a community where students learn in a supportive environment. As a City Commissioner, I’ve learned how to make government work better and more efficiently. I have served on the boards of Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky, and worked with Gateway College and worked on issues vital to our region like housing, the Brent Spence Bridge and our drug epidemic. I know the issues, and I know how to address them in Frankfort. I will focus on issues that are critical to the 65th District like education, vacant properties and infrastructure investments. I won't participate in party politics and partisan bickering. That won't make me popular in Frankfort, but I will be focused on the interests of my neighbors here in the 65th District.
While I'm sure there are some services that should or could be cut or scaled back at the State level there are none currently that I will be targeting. When legislating and budgeting for government I've always asked myself whether government should be providing this service or program. There's a lot that government can do and this important question guides me on what I believe government should do. Government has a responsibility to be efficient and effective with your tax dollars. Before cutting programs, I would look for improvements to be made to create better outcomes while responsibly investing your money in the right programs. If these improvements can't or won't be made we should look critically at the outcomes and impact of any program or service and determine whether a partnership or some other service model would be a better delivery to achieve better outcomes for Kentuckians.
We have to continue to look at modernizing and improving Kentucky's tax code to increase revenue with a growing economy. Our current tax structure is outdated and therefore we're not seeing the increases in state revenue that would be expected with the significant investments and job growth happening in the Commonwealth. I believe we should finally allow the voters in the Commonwealth to vote, up or down, whether we should allow casinos in Kentucky. Personally, I would vote no, but I think Kentuckians have a right to decide.
Campaign Phone (859) 581-6666
Age 50
YouTube Alyssa McDowell
City/town Covington, KY
Education/Degrees Series 7 Exam/Stockbrokers License, Studied Managerial Acctg and Business Law at NKU, Child Development Associate (CDA) Obtained Certificates for Various Business and Political and Constitutional Training Courses. Largely Self-Studied - Law & Ethics, Police Supervision, Executive Business Strategy, Tourism, Macro-Micro Economics, Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Yale Philosophy and Harvard Law Courses, Regularly Study the Bible.
Community Involvement Founded "What Is Truth" College Apologetic Group; Founded 3 Parent-Teacher Homeschool Coops and Taught Science, U.S. History, Economics, and Bible classes. Worked with various churches and schools to put on school evangelistic programs with Impact Word Tour and Recruited Mentors for Covington Public Schools; Assimilated evangelistic, biblical and political conferences. Volunteer regularly for Campaigns and Political Projects, Volunteered as Children's Church teacher. Volunteered in various capacities, such as food pantry, soup kitchen, getting school supplies to low income students, etc., Church greeter, Sing in church choir.
Endorsements In Progress.
Campaign Message Natural Law and morality of the Christian religion are indispensable supports for the well-being of our nation.
I liked both of my opponents, Buddy Wheatley (D) and Jordan Huizenga (R) when I met them individually for coffee. I admired their desire to "be a living sacrifice" to serve their fellow man in the realm of politics, - something the majority Christians will not do. I would have been content to have either as my representative, except for one issue. They both marched in the gay pride parade. I believe what the bible teaches us - that homosexuality is a sin. While it's not the "worse sin" and God does grant "free will", I believe it is wrong to march in a "pride" parade as if God's Word were not true. George Washington said in his farewell address: "Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, Religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of Patriotism, who should labor to subvert these great Pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of Men and citizens." - So, I am offering voters a choice.
Being the ONLY candidate that did NOT march in the gay pride parades, means that voters won't have to fear that I will push LGBTQ-centered legislation in Frankfort; that I am not afraid to stand up for our founding principles and for our religious rights. Voters should know that I have studied and will continue to to study both the U.S. Constitution and the Kentucky Constitution and that I am committed to upholding the original intent, following the "spirit of the law", rather than contorting and redefining the "letter of the law". While a certain amount of taxes are necessary in order to maintain common areas such as roads and bridges, and to secure our common defense and welfare, I believe the closer we move towards 100% taxation, the closer we are to slavery and the closer we move to 0% taxation, the closer are to freedom. Therefore, I will work to create an atmosphere in which more jobs will come to Kentucky and more earnings will stay in the paychecks of those who earned them.
