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26th state Assembly District

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    Ruben Macareno

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    Devon Mathis

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Biographical Information

Do you support the state’s proposed high-speed rail project? Please explain your stance on high-speed rail — be it pro or con — with multiple specific reasons.

Four years of drought have underscored the precarious nature of the Valley's water supply -- both reservoir storage and groundwater supplies. If elected, what would you do to enhance the region's water storage? What would you propose to protect and enhance groundwater supplies?

Safe drinking water is a problem in the central San Joaquin Valley. Water quality in some Valley communities has been compared to some Third World countries. What should be done to ensure residents of these rural communities have access to safe, clean drinking water? How would you pay for it?

What would you do to diversify the region's economy beyond its agricultural base? What specific proposals do you have to spur job creation?

As gas prices fall and cars become more fuel efficient, money to maintain and build roads becomes more scarce. What do you propose to get the money needed to sustain and expand needed roads in the Valley?

Why are you the most qualified person for this seat?

Age 55
Residence Visalia, CA
Family Married, two adult children.
Education California State University, Los Angeles
Occupation Publishing
Public service experience Tulare County Democratic Party, Chairman Visalia Transportation Committee Los Angeles Times, Public and Community Relations dept. National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, staff Proteus Training & Employment
The train has left the station. Nevertheless, I do support the High Speed Rail project and if there are revisions necessary to bring down the cost to bring down the cost, I would support it. However the project is necessary as our state's population increases as does travel between north and south. We are in the San Joaquin Valley, the increase in motor vehicles that comes through does affects our air, road conditions and road congestion. As elected leaders we are sent to Sacramento to vote and represent issues that affect our constituents in our districts. Very important. However we also should not be afraid to be visionaries for the future. Decisions done be done with a balance of fiscal responsibility and laying down long term foundations to address growing needs and changing times our state faces and will face. Specific to the train, its a project that was long overdue and frankly necessary.
Residents are already doing their part in saving water. I support above ground storage and would propose additional funding for our region. In the long range I support creating a water solutions think tank that would address long term solutions such as desalination, import of water, etc.
The area has been plagued by this issue for many years and for all those years residents have struggled to get local support in rectifying the problem of contaminated water. I would proposed that areas/communities with these problems have their water tested, examined and if necessary implement a plan t0 rectify. I would stress local, county and state funding and solicit federal funds to meet this need.
I believe the area has high potential for business in agricultural technology. Primed to be in the center of an ag region and close to creative silicon valley. I would proposed tax incentives and relief for big and small business in high unemployment areas. I would like the state office of tourism push our national parks and local governments solicit television and movie production companies for filming. In the long term term the valley will become more attractive due to the high speed rail. However we are not yet prepared. We need to build a major private or public university in the Tulare Kings counties area to keep our talent near or close by and to attract lucrative businesses such as cyberspace companies and others.
In Tulare County, Measure R has been a big success. The measure was a local tax approved by the voters to sustain, expand and improve our roadways and it has proved to be very success. I would propose that other counties do the same.
My life and professional experiences has prepared me to be an effective leader in Sacramento. Some primary school I was elected to a leadership position that continued through jr. high school, high school, college and community. I degreed in political science in college. Professionally, I have worked for a congressman, a local non-profit, a national advocacy organization in Washington DC and a Los Angeles based multi-media company in its editorial and community and public relations departments. I am currently a county political leader and write opinion and commentaries regarding local issues. As a Democrat it is beneficial that the governorship, all statewide officers and majority of members in both houses of our legislature are Democrats. I am only only candidate that is as well-rounded as I am in terms political and public experience and am the only candidate that has a solid path to bring needed resources to the district and be effective in Sacramento.
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