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Age 62
Community Involvement Samaritan's Feet program sponsor & volunteer
Endorsements Northern Kentucky Central Labor Council Kentucky State AFL-CIO Kentucky Educators Political Action Committee Kentucky United Auto Workers Communication Workers of America Political Housing Club of Northern Kentucky International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 392 Kentucky Educators PAC Ironworkers Local 44 Better Schools Kentucky General Drivers, Warehousemen, Helpers Local Union #89 Kentucky State Building & Construction Trades Council United Food & Commercial Workers Local 75 Political Housing Club of Northern Kentucky Fireman & Oilers United Mine Workers
Campaign Message I a pro-growth, pro-education taxpayer watchdog
I am running to make Kentucky a better place, for our children and the future of our citizens. We have much work to do on education and economic growth. I have a track record of passing important legislation and delivering infrastructure dollars for our community. We must stop the assault on public education.
My experience and track record of delivery, working with community and regional leaders, I am a powerful voice for Northern Kentucky in Frankfort. I have passed important legislation and secured millions of dollars for my district. Among my accomplishments are: Eliminated the unfair Campbell County “courthouse tax” Riverfront Commons funding Southgate roadway repair funding Water lines funding Convicted offenders registration legislation Newport on the Levee tourism development act extension Campbell County road projects, secured $5.5 million secured 2014-2015 budget Northern Kentucky University various building projects Tough DUI legislation; interlock devices Boys & Girls Club secured contribution from AT&T Highland Heights: $230,000 for Knollwood Subdivision rebuilding/repaving Newport Route 9 connector: $42 million
I am willing to cut the excessive amount of government contracts that is now exceeding over $1 billion. These are personal service contracts that are often used as a slush funds for the governor's office.
We are giving away more in tax incentives that we are taking in. We need total tax reform that is fair to everyone; reducing the burden on families and small business, closing loopholes and developing a revenue stream for paying off the pension debt.
Campaign Phone (859) 803-2528
Age 59
City/town Dayton, Kentucky
Education/Degrees Bachelor in Public Administration, NKU Master Public Affairs, University of Cincinnati
Community Involvement My community involvement is long and impossible to list all in this format. However some examples of organizations I have or continue to volunteer for include: Redwood, American Society for Public Administration, United Way, various school districts, various historical societies and organizations, Northern Kentucky Drug and Alcohol Abuse Committee, Upward Basketball, and LIfeCenter (organ donation). In 2013, I won the Luke Dober Award for my advocacy efforts on behalf of substance abuse treatment in the region. I was honored by the International City and County Management Association for life time service. Also, the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration awarded me their Career achievement award. I teach high school students about organ donation when they get to driving age.
Endorsements Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Northern Kentucky Right to Life
Campaign Message I believe my core values drive me to be a stronger, kinder individual. I also believe that the people in our district deserve an elected leader with values that line up with their own. As your representative, I will value honesty over the deceptive mumblings of politics. I promise to tell you the truth even when it hurts and to always honor my word. I will be open minded and flexible when approaching new issues. Without these two values, effective and efficient legislation is harder to create. I promise to be a dependable representative who listens to the actual needs of the people they serve. And finally, but most importantly, I value my family and the families working diligently to change our communities from the inside out.
I am a citizen who just wants to help make our community better. It’s that simple. More than anything, we need change in Frankfort. We need to eliminate many of the decades old processes that dominate the way Frankfort operates. We saw some of this in action this year- but it is an old practice. I believe one of the major problems we are facing today is a lack of civility and I hear this on the campaign trail. I believe the people of the District come first-- not our political parties. We must get away from politics as usual. We must have a better, higher level of civil discussion. We spend more time trying to tear down our rivals instead of solving problems, communicating issues, and governing. I promise to not become a part of the problem, but rather the solution.

I have a long record of bold leadership and community involvement. My career in local government and community service prepares me to be a unique representative with a focus on establishing priorities.
I am not a politician, but simply a person who cares about my community. I have a long history of service to the community. Throughout my career, I have advocated for economic and public policies that ensure stability and prosperity for Kentucky families. I have worked tirelessly in both my career and private life to elevate the Northern Kentucky River Region.

Throughout my career, I have worked closely with nonprofit organizations, local governments and business leaders in finding ways to better help our community. I have provided counseling and leadership development to local nonprofits to ensure efficient and effective models of service. My focus is always on ways to actually help the people who need it most. It takes passion and endurance to grow the community and I will continue to call on my own passion for our community when fighting for issues in Frankfort.
Republicans and Democrats generally agree there are many services of State government that are a duplication and/or out of date. I strongly support a comprehensive efficiency study of state government as first proposed in 2007. We must rely on service experts and citizen input to have a professional and comprehensive review. We need to have more strategic thinking in state government. We must come together as a legislature and focus on clearly identifying the most important problems/services and finding the best solutions. My approach is not to prejudge any service, but rather advocate for setting priorities and addressing them. The State has limited resources to be sure. Thus, why can't we set priorities for our resources?
Over the last 30 years there has been some 20 studies on tax reform and they all say the same thing: we should eliminate the personal income tax and go to a consumption tax. However, for example, it took Tennessee fourteen years to get to that point. If Kentucky were to go down this road it should be done over a long term, incrementally. We need to consult tax experts to help us identify the impact of such a change. It is vital when making such a change to not rush it because it is easy to overestimate or underestimate revenues if you just do it in one year like Kansas. I believe we have studied tax reform enough. Lets analyze, discuss, communicate with the citizens and implement the best approach that makes systemic changes to our antiquated system.
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