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Age 33
City/town Covington, KY
Education/Degrees MBA - Thomas More College (2018) BS - Clinical Laboratory Medicine (2009) Assoc - Biology (2015), and EMS Technology (2007)
Community Involvement NKY Habitat For Humanity, Amazon Medical Missions - Iquitos, Peru, EMS Community Outreach Coordination across 7 NKY Counties, Member - Seven Hills Church, Steinford Toy Foundation
Endorsements NKY Labor Council AFL-CIO Independence Firefighters Local 3945
Campaign Message Inspiring Change
This office has been unopposed since 1998. Change is necessary, and the office needs modernized in a big way. Kenton Co is the 3rd largest in Kentucky and the office has the power to do so much more. Case management needs to be transitioned from pen and paper to electronic formats. We are currently selling the community short when it comes to data mining and public health surveillance. Our NKY Regional Medical Examiners Office has also been closed since 2016, which has caused Coroner budgets to swell due to increased autopsies having to be transported to Louisville and/or Frankfort. That negatively affects taxpayers and I want to be a part of fixing this complex problem.

Record keeping measures and overall operations need to advanced to meet 21st century standards. The budget needs to be audited in a concerted effort to save taxpayers money. 132% increase since 2013. Transparency as it relates to public education, prevention, specific public health crisis needs to be improved.
Experience does count, and I believe I am uniquely qualified to be your next Kenton County Coroner. I am boarded by the American Society of Clinical Pathology and the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. I have a perfect skill set that includes business, clinical laboratory medicine, and EMS pre-hospital care. The coroner's office provides a synergy for me to play to all of my strengths. I have routinely consulted with pathologists since 2009, I have worked as a paramedic in NKY since 2002. My work history has helped determine the treatment for many families in the Greater Cincinnati metro.

Being a physician does not guarantee success for the office. 116/120 KY coroners offices are not run by physicians. This is not a requirement. Together let's embrace the disruption: change is necessary when people face a discrepancy between what is expected and what is actually happening. Progress does not happen without CHANGE!!
Campaign Phone (859) 760-7180
Age 70
Education/Degrees BS. Xavier university MD University of Louisville
Community Involvement As a primary care physician for 40 years I have had multiple organizations I have been involved with, frankly too many to list.
Endorsements Kenton county FOP 20 Covington FOP 1
Campaign Message The members of my staff have over 125 years of Death investigation experience. EXPERIENCE COUNTS!
AS the coroner and a Physician I continue to have the ability, with my staff, to provide quality death investigation assistance to all police departments in this county. My qualified staff and myself truly enjoy providing understand and comfort to the families who have suffered the loss of a family member. My team of deputies are some of the best qualified in the state and our county deserves to have these individuals continue to serve them.
As one of only four counties in the state to have a physician as the coroner I have the extra qualifications to explain unusual circumstances of deaths to families and investigative police officers. This qualification is due to my years of experience as a coroner as well as my years as a primary care physician. The years of experience of my staff supports the global expertise within the office. As we have stated in our signage, EXPERIENCE COUNTS!
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