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Age 44
City/town Edgewood, KY
Education/Degrees Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Kentucky
Community Involvement Vice Chair of the NKY KET Television board, President of the NKY Section of the American Institute of Architects, Past President Brookwood Swim and Tennis, author of frequent City of Edgewood History Notes.
Campaign Message My focal points: 1) Safety of our citizens. 2) Infrastructure – road, drainage and utility upgrades.
I am running so that I can be a voice for my community. Over the years I have been very active in my church and swim club and noticed that the more involved I became, the more gratifying and meaningful the service was. The missing component was civic in nature. I have 4 children and want to make sure that our city is as safe as it can be. As a licensed Architect, I bring a different skill set to City Council with experience in design, planning and construction that can complement my counterparts.
Members of council must be very good listeners. Citizens will come to you with their questions, concerns and comments, and if you listen closely you can usually get to the core of the issue at hand. Many times these issues can be addressed quickly and without great fanfare. Members of council should also be assertive enough to lobby for the needs of the citizens. There are times when an issue needs the attention of the entire council even when the item at hand may only affect a few.
I have no interest in cutting existing services. I do believe that some services can be improved. Edgewood has a tremendous amount of roads and infrastructure to maintain. One thing I have learned while on council is that the great majority of our finances are allocated to their upkeep. Edgewood has a VERY good track record of securing matching grant funds to help cover these costs. I would like to see this practice expanded in the future.
I have no interest in raising taxes to expand government services. Our city has historically been very fiscally conservative. We have a top notch Police and Fire Department and comparably one of the lowest tax rates in northern Kentucky. I plan to keep it that way.
Campaign Phone (859) 653-6547
Age 59
Education/Degrees BBA from Eastern Kentucky University and a Certified Public Accountant
Community Involvement TBNK (past chair, vice-chair and treasurer) for 18 years; Trustee at Thomas More University for 5 years; past Treasurer Cub Scout Pack 779; Eucharistic Minister & Lector at St. Pius X Catholic Church
Campaign Message I’ve always been focused on being fiscally conservative by keeping taxes as low as possible while providing all necessary services.
I joined the Edgewood City Council in 1995 to give something back to my community. Our city government has done an excellent job in making Edgewood a premier community in Northern Kentucky. I’m proud of the contributions I’ve been able to make towards that goal and am running for council again to maintain that status.
As a current council member for the past 24 years, I bring a great amount of institutional knowledge. Additionally, as a CPA, I bring my 35+ years of financial management experience to the Council. I am a fiscal conservative and believe that governments should provide all necessary services while still keeping low tax rates.
Edgewood has a great reputation in Northern Kentucky and I believe that the level of services we currently provide is neither lacking nor extravagant. Accordingly, I would not be in favor of cutting any services.
Edgewood currently has property tax rates comparable to what was in place in the mid 70s. Our payroll tax rate has been raised very slightly only once in the past 24 years. As a fiscal conservative, I continue to believe that the City should be able to provide citizens with necessary services without raising taxes. Therefore, I am not in favor of raising taxes or in expanding City government.
Campaign Phone (859) 341-5728
Age 100
City/town Edgewood
Education/Degrees Covington Catholic 68' 2 yr Ohio College of Applied Science
Community Involvement Volunteer for 52 years and counting with Edgewood Fire Department, 26 years as Fire Chief, Member of St. Pius X Church
Campaign Message The City of Edgewood is a remarkable place to live. I want to do all I can to be sure it maintains its beauty and charm. As a resident for 62 years, I have a deep devotion to this City
I am running for re-election because Edgewood is the place I call home. It is where I spent my teenage years learning how to run the family business from my father and where my wife Linda and I raised our two children. It is where we attend mass. As a sitting City Council member, I have the privilege and responsibility to ensure that Edgewood continues to plan for the future. I want to continue to be involved in the decision-making process.
I have been volunteering for The City of Edgewood in one capacity or another for 52 years. I was the Fire Chief for 26 years. I have a comprehensive understanding of how all the cogs of this city fit together. It is important in a small community to have an understanding of all the governing boards, to know how one board’s decision affects, or should affect, the decisions of others. It is ultimately the taxpayer that shoulders the burden of support for everything. And as a taxpayer, I want to be sure our dollars are used effectively.
I feel the City of Edgewood’s financial position is healthy enough to sustain the current services and maybe even add a few.
