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Campaign Phone (513) 205-1128
Age 48
City/town Alexandria
Education/Degrees BS Math BS Mechanical Engineering MS Mechanical Engineering
Community Involvement Honestly, my wife is the community builder through teaching and multiple school activities. I just do what I can to support her. This has led me to serve as a CCMS science fair judge, volunteer for career day and Watch Dog Dads at Reiley Elementary, and to be a classroom speaker in science classes.
Campaign Message Vote a bright future for our small town
I believe that Alexandria is at a crossroads (literally and figuratively). Beyond regular oversight and contribution at council meetings, I will encourage long term planning for Alexandria.

Our town has a neat identity and really is where the city meets the country. But Cincinnati is poised to start growing south. We need to decide what Alexandria is going to be decades from now as the southern edge of the metro area moves south. As we grow (willing or not), we can still be city and country if we guide development. Like planning for retirement, the sooner we begin, the easier it is.
City council doesn't need a best candidate. It needs a best team. I can certainly contribute unique talents to this team of community leaders. Professionally, I am an inventor and problem solver. This means looking at tough problems a new way, researching what others have done, and adapting it to fit the situation. It also means building consensus for solutions, avoid creating new problems, and doing it cost effectively.

Other than existing contracts with employees, services mandated by law, or services already paid for, everything should be regularly evaluated. However, I'm pretty certain that Alexandria doesn't need any of the military vehicles it is currently maintaining. They are cool, but not the best use of taxpayer money.
It would be foolish to say "none." But there would need to be very compelling reason to raise them. A revenue increase would need to be weighed against the lowest priority budget items to decide which was more important.

On the other hand, there are fees and taxes that can be used to guide city development. For example, it might be worth looking at utility pole fees to encourage utilities to bury cables and thereby visibly improve the city. That's a multi-decade activity that would need to be carefully thought out to coordinate with road and neighborhood development. Which is why we have a council to think through these things.
Campaign Phone (859) 635-1788
Age 56
City/town Alexandria
Education/Degrees Cambell County High School
Community Involvement I am a local business owner and I enjoy giving back to the community with numerous philanthropic efforts including local food pantries, Goodwill, Cleveland Clinic for Cancer Vaccine research, Folds of Honor and local events and fundraisers.
Campaign Message I am completing my 6th term on council and I would like to continue to help the city grow in an orderly fashion.
I am running to help the city grow in an orderly fashion.
I am a lifetime resident of Campbell County and an Alexandia resident for 47 years. As a business owner I understand the business side of running a city.
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Campaign Phone (859) 391-8202
Age 54
Education/Degrees BA from NKU JD from UK
Community Involvement Care Mission Board Member Past Involvement with Children's Law Center and St. Mary School Council
Campaign Message I want to continue to ensure Alexandria has planned growth with our infrastructure and safety needs kept in the forefront.
I have lived in Alexandria since 1992. I grew up in Campbell County. I have raised my family in Alexandria. I became involved in city politics in a time of dysfunction in the mid-90s. I was first elected in 1998. The city has maintained a balanced budget while purchasing a new complex for city government, aggressively pursued a street maintenance/rehabilitation program, improved safety (VIPS Program; Community Training Programs; body cameras for officers; school resource officer at CCMS; cameras in schools linked to our police dept; better technology for communication internally and externally), and developed a wonderful park for our citizens. Financially, the city is in great shape, but we have had to make certain we have funding resources which will allow us to continue to meet the needs of our citizens without raising property taxes - we have accomplished that task. There is always more to do to improve the city and that is why I am running again.
Experience - I have sat on each sub-committee during my tenure. Currently, I sit on Finance Committee which is generally the most important sub-committee because it establishes the budget which is then voted on my the full Council. As a lawyer, I face difficult decisions which require compassion, but, more importantly, rational thinking. I have used that same analytical process in effort to make decisions which are in the best interests of the City and its citizens as a whole. We often hear from the vocal minority and their voice is important. However, you have to consider all the facts before making a decision and be willing to change your mind if it turns out there is a better way to achieve a desired result. I have always kept an open mind and will always do so. My tenure has been one of consistent leadership with no allegiance other than to the citizens that I serve.
There is nothing on the table needing to be cut currently. However, for instance, if there is a budget issue then we may not buy 3 police cruisers this year, rather we will space the purchases out over 2 or 3 years. We make decisions as needed. We plan ahead concerning public works projects so that we prioritize those roads or subdivisions which are most in need of repair or rehabilitation. As such, there may be another road that will have to wait until the following budget.
We put a percentage on our gross receipts tax about 18 months ago. We did that to raise revenue to make certain we could continue to provide the best police service, continue with our aggressive street/subdivision repairs, maintain our sidewalks (and extend them where possible), and meet our budget needs. We have already reduced the percentage and put a cap on the amount to be collected from businesses. The gross receipts tax is prevalent, along with a net profits tax in some cities, in most municipalities in northern Kentucky. It allowed Council to balance our budget and keep property taxes at a consistently low amount. It is not a matter of expanding government, but maintaining current services.
Campaign Phone (859) 240-4150
Age 61
City/town Alexandria, Ky
Education/Degrees Master's Degree in Education
Community Involvement City Council 2 terms (4 years)
Endorsements Past council members
Campaign Message "Together we can make a dfference"
As a citizen I have watched our city struggle keeping businesses in our town. I want to have better communication between the city and our local businesses. I want to keep from raising taxes on the citizens and our businesses by making sure the city is fiscally responsible in their spending.
I care about what happens in our town. I am open to meeting and speaking with anyone. I am available by phone or email and I will do what I can to bring concerns to the council.
Should cutting services to our citizens be brought before the council, I would be willing to sit down and really look at the budget and see how the departments are spending the tax payers money and make decisions at that time.
I believe not one group should be burdened with a large tax. It is an equal expense that everyone needs to share. The Gross Receipt Tax needs to be looked at again in Alexandria so that we are able to bring new businesses to our community or have existing businesses expand. At the same time our city is growing so fast that our property taxes may not have to increase as the growth slows down.
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