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Campaign Phone (859) 466-2692
Age 37
City/town Independence
Education/Degrees Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science - Northern Kentucky University
Community Involvement Own and Operate multiple businesses in the city of Independence, member of Independence Senior Board, coach of Little Pioneers Basketball, member of Independence Business Association
Campaign Message A true conservative voice for the people of Independence
I am running for my fourth term because I love the opportunity to help members of the city and to listen to their ideas/concerns and try to apply them in a limited government process.

My wife was born and raised in Independence, and we chose Independence as the place to raise our kids. It truly is an incredible community and I’m blessed to have been able to help govern it for the past 5 years.
The fact that I’m not your typical politician. I believe that taxpayers want their government to treat their money as if it was their own. As a small business owner, I’m in a unique position to transition my skill set of balancing a budget from the private sector and apply that at the city level.

I deeply believe in a limited government that listens to who they work for - the taxpayer. My track record of voting shows that I always bring an open mind to every meeting and work hard to evaluate all perspectives. I don’t run for the council seat to make friends or add something to my resume, yet instead to be a true voice for the people. I’m willing to have hard conversations to protect the best interest of the taxpayers.
At this moment, I don’t believe any specific services need to be cut. If I’m ever presented with a budget that is asking for a tax increase, I would then entertain a discussion to cut services before we ever consider raising taxes, as I believe the citizens pay too much tax from the city and county level already.
I firmly believe that government officials should NEVER look to expand government services or raise fees/taxes.
Campaign Phone (859) 479-8867
Age 55
Community Involvement Past President of the Independence Citizen Police Academy Past President of the park and Recreation Committee Volunteer with the Forth of July event for 16 years
Campaign Message I believe the City is heading in the right direction how ever we need to plan the future carefully based on the needs and concerns of the Citizens
I would like to continue representing the residents of the City as i have in the past by providing a logical approach to the issues brought before me and make a derision based on fact and what is best for all the citizens of Independence.
My experience after serving on City Council in the past and my knowledge of the budget process in the City of Independence. My experience as President of the Parks and Recreation Committee My willingness to listen and make decisions based the needs of the City
I do not believe any City services need to be cut at this time.
I don't believe a tax increase is necessary considering the last budget had a surplus
Campaign Phone (859) 620-0611
Web Site http://None
Age 40
YouTube None
City/town Independence
Education/Degrees Simon Kenton High School graduate and Wabash College
Community Involvement Current city council person local business owner and all around bad ass
Endorsements Jessica Work, David Cain, and Plant lovers everywhere
Campaign Message Make sure you vote for the correct Deaton
To help guide the future of our community in a positive direction
I have the best hair, and I am an honest voice in a time of dishonest rheteroric
Campaign Phone (859) 620-7702
Education/Degrees Bachelor of Arts, History. Juries Doctorate from Valparaiso School of Law
Community Involvement Served on the executive board for 22 Until Valhalla, Telecomunication Board of Northern Kentucky.
Independence has been my home since I was eight years old. I have seen Independence grow from cow pastures to four lane highways. Its citizens are my family and friends. I want to serve the interest of the community as it grows and prospers. Knowing that we have a rich history and a bright future I want to lend my efforts to insuring that we all benefit from Independence’s prosperity.
We are blessed to have a ballot that is full of worthy candidates, people who care about our community and put the families of Independence first. What separates me from the other worthy candidates is that I have an unbridled enthusiasm for the future of our city. We can be a city of great prosperity while making sure we keep the down home feel that attracts people to our community.
Every program should be scrutinized when reviewing our yearly budget. We have been blessed with leadership that has met the needs of our city while keeping the budget to the essential services. That being said each year when the budget is being removed we need to insure each agency is operating competently and fiscally responsibly.
Taxes do not need to be raised. It’s the job of council to make the tough cuts and be creative in their expenses. The city budget is not the councils money, it is your money. I do not take this aspect of the council position lightly. Government should serve and help its citizens not overburden them. Being elected to office means I have earned your trust. I will continue to work hard to maintain that trust while allowing you to know you have an advocate in me on council.
Age 52
Education/Degrees Bachelor of Science Business Management Area of Concentration in Psychology
Community Involvement Independence City Council Member St. Cecilia Church – active member St. Cecilia Sports Committee past Secretary Kentucky League of Cities member Kenton County Government Academy graduate Independence Citizen’s Police Academy graduate
Endorsements Mayor Chris Reinersman
I have enjoyed the 2 years that I have been on City Council. It has been good to step up and serve the community. I would like to continue to serve the Independence residents and continue to make this a great place to live. We have not raised property taxes in the 2 years that I have been on council and we have had a balanced budget. We need to have responsible growth in our city. That means that we need to think ahead to the future and what we want the city to look like. We need to be able to bring new businesses to the city. This will help our financial situation and will allow us to keep taxes as low as possible, while making this a great city to live in.
I truly care about Independence and the people that live here. I want to continue the important work of keeping this a wonderful place to live and work. I feel that I have gained a lot of experience these past 2 years, and I would like to continue gaining knowledge while serving the residents of Independence. I will continue to be a hard working Council Member, if elected.
All of the residents of Independence work hard for their money. As Council Members, we need to do our best to NOT cut services. We need to be fiscally responsible with our taxpayer dollars and need to look at every line in the city budget. We should not have to cut any services.
