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    Marty Lenhof

  • Preston L. Ritter Jr.

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Campaign Phone (859) 816-0616
Age 64
City/town Elsmere, KY
Education/Degrees B.A. University of Kentucky M.A. Xavier University
Community Involvement Current Elsmere Mayor, Planning & Development Services (PDS) Board, Kenton County Mayors Group Member & Kenton County Rotary Member
Campaign Message Continuing To Move The Elsmere Forward
I am running because I want to continue the great work we have accomplished in our community over the past 8 years. We have made great strides in improving infrastructure, public safety, blight removal and community involvement. I want to continue to implement projects from the Elsmere Strategic Plan which we implemented recently. This strategic plan was a first for Elsmere and provides a framework for the future of our community. This plan was also 100% community driven.
Experience matters. I have 8 years of experience as Mayor and 4 additional years as a council member in Elsmere. I have had the opportunity to implement community driven and common sense policy. I also have experience working with large corporate expansions in our community as well as fostering an environment that is positive for both businesses and residents. I understand the responsibilities that the Elsmere voters have given me each of the past two elections.
Making cuts to public services must be responsible, well thought out and ultimately be proven necessary. I have and always will continue to look for ways to make our city as efficient as possible. However, at the end of the day, we are here to provide the best service for our residence and businesses. I'm proud that in my tenure as Mayor we have always operated on a balanced budget and lived within our means.
In my time as Mayor and through strong and conservative financial management, we have been able to expand the services we provide while keeping within our existing budget. I'm proud that Elsmere is in a positive financial situation where we can look out and forecast service expansions instead of service cuts like many communities are facing. I'm excited for the next four years and eager to implement many of the projects we are working on today. Elsmere truly is .moving forward and making tracks.
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