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  • Joe Fischer

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    Jason Kilmer

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Campaign Phone (859) 462-6230
Age 36
City/town Fort Thomas
Education/Degrees AAS Engineering Technology
Endorsements AFL-CIO, NKY Labor Council, KEA, UMWA, 314 Action, UAW, Plumbers & Pipefitters, IBEW, Ironworkers, UCW
I believe that Joe Fischer has gotten complacent. He no longer serves our district but an extremist agenda of privatization, corporate welfare, and cutting taxes for the most wealthy and placing the burden on those that are less affluent.
What makes me the best candidate is that I am beholden to no one. I am someone who can think for myself, weigh all options, and consider all possibilities. Furthermore, I know what its like to work and come from behind. I know what it is like to raise children and juggle work-life commitments. My opponent does not share this point of view.
That is something that we'll have to figure out once elected. I'll need the knowledge that comes with working in the legislature before deciding what services need to be cut, if any.
This also something that I will need to discover once elected. Once I get in there and really dive into things and find out exactly how things are done and what pieces of the puzzle fall where I will have a better idea. But I hate the idea of a flat tax. In no economy will you ever produce enough revenue from income taxes with a flat tax without crushing those that make the least. Raising "consumption" taxes also crushes those that are less affluent.
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