I am proud to say that property tax rates have stayed the same for the 2 years that I have been on Council. First, it is the duty of City Council to know what services are important to the citizens. It is also the duty of council to take a detailed look at all options when talking about an issue, such as raising taxes or fees. I will explore all options available to avoid increases where they are not absolutely necessary. Again, I work for the taxpayers of this city and want the least impact on everyone's wallet.
Age 48
YouTube Facebook: Re-elect Carol Franzen for Independence City Council
Education/Degrees Bachelor of Science Political Science Area of Concentration Public Administration
Community Involvement Head Boys and Girls Swim Coach Simon Kenton High School. Elder and Board chair of Independence Christian Church . Former president of Simon Kenton Dugout Club. Former assistant football coach Summit View Middle School. Council Member for sixteen years.
Endorsements Mayor Chris Reinersman
Campaign Message Experience Matters. For the last sixteen years I have served on City Council and continue to find fulfillment serving our community. I pride myself with having served with honesty, integrity and passion. Listening to the citizens and making decisions that are best for the community, not what serves personal interest is a council member's ultimate responsibility. We have important issues facing Independence. Having cultivated relationships with our state legislators allows me to be an effective voice in lobbying for our city on issues such as the expansion of Route 536 and the state pension crisis. These issues will affect the taxpayers, teachers, city and county workers in our community. Commercial development is also an important issue in our city. As a responsible member of your City Council, I will continue to be diligent on how we allow growth to be most beneficial to our citizens.
I love serving this community and being part of making it a great place to live. I have raised my three children here and want to keep Independence a great place to raise a family. We have many issues facing the city and I want to use my experience I have gained over the last sixteen years to continue working on those issues and doing what is best for the city. We have accomplished several things over the past few years such as, approving a new personnel policy that has saved the tax payers over $52,000 in Worker's Compensation rates. We have held the property tax rates the same the past three years all while maintaining a balanced budget and increasing our city services. We continue to increase the number of streets we are able to repair and have also brought a lot of the pubic services work in house to save the taxpayers even more money. We also continue to have a great police department and city staff as well as more community events than ever before.
I feel my experience and passion for serving makes me the best candidate. I have cultivated many relationships with other officials on the local and state levels and I utilize these relationships to lobby for our city on the issues facing the city not only on a local level but at a state level as well. I will continue to work very hard and always be diligent when deciding on issues. I come prepared to meetings and I make sure I am knowledgeable on the issues we are deciding. I never just phone it in. I do not serve for personal gain. I serve because I love the community. I believe serving is a privilege and candidates are elected by the people and must work for the people. .
I feel it is council's responsibility to be fiscally responsible with taxpayer dollars so services do not need to be cut. People work very hard for their money and they are entrusting us to spend their tax dollars wisely. There are always ways to cut your budget without decreasing city services and I will continue to work with the Mayor and city staff to make sure the services our citizens rely on are always available.
I take pride in the fact we have held property tax rates the same for three consecutive years. However, there are times when budgets have to be increased in order to keep services as they are. When that time comes I always look at the best way to increase revenue with the least impact on taxpayers' wallets. It is council's responsibility to only increase taxes if absolutely necessary and to only increase them for what is needed and not just to pad your reserves.
Campaign Phone (859) 760-2770
Age 56
Education/Degrees Graduated from Perry High School U.S. Navy Veteran Emergency Medical Tech/Fire Officer
Community Involvement Kenton County Code Enforcement Board Independence Christmas Walk Committee, Simon Kenton Field coordinator for Football program
Endorsements Mayor Chris Reinersman
Campaign Message Keep Independence a Family Friendly City
I Love this Town. To help maintain the Family friendly town we are known for. To help shape the future for our kids as they get older, and to help them stay in Independece and raise their Families. We need to encourage more businesses to move here based on the fact we are a close knit community and we strive for those close knit Family Values, this will also help keep our taxes down. To help keep our crime rates as low as we can and our services running as efficiently as possible. To maintain our road fund to continue to improve our road projects.
I believe the best candidate should be involved in the community. I have served the past 3 years with the Christmas Walk, and the last 15 yrs with the Simon Kenton Football program, assisting with game preparations. I have served the public as a firefighter for 34 yrs. 22 of those in Independence. I am always talking to people about what they like, don't like, would like to see changed about this community as a whole. Being a Fire Officer you have to bet your life and the lives of your fellow Firefighters on your training and a lot of common sense, and I bring that to the issues. As a Veteran I understand that we should strive to protect everything that we hold dear. Independence is one of the safest Communities in the Commonwealth and we will work to keep our Town safe. We also have a great Public works Dept. that works extremely hard and often with long hours to keep our roads clear and in the best shape possible.
As of this writing no services are being discussed to be lessened in any way. This Administration has done an outstanding job with the budget and has our services running effectively.
NOBODY wants to raise taxes. That being said, we can control what we spend in house. Outside influences could lead to a budget shortfall if you are not prepared. Trash needs collected, roads need cleared and repaired, streets need patrolled and fuel has to be put into patrol cars, snow plows, you need to pay for salt and brine for the roads, crews will work overtime of its a bad winter, fuel costs could rise. Then on top of that we have a pension crisis in the Commonwealth in which Frankfort could decide at any given moment that cities have to pay to help with that. I would not vote for a money grab tax like Frankfort pulled in the last session, so we do have to be accountable for every bit of tax dollar money. To say I would not vote for a tax hike would be foolish and irresponsible to everyone. That's just campaign nonsense. We have to make sure the city is in good financial shape, that's also part of our job. There is a difference between need and want. Need would have to be there.
If you need any help as a candidate, please email Carl Weiser at