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Campaign Phone (859) 380-8120
Age 54
City/town Fort Mitchell
Education/Degrees Graduate of Beechwood High School, attends NKU
Community Involvement Volunteer Mentor at Diocesan Catholic Children's Home, Blessed Sacrament Church, Patient & Family Advisory Council for The Christ Hospital, and The Playhouse in the Park. Past volunteer for Dan Beard Boy Scout, Licking Valley Girl Scout, and Blessed Sacrament Athletic Boosters
Campaign Message To serve the citizens of Fort Mitchell with openness and honesty. To be accessible to listen to all concerns and work towards providing effective and efficient solutions.
Having served on the Fort Mitchell City Council for the past many years is something that I take great pride in. Serving in an honest, fair, and respectful manner is something that I am very proud of and will continue to do. Listening to and responding to the concerns of our residents is vital to providing effective and efficient solutions. I look forward to being able to continue working towards the development of the Drawbridge site on Buttermilk, and the improvement of our downtown business district. These are issues that I have been very involved in and look forward to seeing these through fruition.
I have twenty years experience serving on Fort Mitchell City Council. Being familiar with the infrastructure and development history of the city and informed on the needs of each department has allowed me to make informed and educated decisions over the years. It has always been my goal to keep our community a safe and a desirable place to call home.Having recently participated in the Active Shooter Drill at Beechwood School, I have a better understanding of how the emergency services provided in our city and throughout the county all work together. Completing numerous hours of training through the Kentucky League of Cities has also broadened my knowledge of KRS guidelines, Legislative Issues, as well as numerous topics that directly affect the daily operations and future of our city. Continuing to listen to the resident and business concerns throughout our community has provided me with insightful and distinct considerations for effective decision making.
Cutting needed city services is not the typical direction that I take. The goal is to work within the city budget while being able to provide excellent services to all residents. Long range planning is essential in being able to continue and enhance quality city services.
Fort Mitchell continues to have one of the lowest property tax rates in Northern Kentucky. Through a mindful budget process and long range planning for the current and projected needs of our city I will work to remain fiscally responsible. While looking to improve city services is a challenge that all cities face, we are anticipating an increased tax revenue with the business developments that are projected and currently underway. It is vital that our city maintain a good balance between our residential and business communities to maintain a well integrated community.
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Campaign Phone (513) 608-2734
Age 54
City/town Fort Mitchell
Education/Degrees Carroll County High School Hanover College – B.A. in Economics/Business Administration
Community Involvement DCCH Center for Children and Families Blessed Sacrament Church Coached youth sports Ft. Mitchell Country Club Various industry committees and involvement
Campaign Message Giving back to a great city.
Participating in our community is an honor and my personal obligation. I don’t view this position as a political role but as stewardship for the taxpayers and employees of the city. My candidacy does not come with an agenda, except to be a part of the great leadership provided by the current council and administration. It is my goal to represent with honesty and respect to the members of council and the citizens of Fort Mitchell.
As a candidate for City Council, I'm not sure being the "best" candidate is the question. I believe it is the best candidate to work as a team of seven to represent the city. As a Fort Mitchell resident and business owner, I have a vested interest in the continued success of our city. Both of our children have attended Beechwood Independent School system. We’ve seen the changes, as well as the pressures placed on the school system. We are blessed to have successful school districts, public and private, in our community – we must protect the successes of our children’s education and futures. I also recognize the exemplary service from our fire, police, EMT and administrative employees that keep us safe. My business experience, leadership and passion for this community have prepared me to serve the residents of Fort Mitchell.
Sacrificing services is not a decision I would prefer to make. The city leadership has been fiscally responsible and it would be my goal to continue managing the budget to ensure residents have high service at a fair cost to the city.
As a homeowner and business owner in Fort Mitchell, raising taxes and/or fees affects me personally and professionally. We need to continue to attract and retain businesses to generate responsible tax revenues. Engagement with the local business community is critical as it is always more challenging to attract than it is retain. The former Drawbridge Inn property continues to be a focus for introducing opportunities that has generated little revenue over the past few years. Managing growth while maintaining the integrity of the school system and not overburdening our city employees is a challenge I look forward to working with the next Fort Mitchell City Council.
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Campaign Phone (859) 653-7879
Age 47
City/town Fort Mitchell, KY
Education/Degrees Licensed Realtor since 2006 BA-Geology/Environmental Studies Northern Kentucky University-1996 Notre Dame Academy-1990
Community Involvement Council Member since 2013 Fort Mitchell's Current Representative to OKI Regional Board of Governments, Board member for the Fort Mitchell Economic Development Authority, the board tasked with T.I.F. money distribution, Current PDS Z21 Task Force Member, Current Co-Chair of Ft. Mitchell's Safety Committee Vision 2030 County Comprehensive Plan Update, Economic Development /Planning and Zoning Committee Member, Personnel Committee Beechwood Athletic Boosters, Beechwood PTSA Member Fort Mitchell Country Club
Campaign Message Collaborative LeadershipContinued economic development Fiscal Responsibility
I, like many fellow residents, live in Ft. Mitchell because of the high performing schools and convenient location. I chose to run 6 years ago, and again in 2018, because I appreciate the quality of life we have in Ft. Mitchell and I want to be a part of the decision making that maintains the high standards that our residents have come to expect and keeps the city moving forward. Community Service is part of who I am and I want to continue to work hard for Ft. Mitchell.
