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What specific services are you willing to cut?

What fees or taxes are you willing to raise in order to keep or expand government services?

I am running because I love the city of Erlanger or I have lived for almost over 50 years. I have raise my children here I care about the people of Erlanger. I want to see the city of Erlanger grow and prosper while maintaining the future of a great community .
I have been on Kelso for over 20 years. I have been almost all committees wow on these committees fire pol karma police, Public Works, codes enforcement and administration. I have always made sure all departments had everything they needed to do the job correctly and safely for the people of Erlanger the parks have been approved the streets are continuously being replaced and repaired , Sidewalks have been added and repaired, fire and police have all the necessary equipment they need to do their jobs. We have also lower the taxes the last three years . Every department has improved every year that I’ve been on city council.
I am not willing to cut anything. While on council we have kept up the funding to maintain the best fire police and Public Works in the state. This is very important to me to keep the services for the city of Erlanger.
I am not willing to cut anything. The city has been fortunate enough to keep up on all government services. Erlanger keeps attracting new businesses would keep us able to improve and expand. We are also fortunate to have great employees that continue to write grants for our city with all this in place there is no need to edit any other fee to our citizens. to have great
Campaign Phone (859) 341-3549
Age 74
(859) 814-4033
City/town Eralnger
Education/Degrees BS Northern KY University
Community Involvement Volunteer EMT City of Erlanger Committee to select our new CAO Volunteer City Government Month Volunteer for some Parks and Recreation Events
Campaign Message Have lived in Erlanger 51 years and been an employee for over 20 years. I have a lot of knowledge and experience on how city government functions.
Cell Phone (859) 814-4033
I want to faithfully represent Erlanger citizens and help to keep my city as the top city in Northern Kentucky
I make my council decisions based on city and citizens needs, keeping both in the forefront. I worked for many years in Erlanger in various positions learning much. I listen to all sides of a question and decide the best choice after much deliberation. I then decide fairly and honestly.
At present, no specific services need to be cut in Erlanger. All departments are being fully funded under our present council.
Currently, there is no need to raise fees or taxes to keep or expand government services because this council had a surplus for fiscal year 2018.
Age 50
City/town Erlanger
Education/Degrees MS Executive Leadership Organizational Change
Community Involvement Kenton County Rotary Northern Kentucky Board of Health Designee for Erlanger NKU Advisory Board for Allied Health Professions Thomas More Advisory Board Exercise Physiology OKI Representative for Erlanger
Campaign Message I am a life long resident and have dedicated my council time to help improve the appearance of the city.
Cell Phone 859-279-2035
As a life-long resident, I have dedicated my time to improving our cities appearance. As a member of the public works committee I have worked hard to secure more funding to improve our infrastructure. We now have a 7 year plan for street repair and maintenance. We have a comprehensive sidewalk study and have started the needed repairs throughout the city. Our parks are stop notch and community events are well attended.
My experience and knowledge are what make me a good candidate. I have a proven track record of working to improve Erlanger.
We are very fortunate in Erlanger to not have to consider cutting services. The council and departments have worked hard over the last 10+ years to be good stewards of the money we are entrusted with. This has allowed to build a surplus that we are investing back into much needed services for people we represent.
We have been fortunate in Erlanger. The council and departments have worked hard over the last 10+ years to be good stewards of the money we are entrusted with. This has allowed us to not have to raise taxes or add fees in the last 6 years to expand services.
Candidate response is not yet available.
Candidate response is not yet available.
Candidate response is not yet available.
Candidate response is not yet available.
Campaign Phone (859) 206-2029
Age 46
(859) 206-2029
City/town Erlanger, KY
Education/Degrees Covington Latin School Graduate Bachelor of Science in Construction Management - University of Cincinnati Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering - University of Cincinnati Associates Degree in Civil Engineering - Univerisity of Cincinnati
Community Involvement Planning & Development Services Board Smile For Brooklyn Board Executive Board of the Building Industry Association Northern Kentucky Regional Ethics Authority Municipal Government League of Northern Kentucky
Campaign Message Building a better tomorrow. Erlanger is open for business!
