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    Irvin T. "Butch" Callery

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    Heather Jansen

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Campaign Phone (859) 466-1868
Age 78
City/town Villa Hills
Education/Degrees Attended Villa Madonna College and various investment courses from the University of Chicago
Community Involvement Twenty-nine years of public service, the last four as Mayor of Villa Hills.
Endorsements -2017 Kentucky League of Cities Elected Official of the Year. -2008 Municipal Government League of NKY "Outstanding Elected Official" -Mayor Lou Hartfiel of Crescent Springs
Campaign Message Promises Made, Promises kept. When I ran 4 years ago I promised to have a full time Police Department, solve the road issue, and bring professionalism to the Mayor’s office. Villa Hills is better off today than it was when I was elected.
I am running for Mayor to maintain the stability of Villa Hills. When I took office the city government was a mess. Legal costs were out of control, there were several employee lawsuits against the former mayor, and nearly all of the city’s equipment was broken or obsolete. Working with the current council we’ve addressed those issues. I’ve heard from many people that Villa Hills is quite boring compared to the way it used to be and many residents are happy about that. I’m afraid that some people unhappy with one or two decisions are trying to take Villa Hills back to that chaos. I will be a steady hand at the wheel going forward. I would greatly appreciate your vote on November 6th.
I believe I am the best candidate because voters can trust me to keep my promises.

When I took office we only had 5 full time police officers. Now we have 15, including a full-time school resource officer at River Ridge Elementary School to protect our students and teachers. As Mayor, I am pleased to have hired two female police officers. This is the first time since the 1980's that Villa Hills has had female officers.

Working with Council, we have spent over $2.9 million on roads to address a decade of deferred maintenance.
Villa Hills has a budget and staff that is significantly smaller than other cities our size. Every service we provide is critical and cannot be dramatically cut back. With that said, I always urge staff to find ways to perform their jobs in the most cost effective way possible and work with neighboring communities to share services and costs. We have had good success in working with other cities and agencies, especially Crescent Springs and Kenton County Schools. This provides better services for the dollars we spend.
Villa Hills does not need to increase fees or taxes. Voters approved a road tax in 2015 with 60% of the vote that addressed our long term funding of street work. Moving forward, the best way to grow the budget is to invest in the quality of life of our residents and keep housing values high. Mixed use developments like Sanctuary Village are proven to have higher than usual property values. This project will bring in the equivalent of 20% of the city budget in new taxes. While some of this will be set aside to pay for much needed road improvements on Amsterdam and Collins, 70% will go into the city’s general fund to provide services for everyone.
Age 44
City/town Villa Hills, KY
Education/Degrees BS in Accountancy, Thos. More College; AA in Business Admin, Thos. More College; Juris Doctorate, Salmon P. Chase College of Law
Community Involvement President of Highland Cemetery, Fort Mitchell, KY; Girls Volleyball Director and 5th grade Volleyball Coach, St. Joseph School Crescent Springs, KY; Secretary of the Athletics Board, St. Joseph School Crescent Springs, KY
Campaign Message An Engaged Leader for Villa Hills
I believe that Villa Hills needs an engaged Mayor who has a common interest with the residents of the community. I understand the current and future needs of the citizens. Recently, a majority of the current city council and Mayor have not listened to the concerns of the citizens. My goal is to give the residents their voice back.
To be honest, I hope I’m not like the other candidates for Mayor. My only interest is looking for what is in the best interest of the City. My motives are simple. That is what makes me different. I am a political novice, but I believe I have the depth of knowledge and experience in the private sector that will help me if I become Mayor. I can only look ahead for what I believe will be beneficial to the City and its residents.
As a small predominantly residential city, the City of Villa Hills is not tasked with having to provide more extensive services offered by larger cities. As to be anticipated, budgeting is not as complex. Priority services include (but are not limited to) fire-EMS and police followed by road maintenance. I do not feel that any specific service should be cut at this time.
I believe that the current tax structure is reasonably appropriate for the City and do not anticipate that any new fees or taxes are necessary. It is not my intention to expand government services. However, the drug epidemic that has affected so many cities in the tri-state area may eventually require additional funding for fire-EMS and police services. Any new tax or fee should be limited to a critical function and one that would ideally provide a benefit that is recognized by all residents.
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