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    Claire Corcoran

  • Richard Perry

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Campaign Phone (513) 377-6666
Age 69
Education/Degrees MPA- Northern Ky. Univ. 1999 BA- Edgecliff College (Xavier U) 1973
Community Involvement Goshen Twp. Trustee (2012-2015) Goshen Twp. Administrator (interim) (2014) Goshen School Board (2008-2011) Corcoran Family Foundation (Principal-Charitable Grant Foundation for Handicapped) Good Shepherd Manor (legal guardian for autistic adult) Joe Busam Foundation (past Treasurer) Horse Thief Detectives (officer and charter member)
Endorsements Cincinnati Right to Life
I began my career in public service in 1974, immediately after graduating college. I have spent my entire adult life in public service. After retiring from Hamilton County in 2009, I continued public service as an elected official. My unwillingness to increase taxes as a Township trustee cost me an election in 2015. I missed public service.

When controversy developed over funding the FC Cincinnati project, I began thinking of returning to elective office. As I explored the possibility of running for County Commissioner, I found that I had substantial support. And, after tying with the most Republican party endorsement votes, I decided to seek the office.

Because of my extensive experience and qualifications, I believe I can make a valuable contribution to the quality of life of Clermont County residents. And, because of my disciplined and conservative budgeting record, I will limit the size and scope of government.

I am running against a very fine gentleman. However, I believe I have a great deal more experience in government. The County Commissioner's position is very complex. Without extensive experience in government as an elected office holder and employee, I believe it is impossible to understand the short and long term ramifications of many policy decisions.

The Commissioners office must authorize the budgets of all county agencies. Not only does this include over a dozen agencies directly under the Commissioners (over 2000 employees) it includes: Sheriff; Prosecutor; Auditor; Coroner; Engineer; Treasurer; Municipal and Common Pleas Courts. This requires a working knowledge of how these agencies work.

I believe I have the required experience to start the job running on day one.
It is surprising how much easier it is to manage government when economic times are good. It is infinitely more difficult to manage government when there are limited resources ($$$$).

The county budget is a policy statement. By this I mean authorized spending levels reflect the policy priorities of each commissioner. IN EXAMPLE: If I vote to authorize increased spending for law enforcement and less for Section 8 Housing, I am stating that my policy favors stronger law enforcement and reduced subsidies for those in need of assisted housing.

Every Commissioner has their own priorities. It is my intention to maintain services at current levels until I learn agency budgets inside and out. I will then vote to adjust based upon my priorities.

My highest priority is economic development. But I also recognize basic services (law enforcement, transportation sufficiency) are a necessary part of the economic development picture.
Control of government spending is the primary responsibility of the county commissioners. As an elected office holder, I had always insisted upon balancing the budget. A "balanced budget" can mean different things. Many officials have suggested that using reserve funds from prior years in order to balance the budget. My tax philosophy regarding tax increases is that I will not raise taxes unless: 1). all efforts have been made to eliminate wasteful spending; 2). the agency requesting the tax increase is well managed; 3). the requested tax increase is for a genuine need and not a wish list; 4). the tax increase is requested in an economic prosperous period so that there is a minimum impact on the individual being taxed.
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