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Campaign Phone (513) 309-4088
Age 37
City/town Bellevue, KY
Education/Degrees B.S, Urban Studies, University of Cincinnati, M.S., Marketing, University of Cincinnati
Community Involvement 6 Years Service, Bellevue Planning and Zoning Commission, Chair, Bellevue Board of Adjustments
I’m running for Bellevue City Council because I believe in the strengths of our city: our people, our businesses and schools, and our strong sense of community.

When my wife and I moved to Bellevue 8 years ago, we fell in love with the historic neighborhoods, walkability, and vibrant independent business district. I immediately immersed myself into citizen feedback for the city’s comprehensive plan and was happy to give back by volunteering for the last six years on our Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of Adjustments to help ensure we retain what makes Bellevue special.

When my daughter was born three years ago, it made me think about how I could serve our community in a larger sense - to ensure everything I love about Bellevue was still there for her as she grew up. That’s why I’m running for city council, to ensure Bellevue remains a safe, vibrant, and prosperous community for generations to come.
My background is uniquely suited to ensure that as Bellevue grows, we do so with smart development that retains our community character.

With an educational background in urban planning and concentration in historic preservation along with my service on our volunteer boards, I know how to create the right policy guidelines that encourage vibrancy and community.

Professionally, I manage a $15 million budget and staff of ten. I have experience holding partners accountable to timelines and budget, measuring results, and making the tough decision to change plans when something isn't working.

Finally, I have a vested interest in making decisions for the long term health of our community - my daughter. I look forward to sending my her to our schools, seeing her grow up our community, and giving her every opportunity available to become part of the next generation of Bellevue community leaders.
We should focus on more ways to diversify the tax base rather than cutting services our citizens depend on. However, where there is opportunity to examine existing contracts for cost savings we should absolutely do so. For example, we recently partnered with Campbell County to contract for planning and zoning administration, which retained a high level of service for our city while reducing costs.
The largest opportunities to increase our tax base are the Harbor Greene development and the Donnermeyer/Riviera area - fully and carefully developing both of these should be strategic priorities for the city. We should also focus on finding businesses that can relocate, start, or expand in Bellevue. Our payroll tax is a significant source of revenue for our city, but we have untapped potential to bring in more jobs and solidify our budget.
Campaign Phone (859) 496-4846
City/town Bellevue Ky.
Education/Degrees Bellevue High
Community Involvement member and co founder of BNA. Bellevue Vets associate member, former youth baseball coach member and former president of the Bellevue civic association
Endorsements did not seek any
Campaign Message I'm looking forward to continue working to make Bellevue the best place to live work and play
Bellevue is our /my home working with fellow council members and city As a staff, we have made Bellevue a fantastic place to live work and play. I would love the opportunity to continue working to make Bellevue even better for all of us.
My never give up attitude and resolution to problem solving my belief is we can always improve by listening to our citizens and acting on their behalf . My best attribute is working with other council members and city staff to get things done mostly I love what I do
We have an obligation to provide the highest quality services for our citizens I'm not sure we can cut any services that would be a impact on the budget we are very lean to start with.
We could look at fees for building permits and possibly make a adjustment.
Candidate response is not yet available.
Candidate response is not yet available.
Candidate response is not yet available.
Candidate response is not yet available.
Campaign Phone (859) 567-9302
Age 35
City/town Bellevue, KY
Education/Degrees Juris Doctor, NKU Chase College of Law B.A., Political Science, Saint Louis University Saint Xavier High School
Community Involvement Vice President of the Bellevue Neighborhood Association, Bellevue Board of Adjustment, Trustee Venice on Vine, Bellevue Sesquicentennial Celebration Committee, Art in the Park volunteer.
Bellevue is a special town with very proud and passionate citizens. I believe the citizens of Bellevue deserve a thoughtful leader who will represent their best interests, has the desire to do the hard work of crafting thoughtful legislation, and who will ensure taxpayers are getting their money's worth.
My passion for Bellevue, together with my involvement in the community and educational and professional background in law, make me a perfect fit for Bellevue City Council.
I don't think there are any services that should be completely cut since Bellevue has a relatively small budget. However, I would like to explore ways to trim costs through increased grant writing and combining services with neighboring towns.
I don't think Bellevue needs to raise fees or taxes. The city needs to work towards increasing revenue through increasing its tax base. If the city focuses on improving infrastructure, transit, and city services we can create a demand for new residents, developers, and small businesses to invest in Bellevue.
Candidate response is not yet available.
Candidate response is not yet available.
Candidate response is not yet available.
Candidate response is not yet available.
Campaign Phone (859) 240-5209
Age 81
City/town Lifetime Ky resident. 48 yrs Campbell County 15years Bellevue Ky
Education/Degrees High School, TRAA certified operator, JJ KELLER certified instructor
Endorsements Fraternal Order of Police 10
Campaign Message I have no personal agenda. This is not my city, this is "OUR" city, the property owners, residents, taxpayers.
I am running as an advocate for the tax payers that do not, for reasons of their own, participate in the in the political/governing process. So many people are turned off by their government that they say, "It makes no difference, they will do what want anyway". I am in the minority many times but I believe I am representing a substantial number of citizens.
My age and life experiences from being raised on a small farm to starting and or managing several small businesses, including, towing/wrecker service (Fenders Wrecker Service, Newport Ky for 32 years), four laundromats in No.Ky. Two of them I opened as new businesses, I created and manage (I Tow In), a Bellevue company that manufactures and sells products that I invented, around the world that are made from recycled plastic. I am the holder of four U.S. patents on these products and one pending in Canada. My experience in these endeavors guides me in making fair, fiscally responsible decisions when spending taxpayers money.
There should be no reason to cut services if they are streamlined and people held responsible for fair and timely providing of the existing services. Open Interaction and dialogue between administrators, department heads and labor goes a long way in the success of any entity. For a city this size, the streamlining and better communication could result in the elimination of the assistant city manager position as many of my constituents have been questioning the expense of this position while projects are continually behind schedule and many residents complain of the lack of follow up on questions and phone calls.
There may be a need to do an in depth look at the business licensing fee, on gross sales. I agree with many requests from citizens that we need a recycle drop off area.

