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    John Becker

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    Patricia Lawrence

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What services, if any, should Ohio government consider adding or cutting?

Do you support or oppose repealing Gov. Kasich’s expansion of Medicaid. Why?

Are Ohio’s abortion laws too restricting or too lax? Why?

Campaign Phone (513) 753-6440
Age 57
City/town Union Township (Clermont County)
Education/Degrees MBA-Taxation (Xavier University), Bachelor of Science-Business Management (Northern Kentucky University), Certified Treasury Professional (CTP), School District Treasurers License, Union Township Citizens Police Academy graduate.
Community Involvement Mt. Carmel Christian Church, St. Veronica Church, Clermont County Republican Party, Union Township Republican Party, Farm Bureau, and more. I regularly attend trustee, city/village council, and school board meetings. I also attend Clermont Chamber, Clermont Senior Services, Child Focus, and various other community events.
Endorsements • Clermont County Republican Party • Ohio Republican Party • NFIB Ohio - National Federation of Independent Business (small business) • Ohio Chamber of Commerce • The Ohio Society of CPAs • Ohio Valley Associated Builders and Contractors ABC-PAC • Ohio State Medical Association PAC • 2018 Ohio Farm Bureau "Friend of Agriculture" • Ohio State Chiropractors Association • Cincinnati Right to Life - PAC • Ohio Right to Life - PAC • Ohio Value Voters • Family First PAC • Janet Folger Porter • “Very Conservative” from iVoterGuide. (This is their highest rating.) • NRA with the highly exclusive A+ rating • Buckeye Firearms PAC with the highly exclusive A+ rating • Ohioans for Concealed Carry (OFCC) • Ohio Citizens PAC • Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio • Coalition Opposed to Additional Sending and Taxes (COAST) • “Highly Recommended” by Ohio Veterans United
Campaign Message Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Limited Government, Lower Taxes
To support, defend, and promote the conservative values of Clermont County.
The 65th House District is very conservative and strongly Republican. It is my opinion that I am the best candidate who can represent Clermont County values in Columbus. More than 70 percent of those voters agreed with that assessment two years ago and again in the 2018 primary election. Additionally, as a member of the majority party in Columbus, I have a “seat at the table” crafting legislation. My opponent is endorsed by pro-abortion groups, gun control advocates, and labor unions. I am endorsed by pro-life and business groups. I’m also endorsed by the NRA and Buckeye Firearms. Both groups have awarded me their highly exclusive “A+” rating.
I’ve not sponsored any bills to add services. However, I have sponsored bills to cut spending and taxes. Ohio should hold spending increases to the inflation rate. Economic growth will provide excess revenues to allow further tax reductions therefore fueling additional economic growth.
I very strongly opposed Medicaid expansion and sponsored House Bill 130-255. It reforms Ohio’s Medicaid program and would save taxpayers $1.5 billion annually. Medicaid is considered one of the most corrupt government programs ever devised. It is legendary for its waste, fraud, and abuse. Additionally, I joined the lawsuit, heard by the Ohio Supreme Court, challenging Governor Kasich’s use of the Controlling Board to bypass the General Assembly.
Too lax. This is a human rights issue. The most innocent among us are continuing to be treated as property rather than human beings. The killing of this class of people must stop. I’m a co-sponsor of the “heartbeat bill.” Additionally, I sponsored House Bill 130-351. It prohibits insurance companies from covering abortion services.
Campaign Phone (513) 480-2299
Age 54
City/town Loveland/Miami Township
Education/Degrees M.Ed. Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH B.A. University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
Community Involvement US Sailing Board of Directors (National body governing the sport), Cowan Lake Sailing Association, Board of Governors and recipient of Marcotte Award Service to the Club; Cowan Lake Sailing Association-Training, Board of Directors and recipient of the Role Model Award for Junior Sailing Program; Children’s Meeting House Montessori School, President Board of Trustees, Thistle Class Association, President and Minton Award Service to the Class Award; Co-Founder Loveland Action Team
Endorsements AFL-CIO Ohio Association of Public School Employees (OAPSE/AFSCME Local 4), Moms Demand Action, Cincinnati Women’s Political Caucus, Matriots, Affiliated Construction Trades Foundation (ACT Ohio), Ohio Civil Service Employees Association/ AFSCME Local 11, AFSCME Power in Action Ohio Council 8 and AFSCME retiree Chapter 1184 SW Ohio Education Association Planned Parenthood, AFSCME Power in Action Ohio Council 8 and AFSCME retiree Chapter 1184, Power in Action American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), SMART Transportation Division, Teamsters Ohio D.R.I.V.E., United Auto Workers Region 2B
Campaign Message Patricia Lawrence is an effective, common-sense leader who can reach across the aisle to work for all Ohioans. She will bring money back from Columbus to fund our schools, police and fire. She will fight for good paying jobs and healthcare and the people in Ohio. She understands that strong families and communities are at the heart of Ohio. It’s time to end ideological politics and get to work.
Ohio deserves effective leadership and I will deliver. A GOP friend told me, “When Democrats don’t run, Republicans are not pushed to put forward their best candidates.” Their candidate for OH 65 promotes fringe ideas: everything from Ohio’s secession (“the so-called ‘Civil War’ is the historical precedent”) to due process (“justice was delivered to the dead punk”) to healthcare that is affordable (ERs would not have to help “non-paying customers”). My opponent introduced a bill to arm teachers, yet he voted against supporting school resource officers. Enough. I am ready to work for my District.
I am an effective leader who accomplishes meaningful work. Of the 14 bills or joint resolutions my opponent has sponsored in the 132th General Assembly, only one has been moved out of committee. I have considerable national and local board experience, and have twice served as board president. I collaborate with colleagues on both sides of the aisle. This is not rhetoric. Already I have reached out to Clermont’s leadership and will continue to do that. County officials and township trustees work hard, and they deserve an effective partner in Columbus who fights on their behalf. I will not waste time on fringe legislation and divisive bombast. I’ll work to better our schools with less testing and more vocational training. I’ll work to combat the opiate crisis that plagues our communities. We live in a time where wealth is accumulated from the stock market, but we are better served when wealth comes from the ability to support our families with living wages.
Municipalities have lost roughly half of their funding from the Local Government Fund since 2010. This tax money belongs to the local government, not in a Columbus bank account. Ohio government needs to restore funds to townships and municipalities. The value of our homes depends upon the strength of our communities. This is a double whammy: local budgets are slashed, yet communities are hit with an expensive opioid crisis. I want Ohio government to function as it was intended, and its agreement with taxpayers upheld.
Clermont has one of the highest rates of working poor in Ohio and approximately 20,000 people in Clermont County use Medicaid. This is a step-up from outright poverty. Medicaid expansion enables people to work and keeps them healthy. It is a valuable component to combat the opioid crisis and bridges the gap as people leave treatment and return to their lives and jobs. People in Clermont rely on Medicaid to enable them to be productive members of our community and I wholeheartedly support that. I am a cancer survivor and am forever grateful for my health care coverage. It allows my family to live in our house, send our daughters to college and eventually retire. Health care must be available and affordable, and no one should be one health care crisis away from financial ruin.
I want solutions that reduce unwanted pregnancies and provide care for women’s health and family planning. Women must have responsibility for and sovereignty over our bodies. Access to reproductive health care ensures birth control and education are available to reduce unwanted pregnancies—a goal we agree on. The Supreme Court confirmed that safe, legal abortion is a constitutional right. We must stop using it as a wedge issue and implement meaningful programs that provide family planning.

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