Cell Phone 859-206-2029
It has been an honor to serve the City of Erlanger as Mayor for the past four years. The city has lowered taxes, and witnessed unprecedented growth! Our housing market is one of the strongest in the State. We have increased our budgets on street and sidewalk repairs. We have found efficiencies in our operations, and become self-insured when it comes to employee health insurance (saving over $100,000 per year!). Erlanger is on a great trajectory, and many of my goals have been accomplished. Over the next two years I would like to devote more time to my wife, children, mother, and business, but still have a lot I can offer my community. That's why I am running for City Council Member. Our taxes in Erlanger are still high despite four consecutive years of property tax decreases. Our roads and sidewalks will take time to bring up to snuff. It takes continued attention and effort. I am willing to devote that time, attention, and effort to the city I call home.
As one member of 12 council members, many of whom have had a long tenure on City Council, it is difficult for me to say I am the best candidate. However, as the current Mayor of Erlanger, I am more aware of the operations of the city, the budget, the spending, the ongoing issues, and the upcoming plans than any other candidate for City Council.
The service I would cut doesn't hurt the residents, or businesses in our community. In fact, if we eliminate a service for City Council, it would save the citizens of Erlanger about $50,000 per year. I don't believe the City Council needs their own City Council Attorney (over and above the City Attorney). Erlanger is the only city in the history of the State of Kentucky to have this. This is wasteful spending, and duplicative (there is no service the City Council Attorney provides that the City Attorney cannot handle - at a much lower cost). Over the last four years, if we would have repaired sidewalks instead of paying for a City Council Attorney, we would have new sidewalks stretching the distance of three football fields! While this may have been a nice service for our 12 city council members, it was unfair to our 19,000 residents. The City Council Attorney services can be terminated only by a majority of City Council members.
None. Erlanger has one of the highest overall tax rates in the county. I performed a comparison of 14 cities in Kenton County two years ago to demonstrate this. We still need to work on lowering our property taxes, tangible taxes, franchise fees on all utilities (3%), our insurance premium tax (10%), and our payroll tax (1.5%).
Campaign Phone (859) 727-8655
(859) 380-1959
City/town Erlanger, Ky.
Education/Degrees Graduated from Notre Dame Academy Received my teacher’s certificate and BA from Thomas More College Did graduate work in education at Xavier University and Northern Ky. University
Community Involvement Member of Erlanger Historical Society Member of St. Henry Church Substitute teacher at SHDHS Serve on the committee to promote the Erlanger Business Council
Endorsements Supported by the current City Council members, Adam Koenig, Ky. State Representative
Campaign Message Voice of the people, working together with them for a prosperous Erlanger community
Cell Phone 859-380-1959
Erlanger is my home. I love the city of Erlanger, and I have enjoyed working with the community during my time on Council. I’ve lived here in Erlanger for 45 years and want to be involved with keeping Erlanger moving forward.
I feel I am a good candidate for this office because I have the needed experience and passion for serving the citizens of Erlanger. I have enjoyed serving on the Police Committee, The Fire Committee, the Administration Committee, and Public Affairs Committee. I am the Council liaison for the Erlanger Historical Society and the Erlanger Board of Education. As a teacher I have been involved in our Erlanger schools for 38 years both at Lloyd Memorial High School and St. Henry District High School. This has kept me in touch with the growing needs of our community.
At this time I do not feel we need to cut any services. Financially Erlanger is in good shape due to the careful budgeting we have done and the business growth and maintenance we have and continue to encourage. If a problem would arise, I feel the best course of action would be to work closely with our department heads first to find where expenses could be trimmed.
I am not in favor of raising taxes or fees because as I stated before we could work with department heads to control expenses. Our city needs to provide the best services while maintaining our budget. This takes planning and working together. We need to discuss our budget and make sure we are managing the citizens’ tax dollars well and not fall victim to wasteful spending. Wise budgeting leads to a well run city.
Candidate response is not yet available.
Candidate response is not yet available.
Candidate response is not yet available.
Candidate response is not yet available.
Campaign Phone (859) 653-2068
Age 45
(859) 653-2068
City/town Erlanger, KY
Education/Degrees NKU - Master of Science Information Systems
Community Involvement Current - President, SVDP St Henry Council Past - Catholic Charities Diocese of Covington, Finance Committee Past - St Henry Parish, Parish Council
Campaign Message You have my commitment to providing thorough research of all issues presented and asking tough questions of the administration.
