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Campaign Phone (513) 516-0951
Age 64
City/town Moscow
Education/Degrees BA Liberal Arts 1981 University of Cincinnati
Community Involvement Coached basketball, soccer and baseball. Chair of the Board of Zoning Appeals Village of Moscow. Planning Committee Village of Moscow. Volunteered for Tender Mercies. Precinct Executive Washington Township
Endorsements AFL-CIO, Planned Parenthood, UAW, OAPSE, OFT, Moms Demand Action, End Citizens United
Campaign Message We use the hashtag #WeCanDoBetter
I believe workers should be paid a living wage and have the right to organize. Right to Work laws are a misnomer. Right to Work policies are just a right to be poor. I believe in quality public schools that serve all families equally. The Charter School experiment in Ohio has evolved into a cesspool of corruption and lower national education standings. The system needs to be torn down and revamped to include accountability to the taxpayers. But the main reason I am in this race is because of the opioid crisis in District 66 and throughout the nation. My family was personally impacted by this crisis when we lost our oldest son to a drug overdose four years ago. Drug abuse is a community health issue not a crime. Drug addicts should be patients, not prisoners. To clarify illegal drug trafficking should be prosecuted. Drug abuse should be treated.
I will be an independent voice in Columbus, not a rubber stamp for the party. I am not a lifetime politician. I believe we need fresh perspectives in our state government that represent the regular citizens who have experienced the challenges of everyday life. One party rule has bred corruption in our state government. We need to have checks and balances.
The charter school system needs to be scrapped and rebooted with oversight. We need to find new and innovative ways to fund our public school system. We need to get rid of the private prison system in Ohio. Taxpayer money should not be shifted to for-profit corporations. We need a holistic drug treatment system that includes transportation, job training, and mental health services.
I support Medicaid expansion because I believe access to healthcare is a human right.
We need to do everything we can to eliminate unwanted pregnancies. We need to make women’s health services more accessible. We need to make access to education and contraception more widely available. I do not believe the government has the right to interfere with a woman’s healthcare choices.

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