I feel that no increases are necessary at this time. The garbage collection fee was raised due to an increase in the amount Rumpke charges the City. Anyone who drives on Dudley Road as you go to Rt. 17 or Edgewood/Lyndale Road has undoubtedly noticed the City is in the process of completing a multi-million dollar reconstruction project. Funds have already been secured for this project. I feel a steady hand is needed to oversee the project’s progress. We do not need to ask the tax payers to pay the increase in the City’s portion of the employee retirement fund, it is already in the plan. Kenton County is implementing the new Police/Fire/Public Works emergency radio system. Edgewood, along with the other communities in the County have elected to change to the new system. Funds have already been made available to replace all 2-way radios. The best interest of our residents and our neighborhoods needs to be a priority in every decision made and every dollar spent.
Candidate response is not yet available.
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Candidate response is not yet available.
Age 40
City/town Edgewood, Kentucky
Education/Degrees Master of Engineering, Traffic Engineering, University of Cincinnati Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, University of Cincinnati
Community Involvement 2018 Bürgermeister, Oktoberfest Newport Founder, Händlmaier's Freunde Mustard Club Soccer Coach, Edgewood Soccer Baseball Coach, St. Pius X Softball Coach, St. Pius X Fish Fry Volunteer, Old St. Mary's Church Member, Catholic Kolping Society
Campaign Message Large interest in municipal infrastructure and transportation concerns within Edgewood and the surrounding community
I plan to ensure continuance of the already excellent services provided by the City of Edgewood, and I will look to enhance the offerings with new programs and park infrastructure. I will make my voice heard within the City and State government to seek improvements in road design and signal timing, particularly on Dudley Road and Turkeyfoot Road, both within Edgewood and in the approaching areas. I am not adverse to spending funds, provided they are used in an efficient manner - no waste of public money will be tolerated. I plan to provide the police, fire, and public works departments with the means they require in order to best complete their jobs.
My professional and educational backgrounds make me the best candidate for the City Council position. My occupation as the head of the engineering department of a German-based machine manufacturer has allowed me to perfect necessary communication skills. I oversee both a well-formed staff and fifty customer projects on a daily basis. An important part of my job is reviewing, interpreting, and altering municipal contracts, which will allow me to competently prepare such contracts for the City. In the past year, I returned to the University of Cincinnati to complete a Master of Engineering degree in Traffic Engineering. I am highly qualified to enter into discussions at a professional level with all authorities related to transportation concerns. I have experience living in another country and another state, and I can utilize the experience of how matters are completed elsewhere to work alongside and enhance the great local experience offered by other council members.
I do not believe that any of our great services need to be cut in Edgewood at this time.
As a City well-positioned financially, I do not foresee a need to raise fees or taxes in order to maintain government services. I intend to work with our City employees to apply for grants to improve transportation infrastructure, gaining Edgewood additional funding from the State and Federal levels while not increasing the tax burden on our residents.
Campaign Phone (859) 991-6650
Age 56
City/town Edgewood
Education/Degrees Graduate of Covington Catholic High School. Attended Northern Ky University
Community Involvement I am a member of St Pius Church, former Youth Baseball coach, Member of Knights of St John, Edgewood Garden Club/History
Campaign Message I will continue to work hard to keep taxes low and services high
I am running for office because I am proud to live in the city of Edgewood and everything it has become since 1948. Edgewood has such a spirit of community and is a great place to live and raise a family and I will work hard to see that it continues.
My experience makes me a great candidate both as a council member for twenty three years and a small business owner. I will continue to support our Police, Fire department and road construction programs. The Edgewood parks and recreation programs have always been important to me and I will continue to work hard to enhance the programs and green space in our city.
I will not cut any services in our city. Period. Edgewood has become what it is today by constantly involving its citizens in programs for all. This is what makes Edgewood such a great place to live and I will work to keep these programs or services a priority for our city.
I will not vote for any new taxes in Edgewood.
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I have been an Edgewood resident for approximately forty years. I grew up, went to school, and raised my children here. I love my community and the quality of life it offers. I would like to do my part to keep Edgewood a wonderful place to live and work.
I had the privilege of serving the residents of Edgewood for twenty-one years; five years as Deputy Clerk and sixteen years as Recreation Director. I have been a part of many improvements in the city including the development of Presidents and Freedom Park, the construction of the city building, and the senior center. I was instrumental in the development of many of the recreational programs, leagues, classes, and holiday events that are currently offered. Serving on city council would be an honor. I believe my experience, passion, dedication, and overall knowledge of city government would be an asset to city council.
There are no current services that I feel need to be cut. The city is currently working on a survey to distribute to our residents for their input on a wide range of topics. This survey will hopefully guide council on what services our residents are utilizing and what we need to focus on as a city.
I don't know of anyone who likes to raise taxes or add fees. I think Mayor Link and City Council have done a good job being fiscally responsible. As long as we plan carefully, seek grant money when possible, and keep a close eye on the economy we can hopefully avoid raising taxes and adding fees.
If you need any help as a candidate, please email Carl Weiser at