Education/Degrees Bellevue High School-Graduated Thomas More- Attended Northern Kentucky University-Bachelor of Social Work University of Louisville-Master of Science in Social Work University of Louisville-
Community Involvement Bellevue Neighborhood Association-Current Bellevue Board of Education-Past Bellevue Education Foundation--Past Gateway Community and Technical College Board--Past
Campaign Message Working For YOU!
I care about my community, I have experience in making decisions that impact this community. I care about diversity in my community. I am very serious about the decisions I make when items come to a vote. I love community service. I don't need a spotlight on me. Finally, it's good to have input from a female's point of view.
I have never missed a council meeting. I am a humble person and I think about decisions that are based on the common good. I think about our citizens health, safety, and welfare. I have experience working with and for people.
None at this time.
In this year's budget, we voted to take the allowed 4%. This will help us to keep even for the next year. Most cities do take the 4%.
Campaign Phone (817) 999-4610
Age 38
City/town Bellevue, KY
Education/Degrees BA, Texas Christian University PhD, University of North Texas
Community Involvement Bellevue City Council (since 2014); Ohio Kentucky Indiana Council of Regional Governments; City-School Liaison; Bellevue Education Foundation, treasurer; 4C for Children Board of Trustees; NKY Forum board; Little Libraries enthusiast; Bellevue 150 year anniversary committee
I am seeking reelection to continue my efforts at improving communication with staff, fostering economic development, and encouraging resident-led community development. Bellevue is in good shape, but there is room for improvement. Engaging various populations with the city is necessary and leads to a more engaged, equitable policy-making environment. As a city councilman, I am better able to make connections and provide information to advance these goals.
I have 4 years experience on Council, and I am fully committed to our community. My work in the larger NKY/Cincy region provides perspectives that are needed on Council. My life stage also provides a needed view point as I have young children, and that is a departure from most other Councilmembers.
Bellevue already operates on a lean budget. There are no services that I would outright cut. However, I am always looking for outside support (ie grants) to provide resources that could be used elsewhere.
Our best source of new revenue is found in the underdeveloped areas in town that could become employment centers for professionals and bring in payroll tax. Another tool is the 4% compensating rate increase that cities are allowed to take every year. I am always open to using that tool.
Campaign Phone (859) 393-7091
Age 58
City/town Bellevue Kentucky
Education/Degrees Bellevue High School Grad 1979 N. Ky. State Vocational School Cincinnati Tech (now Cinti State)
Community Involvement Bellevue Veterans Club 16 years Bellevue Youth Football 10 years N. Ky. Youth Football 3 years Bellevue Ind Schools 21 years
Endorsements Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #10
Campaign Message “An Honest Voice For The Tax Payer”
Bellevue has been home since I was 2 years old. It has treated me very well over the years with a good education, a safe environment, a close community and more friends than I can count. I want to give back to a city that has given me so much. I feel with my experience inside the city, I have a unique understanding of the people and what they want and need.
Living here for so long, I have come to know the people and how they live day to day. I feel I know them and what their needs and wants are for a comfortable life. And I feel they know I will be honest and open with them on any and all issues that might come before the city. They know I will look out for them and use my vote to try to better their lives here and make living in Bellevue a pleasure for all.
I don’t think any services need to be cut. I do however, believe that delegating the responsibilities to the right people thru strong leadership needs to start happening. All services that are provided by the city are services that are real benefits to the city as a whole. We just need much better enforcement of zoning laws and ordinances. we have lacked in strong leadership to make this happen.
I think we have fees for our permits for various things from yard sales to remodeling to building new homes that are too low. We need to raise prices to a comparable level of other cities in the area. The property taxes are not that high for a city our size but before I would be in favor of voting yes to raise property taxes any higher, I would have to see a budget that spends tax dollars in a way that gives a real return to the peoples investment. We spend too much money on things that do not benefit the residents/tax payers adequately. Also, I don’t believe we need to “expand government services “ much further than they are. We have a good mix of provided services to the community. But if something is needed, I would not be opposed to seriously looking at funding it.
Candidate response is not yet available.
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Candidate response is not yet available.
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