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Campaign Phone (859) 757-9930
Age 48
I have represented the residents of Lakeside Park for the past 8 years. Over those years I have been involved in making very important decisions that have benefited our city as well as our community. I feel as if over those years I have listened to residents suggestions and taken those ideas and comments to put them into action to the best of my ability. I have always enjoyed being the voice for the residents and helping to make the city the best it can be.

While it’s been a very productive 8 years, I think there is more to do and I want to continue to be part of making things happen here in our great city of Lakeside Park.
I am loyal, honest, hardworking and a good listener. I don’t shy away from tough decisions and will address hard topics straight on. I always keep the best interest of our residents when I am voting on a decision. Over the past 8 years I have had the opportunity to work as CO-Finance Director as well as Public Works Director. During my time directing those committees we have not raised taxes once, I am very proud of that fact.
None. We are a small city and the current council has done a great job of balancing the annual budget. There is no need to cut any services at this time.
At this time there is no need to raise any fees or taxes. Our city is in great shape financially and I’d like to think that this a direct correlation of all the hard work of our current council.
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Campaign Phone (859) 331-8676
Age 73
City/town Lakeside Park
Education/Degrees Associates
Community Involvement Council Member / Ambassador CVG Airport / Volunteer services at St. Elizabeth Edgewood
Endorsements Fellow residents of Lakeside Park
Campaign Message After 6 years of public service on city council I will continue to keep public safety/balanced budget & no new taxes as my basic platform
Public service has always been who I am and what I do Service to my country-family-church-community
Northern Kentucky has been my home most of my life Covington Catholic / USMC 6yrs. / UK / Independent businessman 40 yrs. / Commercial Photographer Most of my family & relatives still live Nor.KY. This is our home / our community Public service is just that public service If elected I will continue to serve for the benefit of our community & country
As of today there is no need
Fees/taxes/expanded government services are not on my agenda
Campaign Phone (859) 344-1552
Age 62
City/town Lakeside Park
Education/Degrees Bachelor of Science, Spring Hill College (Mobile, AL); Juris Doctor, Salmon P Chase College of Law (NKU)
Community Involvement City Council, Lakeside Park since 2005 Serra Club for Vocations on N. KY since 1994 Blessed Sacrament Parish
Campaign Message Our city needs continued fiscal responsibility and accountability to our residents.
I am running for reelection to continue serving our residents with a common-sense approach to the issues facing the city daily. While the majority of council wish to spend $800,000 for a new city building that is not needed, I foresee the need to hold those funds in reserve for future public service needs, especially in light of the current pension crisis for public employees.
My track record of common sense solutions to issues affecting our residents has been a public record for the 12 years. That experience has given me the knowledge and practical experience to continue to serve our citizens fairly and impartially. My additional experience as a former city attorney gives the additional perspective of how to address issues in a manner calculated to keep future problems from arising. My faith, moral compass, education and experience lead me to listen to all points of view to make informed decisions. I have also served alternate terms as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Lakeside Park Crestview Hills Police Authority for the past 8 years.
I do not believe that we need a new city building at a cost of $800,000.00 with a council chambers to seat 150 people when a typical council meeting is attended by less than 5 residents. We do not need to spend these funds to host recreation events and provide a larger garage for the public works truck when we will need those funds for police, fire and emergency responder contracts and expenses. The city building is not often visited by our residents except when paying taxes.
I do not believe that we should need to raise any taxes unless our reserves are used for the new city building. Our fire contract is due for renewal next year and will be increasing by approximately $150,000 per year. Our share for the Lakeside Park Crestview Hills Police Department will also be increasing, perhaps substantially due to the current crisis in the State pension system. These issues are more important to the majority of our residents than a "showcase" city building.
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Campaign Phone (859) 341-0224
City/town Lakeside Park
Education/Degrees MBA, Xavier University; BSBA, Xavier University; Covington Latin School
Community Involvement Lakeside Park City Council 2003-2008
As a lifelong resident of Lakeside Park, I am very committed to the future of our city. If elected, I pledge to listen to residents’ input and concerns and represent them to the best of my ability.

Having previously served on Lakeside Park City Council, I became re-engaged in city business this spring when the Mayor and Council began discussing using taxpayer funded reserves to tear down the existing City Building and construct a new one. After several fellow residents asked me to serve again, I carefully decided that I would run.
My professional experience as a manager at Procter & Gamble has taught me how to successfully work with very large and diverse groups of people. This experience will allow me to effectively collaborate with residents, Council, and the Mayor to keep Lakeside Park a place we can be proud to call home.

I previously served 3 elected terms on City Council from 2003-2008. During my tenure, I served on the Police Authority Board, Public Works Committee and Finance Committee. While this previous experience on Council will allow me to hit the ground running, I’ve been away from it long enough to bring a fresh perspective.
Based on the fact that the city has been operating with a surplus, I do not see a need to cut existing services.

I am fiscally conservative and I do not see any need to raise taxes or fees at this time.
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