I have no personal agenda, other than the desire to make decisions that are the best for Fort Mitchell and its residents. Professionally, I negotiate and compromise to reach successful solutions. I bring a collaborative approach to my role on city council as well as an open mind. Although, council is the legislative branch for our local government. I often tell my friends and neighbors that I feel like I am “a customer service rep” for the citizens for Ft. Mitchell. And I am Ok with that. I enjoy helping residents with their questions or directing them to the best resources for their issues with the city.
Fortunately, Leadership in Fort Mitchell doesn’t have to make that decision. The city is financially in a good place as we have been fiscally responsible. Projected revenues are up and projected spending in under budget. Local government is responsible for the “day to day” operations (police, fire, garbage, roads) that impact the Citizens and their quality of life the most. The citizens expect the city to deliver on the services they pay for. Top priority is always to be a good steward of taxpayer’s dollars. My goal is to continue to deliver the quality services that they expect at minimum cost.
Approximately, 80% percent of the city’s operating revenue comes from businesses. We did not raise property taxes again this year, because property values are rising. Attracting new business and business retention is crucial for the economic health of our community. Given that Ft. Mitchell is landlocked we need to set the bar for quality development. Finding a balance between progress and redevelopment while being mindful of the rich character of Ft. Mitchell, as well as impact to the school district. Even with the “Four Year Phase in approach” with regards to pension liability, the city of Fort Mitchell is looking at an annual increase in pension cost of $550,000. This year council voted to increase the City’s payroll tax from 1 to 1.25%. It has never been raised and we are still one of the lowest in Kenton County. We will continue to look for additional revenue streams that are equitable and not a burden to the Citizens of Ft. Mitchell.
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Campaign Phone (859) 912-0358
Age 42
City/town Fort Mitchell, Kentucky
Education/Degrees I graduated from Beechwood High School in 1995 and then attended Trine University on both athletic and academic scholarships. I graduated college in 2000, having earned two degrees in Business Management and Management Information Systems.
Community Involvement Fort Mitchell City Council, Fort Mitchell Economic Development Committee, Secretary of the Planning and Development Services Council, Director of the Beechwood Elementary Basketball program and Coach various Youth sports teams
Endorsements My wife, Amy Pohlgeers, and our three children, Everett, Bryce and Audra. This may seem like a simple endorsement, however, I could not be as involved and invested with the City of Fort Mitchell as I am now, without their love, support and help at home. They are a big reason behind my desire to give back to our community.
Campaign Message Committed to Fort Mitchell. Committed to You.
I consider myself fortunate to have been raised in the City of Fort Mitchell. This community has had a profound impact on my upbringing and who I am today. My wife and I are truly blessed to be able to raise our three wonderful children here. Our roots are deep in Fort Mitchell and we plan on being lifelong residents. This is the best way for me to give back to this wonderful community, while also being an active steward for its continued success. As a businessman, council member and family man, my background and experiences have prepared me to be a true asset to the City of Fort Mitchell. I am 100% committed to being an active member, who will bring proven leadership and a common sense approach to City Council.

I am the best candidate because of my love, appreciation and commitment to my City. While serving, I will have the City’s best interests at heart. It is my responsibility to the residents to be active, committed, vocal and enthusiastic. I will again provide proven leadership and stand up for what is best for the residents of Fort Mitchell. As a businessman, council member and family man, my background and experiences have prepared me to be a true asset to the City of Fort Mitchell. I am 100% committed to being an active member, who will bring proven leadership and a common sense approach to City Council. As an elected official, I am their voice. I will listen to the concerns, input and ideas of our residents. I am 100% committed to fulfilling all of these responsibilities.
The short answer is none. I have been active and vocal the past two years with the City’s annual budget and spending. I can say with 100% confidence, that the City has been fiscally responsible. We are on pace to once again come under budget in spending and over projections in revenue. Property values continue to rise and local businesses are thriving. Development of the former Drawbridge site should finally commence soon. Even with the looming pension crisis, the City of Fort Mitchell is in an enviable financial position.
First and foremost, we need to continue to support our Firemen and Police Officers. Their jobs are becoming increasingly more difficult as the heroin epidemic continues and, with it, the byproduct theft and crime. Public safety is the greatest priority. As a Council member, I will continue to be fiscally responsible with a spartan mindset of doing more with less. Finding the balance between the needs of our community without negatively impacting taxes. It is imperative that we support the volunteer fire fighter program. Rather than look to increase taxes to fund our already outstanding services, we need to focus on finding alternate revenue streams. I want to champion projects that will provide economic growth and increase our commercial tax base, including the Christ Hospital development. We must also continue to support existing businesses with economic development initiatives. Finally, support Beechwood Independent Schools, which is the reason property values continue to rise.
Campaign Phone (859) 322-3419
Age 51
Strategic efforts are currently underway to boost economic development in the City and upgrade General Ormsby Mitchell Park. I have been closely involved with both and would like to continue to serve on City Council so I can see these projects come to fruition.
I have lived in the city for 25 years and have served on city council for 4 years. During this time I have seen our city grow due to the high quality of our schools and highly competitive business climate. I am the best candidate for the position because I understand the need to provide high quality amenities to our residents. For the past two years I have been heavily involved in the long range planning for General Ormsby Mitchell Park since that effort began. Also, I work for a small business which gives me a unique perspective towards the challenges faced by our business community.
The city is responsible for providing core emergency services such as police and fire which are undoubtedly critical. We have opportunities to invest more money in those services by reducing our recreation budget. I would support that reduction because we can still provide a great recreation program by partnering with businesses, our schools and recruiting more community volunteers which would reduce those costs.
I would suggest raising the Occupational License fee another 1/4 percent. We are potentially facing a huge increase in pension costs which has forced us to look closely at all our revenue sources.
If you need any help as a candidate, please email Carl Weiser at