I am running because I want to help the city grow into the best version of itself. I believe we can only continue to grow through diversity in opinion. I also believe that there are opportunities to become better stewards of the resources of which the citizens of Erlanger have entrusted to its government. I want to ensure that the city continues to be a desirable place for decades to come so that my grandchildren can develop their own great memories with the city of Erlanger.
I can bring innovative perspectives to providing services to my fellow residents of Erlanger. As part of my day job, I am tasked with finding innovative ways to leverage technology and analytics to improve employee experience and reduce costs. With innovative technology the city can continue to reduce overall operating expenses without compromising the level of service provided.
I would look to cut services that do not impact the residents. I would eliminate redundant attorney services. Erlanger is the only city in the state of Kentucky where the legislative body has its own attorney for regular activity. I would also look to have the city stop collecting taxes itself and have this done through the Kenton County Sheriff's office. This would provide provide benefits to the city and its residents. First, residents would have one tax bill vs two. Second, the city could realize tens of thousands of dollars in cost savings by having the Sheriff collect through reductions in costs to purchase data to generate bills. Any other non-essential services would need to be evaluated in terms of costs and benefits to the residents. This will require collecting additional data to ensure we are making informed decisions.
The City of Erlanger is not in a position that it needs to raise taxes to keep or expand government services. In fact there are many opportunities to reduce taxes. For example, I would be willing to eliminate the 3% fee that is added to all utility bills affecting every home (renters and owners alike). The city is still collecting this money that was originally intended to fund 911 operations. Erlanger has eliminated its own dispatch with the migration to Kenton County dispatch. Kenton County is now charging every property owner for 911 service and we should eliminate this duplicate fee immediately. In addition, I think there is an opportunity to phase out the tax on all personal property (other than motor vehicles) completely over the next several years. I would also like to begin reducing the Insurance Premium Tax from its current 10% to 8% which would put Erlanger in line with nearly every other city in Kenton County.
Campaign Phone (859) 760-1771
Age 63
(859) 760-1771
City/town Erlanger
Community Involvement On the board of C & O Credit Union
Cell Phone 859-760-1771
I am a lifetime resident of Erlanger. I believe Erlanger is a great place to live. I am on the finance committee. With new revenue from new business coming into the city I believe we can lower taxes without cutting services. I am in favor of continuing to improve the roads and sidewalks. I believe we need to continue to work with the state to redo Stevenson road.
Candidate response is not yet available.
I believe we have very good city services. I am not willing to cut any city services.
I have been on council for two years. Both years we have reduced taxes. My goal is to lower taxes.
Candidate response is not yet available.
Candidate response is not yet available.
Candidate response is not yet available.
Candidate response is not yet available.
Campaign Phone (859) 371-8577
Age 56
(859) 371-8577
City/town Erlanger
Community Involvement Run for Charitable causes, Participate in several Breast Cancer Fundraisers, partake in environmental & community cleanups & former Cross Country Assistant Coach, former treasurer for several organizations
Campaign Message To serve our citizens in a non devisive atmosphere, where no matter what our differences are we can work together with Council, staff & community to keep improving our great city
Cell Phone (859) 380-8026
My work is not done. I am working with some wonderful staff members and we as a team are creating a welcome newsletter for new citizens who move into our city. My #1 goal is to get Houston road, by the old cinemas, widened to support the traffic that will be coming in for our new businesses that will be opening up there. #2 Is to continue working with council, staff, county and state officials to obtain more than the $1.8 million dollars pledged so far to fix Stevenson Road the correct way. I want to work with fellow council and staff and citizens to keep making improvements as well as make sure we do not lose our services we provide
I am a candidate who will work with everyone, even if we have different goals or opinions. I as many of our current Council members care about our city but also know that we do not know everything. You have to listen, learn and be willing to go outside the box. You also have to know that all the departments have great value. I am strong willed and opinionated, but I am also one who is willing to work to a compromise for the greater good. This is one thing I love about Local Government. It is NOT about the R or the D its about the people.
I am not looking to cut any services, as our Community loves what our city has to offer. We have great first responders, public works, general government staff, volunteers/community involvement & a top notch City Administrator who is always finding ways to be more cost affective, without losing any quality of our services.