While some services are essential, when thinking of "cutting services" we tend to forget that no state or country has a "money tree" growing on their capitol lawns. The truth is that money for "services" essentially amounts to a "cut in pay" from the paychecks of working individuals. Therefore, we should want to run the government as efficiently as possible. In other words, we should endeavor to run the government like a business or a household, seeking to make "investments" towards "growth" rather than simply continuing to dump money into keeping certain departments "afloat". Consistently, we see that money is needlessly spent in one area or another because each department or office of the government becomes singularly focused, almost with tunnel vision, on their own particular jobs rather than thinking holistically about how those jobs will effect the condition of our state as a whole. Successful businesses have efficiency experts. Successful governments should too!
It is "easy" for government officials, to simply raise our taxes rather than work to cut their own spending, especially when they are given allowable "compensating rates" by which to raise them. Since these "compensating rates" are offered by non-elected government officials, this could be considered "taxation without representation".

Rather than tax "increases" though, I'd like to see tax "cuts". In a letter to the Kenton County Court, Tyson Hermes, Mayor of Erlanger, offered his example of how "cutting" taxes by 2%, four years in a row, has made the city more desirable to companies and to potential residents. As a result, jobs and property values increased. Tax "rates" are lower, but because a larger base of people and businesses are contributing, the city's tax "revenues" are higher! Raising taxes does not lead to prosperity but cutting them does. This is what I will work to do for you and for our state if elected. I ask for your vote on Nov 6th. Thank you.

Campaign Phone (859) 912-4847
Age 58
City/town 65th District- Covington, Ludlow, Park Hills, Bromley, Kenton Vale, Winston Park (Taylor Mill)
Education/Degrees Ludlow H.S. BA Journalism, University of Kentucky BA English, Northern Kentucky University J.D., Salmon P. Chase Law School, Northern Kentucky University
Community Involvement Riverfront Commons Steering Committee MSU-Covington Boys and Girls Club Steinford Toy Foundation Kenton County Democratic Executive Committee Old Seminary Square Neighborhood Association
Endorsements State Representative Arnold Simpson Covington Professional Firefighters Kentucky Professional Fire Fighters KY Fraternal Order of Police Kentucky Educational Association Kentucky AFL-CIO
Campaign Message Buddy Wheatley is Responding to the Call. A 4th generation Covington firefighter who retired as the fire chief and now practices law as a labor attorney for public employees, will take his life-long commitment to the 65th District and apply his background, character and legal knowledge to represent all of the district, all of the time in Frankfort. A principled decision-maker, Buddy will fight to fully fund public education including securing retirement benefits, for true legislative transparency, for a fairer tax system to help our small businesses and working families and not for millionaires, for better labor laws for working families, and for a healthier Kentucky.
After serving 20 years as a Covington firefighter, the last three as fire chief, I've been working on behalf of labor organizations as legal counsel. Working as a public employee, and now as legal counsel for public employees, I've become very familiar with how our state government works, and doesn't work, for many Kentuckians. When our current state representative, the honorable Arnold Simpson, announced his retirement, I spoke with him and with his encouragement and support I entered my candidacy. The call to serve the public again was the deciding factor.
If someone names a street in Covington, Ludlow, Park Hills, Bromley, or any of the other small communities in the district, I can assure you I know the street, the neighborhood, its history and character over the past decades, and probably a family or two or more on the street or nearby. My lifelong commitment to the district, my decision-making experience as a firefighter and fire chief, my legal background, and the time and effort I pledge to representing all of the district, all of the time, makes me the best candidate for state representative. By all of the district, all of the time, it means that my thorough knowledge of the essence of the district, the fabric of the district will run through every vote I take on its behalf. That includes our families, neighborhoods, businesses, visitors and prospective families and businesses. No special treatment for any interest group, just the special interest of the district and Kentucky.
In short, I am willing to curtail or eliminate include any service that is wasteful, irrelevant, harmful, or unproductive. As an underlying premise, however, cutting services is not a theme of the work I plan to do as a legislator. In fact, I want to restore cuts that have hurt our public education system, health care, and more. As a first time candidate, I think it would be irresponsible to make broad declarations that this service or that service needs to be cut or eliminated. Not until you have the facts of independent investigators should such decisions be considered.
Whether than raise taxes, we need to seriously examine the billions of dollars in revenue exemptions that keep missing the state coffers--about $12 billion in tax breaks. A portion of that $12 billion can undoubtedly be recouped and reallocated to keep or expand services. Also, the 2018 tax breaks the General Assembly handed out to millionaires and big corporations should be brought back to the treasury by being repealed.
If you need any help as a candidate, please email Carl Weiser at