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  • William T. Rachford Jr.

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    Andy Schabell

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Campaign Phone (859) 466-9664
Age 75
City/town Alexandria
Education/Degrees BA Business Administration, Univ of Maryland. CLU, ChFC, American College
Community Involvement Main Street Baptist Church, Holly Hill Children's Services, Dan Beard Council Boy Scouts of America, Eagle Scout Association, Care Mission, KY Veterans Hall of Fame,
I want to complete the jobs we have started. The city is growing and changing and I want to continue to be a part of that. I I have a strong desire to be a true public servant. This position is a calling for me at this stage of my life.
I am an experienced, fair, intelligent individual and I care deeply about our city. We have made great strides in a number of areas but have much work to do yet.
If necessary I would cut services in our Community Center and/or City Park if that were to become necessary.
We recently enacted a gross receipts tax for this purpose. We chose not to increase real estate taxes on our citizens but needed to broaden our tax base in order to keep providing necessary city services.
Age 40
YouTube andy4alexandria
City/town Alexandria, KY
Education/Degrees Bachelor’s Degree in Police Administration from Eastern Kentucky University
Campaign Message Serving the people of Alexandria, KY with Honesty, Integrity, and Commitment, while maintaining a high level of Communication, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
I have been on Alexandria’s City Council since 2013. I have been around long enough to know how things work, and short enough to still be highly motivated to do the work that needs to be done. I would like to bring my experience and motivation to the position of Mayor to make Alexandria a safer, business friendly place to live.
I will bring 6 years of city government experience, the knowledge gained from being a lifelong Campbell County resident, and the motivation to work hard every single day for the citizens of Alexandria.

Current Mayor Bill Rachford’s election signs say that he is “Your Full-Time Mayor”. I won’t be a “full-time Mayor”, I will be available 7 days a week and 365 days a year. I believe that “full-time” isn’t enough. I will reply to your emails and phone calls as soon as I receive them, you will not have to wait until I am sitting at a desk in city hall to communicate with me.

I will form a “business development committee” to help identify the types of businesses that are needed in this area, and to actively recruit those types of businesses to our city. I will not sit by and watch numerous businesses close their doors without a plan to recruit and retain new businesses.

The city of Alexandria has the money and the means to keep all of the services that we currently provide, even if/when we adjust the gross receipts tax maximum cap.

The Mayor is going to say that the city will need to raise property taxes if we reduce the cap of the gross receipts tax. That is not true. We are in the middle of a housing boom in Alexandria, which allowed us to keep the property tax rate the same this year, but that same tax rate increased revenue to the city by over $30,000, and with the subdivisions at Arcadia, Eagle Ridge, Summerlake and others building houses at a remarkable rate, our revenue will continue to increase even if we keep the rate the same.

In 2017 the city of Alexandria introduced the largest single tax increase in our City’s 184 year history. It was a “Gross Receipts Tax” that didn’t have a maximum cap. That meant that several businesses in Alexandria who paid a $75 business license in 2016, were forced to pay over $75,000 in taxes in 2017. In 2018 Alexandria City Council voted to place a $25,000 cap on the gross receipts tax, and while that is helpful, it isn’t good enough. Highland Heights, KY has a $10,000 per year cap, and Cold Spring has a $1,500 per year cap. That means that a large business could be forced to pay $235,000 more in taxes over a ten year period in Alexandria than they will spend in the City of Cold Spring. The city of Alexandria needs to adjust this cap to make us business friendly.
If you need any help as a candidate, please email Carl Weiser at