Its easy to come in to Council when things are good like they have been for the last 6 years, I was on Council during the housing market crisis when some cities had to borrow money from the state to cover payroll. We had to make difficult choices around 2008/2009. We decided when we were building our reserves back up that we would keep a 30% reserve cushion to have for any surprises that may come down the road, such as mandates from the state ie pension crisis. Some inexperienced people running understand that, but others think we should spend it. Since Council is the one who decides on taxes, then I think the best candidates are the ones with not only new ideas but who are willing to learn from experienced council people. Those who are not willing to listen or learn are doomed to repeat history. I personally do not want to have to ever raise taxes.
Campaign Phone (859) 667-2210
Age 36
YouTube n/a
City/town Erlanger Kentucky
Education/Degrees MBA from Northern Kentucky University BS from Wright State University
Community Involvement I serve on the fundraising committee of the Welcome House of Northern Kentucky
I'm running for City Council because I'm passionate about the City of Erlanger. I want to help make Erlanger a better place to live, work, and raise your family. Accountability is important to me as a resident, and I intend to improve the accountability climate of Erlanger.
I believe that I am the best candidate because of my background and passion for people. I offer fresh ideas to improve the sense of community of our great city. I have a strong background in finance which will help play a pivotal role in improving transparency for our residents. I'm passionate about supporting the great Police Officers and First Responders of Erlanger and am committed to making sure they are being competitively compensated.
There is no necessity to cut any programs or services offered in the City of Erlanger.
The financial position of the City of Erlanger is very strong. No tax increases are necessary to offer the best quality service to the residents of Erlanger.
Campaign Phone (859) 727-3058
Age 64
(859) 743-3174
City/town erlanger, ky 41018
Education/Degrees Lloyd High School Graduate
Community Involvement Erlanger City Council, horse drawn carriage rides for Heritage Days in Erlanger, Attend most of Erlanger Parks and Recreation events and communicate with the citizens of Erlanger in a relaxed environment
Campaign Message Vote for experience --not appearances. Experience means progress
Cell Phone 859-743-3174
I have lived in Erlanger for most of my life. I was raised here, I feel that I know the town and I have seen it grow. I want to be a part of making this town better. I have 4 years experience on city council and I feel that I can be a valuable asset if re-elected. Experience counts.
I work well with others. I gather information and study the facts before making a decision. I try to listen, be fair and be honest.
I am not willing to cut any services that will negatively impact our citizens. Erlanger has focused very hard to make our city safe and productive.
Erlanger has been very fortunate to have new businesses coming into our city. With the projected revenue, Erlanger at this time does not foresee an increase in the tax rate. We are very stable and do not need to cut any of the services that our citizens enjoy. We have diligently worked to spend within our means and keep the services that our citizens expect.
Campaign Phone (859) 727-3058
Age 65
City/town Erlanger, Ky. 41018
Education/Degrees high school graduate
Community Involvement Erlanger Church of Christ, Kenton County Alliance Erlanger City Council
Campaign Message Some people think that a council of 12 is too many people. It is harder to get a majority of 7 than it is to get a majority of 4 for a six person council. Our current council has only three new members with 2 years on council. Our city council takes our position seriously and do our research before we jump to conclusions
I am running for re-election because I feel I can and will make a difference with my knowledge. I have been on Erlanger City Council since I first ran in 2006. I feel that I have the support of the majority of the voters in Erlanger. If I was not doing a good job, I would not have been re-elected
I have lived in Erlanger on the same street for 40 years. I am well aware of the way the city of Erlanger operates--like a well oiled machine. There is no "I" in team. Our current council works very well together. I like to think that if I do not know the answer, I have enough contacts that I can get the answer. I have served on Kenton County Alliance for at least 6 years. I participate in the Sticker Shock Program where volunteers put stickers on the liquor packages around prom time. (The stickers advise that it is illegal to purchase liquor for minors and the penalties" The sticker is shaped like a sheriff badge. I always pick Erlanger businesses. I always have a partner who goes with me. All of the businesses in Erlanger who are on" the list" participate except one. I have attended almost all of the council meetings and the committee meetings since I have been on council. I take my duties very seriously and if I do not know an answer, I research until I get the answer.
As an experienced councilwoman, I am not willing to cut any services to our fine city. We have worked very hard the past several years and I am confident that we do not need to start slashing services just for the sake of saying that we saved money.
Erlanger has been very fortunate. We have recently seen an influx of new businesses in our community. We are confident that the increase to the tax revenue in those new businesses will let us continue our growth. We have actually lowered our taxes the past several years. We run our city very conservatively.. We have controls in place if we need to make major purchases or make emergency adjustments.
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