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Is there election fraud in Minnesota? If so, what would you do to fix it?

Is Minnesota doing all it should to keep its election technology safe?

Should Minnesota eliminate same-day voter registration?

Should Minnesota expand early voting?

Does the secretary of state have a duty to make sure voters are informed about candidates, or should he/she just encourage them to turn out to vote?

Age 34
Incumbent? No
Email Address Admin@denney2018.com
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Family William currently resides in Minneapolis with his Wife Jennifer
Minimal, however the Secretary of State office must be vigilant in making sure everyone is playing by the rules.
Currently doing a good job, however this is a critical piece of our democracy and all efforts must be taken to protect its integrity.
I strongly oppose any measure to eliminate same-day voter registration. The Secretary of State office should be doing all it can to increase voter turnout.
Currently, I do not see the need to expand early voting.
I strongly believe that the Secretary of State office can work harder for Minnesotans by providing more access to the candidates, versus simply directing them to the candidates websites. As Secretary, I would sponsor a series of debates for each race, streamed online for all Minnesotans.
Age 54
Incumbent? No
Email Address john@johnhowe.us
Family Wife Lisa, three children
We don’t know the extent of election fraud in Minnesota because the current Secretary of State refuses to obey a court order to turn over the relevant data regarding challenged (possibly ineligible) voters. Until he chooses to comply with the order, we will be unable to determine the level of fraud.
No. The federal government allocated $380 million to help states improve the security of voting systems. Minnesota has not used its share of the money, because Gov. Dayton vetoed the bill containing the funding. We can improve our voting system security, but we need the political will to do so.
No. We want as many eligible voters to vote as possible. The key word is “eligible.” We can have a system that allows same-day registration, but also maintains the integrity of elections by using provisional ballots – now used in 47 states – to ensure same-day registrants are eligible voters.
We already have “no excuse needed” absentee balloting, which means people can request an absentee ballot for any reason, and they can vote as early as 46 days before the election. When we get a better handle on the current flaws in our system, we may consider expanding.
The LAST thing we want is government deciding what voters should be told about a candidate. That’s not a proper function of government. The Secretary of State should, however, educate the public about the election system, including how to register, how to get an absentee ballot, where to vote, etc.
Age 48
Incumbent? Yes
Email Address info@stevesimonmn.com
Facebook Page http://SteveSimonForSOS
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Family Wife, Leia; children, Hannah (5) and Noah (4)
Nearly 3 million votes were cast in 2016, and 11 of those—or 0.00037%—were the result of fraud. You have a much greater chance of being struck by lightning on your way to the polls than witnessing voter fraud once you’re there. Our election system is among the cleanest and most honest in the nation.
Minnesota’s been a national leader on election cybersecurity. When I took office I convened a bipartisan task force to develop a plan and persuade lawmakers to invest in vital upgrades. We’ve consistently kept ahead of the cyber-attackers, but we need to be relentless to keep it that way.
No. Same-day voter registration is the single most important Minnesota election reform of the past half century.
Yes. Right now, we have "no excuses absentee voting," a successful system that allows a voter to cast an absentee ballot for any reason. I support true early voting, which would allow every eligible Minnesotan to cast a ballot, a week or two before Election Day, to be counted on the day it’s cast.
I like to say that I'm in the democracy business. To me, that’s about more than just emphasizing the mechanics of voting. My office plays a non-partisan role in providing helpful information to voters about all candidates who file for office, with an emphasis on maximizing voter turnout as well.